After it was all-change at 16 Carat Gold, wXw headed to Frankfurt as we had the reveal of a new sporting director – and a whopping five title defences on the card.

Quick Results
Michael Schenkenberg & Nikita Charisma pinned Dennis Dullnig & Hektor Invictus in 13:07 (***)
Vincent Heisenberg pinned Aigle Blanc in 8:09 (**½)
Oskar pinned Jacob Crane in 3:29 to retain the wXw Academy Cup (**½)
Fast Time Moodo & Stephanie Maze pinned Bobby Gunns & Michael Knight in 16:06 to retain the wXw World Tag Team Championship (***½)
Maggot pinned Norman Harras in 12:48 to retain the wXw Shotgun Championship (***)
Baby Allison pinned Ava Everett & Iva Kolasky in 8:58 to win the wXw Women’s Championship (**½)
Jurn Simmons pinned Tristan Archer & Axel Tischer in 18:57 to win the wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship (***½)

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We’re coming from a sold-out Batschkapp in Frankfurt, with English commentary via Dave Bradshaw.

Rott Und Flott (Michael Schenkenberg & Nikita Charisma) vs. Dennis Dullnig & Hektor Invictus
Rott und Flott still have those bells from Carat… and they’ve got new SCHANDE t-shirts too. Robert Dreissker’s in the crowd, having been suspended by wXw. Luckily for him, he got a ticket before they all sold out…

Of course, during 16 Carat Gold, Rott und Flott cost Dullnig and Hektor during that wacky tag team gauntlet… and this match nearly didn’t happen, with Dullnig coming in hot as he leapt onto Hektor, almost overshooting him and going off the stage. Careful, now! Hektor and Charisma start, but Nikita rolls outside to yell at the crowd. When we get going, Hektor pulled Charisma to the mat, going for some pinning attempts that ended with Charisma scuttling into the ropes. There’s lots of “auf die Fresse” chants (thanks, FFM!) as Michael Schenkenberg tagged in, but he’s quickly on the mat courtesy of Hektor.

Leapfrogs and shoulder tackles eventually get Schenkenberg in it, before Dennis Dullnig tagged in. Schenkenberg restrains him with a side headlock, but Dullnig got out and hit Schenkenberg, erm, auf die Fresse! A shoulder tackle of sorts knocks Schenkenberg into the ropes, ahead of a dropkick that wound up Charisma some, before he tagged in to try and sort out some of this gimmick infringement. Dullnig cuts off Charisma with dropkicks, before he had to kick Schenkenberg off the apron… but that distraction allowed Charisma in with a dropkick to knock Dullnig off the apron. It gets an eventual two-count, as Rott und Flott proceeded to batter Dullnig with double-team attacks. Dullnig’s inside cradle out of nowhere nearly ends it though, before Charisma came in to stomp away on Dullnig, then provoke Hektor with a cheapshot.

Schenkenberg’s DDT to the leg keeps things going, before a Codebreaker out of nowhere to Charisma bought Dullnig time to make the tag out… but Charisma feigned an injury to distract the ref, so the tag doesn’t count! Schenkenberg and Charisma continue to exchange quick tags, but again Dullnig finds a way out, propelling Charisma with a back body drop before finally making the hot tag out to Hektor. Hektor charges through Schenkenberg en route to a powerslam and a springboard moonsault, before a clothesline took Schenkenberg to the outside. Dullnig returns to stop Charisma, then dive onto Schenkenberg, as a Hektor spinebuster continued to clear the way. There’s a goddamn 3D to Charisma from there, as they then looked for the old Wassap spot… but Charisma’s had enough of the Dudleyz tribute act and tried to break it up.

Charisma’s thrown outside by Dullnig… but with Schenkenberg crotching Hektor on the turnbuckles, Charisma made the most of the situation, untying Hektor’s boot laces so he could tie him into the corner, before a Northern Lights suplex from Schenkenberg nearly won it. Referee Tassilo Jung tries to deal with the tied-up Hektor, allowing Rott und Flott to hit the elevated DDT for the win. A good story this, with Rott und Flott finding fresh chicanery to get the win – are things looking up for them? ***

After the match, Dan Mallmann interviewed Dullnig, who was understandably down about the result… blaming himself for “screwing up.” Hektor told Dullnig not to blame himself because the other team fought dirty, and gave him a pep talk too as he threatened to bring a war to Rott und Flott. Are… are they a proper team now?

Backstage, Dan’s trying to unveil the new Sporting Director of wXw… he opens the door, but it’s slammed shut, so we have to wait a little while longer.

