wXw hit Dresden with revenge on everyone’s minds, as Rott und Flott teamed up with Tristan Archer once more to take on the Frenchadors and the hometown hero Axel Tischer.

Quick Results
Nick Schreier pinned Danny Fray in 5:16 (**¼)
Laurance Roman pinned Fast Time Moodo in 13:48 (***½)
Bobby Gunns submitted Rambo in 7:42 (***)
Levaniel pinned Jacob Crane in 1:48 (NR)
Icarus & Robert Dreissker defeated Peter Tihanyi & Orsi via referee stoppage in 17:54 (***½)
Metehan submitted Johnny Rancid in 11:59 (**¾)
Ava Everett pinned Zeritus in 4:04 (**)
Axel Tischer, Senza Volto & Aigle Blanc pinned Michael Schenkenberg, Nikita Charisma & Tristan Archer in 22:49 (***¾)

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We’re coming from the Stromwerk in Dresden for this, with English commentary courtesy of Dave Bradshaw.

Nick Schreier vs. Danny Fray
It’s another pre-show match, and it’s up for free on YouTube…

We open with Fray shoving Schreier into the corner, before Schreier got dumped with a shoulder tackle. Fray hits the ropes again, this time getting caught with a leapfrog and a dropkick from Schreier, before a wheelbarrow from Schreier ended with him getting dumped into the ropes. A front kick from Fray earns him a two-count, who then followed up with stomps before Schreier hit the ropes… and had his crossbody caught. Fray pops him up for a Samoan drop out of it, which gets a near-fall, before Schreier was taken to the corner for some mudhole stomping.

Schreier tries for some headscissors, but it’s turned into a sidewalk slam as Fray remained ahead. A chinlock keeps Fray on top after the kickout, but Schreier breaks free with a jawbreaker, then a dropkick as the tables started to turn. Schreier slingshots back into the ring and scored with a wheelbarrow bulldog, which was good for a near-fall, before Nick went up top…

Fray catches Schreier, but ends up taking an enziguiri before Schreier ran in for those headscissors, and turned it into a Destino of all things for the win. A good five-minute match, with both men getting to show a little something in the time they had. **½

The main show opens with Mett Dimassi hyping up the card ahead of an interview with Metehan… who was insistent on having a handshake before he was interviewed. Metehan was meant to face Michael Knight, but instead he’s taking on Johnny Rancid… not that that matters, as Metehan’s just here for a payday. That drew in Bobby Gunns who still wants to make money with him, but Metehan only wants to do business on his terms. Rambo’s there to stop things escalating, and it looks like those two have a match later on.

Laurance Roman vs. Fast Time Moodo
Roman’s got a smatter of cheers for his return to Dresden, and a few fans wearing raccoon face masks. Love it.

Moodo backs Roman into the corner from the opening lock-up, then took the “Pitbull of AMBOSS” down in a side headlock, before a wristlock ended in the ropes. Roman tries a wristlock, but it’s reversed as Roman had to scurry into the corner to avoid a kick from Moodo.

Kicks finally connect, as did a knee, before a hiptoss threw Roman across the ring. Roman blocks a kick and returned with an elbow, only to eat some in return from Moodo, whose leg sweep sank Roman and sent him to the outside. Moodo gives chase, but ends up taking some forearms as they fought around ringside, with Moodo taking Roman into the front row for some chops. Resetting the count looked to backfire for Moodo, who’s pounced on by Roman briefly… only for Moodo to put Roman in a chair for chops and a lap of honour bicycle kick. There’s a nasty landing for Moodo seconds later after a back suplex onto the edge of the ring, before we make it back inside… where Roman chop blocked Moodo’s knee.

