It’s another title shot in Dresden for Axel Tischer, as he took on Tristan Archer in the Frenchman’s first defence of his newly-regained title.

Quick Results
Senza Volto pinned Aigle Blanc in 13:39 (***½)
Bobby Gunns pinned Levaniel in 8:55 (**¾)
Baby Allison pinned Iva Kolasky in 6:41 to retain the wXw Women’s Championship (**)
Michael Schenkenberg & Nikita Charisma pinned Fast Time Moodo and Icarus & Dover in 10:47 to win the wXw World Tag Team Championship (***)
Robert Dreissker pinned Orsi in 6:55 (***)
Maggot pinned Peter Tihanyi in 12:19 to retain the wXw Shotgun Championship (***¼)
Tristan Archer pinned Axel Tischer in 23:06 to retain the wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship (***¾)

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The show opens with Axel Tischer telling the story of Tristan Archer complaining his way into a title shot… which he won at 16 Carat Gold, only to lose in his first defence. Of course, Archer regained his title with shenanigans, but Tischer promises to regain the title in “his playground”…

We’re coming from the Stromwerk in Dresden – the venue with the massive fan in the aisle. English commentary comes from Dave Bradshaw.

Senza Volto vs. Aigle Blanc
It’s a rematch from Papenburg, where Aigle Blanc took home what some would call the upset…

Aigle charges at the bell, but Senza avoids him before Senza’s springboard headlock takedown was blocked. A sunset flip gets Senza a one-count, as the frantic pace continued, leading to headscissors from Senza that took Aigle into the corner. And breathe. A running uppercut drops Blanc as Senza then headed up top… but his double stomp misses as Aigle rolled outside, only to get caught with a misdirection tope. Back inside, Senza’s springboard’s caught and turned into a suplex, with Aigle following up outside for an Orihara moonsault off the turnbuckles. It’s good for a two-count as they made it back inside, as was a kick to the back, while an armbar kept Volto grounded.

Senza kicks out at one from a back senton, then made a comeback with some chops, only to get pulled into the ropes as Aigle’s back senton off the top bounced his foe against the top rope. Trapped between the ropes, Senza elbows free, then chopped Aigle down as he finally got back into the ring. A spinning enziguiri dazes Senza, but he’s able to duck a springboard crossbody and return with a handspring back elbow instead. Uppercuts take Aigle into the corner, before Senza hit a gamengiri and a delayed senton back into the ring. Aigle boots Senza away, but couldn’t avoid a 619 in the corner… returning with a knee to the back of the head, then a discus forearm. Senza’s Code Red nearly nicks the win, before Aigle tried to get back in it… blocking an Eiffel Tower as he rolled up Senza for a near-fall.

A backslide from Senza gets him a two-count as the pair hooked arms… they power back up, but it’s Senza who retained the upper hand with a knee strike, only for his handspring to get quickly turned into a release German suplex. A Meteora to the back of the head adds to Senza’s woes for a near-fall, before he caught Aigle on the top rope, throwing chops… but Aigle drops down for a Dragon suplex, only to eat a handspring cutter in return. Aigle heads outside, but can’t avoid a tope con giro… back inside, Aigle rolls away from a moonsault, then superkicks Senza in the ropes ahead of a ’rana driver. Senza escaped a 450 splash and returned with a Spanish Fly for a near-fall… an inside cradle nearly surprises Senza, before see-saw sunset flips ended with Senza snatching the victory. A nice, competitive outing to start, with Senza equalising the series between the two… so I guess we’ll go again down the road! ***½

We’re told that Stephanie Maze isn’t cleared to compete… Fast Time Moodo tells us he turned down the opportunity to pick a replacement tag partner, so he’s fighting by himself tonight, albeit with Dresden by his side. I don’t rate his chances here…

Bobby Gunns vs. Levaniel
A first time singles outing here, as Bobby Gunns returned to singles action… meanwhile, Levaniel’s apologetic over his actions costing Jurn Simmons the title last time out.

Gunns went for the arm early on, but Levaniel evades and hit a shoulder tackle… even if Gunns kicked out before the count of one. Going back to the arm, Gunns grabs a side headlock, but gets pushed off as another shoulder tackle this time gets Levaniel a one-count… with a front facelock following. Getting free, a snapmare and a kick to the back shows Levaniel no love, before a Kitchen sink kept the Prince of the Stars down. Forearms take Levaniel into the corner, but Levaniel charges back with uppercuts before a suplex nearly got the upset. Returning, Gunns kicks out Levaniel’s leg on the way to a near-fall, before a snapmare and more punts to the back wore seemed to fire up Levaniel. Uppercuts offer resistance, but Gunns’ old faithful gets him back ahead, only for Levaniel to beat him to the punch once more.

