#wXwFightForever – We take a look at the Fight Forever special match from before last week’s Dead End, as Elijah Blum took on Alex Kane.

wXw’s been making moves recently. Literally. This past week they moved the Academy from their long-time home in Essen to the Alma Park Fight Club in Gelsenkirchen… and while the first event there – a Fight Forever taping – takes place next week, we had a sample match for the “proving ground of Academy talent,” taped ahead of last week’s Dead End in Hamburg. It’s up for free on YouTube – albeit in German. Commentary comes from Ahmad Dimassi and Sebastian Hollmichel.

Elijah Blum vs. Alex Kane
This was Kane’s debut in wXw, and an appearance I’d been hoping to see ever since first spotting him some random fed on Fite a few years back. I forget what the fed was called, Victory Championship Wrestling, or something like that…

Kane threw down Blum early on, using waistlock takedowns to take the rookie Blum into the ropes. A side headlock’s pushed off, but Kane charged down Blum, whose armdrag was blocked… before a dropkick took Kane into the ropes.

Blum flips out of a back body drop to hit a side Russian legsweep, following up with a standing moonsault for a near-fall. A crossbody off the top took Kane down, but he’s quickly floating over as he pulled Blum up for an Exploder into the buckles. Elijah rolled outside, but gets rolled onto the apron for a Bomaye Bomb splash from Kane. Back inside, a pumphandle suplex chucks Blum across the ring, as the Suplex Assassin lived up to his name. Crossface punches follow, then some face hooking, before Blum fired off some uppercuts to try and carve a way back in. Kane stops him with a knee, only to get met with a clothesline off the ropes, then a neckbreaker, before a shotgun dropkick took Kane to the corner.

Blum goes back up top, this time landing the crossbody for a near-fall, before a Parting Gift neckbreaker attempt was countered with a forearm. Kane adds an X-Plex into it – the Kane-ageddon – before the Mark of Kane flung Blum across the ring for the pin. A good debut for Kane, as Blum had an opening, but ended up having little answer for the former MLW National Openweight Champion’s suplexes.

Result: Alex Kane pinned Elijah Blum in 6:28 (***)