Tristan Archer gets his rematch for the wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship, as he faces Jurn Simmons.

Quick Results
Senza Volto pinned Fast Time Moodo in 9:25 (***¼)
Vincent Heisenberg defeated Levaniel by count out in 6:14 (**¼)
Michael Schenkenberg & Nikita Charisma pinned Michael Knight & Bobby Gunns in 15:37 (***¼)
Aigle Blanc pinned Laurance Roman in 9:19 (***¼)
Maggot pinned Rick Salem in 6:47 to retain the wXw Shotgun Championship (***)
Maggot pinned Norman Harras in 0:42 to retain the wXw Shotgun Championship (NR)
Oskar defeats Robert Dreissker by disqualification in 2:14 (NR)
Street Fight – Robert Dreissker defeated Oskar by referee stoppage in 14:01 (***½)
Tristan Archer pinned Jurn Simmons in 16:53 to win the wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship (***½)

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We’re coming from the Sportscenter Dassbeck in Weyhe, just outside of Bremen in north-west Germany…

Senza Volto vs. Fast Time Moodo
Last time out in Papenburg, Senza Volto fell short against his tag team partner… this time around, he’s up against one half of the tag team champions.

We’ve a split crowd for this one, as we start with Moodo taking Volto into the corner before Senza ducked a head kick. A wristlock from Moodo is countered with a kip up and waistlock from Senza, who then ran into an armdrag. He ducks another kick as a headlock takedown had Moodo on the deck, before Senza tried some kicks of his own. Springboard headscissors take Moodo outside, where he’s eventually caught with a misdirection dive on the outside. Back inside, Senza leaps off the top… but ends up getting kicked down by Moodo, whose flurry of kicks led to a knee strike for a two-count. Chops keep Senza on the back foot, before his comeback was kicked away by Moodo.

A double underhook suplex is good for a two-count for Moodo, whose kicks and leg sweep dropped Senza as those two-counts continued to pile up. Senza grabs the ropes to avoid a spinning heel kick as he began to unleash with clotheslines and a handspring back elbow, following up with an uppercut in the corner, then a gamengiri as he built up to a Code Red. Moodo kicks out at two from that, but Senza grabs the free leg for an ankle lock… Moodo escapes and took Senza into the corner for a sliding punch… but a follow-up leap off the top misses. Senza can’t capitalise as his handspring’s turned into a German suplex, while a pumphandle driver almost got the win for Moodo.

Senza’s unable to get back in it, eating a Pedigree for another near-fall, before a Black Belt Kick was caught by Senza. A standing Spanish Fly provided some hope, and a near-fall, before a springboard moonsault missed… Moodo misses another Black Belt Kick, then had his leg kicked away as the Eiffel Tower ended up getting the win for Senza. A good come-from-behind win for Senza, and you’d think that win would put him in contention for a tag title shot… ***¼

“Earlier today,” Norman Harras summoned Robert Dreissker for a pre-show meeting. It’s dripping with attitude and sarcasm from the Academy head coach, who was getting a ticking off for what he did in Frankfurt. Paying guest or otherwise. Harras continued to give Dreissker a rollocking for what happened at Carat, only to get some grief in response as Dreissker was more than frustrated for having this meeting in front of a camera.

Dreissker’s asked to apologise… which he doesn’t. So Harras repeals Dreissker’s suspension a day early, since his face was already on the poster, and tells Dreissker he’s wrestling Oskar. Except Robert, the veteran, hasn’t brought his gear with him like all those who go to shows looking for an opportunity… so Norman gives him some (small) elbow pads. Cue more anger as Dreissker left to get ready, leaving Norman and his glass of plonk behind.

