AMBOSS have their first match as a unit in wXw, as they take on a quartet led by Jonathan Gresham in Oberhausen.

Quick Results
Maggot pinned Sebastian Suave in 10:32 to retain the wXw Shotgun Championship (***)
Michael Knight pinned Hektor Invictus in 5:17 (**¾)
Jurn Simmons & Levaniel pinned Michael Schenkenberg & Tristan Archer in 10:18 (**¾)
Baby Allison submitted Iva Kolasky in 5:53 to retain the wXw Women’s Championship (**¾)
Psycho Mike submitted Jacob Crane in 4:50 (**)
Masha Slamovich pinned Orsi in 5:59 (***)
Robert Dreissker, Laurance Roman, Dover & Icarus pinned Elijah Blum, Jonathan Gresham, The Rotation & Peter Tihanyi in 12:41 (***¼)

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We open with the finish of the mixed tag match from Broken Rules, which saw Sebastian Suave beat Baby Allison – and get awarded a Shotgun title match by Norman Harras to boot. We’re back at the Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen for the last of this round of tapings… and this time, Thommy Giesen isn’t interrupted. Dave Bradshaw’s back on English commentary…

wXw Shotgun Championship: Sebastian Suave vs. Maggot (c)
We’re promised an announcement from Norman Harras after this match… and we start with Suave celebrating a little early.

It segued into some boo/yay stuff as Suave caught Maggot with a clothesline, then a powerbomb as the champion rolled outside. Suave followed, hitting a side Russian legsweep into the side of the ring, before breaking the ref’s count, only to get caught with a suplex on the outside. Eventually returning to the ring, Maggot landed a Thesz press and a strutting kick to the side of the head for good measure. A couple of strikes keep Maggot ahead, as he took Suave into the corner for mounted punches and a nibble… before a side suplex left Suave down for a two-count.

A series of chops from Suave got him back in it, before he shouted out a line from Botchamania. You know the one. Maggot couldn’t get out of the corner in time as a kick to the leg and a trip had him on his backside, before he clubbed away a hanging armbar attempt from Suave. Suave’s slingshot into the ring’s kicked away by Maggot, who followed up with an enziguiri, only to have his crucifix thrown aside. The pair trade blows, before Maggot found the crucifix bomb for a near-fall. An Air Raid Crash from Suave’s blocked, but he sits down on the counter for a near-fall… only to run into an up-kick in the corner.

Maggot heads up top, but has to leap over referee Tassilo Jung, who’d been used as a human shield, only to get caught with a spinebuster from the Canadian. An Air Raid Crash follows, but Maggot’s out at two! Suave decides to go back to the corner, chopping Maggot there as they went up top, looking for an avalanche Air Raid Crash, but Maggot flipped out and pulled Suave down. From there, a cutter followed… and that’s enough for Maggot to retain the title. A decent effort from Suave, but Maggot retains the title in the venue he won it in… ***

Norman Harras is introduced for his “major announcement,” as we’ve got a table in the ring for him. Uh oh. Norman reminds us that talent scouting and acquisitions is one of his duties, and he’s brought one of the hottest prospects in Europe to wXw… it’s the return of Ahura… and he’s got… the Shotgun title belt? Ahura’s been gone from wXw for almost a year after an incident at the 21st Anniversary Show… and there’s some weird relationships here as Ahura was the one who beat a paranoid Harras for the title back in the closed-set days. Ahura got “welcome back” chants, and told the crowd it was nice to be back as he was given a “multi-fight deal.” Except Ahura “broke” the mic, and as the hapless Harras was distracted by a switched-off mic, Ahura switched out the contract for one of his own.

Of course, Ahura gleefully put pen to paper on his deal, which Norman counter-signed… and now we’ll have fun and games as we wait to see what was in that deal. Well, we don’t have to wait too long, because Harras reads out the cliff notes – Ahura’s first match back is in Frankfurt on July 16… in a number one contender’s match for the wXw Unified World Wrestling championship… against Norman Harras.Norman didn’t seem too displeased at being given a chance at a title shot… while Ahura seemed to think he’s given himself an easy shot.