A spinning heel kick decks Gunns, while a Fisherman suplex nearly causes the upset… but Gunns escapes a fallaway slam and looked to choke out Levaniel. It’s thrown aside as Levaniel counters a crossbody into a suplex for another near-fall. Gunns counters a Galactic Facecrusher, then pulled Levaniel down into an Octopus stretch… Levaniel gets free, but can’t avoid a running knee that Gunns landed, before a headbutt and a lariat dumped Levaniel for the win. More of a fight than you’d expect, but save for that one near-fall from the crossbody/suplex, Gunns largely felt in control throughout. **¾

Backstage, Iva Kolasky accuses Baby Allison of “climbing on her boyfriend’s back” to achieve some success… while saying that she’ll win her title back in Dresden. Next!

wXw Women’s Championship: Iva Kolasky vs. Baby Allison (c)
Opening with a lock-up, Alllison backs Kolasky into the ropes… only to get pulled back by the hair as the champion separated.

Clubbing blows to the chest knocks Allison down, before Allison launched herself in with a Thesz press. A missed charge knocked Allison to the ropes, before she splits’d down over Kolasky’s cartwheel… then slapped the challenger as things were taken into the corner. Kolasky tries for a German suplex, but Allison countered out for a suplex that rolled into a Muta lock. Kolasky wriggled out, but couldn’t avoid a jawbreaker… she baits Allison into Matrixing out of a clothesline, only to kick the arm out as a standing moonsault nearly won it. Boot choking follows in the corner, before a cannonball added another two-count, while a splits helped lead to a reverse cravat on Allison.

Allison fights out and rolled Kolasky down, but gets charged down again as Kolasky hung her over the top rope… then added a satellite headscissors for a near-fall. The pair trade blows as Allison avoids a clothesline, then hit some of her own, following with a Scorpion kick in the corner and a Northern lights out of it. Kolasky rakes the eyes to break a Muta lock, then returned with a facebuster… but misses a moonsault off the top as Allison rolled away… a spear’s next, and that’s your lot. **

“Earlier today,” Robert Dreissker was rocking a sweet Tracy Smother shirt as he addressed “what happened since 16 Carat Gold.” The question, though, was why it took Dreissker so long to snap, as he took huge offence at the locker room coming out to cheer Jonathan Gresham in the finals. The boom mic nearly falls on Dreissker, as it turns out that Orsi was pulling double duty helping the camera crew…

Dreissker took aim at Orsi for only being around to “wrestle on the small show in Leipzig,” but Orsi refused to back down from Dreissker’s grumpiness… instead squaring up to him as the benevolent Dreissker offered up a match for her tonight. Against him. I’ve heard of far worse ideas…

wXw World Tag Team Championship: Arrows Of Hungary (Dover & Icarus) vs. Rott Und Flott (Michael Schenkenberg & Nikita Charisma) vs. Fast Time Moodo (c)
We’re under tornado tag rules – and that’s going to be a nightmare for at least one person – and remember, Moodo’s defending the titles on his own as Stephanie Maze wasn’t cleared.

Rott und Flott tried to cheapshot Moodo early on, but it’s shrugged off as he instead paired with the Arrows of Hungary to take shots at the rotters with the bell. Schenkenberg and Charisma head outside and get chased back in by the Arrows, allowing Moodo to connect with kicks as he then tried for a Black Belt Kick… Charisma back soff, but Schenkenberg attacked from behind as Rott und Flott double-teamed Moodo. The Arrows hit the ring and double-team Schenkenberg with a gamengiri in the corner, before setting up Charisma into a Tree of Woe… leading to a cannonball from Icarus into the corner. It gets Icarus a near-fall, as the Arrows then set up Charisma for a double-team suplex, but Schenkenberg and Moodo come in as everyone jockeyed for position, leading to the bad guys taking the fall.

Everyone celebrated, until Moodo found himself the lone man between a couple of arrows… he throws the first shot, only to get caught with a rebound back suplex/facebuster. That leaves him in place for a Crossfire, but Schenkenberg pulled Icarus to the outside, before Rott und Flott hit a double-team back suplex to dump Dover across the edge of the ring. Back inside, Moodo continued to fight back against Schenkenberg and Charisma, landing a series of chops before Schenkenberg booted him down. Mudhole stomping followed in the corner, as did a powerslam for a stacked-up near-fall… a suplex keeps Moodo down for another two-count as the Arrows of Hungary were kept at bay.