Levaniel vs. Vincent Heisenberg
Levaniel’s back after missing Frankfurt and Weyhe… and he’s full of liebe again! Meanwhile, Weyhe’s given Vincent an unfortunate nickname based on his surname and a swear…

Levaniel chops Heisenberg early, only to get pulled into the corner by the hair. He escapes for another chop, before a spinning heel kick was caught as Heisenberg eventually charged him down. Clotheslines from Levaniel earned him a response from Heisenberg, whose hair-pulling earned him a telling off from the referee. Heisenberg slams Levaniel, then went for a powerslam… but it’s escaped as Levaniel’s low dropkick looked to give him an opening. Except Heisenberg avoids a second one and dropped an elbow in response for a two-count. Chops from Heisenberg keep Levaniel at bay, then an old-school rope rake to the eyes, before it’s bck to the chops.

Heisenberg mouths off to the referee as he ends up getting tripped into the corner by another low dropkick from Levaniel… whose kicks and clotheslines looked to wear down the big man. Eventually a diving kick and a discus lariat has Heisenberg down, albeit for a two-count, before another dropkick took Heisenberg outside. Levaniel followed, but gets charged into the side of the ring as Heisenberg lawn darted him into the side of the ring… then rolled back inside to take the count-out win. It’s a little more developed than the Berzerker, but given I’ve used this tactic a lot in video games, I can hardly complain too much! **¼

Post-match, Levaniel’s rolled back into the ring as Heisenberg continues the beatdown… forcing Jurn Simmons to run out and make the save… except a clothesline drops Jurn before he returned with a Massive boot and a belt shot. Jurn then told Heisenberg that he was the bigger fish in their pond, before heading to the back to warm up for his main event.

Rott und Flott (Michael Schenkenberg & Nikita Charisma) vs. Only Friends (Bobby Gunns & Michael Knight)
Holy hell, they’ve upgraded the Only Friends’ entrance video to a 3D Zebra. Either that, or my drink was extra strong…

Knight and Charisma start us off, switching from wristlocks to toe holds before Gunns’ blind tag in caught out Charisma, who got popped up into a kick. A pair of thrust kicks get an early two-count for Gunns, who ended up getting caught with a dropkick from Charisma to turn things around. A clothesline from Charisma only irritates Gunns, who made a blind tag out as Michael Knight combined once again as Charisma’s double-teamed en route to a stunner and a clothesline. Schenkenberg comes in but gets superkicked to the outside, but then sweeps Gunns onto the apron as a back suplex left the former Unified World Wrestling Champion laying.

Charisma stops Knight’s dive, then threw his own knee pad at Knight… the distraction worked though, as the referee missed Knight getting hung up in the ropes as a roll-up drew a two-count. Schenkenberg tags in to crank Knight’s neck, but that’s broken in the ropes as Knight got dragged into the wrong corner. Charisma’s back in for some measured stomps, following up with a snapmare and a kick to the back before a riled-up Gunns distracted the referee from yet more double-teaming, ending with a wacky backbreaker into a slam out of the corner that got Schenkenberg a near-fall. Charging Knight into the corner proves to be a mistake as Knight fights back with boots, before dropping down to evade Schenkenberg… who then caught a crossbody off the top, rolling through into a gutbuster for good measure.

A full nelson on the mat from Charisma almost forces a stoppage, but Knight fights back to his feet… only to get thrown down as Schenkenberg tagged in and stretched Knight as he spun him into a dropkick for a two-count. Eventually, a double ‘rana gets Knight some breathing room, allowing him to make the tag out to Gunns. Gunns runs wild with clotheslines and suplexes, before a diving kick knocked Schenkenberg down into the ropes. Running uppercuts keep him in the corner before another dropkick had Schenkenberg on the mat, as did a superplex… which nearly wins it. Gunns and Schenkenberg trade the yay/boo forearms from there, then duelling clotheslines as they fall back into the corners for a tag.

Knight and Schenkenberg indulge in a hockey fight as they came in, but it’s mudhole stomping that got Rott und Flott ahead as they got a little carried away… allowing Knight and Gunns to fight back with a nice assisted spinning cutter on Schenkenberg. A tope from Knight keeps the Only Friends ahead, before he rolled Schenkenberg back into the ring. More double-teaming leads to a clothesline sandwich, then a pair of kicks, before a missed dropkick from Charisma was caught and turned into a double-team Giant Swing. A slingshot pings Charisma into the corner, ahead of clotheslines and a springboard clothesline-assisted German suplex… but Schenkenberg is the legal man, not Charisma!