Backstage, Andy Jackson’s thrilled that Ahura’s returned, but Baby Allison is more concerned at her opponent tonight. She scolds Andy, then questioned Iva’s issue with her, noting she’s beaten her twice… and hopefully it’ll be three and out after tonight.

Michael Knight vs. Hektor Invictus
A match between two guys whose tag partners are on the shelf, unfortunately…

Opening with a lock-up, Hektor rolled Knight down for an early one-count, before he tossed Knight aside. A cravat’s rolled through ahead of a shoulder tackle, while a battle of hiptosses ended with a wheelbarrow bulldog from Knight. An armdrag’s next from Knight, then an armbar, but Hektor gets free with clotheslines and dropkicks, before a spinebuster planted the former Shotgun champion. Hektor’s scoop powerslam lands, but a springboard moonsault does not… Knight manages to pull himself up to the top rope for a crossbody block, then with a springboard clothesline for a near-fall. An overhead kick gets Hektor back in it, before a Chaos Theory German suplex nearly won it… before Knight hit a spin-out Canadian Backbreaker, kneeing Hektor on the way down for the win. Pretty brief, but good for the time they had. **¾

After the match, the pair shook hands as Knight declared “for Bobby.” Hey, that’s someone else’s gimmick! Andy Jackson’s waiting for Knight, who said that we’d see “Bionic Bobby” return… and they’ll still have their eyes on the tag titles when he’s back.

Jurn Simmons & Levaniel vs. Tristan Archer & Michael Schenkenberg
We seem to be picking up the Jurn vs. Archer thread back from earlier in the spring here. I dug Archer’s use of pin badges to mark his title reigns, but he’s going to lose those things if he keeps throwing off his robe like that!

Archer and Simmons start, with Archer hopping into the corner for a rest across the buckles as he sought to control the tempo. The first two minutes are all playing to the crowd, trying to get chants going, before Archer had fun trying to set up a Test of Strength. He kicks Simmons in the gut before hitting the ropes, eventually tripping up Jurn and walking over him… earning a right hand from Jurn in return. Simmons takes it to the corner for a shoulder charge and a whip across the ring, leading to a clothesline… and another whip across the ring, before a suplex throw chucked Archer across the ring. Levaniel blind tagged in as Jurn hit a shoulder tackle… but Archer couldn’t capitalise immediately on the confusion, as he’s taken down with a side headlock.

Levaniel hits some shoulder tackles from there, seemingly seeking Jurn’s approval before Archer was grabbed in the ropes, sorta, by Schenkenberg. Archer tags out, but chokes Levaniel in the corner behind the ref’s back, before Levaniel booted Schenkenberg out of the corner. A crossbody’s caught, but Schenkenberg countered out of the counter to hit a side suplex for a two-count, before Archer tagged in to throw Levaniel into the buckles. Archer goes for a Coup d’Etat, but Levaniel manages to slip out for an Intergalactic Facecrusher, only to have to make do with a spinning heel kick. It buys Levaniel enough time to tag out to Jurn, but Schenkenberg’s in too… and ends up bouncing around for a wild Jurn, whose clothesline took him down. A right hand takes Archer off the apron too, as Schenkenberg ate a reverse slam for good measure.

Jurn’s Gorilla press slam and standing moonsault followed, getting a near-fall. Archer comes in with the title belt, which Levaniel tried to stop… and the ensuing tug of war almost got Jurn hit with the belt. Again. Schenkenberg nearly snuck a win with a Michinoku driver, but Simmons is up at two as Charisma then decided to play Triple H… as a way to tell Schenkenberg to go for a Pedigree. A back body drop breaks it up though, as a Massive Boot and a Piledriver ended up getting the win as Jurn stared a hole through Tristan Archer during the pin. I’d expect that to be the next title defence before Shortcut to the Top, and this was an effective, if not short, outing to help set it up. **¾

After the match, Simmons chased away Schenkenberg and Archer before Andy Jackson asked him what’s next… and sure enough, Jurn challenged Archer to a title match at Dead End in Hamburg… and warned Levaniel not to interfere in that match.

wXw Women’s Championship: Iva Kolasky vs. Baby Allison (c)
Baby Allison’s got a new entrance video and music… I’m sure it’ll grow on me.