Moodo’s held by Schenkenberg as kicks wore him down, before a double-team superplex was cut off by the Arrows. They wanted to go for it, as the two tag teams ended up scrapping… allowing Moodo to take flight with a crossbody instead. Kicks from Moodo keep all four opponents down, as a spinning enziguiri rocked Icarus… a boot took care of Dover, while Rott und Flott got taken into the corner as well. Problem was, the numbers game eventually ended up backfiring on Moodo as he went up for a Coast to Coast on Rott und Flott…

A Made in Japan plants Icarus for a near-fall as everyone breaks up the pin, before a Black Belt Kick from Moodo hit Dover… Icarus is still down from the Made in Japan, and that allowed Rott und Flott to capitalise with the old MNM Snapshot DDT, as a stacked-up pin led to the win… and NEW tag team champions! The tornado match made for a more frantic change of pace, and gave Rott und Flott the win, albeit with the obvious huge asterisk. Just let me enjoy the moment though, that music, that team and the titles… ***

Dan Mallmann’s waiting for Rott und Flott in the aisle, as Charisma called today a “day of joy”, then dubbed themselves “the best team in the world.” That’s making me think they may be holding those belts until a certain tag team-oriented weekender…

Robert Dreissker vs. Orsi
In interviews, Dreissker’s called Orsi “the female Oskar,” and it’s undeniable there’s a lot of potential there. On a live show in Obertraubling a few weeks back, these two met, so the fact it’s been run back so quickly is promising.

Dreissker laughs off the crowd’s support of Orsi as he took her to the corner and roughed her up… Orsi doesn’t back down though, and slapped Dreissker. Forearms followed as the Austrian came at her, but Dreissker’s knocked back into the corner… only to boot Orsi away. A ripcord lariat’s ducked as Orsi came back with clotheslines of her own, eventually taking the coach down. Orsi followed with a discus forearm into the corner before… holy hell, a back body drop?! She heads up top for a crossbody, bouncing Dreissker down for a two-count, but that’s where the switch gets flipped as Dreissker came back in with a spear to end the Hungarian’s offence. Dragging Orsi by the hair, Dreissker pulled her up for some shots to the back, before a ripcord lariat and a splash off the ropes got a near-fall… because Dreissker pulled her up at two.

That drew out the Arrows of Hungary, who made their way to ringside to make sure Dreissker took no further liberties. A slam keeps Orsi down as Dreissker exchanged words with the former tag champions… more slams follow, but Orsi has one last fightback… which ends with another slam. An avalanche squashes Orsi in the corner, as a fallaway slam and a Dreissker Bomb got the win. As a match, it was pretty straightforward, but it’s obvious that wXw see a LOT in Orsi, considering this was just her fourth match in the company. ***

Post-match, the Arrows chase Dreissker away, with Dreissker celebrating like he won 16 Cara… damnit Bradshaw, you said what I was typing!

wXw Shotgun Championship: Peter Tihanyi vs. Maggot (c)
For once, Maggot’s not facing Norman Harras… or is he?

Tihanyi offers a handshake early on, but Maggot doesn’t indulge him as we opened with a lock-up… it’s pushed off with Tihanyi’s leapfrog being sidestepped, as Maggot charged him down anyway. Standing switches are pushed off, but again, Tihanyi’s charged down before he caught Maggot in an armbar. Headscissors get Maggot free, but he’s back in another armdrag… then a chop after he got free. Some mind games baited Maggot into a dropkick as Tihanyi was ballin’, and almost winnin’ there too. It’s back to the arm from there, but a DDT from Maggot forces an opening, only for Tihanyi to club him into the ropes. There’s a Thesz press out of Maggot as he made sure he was back on top, before he strutted and kicked Tihanyi in the face.

A suplex drops the challenger for a one-count, as Maggot then took Tihanyi into the corner with uppercuts. We’ve a backslide out of the corner as Tihanyi looked to push ahead, but another uppercut knocked him down into the buckles before some mounted punches led to a suplex out of the corner for a near-fall. Maggot grounded Tihanyi with a side headlock from there, before a side suplex led to Tihanyi fighting back… only for a double clothesline to leave both men laying. Maggot’s put on the defensive with some chops, before the pair traded kicks, leading to a Tihanyi enziguiri… he ducks Maggot’s retort, then landed some forearms before a tornado DDT was pushed off. Tihanyi’s lifted onto the apron, hanging Maggot in the ropes ahead of a Meteora for a near-fall. A spear from Maggot offered a return, but it’s not enough to get the win, nor was a crucifix bomb, before Maggot found his way up top for a crossbody.

A sunset flip from Tihanyi keeps the pace high, ahead of an Asai DDT that nearly led to the title change. Maggot avoids a 450 splash off the top, then sat down on a sunset flip as the SummerSlam ‘92 finish nearly ended it. Tihanyi nails a swinging DDT, but Maggot rolled outside to avoid getting pinned… then ate a tope con giro from Tihanyi on the outside. Quickly returning to the ring, Tihanyi looked to add another springboard, but ends up leaping into a cutter… and that’s enough for Maggot to snatch the win. An out-of-nowhere defence for Maggot, as Peter Tihanyi looked to be on track… but tonight just wasn’t his night. ***¼

Post-match, Maggot offered a handshake to Tihanyi, who tagged him before heading to the back…

We then get pre-recorded comments from Axel Tischer, talking about his return to Dresden… and a challenge to wXw to have two referees for this match, to ensure Tristan Archer can’t take any shortcuts here.

wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship: Axel Tischer vs. Tristan Archer (c)
Tischer’s looking to become a three-time champion here, as we have a hometown referee in Felix Schulz in the ring… while Rainer Ringer’s the enforcer on the outside.

