It’s the last We Love Wrestling before the summer break, and we’ve got an I Quit match as Levaniel and Jurn Simmons look to put away Metehan and Norman Harras.

Quick Results
The Rotation pinned Alex Duke in 8:20 (***)
Icarus, Laurance Roman & Robert Dreissker submitted Patrick Bork, Elijah Blum & Anil Marik in 10:51 (***½)
Peter Tihanyi pinned Tristan Archer in 11:00 (***½)
Michael Knight & Bobby Gunns submitted Ultima Sombra & MBM in 11:10 to retain the wXw World Tag Team Championships (***¼)
Maggot pinned Baby Allison in 11:47 (***)
Nick Schreier pinned Rambo in 7:53 (**¾)
Michael Oku submitted Aigle Blanc in 17:10 (****¼)
I Quit Match: Jurn Simmons & Levaniel defeated Norman Harras & Metehan in 25:31 (***¼)

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We’re back in the Batschkapp in Frankfurt… but first, the pre-show match!

The Rotation vs. Alex Duke
Rotation made his comeback last month in that trios match against the CZW lads – now he’s got a singles match against a relative newcomer… who’s seemingly still awaiting an entrance video!

Duke’s from nearby Hanau, but wasn’t getting much response as the Frankfurt crowd were solidly behind Rotation, with Rotation taking Duke down with a headlock in the opening stages. Back on their feet, the pair traded hammerlocks as Duke tried his luck with a side headlock, only for Rotation to take him down in an armbar as they continued the feeling-out process.

A snapmare and PK keeps Rotation ahead for a near-fall, before a missed dropkick from Duke allowed Rotation to stay on him with a springboard armdrag. Another dropkick downs Duke for a two-count, before Duke struck back – literally – with a forearm. A front suplex and some stomps helped Duke on his way to a two-count. Duke hangs up Rotation in the ropes as he then looked to come in with a double sledge, dropping Rotation for a near-fall. An attempt to throw Rotation to the outside is thwarted, and led to Rotation chopping his way back into the match, only for his satellite DDT to be shoved away.

Second time’s the charm for Rotation, as he almost took the win with that, before he headed up top… he’s forced to roll out of a 450 splash, as Duke’s knee strike nearly got him the win, as did a small package, before Duke was shoved into the ropes and met with a dropkick. A twisting suplex followed, and from there the Victory Over Gravity 450 splash proved to be enough to put away the local lad. ***

We open with a recap of recent events between Baby Allison and Maggot, which led to Allison pinning Maggot at Drive of Champions to condemn him to the number one spot in August’s Shortcut to the Top.

We then go backstage as Norman Harras is showing something to Zafar Ameen… Metehan and Rambo arrive as Norman wants to discuss strategy, but Metehan didn’t want much to do with his tag partner tonight.

AMBOSS (Icarus, Laurance Roman & Robert Dreissker) vs. Anil Marik, Elijah Blum & Patrick Bork
Blum, Marik and Bork had Michael Smolik in their corner as we seem to be slowly inching towards an AMBOSS vs. GMC outing. Speaking of AMBOSS, they’re down to three now, after Dover was kicked out of the group last month.

Robert Dreissker didn’t want to start against Anil Marik, so he tags in Laurance Roman for the opening exchanges, which saw Marik go wild with armdrags and dropkicks. A bulldog gets a two-count for Marik in the opening minute. Blum’s in to keep the momentum going, but Roman escapes a neckbreaker before he kicked out Elijah’s knee… then took him into the corner as AMBOSS looked to isolate. Tags get us to Dreissker and Bork, but Dreissker’s derisive shove led to Bork going for an ankle lock before Dreissker’s headlock takedown quelled things. Kicks from Bork eventually take down Dreissker, who retaliated by stomping on Bork’s bare foot, only to get caught in a rear naked choke as Dreissker needed a tag to seemingly save him.

Bork’s cornered for a spell as Roman came in to whip him from corner-to-corner, while a big slam from Dreissker almost put Bork away. Eventually, a German suplex from Bork flung away Icarus as tags bring in Blum and Roman as AMBOSS blundered their own way into trouble.

AMBOSS found their form again though, hitting a neat double-team back suplex/neckbreaker from Dreissker and Icarus for a near-fall on Blum. Eventually Blum broke free with a back body drop to Dreissker, then tagged in Marik, who ran wild on Icarus, almost winning with a Slingblade, before Patrick Bork tagged in. Bork stopped to clear away AMBOSS, before the referee got distracted by enforcing the 5-count rule on tags… it meant he missed a blatant punch from Icarus to Bork, who then got pulled into the Heart of Europe submission for the resulting tap. A cracking opener, with AMBOSS getting the notable submission on the mixed martial artist Bork. ***½

Post-match, Michael Smolik hit the ring to confront Laurance Roman, who’d thrown Bork at him… a roundhouse kick laid out Roman before Dreissker and Icarus swarmed. Blum and Marik make the save, before Smolik speared Dreissker out of the ring, just in case you were wondering if that submission win for AMBOSS had put anything to bed with the GMC lads. It has not.