Vincent Heisenberg vs. Aigle Blanc
This match was meant to be Senza Volto vs. Aigle Blanc, but a combination of rotten luck and perhaps an injury meant that Senza dropped out – they’ve already rescheduled the match for Papenburg on April 9…

Aigle launched himself at Heisenberg at the bell, as he was playing stick and run against the big man… but Heisenberg quickly got his hands on the Frenchman, and decked him with an early forearm. Chops keep Aigle in the ropes, before some headscissors were blocked. Heisenberg blocks a crucifix bomb too, then pulled up Aigle Blanc… only to finally get caught with some somersault headscissors. A trip into the ropes led to a back senton, only for Heisenberg to hit back, cornering Aigle with chops ahead of a fallaway slam as this was starting to look one-sided.

Another attempt to fight back saw Aigle knocked down for a two-count. The white eagle flew – although not by choice – as Heisenberg chucked him around the ring, leading to a bodyslam that drew a two-count. Biel throws and slams keep Aigle rocked, but he’s able to vault over Heisenberg… only for his springboard to get caught. He wriggled free and hit a dropkick instead, then an enziguiri, before a springboard dropkick took the big man outside. A plancha’s caught by Heisenberg, who proceeded to post Aigle… a scuffle on the outside led to the ring steps getting knocked aside as Aigle went back inside for a flip senton, before double knees nearly got the win for Aigle. Another trip up top from Aigle led to a moonsault… but Heisenberg caught it and countered with a powerslam for the win. Pretty much what you’d expect, with Aigle Blanc getting some hopeful moments in, only to get caught out by that powerslam of doom. **½

wXw Academy Cup: Jacob Crane vs. Oskar (c)
Crane’s got an entrance video alongside his main roster debut, dubbing himself “the perfect man.” Meanwhile, Oskar had an argument with Robert Dreissker during his entrance, which led to Dreissker getting out of his seat and throwing his drink over Oskar. Dreissker was promptly thrown out by security… I mean, what did he expect?!

When we get going, Crane went after a still-distracted Oskar, knocking him into the corner… but Crane shows off too soon, and ended up having a whip reversed into the corner. He boots Oskar away, then pulled him into a Randy Orton-esque backbreaker that didn’t even get a one-count. The Frankfurt crowd were trying to get behind Oskar as Crane hit a diving European uppercut off the top rope… but Oskar kicks out at one! An overhand chop from Oskar finally gets him in it, only for a missed charge to give Crane another opening. Shoulder tackles earn Crane a big boot… before the Michinoku driver got the win. Crane took way more of this than I expected, but Oskar shrugged it all off and won with his big one-two combo. **½

Backstage, Dan’s still looking for wXw’s new Sporting Director… and looks stunned when Norman Harras – dressed almost like he was off to play croquet or something in that white suit – walked into the office. Dan followed, but got a ticking off for coming in uninvited. Of course, your new sporting director is Norman Harras, who corrected Dan on some formalities before apologising for what happened with Robert Dreissker earlier.

wXw World Tag Team Championship: Bobby Gunns & Michael Knight vs. Fast Time Moodo & Stephanie Maze (c)
It’s a do-over from We Love Wrestling 28 in Oberhausen, where that match ended abruptly due to an injury to Michael Knight.

Knight and Moodo start us off and go to ground early on as the feeling out process led to the pair trading armdrags. Gunns tagged in to trip up Moodo, but couldn’t connect with a follow-up kick as we reached an early stand-off. Stephanie Maze tags in and took down Gunns with a flurry of kicks, before we indulged in some boo/yay forearms that ended with snapmares and kicks to the back from the pair of them. A boot from Gunns allowed Maze to tag out, as Moodo came in and used knees and punches to keep Gunns in the corner. The champions combine for a high/low for a near-fall on Gunns, before a turnaround saw Gunns and Knight play pass-the-parcel with Stephanie Maze en route to a GTS-like knee from Knight for a near-fall.

Knight uses Maze’s kick on Moodo as the challengers began to push ahead, landing a backbreaker and a DDT to the leg, before a standing Figure Four toe hold had Moodo in trouble. Gunns tags back in to keep the toe hold going. A front facelock pulled Moodo up ahead of a kick-assisted side Russian legsweep for a near-fall, as Knight’s half crab quickly ends in the ropes. Moodo goes for a German suplex, eventually slinging Knight across the ring before a tornado kick caught Gunns out. Stephanie Maze tags in to keep the kicks going, leading to some suplexes on both challengers as a running knee strike took Gunns to the outside. Knight fights back, trapping Moodo in a roll-through crossface, while Maze was held in an Octopus stretch on the apron… which she got out of before kicking apart that crossface.