The Only Friends focus on Charisma, allowing Schenkenberg to nick in with a roll-up for a near-fall. Gunns gets thrown outside, before Knight took the Snapshot DDT… and that’s enough for the win. Rott und Flott would have a lot to complain about in terms of leniency on double-teaming, but the Only Friends not playing to the whistle ended up being their downfall. ***¼

After the match, Dan Mallmann interviews Schenkenberg and a beaten-up Charisma… as Rott und Flott run down the teams they’ve beaten, and vow to have a word with Mr. Harras.

Laurance Roman vs. Aigle Blanc
Aigle’s coming into this on the back of a win over his tag team partner last time out…

Flipping out of the corner, Aigle and Roman played to the crowd before they got going, trading waistlocks and escapes before a springboard armdrag takedown had Aigle ahead. Dropdowns and roll-throughs keep us going, before an uppercut in the corner from Aigle led to him getting lifted outside… and returning with some headscissors. Roman’s tripped into the ropes for a back senton for a near-fall, before Roman decked Aigle with a forearm. Rolling Aigle over gets a one-count, while some stomps in the corner looked to turn the crowd against the former Waschbär, who then held onto a crossface despite a rope break being called.

A suplex dumps Aigle in the corner from there, leading to another two-count as some of the Weyhe crowd started to get back into the aggressive Roman. Aigle recovers with a springboard crossbody and an enziguiri, before a forearm into the corner left Laurance laying. Aigle took too long to follow up, but recovers with some headscissors to take Roman from the inside, out, before clearing the crowd for an Orihara moonsault to the floor. Back inside, a Meteora lands for a near-fall, before the pair begin to trade forearms and clotheslines. A gut shot from Aigle gives him some space, as he then had to block a Fisherman’s buster before Roman’s bicycle knee finally allowed him to hit the Fisherman buster.

Roman takes things up top, but Aigle fights free, knocking him down… only to land in Roman’s knees on a 450 splash. A facebuster’s next from Roman, then a crossface… but Aigle deftly escapes then trapped Roman with a Skayde special to snatch the win! This was a lovely little match as Aigle Blanc’s chaining together wins, while surviving a heck of a scare. ***¼

Backstage, Dan’s with Tristan Archer ahead of the main event… Archer accuses Jurn Simmons of underestimating him, saying that ahead of the big match, Jurn’s “playing with Levaniel.” Archer’s got a plan for tonight, and reckons it’ll bring his title back home…

wXw Shotgun Championship: Maggot (c) vs. Rick Salem
Finally, someone not called Norman! Rick Salem’s got his crystal ball with him here as Maggot was gobsmacked at the draw. For the right reasons.

Perhaps fearing Salem would just chuck the crystal ball at Maggot, referee Tassilo Jung tells him to put it down. Instead, Baby Allison grabs it as we start with Maggot taking down Salem in a side headlock… which Salem escaped. Going back to the side headlock, Maggot’s pulled down as Salem clawed at the champion’s mouth, before getting caught with a Thesz press on the rebound. Maggot kicks Salem from there, getting a two-count, before a right hand kept Salem in the corner. Mounted punches follow, as did some biting from Maggot, then a teardrop back suplex that nearly won it. Rolling outside, Salem goes for his crystal ball, but then baited in Maggot as he smashed him into the apron… then took it back inside for a big boot.