Kolasky charges at Allison, but ends up hitting the buckles as a few roll-ups saw Allison try to win it early. A trip knocks the challenger down, as she’s taken outside and into the ring post, before she got spun into the side of the ring. Back inside, Kolasky’s placed onto the apron for a splits legdrop from Allison, who followed up with a suplex for a near-fall. Allison Matrix’s out of a clothesline, but the bridge is kicked away as a standing moonsault gets Iva a two-count. Kolasky’s forearm to the back gets another two-count, before a front cartwheel and a slap kept the challenger ahead. Right hands from Kolasky lead to some headscissors… but Allison blocks it, only to get her hair pulled in the ropes.

More headscissors lead to a satellite DDT from Kolasky for a near-fall, before she proceeded to stretch Allison in the ropes. Allison avoids a splits legdrop, then gets pulled into a similar position as they trade strikes, leading to clotheslines and elbows from Allison, before a side suplex landed. A Scorpion kick catches Kolasky in the corner, before a Northern Lights drew a near-fall… with a Muta Lock after the kick-out forcing Kolasky into the ropes. Kolasky tries to fight back, but ends up eating a spear before as second Muta Lock forced the submission. That’s three singles wins for Allison now over Kolasky, and I’d suspect new faces will be arriving to challenge for the belt any day now. **¾

Jacob Crane vs. Psycho Mike
Psycho Mike didn’t get to cut a promo this time, but got a decent reaction in Oberhausen.

Crane tried to keep away from Mike, grabbing the ropes as Psycho Mike went for a bodyslam early on. Eventually, Mike relents… but chased Crane around before the Pole demanded no bodyslams. Instead, Mike reaches into his trunks and offered Jacob €5 to take a bodyslam… which was accepted. It’s a weird kink. Except Crane cradles Mike for a two-count, then threw some kicks, including one to the back. A clothesline has Crane down though, with Mike finally able to get his five Euros worth with a bodyslam. Mike asks the crowd if they want to see more… and they get a second, a third, and a fourth.

Crane then paid Mike €5 to avoid the threat of five more… but instead Mike just slammed Crane onto the note four more times, before Crane tapped out to avoid further. Death By Bodyslam. **

After the match, referee Tassilo Jung ordered Mike not to do anymore bodyslams… then left the ring. With the ref not looking Mike hits one… before he claimed he’d hit an elbow drop instead. Tass leaves again, before Mike faked out leaving… only to return to hit one more slam as Tass returned to Benny Hill chase Mike away. Excellent slapstick.

They recap the Surprise Benefit Scramble from Broken Rules, which Orsi won to earn herself a spot in October’s Femmes Fatales.vb

Orsi vs. Masha Slamovich
Masha’s back after coming up short against Fast Time Moodo last time out…

The pair went toe-to-toe at the start, with shoves giving way to forearms and slaps. Orsi mixes up chops and forearms for a violence party into the ropes, before she hit the ropes for a shoulder block that Slamovich resisted. A second one yields similar results, before a third took Slamovich down. A bodyslam took Slamovich around the ring, but a suplex from Masha gets her a two-count in return. Kicks by the ropes wear down Orsi, as did a clothesline and a headbutt. A gutwrench suplex followed for a two-count, but Orsi fights back in… only for her back body drop to be countered into a sunset flip for a near-fall.

Slamovich’s low dropkick takes Orsi into the corner, where she’s met with a boot choke and some more chops. Orsi reverses a whip to take Masha into the corners for clotheslines, following up with a fallaway slam and a spinning sidewalk slam for a near-fall. Orsi keeps going with a German suplex and more forearms, but Slamovich returns the favour ahead of a piledriver… and that’s the win! A statement win for Slamovich in what was an even match. ***

After the match, Andy Jackson interviewed Masha… who put her name into the Femmes Fatales tournament, and I suspect that this may well be rematched in that tournament!

