Axel Tischer tries to break Marius al-Ani’s 30-0 streak – and regain the wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship.

Quick Results
Icarus & Dover pinned Maggot & Vincent Heisenberg in 10:39 to retain the wXw World Tag Team Championship (***¼)
Robert Dreissker pinned Norman Harras in 11:45 (***¼)
Fast Time Moodo pinned Peter Tihanyi in 14:00 (***½)
Michael Knight submitted Dennis Dullnig in 9:21 to retain the wXw Shotgun Championship (***½)
Laurance Roman & Anil Marik pinned Zeritus & Gulyas Junior in 11:10 (***)
Iva Kolasky pinned Stephanie Maze in 8:24 to win the vacant wXw Women’s Championship (***)
Axel Tischer pinned Marius Al-Ani in 17:46 to win the wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship (***¾)

Axel Tischer opens the show with a video message to the fans of Dresden, saying that “we’re becoming world champion tonight.” We’re at the Stromwerk in the Kraftwerk Mitte… and look at that fan!

Dave Bradshaw’s on English commentary… no word if he’s in fancy dress.

wXw World Tag Team Championship: Arrows Of Hungary (Dover & Icarus) (c) vs. Maggot & Vincent Heisenberg
The Arrows made this challenge after the Gotha show…

…the Arrows charge their challengers on the stage, as they fight in front of that big-ass fan that I sure hope doesn’t turn on in either direction. We officially get going with Maggot and Icarus, with the latter hitting a front facelock suplex before Dover tagged in. Hey, there’s no tag ropes to get picky about here! Dover’s in to get a two-count, as a gamengiri from Icarus, then a cannonball in the corner continued the beating. Heisenberg goes after Dover on the outside, distracting the ref as Baby Allison snuck in for a cheapshot as Maggot’s back suplex gets a two-count while Tassilo Jung was on the floor. If it counts, it counts!

Heisenberg’s in to beat Icarus around a little, slamming him for good measure as Maggot returned to get thrown onto him. At this rate, Icarus can only be dreaming of the balcony dive he did here two years ago. Kicks keep Icarus int he corner, but he fights free with chops… only for Maggot to stomp on his foot as the big man Heisenberg came back in. A press slam from Heisenberg dumps Icarus for a two-count, while Maggot ends up running into an elbow smash as Icarus tried to get free. A guillotine stops him though, only for Icarus to power through and suplex his way free. Maggot trapped Icarus’ leg though as Heisenberg tagged in to keep things going, only for Icarus to break free and set up an accidental dropkick on Maggot as Dover finally got the hot tag in.

Dover runs wild with a back body drop to Maggot, while a clothesline flattened Heisenberg. Maggot bites free of an Air Raid Crash, then got help from Heisenberg for a crucifix before Icarus was popped up into a Maggot spear. Baby Allison distracts on the apron as Heisenberg was lifted up by Dover… Maggot makes the save as Dover’s slammed, then splashed on by Maggot for a near-fall.

A Heisenberg slam’s escaped as Dover then redirected a kick to Maggot, then hit a Saito suplex. Icarus tags in for a senton bomb, with that Meltdown taking Heisenberg to the outside. I’ve lost track of who’s legal, but it looks like Maggot as they seem to prepare for a Crossfire, only for Baby Allison to come in again and low blow the Hungarians. They block it, then waffle Maggot with the Crossfire for the win – one the crowd appreciated as the storyline from the last few shows paid off with Baby Allison not being able to be the decider in this one. ***¼

They recap Norman Harras’ 2020 with Robert Dreissker – featuring him eating dog food and having a fridge thrown at him. Yup. Things calmed down in 2021 until he became an ungrateful sod… he’s backstage with Dan Mallmann, who brought up Norman’s recent losses on tour. Norman’s apparently unhappy with how Robert Dreissker (and Anil Marik) “came to save the day” when he didn’t need it.

Norman Harras vs. Robert Dreissker
Norman’s been on a losing run as of late, and something tells me that may not change here.

Harras stalls before the bell, but got thrown down into the corner to start with. He responds by going for Dreissker’s hair, but again gets shoved away as Norman clung onto the ropes like a safety blanket. Wash, rinse, repeat, with Dreissker ruffling Norman’s hair before Norman slapped back… only to get swiped down as Dreissker had had enough. A slam drops Harras ahead of a big splash for a two-count, while a side headlock had ref Ronny Rudolph checking for any foul play. All there was was more playful hair ruffling before Harras pushed free… and got shoulder blocked over the ropes to the outside. Dreissker’s back elbow knocked Harras outside, but he just grabs the hair to pull Norman back up, only for Harras to get charged off the apron again. It’s not been a good night for “Norbert.”