Tristan Archer vs. Peter Tihanyi
This was a rematch from Drive of Champions, where Archer got the win in dubious circumstances…

Tihanyi charged at Archer at the bell, forcing the Frenchman to head between the ropes for some respite. He eventually returned to attack Tihanyi from behind, taking the Hungarian into the corner, only for Tihanyi to recover and clothesline the former two-time champion to the outside. A plancha followed, as did some chops around ringside, before Archer kicked the ropes into Tihanyi as they tried to head back into the ring. Archer pulled ahead further with a side-Russian legsweep that sent Tihanyi into the side of the ring, then a Tiger Feint kick to the back on the apron… but Tihanyi’s able to beat the count as Archer stayed on him. An Irish whip bounced Tihanyi into the corner, before Archer looked to lock in a cobra clutch sleeper, which Tihanyi fought free of, only to get knocked back into the ropes.

A delayed suplex is escaped by Tihanyi, who lands a suplex of his own before an Asai DDT planted Archer for a near-fall. Tihanyi adds a swinging DDT before a slingshot cutter was blocked… which led to a pop-up powerbomb, La Terreur and a Decapite lariat that almost got Archer the win. From there, Tihanyi’s forced to block a superplex… he fought free, then stopped himself from hitting a slingshot cutter as he noticed Archer was going to use the referee to stop things again. Archer tries to snatch it with a roll-up – complete with a handful of tights – but Tihanyi kicked out before a knee strike and finally the slingshot cutter got him the win. Just in time for the Axel Tischer series to resume after summer, as Tihanyi sent Tristan Archer on his way to Japan with a loss… ***½

wXw World Tag Team Championship: Rivality (MBM & Ultima Sombra) vs. Only Friends (Bobby Gunns & Michael Knight) (c)
We’ve a wXw debut for Rivality here – they’d done the wXwNOW & Friends Showcase in 2022… and this is also Only Friends’ first title defence.

Sombra and Gunns start us off, but it’s a blind tag to Knight that led to some quick double-teaming as a Codebreaker picked up our first pinning attempt. Sombra recovers to tag in MBM, as their double-teaming of back sentons squashed Knight for a two-count.

A grounded abdominal stretch from Knight forced MBM to pull the hair to try and get free, before Knight donned a zebra puppet to go after MBM’s nipple. Referee Tassilo Jung gets booed as he removed the zebra, before Sombra threw it into the crowd for good measure. Gunns came in to save Knight from a double-team suplex as things proceeded to spill outside for a Gunns apron PK and a flip senton from Knight. Back inside, MBM lands a running neckbreaker on Knight for a near-fall, but Knight’s able to recover and hit a springboard forearm out of the corner. Sombra’s in to try and restrain Knight, before he opted to pull Gunns off the apron to prevent the tag out, while a superkick from MBM almost led to the win.

Knight’s able to hit back with a uranage/reverse DDT combo to both Sombra and MBM, allowing him to make the hot tag to Gunns, who cleared house with uppercuts in the corners. A lariat gets Gunns a near-fall, before the ring filled as all four men traded blows. It leads to Sombra taking a pop-up kick from Gunns after MBM had been sent outside, before a springboard uppercut-aided German suplex almost got the win. A turnaround sees Sombra come close to the win with a cutter on Gunns, before a missed frog splash spelled the beginning of the end for him as Knight tagged in and trapped Sombra in a Trailer Hitch – while Gunns held MBM in an Octopus stretch – for the ultimate submission. This was a decent debut for Rivality, but I suspect few gave them any chance of a win here. ***¼

Backstage, we’ve a new interviewer – Joey Sensation. He’s with Aaron Insane, who’s the special referee for our next match as they talk about the tensions between Maggot and Baby Allison. Insane thought things would have calmed down with Ahura out of the picture, but that’s not the case… and it’s irritating him to see his trainees continually fighting.

Maggot vs. Baby Allison
A match borne out of a perceived lack of respect, Allison kicked away a handshake attempt at the start as Maggot looked to take control in the early going.

Allison took offence at being kissed on the forehead amid a headlock, but Maggot escaped… then held off a kick as there was an air of him not going at 100%. Allison’s neck bridge gets pushed down as she Matrix’d away from him, before she returned with a Thesz press and some punches. Maggot kicks out of a splits kick at one, as Allison looked to push on… only to miss a charge into the corner as a bodyslam from Maggot followed for a two-count. A snap suplex gets Maggot a two-count as things keep going back-and-forth, leading to Allison missing a shoulder charge as she got nothing but the ring post.