Archer immediately got in between the ropes at the bell as he tried to slow down the pace, scurrying onto the apron at every opportunity he got. Tischer grabs a wristlock, but Archer goes to the ropes, before an armbar from Tischer ended… yep, with Archer backing them into the strands for a break. On the mat, Tischer grabbed a chinlock, but it’s broken as the pair then traded wristlocks, leading to a takedown… and Archer going back to the ropes. The frustration begins to show on Tischer, who traded right hands before getting charged down by the champion, who then caught a leapfrog and took Tischer into the corner… only for a leg lariat in return to take Archer down. A back body drop lifts Tischer to the apron, but he returns with a running neckbreaker before Archer powdered outside to avoid a Ligerbomb.

Tischer gives chase and began to launch into Archer with uppercuts, stopping only to break the count… and get swept into the side of the apron. A swinging kick on the apron’s caught as Tischer chopped the Frenchman, before a teased suplex from the ring to the floor ended with Tischer booting Archer onto the apron, before the champion returned with a side suplex onto the edge of the ring. Back inside, some kicks from Archer led to a fightback, as he tried to rake Tischer’s face, only to be stopped as Rainer Ringer on the floor raced around to get a better view. A forearm to the back led to another two-count, before Tischer hit back out of nowhere with an X-Plex. Shots in the corner and a suplex out of it sees Tischer surge ahead, while a twisting brainbuster nearly won it as Archer got a shoulder up just in time.

Archer blocks a Ligerbomb, backdropping Tischer before sitting down on him for a two-count, only to get clotheslined out of the corner. A trip up top’s stopped by Archer, whose teased superplex ends with him getting pushed down ahead of a leaping uppercut off the top for another near-fall. La Terreur’s blocked as Tischer countered with a Dragon screw, only to get elbowed into the corner as Archer eventually hit an Exploder into the buckles. An Olympic Slam followed from Archer for a near-fall as the pair then traded palm strikes from their knees… the boo/yay strikes end with Archer going again for La Terreur, only to make do with an overhead kick. Tischer’s thrown onto the apron, where he’s met with a knee and a forearm between the ropes, while a Codebreaker brings him back inside for a near-fall. A Coup d’Etat’s countered into a roll-up, as Tischer then took one himself… but Archer’s got his feet on the ropes, as the ref stopped the count.

Rolling German suplexes from Tischer rock the champion, as did a bicycle kick off the ropes, before a bridging German suplex nearly won it. Archer tries to stay by the ropes, but gets picked up as the crowd roared behind Tische. A Ligerbomb’s escaped as Archer hits a uranage out of the corner, then went up top again and got caught with an uppercut, leading to a superplex… but Tischer couldn’t make the cover. That seemed to be the cue for Rott und Flott to hit the ring, but Rainer Ringer manages to stop them from getting into the ring. With Charisma and Schenkenberg effectively cheerleading from ringside, we’re back to yay/boo punches from Tischer and Archer, leading to a low dropkick from Tischer… and a back senton from Archer as he pounched on the German’s missed enziguiri. Tischer’s back with a suplex/slam (think Hirooki Goto’s Shouten Kai), which is good for the win… except Nikita Charisma put Archer’s foot on the rope while Rainer Ringer was distracted. Ringer notices it and waves off the pin, so we resume!

Schenkenberg and Charisma roll Archer to the outside for a breather, then get dived on with a tope con giro from a pissed-off Tischer… Rott und Flott distract both referees as they were sent to the back, which masks a low blow as Archer nearly won with a roll-up… we pick up with back-and-forth strikes again, ending with a discus clothesline from Archer, who then added a Coup d’Etat for another near-fall as the tombstone gutbuster couldn’t put the challenger away! Archer pulls up Tischer again, but gets slapped… La Terreur connects, but Tischer is held up as he didn’t quite go to sleep. A lariat takes Tischer back down, before a rolling elbow to the back of the neck of Tischer led to a second Coup d’Etat, and that’s it for the win. A really good outing, amplified by a vocal hometown crowd… and while there’s some asterisks by it, Archer gets past his first defence as champion in style. ***¾

A solid return to Dresden for wXw, with a rather surprising title change in the middle of the card. Elsewhere, the wheels keep on ticking within the promotion as they set up for a busy June, as all roads seem to lead to this summer’s Shortcut to the Top.