Maze and Moodo stay in the ring as Knight’s caught up top for a superplex… with Maze rolling through after the landing, only to get caught with a Falcon arrow. Gunns and Moodo try to end things with clotheslines, but it’s a Gunns lariat that spun Moodo down as all four were left laying. Eventually everyone gets back up and trades strikes, ending with, erm, Gunns biting Moodo’s foot. Moodo kicks out Knight’s leg as he had Maze up… before they teased the superkick-Pedigree of doom from Carat weekend… before dualling Northern Lights suplexes didn’t mix the legal wrestlers together, so no pin was counted. Picking up the pace, Moodo hits a dropkick to aid a German suplex from Maze, but it doesn’t get the win as the ring remained full, leading to a Crossfire-ish sandwich PK on Knight for a near-fall.

Gunns taggs back in as he and Maze began to trade forearms, but Gunns pulled ahead, only to miss a PK as Maze rolled him down into a cross armbar. A roll-up nearly nicks it for Gunns, as he charged Maze into the corner to break the hold up, while Knight stepped up off Gunns to knock Moodo off the apron. A wild lariat dropped Maze as a crossbody-assisted German suplex nearly won the titles for the “OnlyFriends.” Maze recovered to drop Knight with a Saito suplex, before a Black Belt Kick from Fast Time Moodo knocked Gunns down, allowing Maze to score the winning pin. This descended into a tornado-ish tag by the end, which isn’t exactly my favourite, but at least we got a clear finish this time as Moodo and Maze continued their reign. ***½

wXw Shotgun Championship: Maggot (c) vs. Norman Harras
It’s a fantastic homecoming for Maggot, who returned to Frankfurt as the Shotgun champion. Meanwhile, everything was coming up Milhouse for Harras, who became the new Sporting Director AND got himself a Shotgun title shot on the same day.

Of course, Harras is booed in Frankfurt, and we start with Maggot soaking in his home-town crowd. We’ve a terse handshake, ending with Maggot teasing going for his cutter… while Harras tried for his move too. The taller Harras tries to bully Maggot around, trying to turn the tables from when he was just a “lacey” alongside Maggot, starting with knees and a headlock takedown to the champion. A shoulder tackle has Maggot down, but the champion returns with a side headlock… only to get pushed off as Gunns charged him down. Maggot manages to get back in with some uppercuts, leading to a low dropkick for just a one-count as Harras tried to scurry onto the apron. A boot through the ropes took Harras to the outside, but he’s able to catch Maggot with a leg sweep and a Drive By-ish dropkick on the apron.

Back inside, Harras stayed on top, landing an elbow drop for a two-count, before a sunset flip from Maggot got him a two-count too. A big boot has the champion down, as does a slam, before a charging knee to the side of Maggot nearly won it. Maggot returns by going for Norman’s nipples, twisting them… only for a European uppercut to get Harras a two-count. Maggot’s thrown outside again as Harras seemingly waited to bring him back inside with a draping DDT, getting another near-fall. A back body drop gets Maggot back into it though, as did a corkscrew uppercut and an enziguiri, before a spear caught Harras for a near-fall. A crucifix from Maggot’s blocked as Harras returned with a suplex for a two-count of his own, but it’s a superplex from Maggot that turned the tide once more, as a trapped-arm Magistral driver nearly won it for Maggot, before Harras tried to win with a roll-up.

The ref noticed the obvious handful of tights and refused to count the pin though… only for Maggot to catch Norman with a roll-up of his own, grabbing the tights as well as he successfully defended that title. A good little match, with Maggot getting the expected reaction – while Norman’s day one in the job didn’t see him add a second title to his increasingly-long introductions. ***

wXw Women’s Championship: Iva Kolasky vs. Baby Allison vs. Ava Everett (c)
Iva Kolasky was looking to regain the title she lost over Carat weekend – but having had a change in attitude afterwards, she wasn’t likely to get much support in Frankfurt. Especially when you figured in the hometown favourite Baby Allison…

Everett decks Allison pretty much straight away… but had no desire to form a bond with Iva Kolasky, pulling her back by the hair as the champion looked to control things early on. Running knees crash into a cornered Kolasky ahead of a suplex, before Allison came back out of the corner with a slap and a Codebreaker. Kolasky attacks Allison from behind, then cartwheeled over a splits… but Iva got carried away as things broke down between her and Allison. Everett’s back, but ends up charging outside as Allison and Kolasky splits’d their way out of a clothesline, before a big boot from Allison took care of Iva.

Ava’s quickly back though, taking things onto the apron to tease a piledriver, but Vincent Heisenbergh distracts her and made Everett stop in her tracks. Iva Kolasky goes for a dive, knocking Allison down on the floor, but Everett stopped a second dive, trapping Iva in the ropes ahead of a legdrop. Back inside, Everett gets a two-count from that,, then took Kolasky back to the outside… only to get posted. Kolasky rolls Everett back in to try and capitalise, but instead the pair trade strikes as things descend into a hockey fight. Allison breaks it up with a double clothesline as she ran wild, hitting Scorpion kicks in the corner… then hit a bridging back suplex on Kolasky for a near-fall.