Dreissker heads outside for some brawling around ringside, leading to Harras crawling under the ring, only to get pulled out with… a broom? He goes to use it, but Dreissker blocks a shot as the referee eventually disarms him, before we returned to the ring with Dreissker missing a charge into the corner. A diving knee from Harras nearly wins it, as did a diving knee off the top, before Dreissker reversed a whip, throwing Harras shoulder-first into the ring post. Dreissker avoids an elbow drop too, then hit a leaping shoulder tackle ahead of a ripcord lariat as Harras was left on the deck. We’ve a death valley driver too for a near-fall, but Harras hits a dropkick… only to get one in return!

Dreissker takes it to the corner, but ends up eating a back body drop as it must be opposite day, ahead of a diving European uppercut for a near-fall. Harras gets press slammed off the top as he’s then splashed in the corner, while a fallaway slam and a Dreissker bomb led to the win. Another solid outing, even if it was a defeat for Harras, as Dreissker managed to overcome his chicanery. ***¼

Backstage, Dan’s with Fast Time Moodo, who’s facing Peter Tihanyi next. However Dan’s wanting to ask Moodo about Stephanie Maze’s Women’s title match later. There’s a common thread because Moodo’s facing another Budapest native.

Peter Tihanyi vs. Fast Time Moodo
Tihanyi got his first win earlier in the week, but wasn’t able to add to that when he was drawn in the Shotgun title lottery in Gotha.

Tihanyi cartwheels into a handshake as he tried to impress us… Moodo accepts it, as we have a tentative opening, with Tihanyi getting caught in a wristlock, only to roll through and counter with a chinlock. Getting free, Moodo’s sent into the ropes for a shoulder block, buty Tihanyi bounces up into some see-saw sunset flips before double dropkicks led to a stand-off. The pair trade strikes, but it’s Tihanyi who lands a dropkick for a one-count to end that flurry. A clothesline takes Moodo down for a two-count as the Hungarian keeps up his strikes, chopping Moodo in the corner… but Moodo fires back with knees and chops, before a spinning heel kick in the corner leads to a sliding punch. From there, Moodo goes back up for a double stomp, then a pumphandle driver for a near-fall.

Body shots keep Tihanyi in the corner, as Moodo then began trading kicks. An abdominal stretch follows on Tihanyi, then a chinlock, before we went back to the chops and kicks. Tihanyi’s roundhouse enziguiri caught Moodo, as did a bicycle knee, before a clothesline left both men laying. A standing moonsault, then a regular one gets Tihanyi a couple of two-counts, but Moodo kicks back in and drove a knee into Tihanyi, then went back up top and leapt into a sleeperhold!

Moodo rolls back out of the hold to force a pin, but Tihanyi breaks the hold, then went for an Asai DDT… which still isn’t enough. Tihanyi looks for a German suplex off the ropes, but just has his legs kicked away ahead of a butterfly suplex as those near-falls kept coming… ending with a Cactus Clothesline as both men spilled outside. The pair fight up onto the stage, but Tihanyi kicks Moodo away as he proceeded to hit a flip dive off the stage onto Moodo. Rushing back inside, Tihanyi tries for a springboard off the top, but he just leaps into a Black Belt Kick as Moodo’s one-hit kill got the win in the end. A really good showing for Tihanyi, who’s continuing to develop in wXw, but it’s the local-ish lad who leaves with the W here. ***½

Iva Kolasky’s with Dan backstage ahead of her title match… she’s promising to leave with the title tonight.

wXw Shotgun Championship: Michael Knight (c) vs. Dennis Dullnig
This is Knight’s second defence, having won the title two nights earlier…

Dennis Dullnig’s out on a scooter wearing a Chicaco Bears/Brian Urlacher jersey, crashing into a booth. I thought his nickname was “Ca$h”, not crash? Apparently this was Dullnig’s third lottery win, which is making me question that draw. We start with wristlocks and hammerlocks as Knight and Dullnig tested the waters, leading to Knight hitting a leg lariat and a wheelbarrow bulldog before another Cactus Clothesline took both men outside. Dullnig hung Knight up in the ropes, then hit a legdrop for a quick two-count before Knight escaped a suplex and began to chop back. A sit-out spinebuster gets Dullnig back in it for a two-count, before a Kitchen Sink knee shut down Knight. Using a springboard sunset flip, Knight gave himself an opening, only for Dullnig to score with a boot for another near-fall, before Dullnig’s running kick in the corner misses.