They replay the end of Cara Noir’s win over Axel Tischer at Broken Rules… as we segue into a backstage interview with Tischer. Andy Jackson noted the “lost son” came back, won the title, and lost it… Tischer says that you have to know how to win and lose in wrestling, and with three high-profile losses in a row, he needs to pick himself up and move forward. Learn from your mistake, and better yourself next time… which he’s aiming to do on July 23 at Dead End as Tischer gets a second shot at Cara Noir, and another shot at getting out of the slump he’s in.

They replay the end of Broken Rules, with the formation of AMBOSS,

Jonathan Gresham, Peter Tihanyi, The Rotation & Elijah Blum vs. AMBOSS (Dover, Icarus, Laurance Roman & Robert Dreissker)
Tihanyi came out still nursing the bad back that hindered him against Axel Tischer at We Love Wrestling 33… while Rotation had his left hand taped up. There’s been a LOT of KT tape on this show…

AMBOSS jump start the match as they picked their spots, clearing out the ring as The Rotation was left isolated. Roman worked the injured arm early on, but Rotation’s able to grab a side headlock and get sent into the ropes… Jonathan Gresham snuck in without a tag to turn Roman’s leapfrog into a German suplex, but referee Rainer Ringer refused to count a pin from it. Roman goes back to the wrist as Robert Dreissker tagged in. An uppercut and a dropkick has Dreissker in the corner, before a high-speed dropkick aggravated Rotation… who got slung back into the ring after Dreissker had shrugged it off. Dreissker goes for a back suplex, but Rotation slips out, hits a chop and tagged in Tihanyi, whose springboard Meteora announced his arrival with aplomb.

Dreissker blocks a standing Shiranui with a simple waistlock, then a fallaway slam as he targeted the Hungarian’s lower back. Dover’s in, but Tihanyi sunset flips his way free as the Arrows of Hungary tried to combine… they did so against Elijah Blum though, who ate a gamengiri and an assisted cannonball for a near-fall in the corner. A chop from Icarus follows, before Blum snuck out and dropkicked his way free. Tihanyi’s back with armdrags to Icarus, before a leapfrog over Icarus and an enziguiri had the former tag champion rocked. It’s good for a near-fall, before Icarus lifted him onto the apron. It tweaks Tihanyi’s back as Icarus distracted the referee to allow Dover to punt Tihanyi off the apron, then throw him back inside for a one-count.

Dover tags in to hit a backbreaker for a two-count, then grounded Tihanyi with a front facelock that turned into a suplex. Dreissker’s back to maintain control, bouncing Tihanyi into the buckles as everything was coming up AMBOSS here. Roman tagged in to try and snatch a pin, but Tihanyi kicked out only to get bodied back into the corner. A waistlock takedown keeps Tihanyi in trouble, only for him to kick Roman away and tag in Jonathan Gresham. Gresham clears the corner before hitting a Quebrada to Roman, then a tope to the Arrows… Elijah Blum tags in to hit a spin-out Butterfly suplex, while Tihanyi’s 450 splash crushed Roman for a near-fall, with AMBOSS breaking up the cover. Dreissker’s in to take a Blum dropkick as the rest of the teams fought on the floor. Blum’s floatover earned him a spear out of the corner from Dreissker, who then clubbed away Tihanyi… Rotation tried to hit the ring, but gets tripped into a crossface on the stage by Roman. Gresham eats a Crossfire on the floor, before Roman came back in to hit a facebuster on Blum ahead of a crossface.

Roman lets go as AMBOSS made a show of holding the tag rope to exchange tags. The Arrows come in to blast Blum with a Crossfire, before Dreissker tagged in to hit a Dreissker Bomb as Blum was held in place. Pretty elementary by the end, as the AMBOSS lads dominated this one – complete with a rather unnecessary statement on Blum at the end. ***¼

A solid show from wXw as they placed several pieces of the proverbial jigsaw for future shows – and with these two We Love Wrestlings coming in at two hours, they’ve been pretty well paced.