Salem’s boot choking in the corner keeps him ahead, before some forearms ended with a facebuster as Maggot tried to sneak in with a cutter. An Irish whip bounced Maggot into the corner, before a second one was blocked… only for Salem to catch Maggot with a gutwrench facebuster for another near-fall. A springboard from Salem’s blocked as Maggot pushed in with clotheslines and slams, before a spear was stopped with Salem’s knee. Salem goes for another springboard, but it’s pushed off as Maggot finally lands that spear… and that’s it for the win! A good showing in defeat for Salem, but Maggot leaves with the title… or does he? ***

Maggot’s celebration is interrupted by Norman Harras’ ringtone… he’s dressed to compete, and tells us that the Shotgun title lottery was incorrectly drawn. Wouldn’t you know it, the do-over gives Norman yet another crack at the title…

wXw Shotgun Championship: Maggot (c) vs. Norman Harras
Maggot meets Norman in the aisle as they beat each other around ringside. The match officially starts with Harras pushing away a cutter, then booting down Maggot ahead of a Fisherman suplex… Maggot retaliates with his Ace crusher, and that’s all folks! Harras’ hustle for the Shotgun title comes up short again, despite the “faulty” draw.

Dan Mallmann’s back at ringside to interview Herr Harras, quizzing him about his run of good luck with those Shotgun lotteries. He’s clearly losing his mind without that Shotgun title, and declared that the Shotgun title lottery is now history.

They recap Oskar and Robert Dreissker’s incident in Frankfurt…

Robert Dreissker vs. Oskar
Dreissker’s not exactly dressed to wrestle… and that’s a nice little wrinkle, given that earlier promo. Why would someone who’s suspended and been dragged in front of the proverbial headmaster have his work uniform with him?

Oskar stopped Dreissker from a sneak attack, but had to defend a side headlock early on as Dreissker tried to humiliate him with the simple hold. Oskar shoves free, but gets charged down before he got baited into the ropes, where Dreissker went for the eyes. A snapmare and some more eye rakes keeps Dreissker ahead as he feigned ignorance to the ref, before a suplex from Oskar got him free. A clothesline keeps Dreissker in the corner, then another, before elbows from Dreissker saw him turn it around… leading to him hooking Oskar’s legs in the ropes for a Shattered Dreams for the obvious DQ.

The ring announcer’s told that while Oskar won via DQ, Norman Harras has ruled that the match will be restarted as a street fight. Ring the bell…

Street Fight: Robert Dreissker vs. Oskar
Dreissker heads to the back, but Oskar gives chase as we hear loud banging and crashing from the back.

The pair spill out into the crowd as the match resets, with Oskar grabbing a chair, only to have it launched into his face by the coach. Marching Oskar to the back of the room, led to Oskar fighting back as he used a stool to the gut of Dreissker, then the regular folding chair before we went back to ringside, with Dreissker pulling out the PROGRESS toolbox. Oskar dropkicks the toolbox into Dreissker, then headed back inside… only to get met with a busted chair. Dreissker pulls off Oskar’s shirt to choke him with, before an attempt to throw Oskar into that chair in the corner was blocked… with Oskar putting the boots to Dreissker before throwing him through it. On the outside, Oskar posts Dreissker before they went to the merch table, as Oskar tried to feed Dreissker an 8×10 of Norman Harras. More t-shirt choking followed on a bloodied Dreissker, who responded by throwing Oskar into an equipment case.

Back in the ring, Oskar gets met with a ripcord clothesline… then a regular lariat for a two-count, before they brawled around to the technical area, right by the live mixing desk. Leaping forearms from Oskar keep Dreissker on the floor, but another chair gets the coach back in it, as he smashed the seat out of one. The seat pad’s used next, before we returned to the ring as Oskar… dishes out a back body drop! Clotheslines are next for Oskar, who then grabbed a (good) chair… only to get speared before he could use it. Dreissker gets a two-count from that, before his chairshot was blocked… he kicks Oskar away, then swung the chair, only for it to rebound off the rope as Dreissker hit himself. A Michinoku driver’s next as Oskar tries to get the win, but Dreissker kicks out at two, then begged for a time out.