A half crab from Maggot followed after he rolled her over, but Allison just flipped him off as she ended up having her own boot kick her in the head. The ropes force a break, as Maggot added an elbow strike for a two-count… he argues with the referee over a perceived slow count, allowing Allison to rise back up as the pair resume with strikes. Allison pulled ahead with Exploders and a Saito suplex, before a Northern Lights suplex nearly won it. A spear gets a similar result, but Maggot found another opening with an enziguiri and a spear of his own for a near-fall. Maggot loses sight of Allison though, and got caught with the Baby Exorcism… only for Maggot to escape as a pump kick almost got him the win, before Allison pulled herself up using the referee.

An errant kick from Maggot caught Aaron Insane, forcing Allison to beg him not to call for a DQ. She slaps him, which somehow didn’t lead to a double DQ, as Insane instead counted the pin after a cutter from Maggot. I get the story of the match was Maggot being conflicted, but this one feels far from over, even though everyone shook hands afterwards… ***

Insane slapped Maggot and Allison separately after the match, then shook hands as all was even.

Nick Schreier vs. Rambo
Schreier was out with his Academy title, but that’s obviously not on the line.

Metehan was out with Rambo here, as they’re making a point of highlighting those two as a duo right now after all sorts of wacky mixes with Norman Harras, Zafar Ameen and Aytac Bahar in recent times. Rambo dominated Schreier early on, knocking him down with ease with a shoulder tackle. Schreier tries for a leapfrog, but it’s caught before he was able to take down Rambo with a dropkick. A low bridge takes Rambo outside, only for a follow-up plancha to be caught and turned into a powerbomb on the edge of the ring. Back inside, Schreier tried to fight back, but got caught with a back suplex for a near-fall before he was unceremoniously thrown into the side of the ring again.

Are they saying Rambo or Ramboo?

Back inside, Schreier’s crossbody’s turned into a stalling suplex, as a chinlock kept the Academy champion grounded. Nick fought free and escaped a pop-up, rolling up Rambo for some near-falls, only for a Polish hammer from Rambo to turn it back in his favour. An armbar from Rambo keeps him ahead, as did a clothesline into the corner, before a missed charge had Rambo in trouble.

Schreier beats Rambo to the punch, then scored with an enziguiri… he gets caught with a chop from Rambo, before a pop-up was countered with a dropkick. From there, Schreier mounts a comeback with clotheslines, before he scored with a satellite DDT for a near-fall. Metehan pops up on the apron as Schreier went up top, and the distraction kinda worked as Rambo was able to capitalise with an over-the-knee powerbomb. Norman Harras wanders out there, presumably because he wanted to get Metehan ready for their main event… and from the distraction Schreier’s able to get the win with a wheelbarrow roll-up. A so-so match, with the Harras/Metehan stuff taking centre stage. **¾

Aigle Blanc vs. Michael Oku
This was Aigle’s last match before he headed over for a tour with All Japan Pro Wrestling… and the night before perhaps the biggest night in Oku’s wrestling career.

Commentary noted Oku was yet to pick up a win in wXw, and we start with armdrags and headscissor escapes as we built to a stand-off. A side headlock from Aigle’s pushed off, but Oku’s quickly on the deck with a shoulder tackle, before an up-kick took him into the corner for an uppercut. Aigle pushes on with a somersault headscissors from the outside back in, before he took Oku into the ropes for the back senton to the back. Recovering, Oku hung up Aigle in the ropes ahead of a missile dropkick as he began to make some inroads into proceedings, albeit only with a one-count after a whip took Aigle into the corner.

A springboard crossbody from Aigle takes out Oku, as did a ripcord enziguiri and a Twister suplex, before a Meteora off the top caught Oku on the back of the head for a near-fall. In return, Oku lands a discus elbow before a DDT spiked Aigle ahead of a frog splash… which he stopped himself from landing on as Aigle got a foot up. Oku’s attempt at a half crab’s stopped as Aigle maneuvered his way into an arm-trapped Sharpshooter, ending in the ropes after he’d freed one of his arms. Back on his feet, Oku traded chops with Aigle, then elbows, before a misdirection knee caught Aigle off guard. The springboard moonsault’s next for a near-fall from Oku, forcing Aigle to head outside for respite.

Aigle rolls back inside to avoid a Fosbury flop, then charged back outside with a flip senton before Oku rolled outside to avoid a frog splash. Oku avoids an Orihara moonsault as Aigle flew… and then it was back inside for the Fosbury flop to wipe out the Frenchman. Back inside, Oku tries for the frog splash once more, instead landing a froggy crossbody for a near-fall, as it was then time to go for the half crab. Oku’s pushed away, so he heads back up top for the frog splash, but Aigle’s knees were instantly up as he then cradled Oku for a near-fall… following up with a Dragon suplex and a pair of knee strikes, only for Oku to counter a second Dragon suplex into a reverse ‘rana. The frog splash connects after that, but it’s not enough for Oku to get the win, but it was enough to get the Frankfurt crowd on their feet!

