For the entire month of March, we’ll be going pink as we help pay tribute to Kris Travis.

March 31 marks the first year since we lost Kris Travis to stomach cancer, at the young age of 32. Kris left a huge mark on the British wrestling scene, as witnessed by fans and colleagues who paid tribute to him in the weeks after his passing.

We’ve all seen and heard about the myriad of tribute shows ¬†that are taking place, featuring groups such as ATTACK! (in Cardiff), Preston City Wrestling (in Preston) and Phoenix Events (in Yorkshire); some of them getting press for perhaps the wrong reasons. Whether you’re able to attend one of these shows or not, we’d ask that you¬†please consider making a donation to Cavendish Cancer Care, who looked after him in his final days.

You can donate directly via – every donation, no matter how little, counts, and will change people’s lives for the better.