Of course, it’s a ruse as he went to hit a low blow… but Oskar swerves it, then stomped a mudhole through Dreissker in the corner as he looked to get some Shattered Dreams of his own. Dreissker rips off the middle turnbuckle pad as Oskar had his back turned…which meant that Oskar kicked the steel buckle instead, hurting his foot in the process. From there, Dreissker gets another chairshot, wrecking another seat in the process, before he Pillman-ized Oskar, as a Käfigschlacht-like camel clutch followed for the referee stoppage. This was a wild brawl, unlike what you’d normally see in wXw, which made it stood out. I’d have liked to have seen this been built up a little more, particularly since the finish was so final, but what happened next could mean that there’s more to follow in due course… ***½

After the match, Dreissker pulled a hammer out of the toolbox… then grabbed the wXw Academy Cup trophy that Oskar held… and proceeded to smash it to smithereens. Never mind a hammer, Dreissker likely needs a Phillips to sort out that loose screw he’s got these days…

They replay how Jurn Simmons won the title in Frankfurt, and now it’s main event time…

wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship: Tristan Archer vs. Jurn Simmons (c)
This was Jurn’s first defence of his third reign… and Archer’s first chance to regain the title he’d held for a matter of weeks.

Archer heads into the ropes “to do some stretching” as he tried to dictate the pace from the off, before a wristlock from Simmons ended in the ropes as Archer looked to get a jump on things. A full nelson from Jurn ends when Archer sat in the ropes… so Simmons lets go and lets the Frenchman fall on his arse. Archer tries to get under Jurn’s skin with a knuckle lock, cheapshotting him ahead of a side headlock that’s pushed off, but Archer trips Jurn from there… and got met with a right hand for his troubles. Jurn charges his challenger into the corner from there, before a knee strike and a suplex throw left Archer on the deck for a two-count.

On the apron, Archer retaliates by dropping Jurn across the ropes, then by charging him into the side of the ring before a back suplex dropped Jurn onto the ring apron. Back inside, a neckbreaker lands for a two-count by the ropes, before a cobra clutch had Jurn in trouble again. Archer finishes the hold with a backbreaker, but Jurn recovers with a back body drop to the Frenchman, before right hands and back elbows had Archer on the back foot. An inverted bodyslam drops Archer next, before a Fisherman suplex landed for a near-fall. The crowd’s call for “one more time” led to Jurn calling for the finish, but Archer grabs a leg to block a piledriver attempt, before an inside cradle from Archer turned into a guillotine… by the ropes, forcing a break.

Simmons snaps back, charging Archer into the corner, only to get met with an Exploder out of it, then an Angle slam for a near-fall. Archer takes things up top for a back superplex, but Simmons elbows free, then shoved away a regular superplex as a frog splash of all things came crashing into the challenger. Both men beat the standing ten-count, then indulged in a hockey fight, before Archer hit La Terreur, then pulled the referee into the path of a spear from Simmons. Cue shenanigans from there, as Jurn blocked a low blow, sweeping Archer to the mat ahead of a Massive Boot… before Rott und Flott hit the ring. Nikita Charisma and Michael Schenkenberg swarm Simmons as the ref was still out of it, prompting chants for the Only Friends… but it’s Levaniel who makes the save with belt shots!

Archer stops Levaniel, who has a tug of war with him for the belt… and it ends with Levaniel accidentally walloping Jurn with the belt! Levaniel’s chucked outside from there as the Coup d’Etat lands… and that’s enough for Tristan Archer to regain the title! The belt’s back in France, and while I’d have liked Jurn’s third title reign to have gone a little longer, the seeming union between Archer and Rott und Flott perhaps is the direction we’re going to see with the gold going forward. ***½

After the match, Levaniel’s pleading with Jurn that what happened was an accident, but clearly Simmons is more than a little annoyed given his third run with the belt fell at the first hurdle.

I’m not one for “tiering” shows, but if “We Love Wrestling” are “B shows,” this was clearly a B+/A- show based on the line-up and the storyline progression that they did in Weyhe. Another new champion… Robert Dreissker upping the ante against Oskar… Rott und Flott picking up another win… and seemingly the end of the Shotgun title lottery. Things aren’t standing still in wXw, and that’s making for a product that’s worth keeping up with!