A running dropkick damn near obliterates Aigle in the corner as Oku then went back up top… but his superplex was countered into an avalanche Twister ahead of a 450 splash from Aigle… which similarly only got a near-fall. More back-and-forth sees Oku take another Meteora, but he rolls through into a half crab… and that’s enough to make Aigle Blanc submit. That first W finally is checked off for Oku, and it was an absolute corker of a match that seemingly caught Frankfurt off guard. Hopefully many more of those to come! ****¼

I Quit Match: Metehan & Norman Harras vs. Jurn Simmons & Levaniel
Given the earlier segments, you’ve got to think Rambo and/or Zafar Ameen won’t be too far away from proceedings here.

This one started off as you’d expect – fighting in the corners, before stuff spilled outside – with Levaniel looking to hit Metehan with a Galactic Facecrusher in the opening minutes. Metehan escapes as Jurn and Harras hit the ring, but it’s the good guys who were in control, with Jurn’s swinging side slam leaving Norman laying. Norman’s forced to beg off as everyone – including Metehan it seemed – threatened to gang up on him… but a low blow switches things around as Metehan had played everyone for fools. They double-team Levaniel for a spell, before Harras went outside and grabbed a leather strap from under the ring… which he quickly regretted as Levaniel gained control of it.

Metehan’s in to attack Levaniel from behind, while Jurn swung a chair at Metehan… then made contact flush with Norman Harras, breaking the seat off of the chair in the process. With Harras on the deck, Metehan found himself surrounded… and tripping up over Norman as he tried to run, only to get caught as Jurn ended up slingshotting Metehan into another chairshot of sorts. Harras tries to make a save, but he too is double-teamed until Metehan pulled out Levaniel… then slid in to crack Jurn with the broken chair seat. Metehan headed under the ring and pulled out a toolbox, from where he pulled out some rope as he and Harras looked to choke Levaniel into submission.

Levaniel posts Harras moments after that as all four fought on the floor… returning to the ring, a backbreaker and a discus clothesline connected on Harras before Metehan laid out Levaniel with a series of chair shots. More plunder comes in the form of a no entry sign to the back of Levaniel, then a baseball bat to the midsection, as Harras and Metehan began to look comfortable in picking their shots. Simmons tries to get back in it, but was quickly swarmed and laid out with chairshots, before Harras went outside and found some tape… which was promptly used to tie Simmons into the corner. Jurn could only watch as chairshots and bat shots were used to try and force Levaniel to quit. Those didn’t work, so Metehan goes for some scissors, jabbing them into Levaniel as Norman Harras tried to get Jurn Simmons to quit to save his partner.

Eventually, Jurn’s able to free himself from the tape… but he’s caught with a chairshot before he fired up and began to throw around Metehan for fun. That all came to a screeching end when an attempted spear on Harras saw Simmons run into Metehan swinging the no entry sign, before a crossface from Metehan led to Jurn once again refusing to quit. Levaniel breaks it up, only to get caught with a lariat seconds later as Harras then began to choke Jurn in the corner with the baseball bat.

Simmons seemingly passed out, but he didn’t say “I Quit”, so it’s for nought… Harras tries to revive him, but only got a confused “what?” out of Jurn when he came to. In response, Metehan attacks Jurn’s previously-injured midsection before a flying uppercut from Harras accidentally wiped out Metehan. Oh dear.

Metehan looked to snap after that, but instead bailed to the back as he’d had enough of Harras’ mess-ups. That turned this into a virtual handicap match, allowing Levaniel to wear out a chair, then the no entry sign over Harras. Simmons is pulled back up as he set up for a piledriver on Harras… but Zafar Ameen hits the ring… and ended up throwing powder in Harras’ eyes as the backup plan failed. Ameen’s taken care of with a Galactic Facecrusher, then with a piledriver onto the chair, before Jurn went outside and pulled out a bag. If you know wrestling, you know what’s in it… after emptying drawing pins onto the mat, Levaniel picks up Harras for a death valley driver into the pins… and that’s enough for Norman to scream those two words to end the match. It’s a crowd-pleasing win, but I suspect there’ll be some afters between Harras and Metehan given the dissolution of their friendship here – nor would it surprise me if that gave us two teams for September’s tag festival… ***¼

The show closes with Levaniel and Simmons celebrating… and that’ll do us for just over a month as wXw begins their summer break. While the good guys winning the main event might be the main story point coming out of Frankfurt, plenty of seeds were sewn on the show for the future – as we continue to inch towards (hopefully) AMBOSS and the GMC lads, while Michael Oku’s first win in a wXw ring perhaps stole the show.