Roman wraps Moodo’s leg around the ropes, following with a snap suplex for a delayed cover. Kicks keep Roman ahead, while a submission ended in the ropes as Moodo ended up getting spun to the mat with a seated dropkick. A spinning heel kick put Moodo back in it, but he’s quickly pulled down into a heel hook by Roman, eventually making it to the ropes as the crowd cheered on the Leipzig native over Roman. More shots from Roman fire up Moodo, who scores with some mid kicks and a forearm as he proceeded to chase Roman around the corners. Roman’s boxed into the corner, while a spinning heel kick and a sliding punch left Roman rocked. A Coast to Coast dropkick nearly wins it for Moodo, who then saw a Black Belt Kick get blocked as Roman hit an enziguiri, then a facebuster for a near-fall. Roman comes close with a tight small package from a Fisherman suplex, before a Moodo roundhouse kick cracked Roman in the head.

Moodo pulls up Roman for a Made in Japan, but it’s not enough as a follow-up Black Belt Kick was avoided… Roman kicks Moodo’s leg out of his leg, only to get pulled into a triangle armbar. Roman holds on and powerbombs his way free of the hold, and with Moodo having been worn down, that was enough for Roman to pick up the win. A hell of an opener, with Roman picking up the deserved win before he went to knock someone’s hat off. ***½

We get a replay from True Colors earlier in the year, of Rott und Flott saving Tristan Archer in his title match with Axel Tischer… and that takes us to Tischer’s Instagram promo for the show. Archer wants revenge for True Colors, and we’re getting a trios main event this time around, with the Frenchadors and a French Kiss…

Rambo vs. Bobby Gunns
This one started quickly with shoulder tackles as Gunns was eventually charged down.

Gunns escapes a package piledriver and took down Rambo with a dropkick… then followed him outside for an apron PK. More kicks are eventually caught, as Rambo then hauled Gunns into a torture rack and ran him into the ring post. Back inside, Rambo hits a side suplex for a two-count, then prodded Gunns with some kicks… it earned him a bodyslam that led to a very quick one-count. A fallaway slam’s next, before Gunns avoided a clothesline and found his way back in with kicks. Gunns’ running uppercuts trap Rambo in the corner, before Rambo tried to suplex his way out of it.

Rambo runs into a shotgun dropkick after that, but threw Gunns with an overhead belly-to-belly. Rambo’s caught up top and brought down with a superplex, before a package piledriver was turned into a powerbomb for a near-fall. Gunns is able to force his way back in with a rear naked choke, only for Rambo to clothesline Gunns down… but Gunns kicks out of the cover, then rolled Rambo into a crossface, eventually forcing Rambo to tap to Metehan’s move. Gunns is angling for that Metehan match, and I’m sure he’ll get it… eventually. ***

They replay Jacob Crane’s win over Levaniel over World Tag Team Festival weekend… and we’re about to get a rematch.

Jacob Crane vs. Levaniel
There’s no Boricua Boys around this time to provide an assist… Crane got the mic beforehand to try out his German, and got told to shut up. So he dishes out some local sports team insults, and complaints about how his back was hurting over endless bodyslams.

Crane’s interrupted by Levaniel, who reinforced that “halt die Fresse” message by shushing Crane… and threatening him with death by bodyslam. We get going with Crane clubbing Levaniel, before a bodyslam attempt from Crane… just earned him a bodyslam from Levaniel. Levaniel hits another, before a third was countered with a roll-up from Crane. Kicking out, Levaniel busts out a third slam, before the Galactic Facecrusher completed the squash. Levaniel was clutching his neck and shoulder after that move – he was taken off the next night’s show in Leipzig as a precaution…

Mett Dimassi’s backstage with AMBOSS. Lucky him. Robert Dreissker tells him that in Bielefeld, Danny Fray and Elijah Blum got “trampled under the wheels” of AMBOSS, and it’ll be no different here tonight… except this time, it’ll be “two of Icarus’ kids” getting run over. Icarus called Orsi and Peter Tihanyi his last hope, which sounds very “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed…”

AMBOSS (Icarus & Robert Dreissker) vs. Orsi & Peter Tihanyi
Apparently things are going to be settled here, if Dan Mallmann’s introductions are to be taken seriously…

Tihanyi and Icarus start us off, with Icarus trying to go for the eyes, only to get taken down as Tihanyi went for an early pin. A wristlock from Icarus features some finger manipulation, as an armbar was then rolled out of by Tihanyi. An overhead wristlock from Icarus made things look easy, as a snapmare and a chop to the back stung his trainee. Armdrags from Tihanyi offer a response, but Icarus ducks and eventually gets chopped ahead of a leaping back elbow. Orsi tags in and helps with a suplex on her trainer, then a Too Cool-ish double-team elbow drop for a near-fall. Icarus goes for the hair of Orsi, then tagged in Dreissker, who worked over Orsi’s arm and shoulder.