Everett broke up the pin and hit her Tunnel Vision finisher on Allison, but Kolasky breaks up the pin and got pulled into a Dragon sleeper… only for Allison to break it up with a Northern Lights suplex for a near-fall. The bridging Muta lock followed… but Kolasky breaks it up, only to get a superkick from Everett, who’s met with a spear from Allison as to win the title! Frankfurt erupted for the title change, as I guess Allison’ll be the new figurehead of the division as they continue to shake things up. Maggot celebrated with Allison afterwards, as the tandem now hold gold. Poor Heisenberg… **½

Backstage, Dan Mallmann’s alongside Tristan Archer ahead of the main event. The match was changed to a three-way because Levaniel was isolating with covid… something that Archer was very keen to underline, even if he painted Levaniel as someone moping at home, crying. Mallmann points out that if Archer doesn’t win, he’ll have a new contender… at which point Archer waves his hand in the air like he’s trying to attract the teacher’s attention.

Turned out that it was Norman Harras walking by, but he wasn’t in the mood for anything from Archer. Archer kept talking, and it looked like he’d talked himself into something…

wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship: Jurn Simmons vs. Axel Tischer vs. Tristan Archer (c)
Norman Harras made this match for the title after the introductions, appearing on the stage just before the bell to make the announcement… and call for the usual ceremonies that come with title matches.

Tischer bailed to the outside to start us off, instead demanding that Simmons and Tischer engaged. Instead, they started to go after him, chasing the champion into the ring before he was pinged around with forearm smashes. Bodyslams follow as Tischer and Simmons paid homage to Psycho Mike, then suplexes, before a double-team stalling suplex led to the first disagreement, as Tischer and Jurn argued over who should get the pin. Archer capitalised on that, shoving Tischer into Simmons as he began to make inroads into the match. A back suplex dropped Tischer, but Jurn prevents any pin from being made… so Archer tries to deal with him, choking Jurn in the ropes before a neckbreaker drew a two-count. Tischer intervenes, but gets whipped into the corner before Archer choked on him by the buckles.

Tischer breaks it up, only for Simmons to hit a double clothesline on Archer and Tischer as Jurn looked to pull ahead. Back elbows and clotheslines confirm that, before an inverted slam dropped Tischer… while Archer was suplex/thrown onto Tischer for a two-count. Archer breaks up a Jurn powerbomb, but his roll-up on Simmons only gets a two-count… with Archer being propelled from the kick-out as he gave an Impaler DDT to Tischer seconds later. An Exploder throws Jurn across the ring for a near-fall, before a Coup d’Etat was blocked with Tischer countering with a roll-up for a near-fall. Corner-to-corner forearms from Tischer lead to a suplex on Archer, ahead of a flying uppercut to the Frenchman for another near-fall. Simmons snapped back in with a spear to Tischer as he started to get involved with near-falls.

Archer tries for a piledriver, but get back body dropped away… then wriggled out of a press slam from Jurn, whose spear was stopped with a knee. La Terreur from Archer’s good for a near-fall, but Tischer’s right on top of Archer, who tries to dead weight himself… long enough for him to go for another La Terreur, which Tischer blocked and countered with a Dragon screw. Tischer pulled ahead with an enziguiri and a German suplex, before Jurn broke up a cover on a death valley driver. Jurn and Tischer trade strikes, but Jurn pulls ahead with shoulder charges into the corner as he wore down the former champion Tischer… only to get caught with a single-leg dropkick in return.

Archer’s able to come back into it, hitting an Exploder on Tischer into Simmons in the corner, only for the Axeman to return swiftly with a Twister suples. Tischer tries to charge at Jurn, but got lifted to the outside as Simmons looked to pull ahead, pulling himself to the top rope… only to get crotched by Tischer. A superplex looks to follow, but Archer instead triggered the Tower of Doom and rolled up Tischer for the near-fall. Tischer and Archer trade elbows from there, before a big boot knocked the Frenchman down… Archer tries to squash referee Tassilo Jung in the corner, but the brakes get put on. Regardless, he low blows Tischer, then went for Coup d’Etat again… but Simmons booted it away, then put Archer down, as the Massive Piledriver secured the start of his third reign as wXw Unified World Wrestling champion. A surprising result in what was an even match – as Tristan Archer’s run with the title faltered on his second defence. ***½

After wXw switched up all the titles in Oberhausen, there was more of the same here in Frankfurt, with the men’s and women’s top titles changing hands. It’s certainly keeping things interesting on these shows, and having the hot Frankfurt crowd helped – although it’ll be interesting to see how the lay of the land in wXw settles as we head into True Colors in Dresden next month…