Orsi gets free and slapped Dreissker, but a spear’s easily blocked as Orsi then came back with chops and forearms. Tihanyi tags back in, but runs into a takedown and a back senton as Dreissker turned this one around in a heartbeat. On the outside, Tihanyi’s thrown into the side of the ring by Icarus, who’d tagged into the match just beforehand… a response from Tihanyi’s stopped by Dreissker as AMBOSS remained in control. Back inside, Icarus works over Tihanyi’s arm, only for Tihanyi to fight free with forearms… only to get thrown down with a hiptoss. A seated version of the Heart of Europe submission turns into a cravat by Icarus, but Tihanyi escapes with a dropkick as tags bring in Orsi and Dreissker. Orsi’s quickly outnumbered, but she’s able to go between AMBOSS in the corners, leading to a bodyslam on Icarus, before Dreissker’s springboard crossbody crushed Orsi.

Icarus gets a two-count from that as he grounded Orsi with a chinbar, then an armbar… Dreissker’ back to continue manipulating Orsi’s wrist and fingers, before a slam and a splash led to a two-count. Another chinlock grounds Orsi, who fought free before she ducked Dreissker’s springboard crossbody attempt. She didn’t avoid a Dreissker clothesline, but was able to run back in with a spear as tags take us back to Icarus and Tihanyi, with Tihanyi’s offence seeing him superkick Icarus, then back body drop Dreissker for good measure. A running Meteora takes Dreissker to the outside, while a springboard one to Icarus drew Roman onto the apron for a distraction. Roman’s sent flying as Tihanyi leapt into him… but the ongoing distraction allowed AMBOSS to regain a foothold, with Dreissker pulling Icarus out of harm’s way. A front kick and a pop-up spear from Dreissker forces Orsi in to break up the pin, as Tihanyi was able to hit a slingshot cutter to Dreissker… but it’s not enough.

Dreissker sent Tihanyi to the apron, where Icarus was waiting for him with a piledriver onto the edge of the ring. AMBOSS drag Tihanyi into the crowd, where they popped him up onto the stage… Orsi makes it back to try and subdue AMBOSS, before Tihanyi recovered enough to moonsault off the stage into AMBOSS. Back at ringside, Orsi’s dropped onto the side of the ring with a Dreissker side suplex, before Tihanyi stopped anything else from happening…

Except AMBOSS now swarmed Tihanyi for a clubbering forearm to the nose. Back inside, a bloodied Tihanyi’s clutching his nose as he was held up for a punt kick from Icarus forced the referee stoppage. It was a take no prisoners showing from AMBOSS, who are building up momentum again after losing the World Tag Team Festival final. ***½

Metehan vs. Johnny Rancid
After the change in opponent, this may well be a squash in Metehan’s second singles match back…

Opening with a lock-up, Metehan works over the arm and wrist of Rancid, who escaped on the mat… only for Metehan to scramble out for an armbar. An arm wringer goes back to a wristlock as Rancid’s back on the deck. An armdrag gets Rancid free as he fought back… only to get met with dropkicks from Metehan to cut him off. Another lock-up keeps the pair in the ropes, but Metehan shoves Rancid away, prompting forearms in return as Rancid then clotheslines Metehan to the outside. Rancid follows outside to throw Metehan back in, but a springboard back in is shoved away as Metehan proceeded to post Rancid.

Back inside, Metehan’s punches wear down Rancid, leading to an Irish whip into the corner and a side suplex for barely a two-count. A chinlock keeps Rancid down, but he fights out for a hiptoss, only for a gutshot to take down Rancid. More stretching followed, with Rancid again fighting out before he was bounced back into the corner, as Rancid’s back and ribs were causing problems. Of course, Rancid finds a way back in with a clothesline, then a bodyslam, before Metehan got rolled up for a two-count. Firing back, a back elbow drops Rancid, before a spin-out suplex added a near-fall. Metehan misses a sliding forearm, then had a suplex reversed as a delayed back body drop threw Metehan down.

A running knee traps Metehan in the corner as Rancid span Metehan into a modified Overdrive for a near-fall, before a springboard dropkick took him closer. Metehan lifts the knees to block a top rope elbow drop, then followed with a sliding forearm and a crossface for the rapid submission. Given that Rancid was framed as a late replacement, this was far too even. This didn’t need to be a Goldberg-ish squash, but Metehan going 50-50 felt weird – unless Rancid’s going to be around regularly after this. **¾

Backstage, Peter Tihanyi’s asked about his bloody nose. He’s annoyed with AMBOSS constantly targeting him, and vowed to bring out another side of Peter Tihanyi at Drive of Champions.

Ava Everett’s introduced to the ring as she’s apparently asked for some air time… taking some offence to a fan dancing to her music as she went. Cue a wider temper tantrum as Ava told us she was bored of having wrestled everyone in the women’s division, and she’s told Norman Harras that she wants to wrestle the men. She’s got a surprise opponent and…

Ava Everett vs. Zeritus
…ooh boy. If Norman’s Ava’s “bestie,” then I’d not want to be on his bad side.

This was Zeritus’ first match in wXw in a year, and he was rocking some Terry Funk-inspired tights to mark the occasion. Apparently Zeritus’ mask is called Mary, which answered one question I had, and we start with Ava begging off. She elbowed away Zeritus, then leapt onto him for a sleeperhold, which was thrown away easily. Everett hits the ropes, but bounced off of Zeritus with a crossbody before she tried to run away at the suggestion of a dance-off. Zeritus pulls up Ava for a tree slam, but Ava rakes the eyes, then slapped Zeritus… who roared back. Ava dives outside as we Benny Hill chase around the ring, returning to try and hit Zeritus with her handbag. Ah, someone’s been watching the heyday of British wrestling fans!

Of course, Zeritus stops it, then had the bag taken off him by Tassilo Jung… and once the ref’s back was turned, Zeritus was caught with a low blow. A superkick’s next, and that’s your lot as this homage to a horror B-movie ended with Ava getting the win. **

Dään Jokisch is backstage with Tristan Archer and Rott und Flott… Michael Schenkenberg refused to acknowledge the Frenchadors’ title win, while Nikita Charisma was salty over how they lost the titles. Tristan vowed to beat Axel Tischer in Dresden again, right in front of his dad…

Rott Und Flott (Michael Schenkenberg & Nikita Charisma) & Tristan Archer vs. Axel Tischer & Frenchadors (Aigle Blanc & Senza Volto)
Of course, Archer and Rott und Flott have worked with each other in the past, and at one point were looking to be a unit earlier in the year…

Tischer was over like rover in Dresden (funny how that works), as we eventually start with Tischer and Archer… only for Archer to instantly tag out to Nikita Charisma. Make ‘em wait. An attempt by Schenkenberg to distract Tischer allowed Charisma to get in some cheapshots, but a telegraphed back body drop allowed the former champion to hit an armdrag, before a second telegraphed back body drop was kicked away. Tischer’s snap suplex gets him a two-count, as Aigle Blanc tagged in to subdue Charisma with a side headlock. It’s pushed off, as Senza Volto tagged in and stomped on Charisma’s ankle after an Aigle armdrag. Chops keep Charisma by the ropes, while Aigle’s back for a double-team that cornered Charisma ahead of a senton atomico from Senza.

There’s a back senton to the back of Charisma in the ropes from Aigle, which gets a near-fall, before Charisma knocked Aigle and Senza into each other… then scurried out to tag in Schenkenberg… who’s taken down in a side headlock. Tristan Archer couldn’t hide his dismay as Schenkenberg ended up getting caught with a Kitchen Sink knee from Aigle, then an assisted moonsault as the tag champions were having their way. Tischer’s back to slam Schenkenberg, who then had to elbow away a waistlock as another slam from Tischer had us in Jacob Crane territory. Charisma kicks Tischer in the ropes, but the distraction benefits Schenkenberg who was able to take Tischer down as the bad guys managed to create their opening. Archer tags in to capitalise on the worn-down Tischer, trading blows before Tischer escaped a back suplex and tagged in Senza.

Volto ran wild on Archer, but his handspring’s countered into a torture rack, which popped Senza into the corner. Aigle Blanc saves Senza in the corner, as the double-teaming continued into a double Dragon suplex on Archer… who fell back into the corner as Rott und Flott came in, and were taken down just as quickly. Double springboard armdrags knocked Rott und Flott into each other, while clotheslines took them outside as the ring was cleared. The Frenchadors tee up for dives, but Schenkenberg and Archer caught them and charged the duo into each other with a Super Collider. Archer hits the ring and dives onto Aigle Blanc, then rolled him back inside as Charisma looked to score the win with a tornado DDT. Tristan Archer chokes Aigle in the ropes as Senza Volto and Axel Tischer had the ref distracted, while a sit-out Gourdbuster nearly won it for Schenkenberg.

Aigle gets to the ropes on a chinbar, but he’s pulled away as Schenkenberg stayed on him. An overhead wristlock keeps Aigle down, before Charisma and Archer hit the ring to distract the referee as Senza Volto got the tag after Aigle fought free. Classic stuff. They then make a point of Nikita Charisma tagging in in front of the ref, ahead of a dropkick-assisted side suplex on Aigle… which gets a two-count that Tischer reached through the ropes to break. Archer’s back to focus on the worn-down Aigle, but right on cue Aigle fought free… only to get clubbed down from behind. He boots Archer away, then low bridged Schenkenberg to the outside… yet still couldn’t tag out as Rott und Flott pulled Senza and Tischer off the apron in time. A pop-up sit-out powerbomb nearly wins it for Archer as Aigle was left on his own, eventually making his own luck with a springboard crossbody.

Charisma tagged out to Schenkenberg, who couldn’t clear the opposite apron as a reversed suplex from Aigle finally bought him time to tag in a fired-up Tischer. Running wild, Tischer charged into the corners with uppercuts, finding time to clobber Archer too, before a bulldog and clothesline combo had Rott und Flott rocked. Archer tries to sneak in an Olympic slam, but ate a German suplex instead, before a roll-up from Schenkenberg earned a near-fall. Schenkenberg eats a suplex from Tischer, then a flying clothesline, before Schenkenberg was taken up top. A superplex is stopped as Charisma powerbombed Tischer away, before the Frenchadors caught an exhausted Charisma with a double Coast to Coast. They turn their attentions to Schenkenberg, fending off Archer’s attempted powerbomb before a French/Spanish Fly took Schenkenberg down.

All six men are in the ring as I think it’s Schenkenberg and Tischer still legal… after a Parade of Moves with bodies flying all over the place, the ring started to clear, leaving us with Tischer on his own against Archer and Rott und Flott. Tischer fought out of the corner, despite getting swarmed, leading to a triple-team Snapchat that would have won… had Aigle Blanc not leapt in with a splash off the top.

Senza Volto’s in with a handspring cutter to Rott und Flott, while Schenkenberg ate an Aigle Meteora to the back of the head… dualling Frenchador moonsaults to the outside cleared the ring of everyone who wasn’t legal, leaving us with Schenkenberg and Tischer. Schenkenberg teases a Tiger Driver, but Tischer slipped out and returned with a lariat, before a folding powerbomb proved to be enough for Tischer to get the extremely-popular hometown win. This was starting to feel a little long (with Tischer about to take a nap on a flag of the Dresden coat of arms), but the Dresden crowd were into this for most of the way. ***¾

A smorgasbord of matches here saw a heck of an opener between two fairly local lads, a wild AMBOSS tag match that looks to be getting us a little closer to answering the question “who can stop AMBOSS?”, and of course, that trios main event as wXw continued their path to December’s anniversary show.