Apparently crotching himself on the way out, Dullnig’s brought back in as Knight slingshots him into a cutter, following with a forearm, then a clothesline in the corner, as a springboard clothesline back in nearly secured the win. A cross-chop and a knee from Dullnig keeps him in it as he proceeded to land a discus lariat to the back of Knight, but it’s still not enough… nor was a uranage, and Knight’s able to hit back with a gutbuster, some Sliced Bread, then a Dragon sleeper for the submission. A good, even fight this, with Dullnig coming close, only for Knight to squeak out the win at the end. ***½

Gulyas Junior & Zeritus vs. Anil Marik & Laurance Roman
It’s a wXw return for the Wäschbär Roman, who’d come out of retirement… and sadly lost his old ring music. If you ever heard it, you’ll agree it was a cracker.


Marik and Zeritus start us off, as Zeritus’ early Test of Strength attempt led to him getting caught with a wristlock. A headlock takedown has Marik ahead, but Zeritus rolled and punches his way free, taking things into the corner ahead of armdrags from Marik. Roman tags in to hit a leaping elbow drop for a two-count, before Gulyas tagged in to try a clothesline… he instead catches Roman’s leapfrog only to get caught with a dropkick. Roman keeps going with a clothesline for a two-count, before Marik tagged in and hit some double-team dropkicks to clear the ring. Double dives follow, with planchas wiping out Gulyas and Zeritus, before a Codebreaker from Marik was blocked. He turns it into a sunset flip instead for a near-fall, then dropkicked the Hungarian back into the corner as Roman returned.

Gulyas boots Laurance, who’s then headbutted by Zeritus in the opposite corner, as a Pit Stop waited… a splash squashes Roman in the ropes as Zeritus returned, charging Roman back into the corner as Gulyas tried to cheat behind the ref’s back. The ref spots it as Gulyas gets hung in the ropes, only for a Bossman slam from Zeritus to land for a near-fall. Splashes in the corner from Gulyas follow, before Roman kicked him away ahead of a pop-up knee from Gulyas. A side suplex followed for a two-count, but Roman’s able to make a hot tag out to Marik who cleared house, landing a Slingblade then a crossbody to Zeritus for a near-fall. Gulyas gets sent outside by Marik and Roman, leaving Zeritus open for a Codebreaker and a Fisherman Suplex as Roman leaves his hometown with the win. ***

wXw Women’s Championship: Iva Kolasky vs. Stephanie Maze
Maze won the opening match in Limback-Oberfrohna, while Kolasky equalised in Gotha yesterday… so of course, the best of three series goes to a decider here.

Maze was the crowd favourite going in, and again looked to control the early going, but a missed knee strike allowed Kolasky to come in, eventually landing an armdrag before a handspring elbow and a crossbody caught Maze for a two-count. A rear spin kick from Kolasky catches Maze in the ear – and we’re back to where we were yesterday in Gotha. Maze is snapmare’d down ahead of an elbow drop for a two-count, before a discus clothesline sank Maze for another two-count. Kolasky clubs Maze ahead of a handspring, but she just runs into a pair of kicks as Maze looked to regroup.

Maze tries to reply with forearms, but she telegraphs a block as Kolasky heads back to that ear, only to get clotheslined as a one-arm’d Maze manages to pull ahead. A Saito suplex doesn’t give Maze any pinning attempt as Kolasky rolled over and hit some mounted punches, before Maze rolled in with a calf slicer. Escaping, Kolasky’s able to hit a tiltawhirl DDT for a near-fall, following with an axe kick for another two-count. A buzzsaw kick drops Maze again, and all it takes from there is a moonsault for Kolasky to get the win as that attack several nights ago ended up giving Maze too much of a vulnerability as she loses out on the vacant title. ***

wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship: Axel Tischer vs. Marius Al-Ani (c)
Tischer won the one-night Catch Grand Prix tournament in September – and this was his title shot that came from that night.

The early going sees Tischer defend a wristlock, before a scramble on the mat saw the pair grapple into the corner for a break. Al-Ani teases an early Diamond Driver, but Tischer escaped and went for a powerbomb… only for the champion to back into the corner as he returned with a side headlock. Pushing free, Marius tries for a leapfrog, but Tischer caught it and teased a powerbomb as al-Ani scrambled free. A floatover out of the corner allowed al-Ani back in with a dropkick, but Tischer clotheslines the champion from the apron, before a running neckbreaker left him down.

A low dropkick from al-Ani spins Tischer to the outside, as al-Ani stayed on him back in the ring with a step-up knee into the corner. Marius followed that up with an overhead belly-to-belly, while a chinlock’s fought out of as Tischer gets thrown right back down. An overhead wristlock followed as the pair fought for an advantage, but it’s Marius who regains it as they go back to the mat, with a toe hold from the champion leading to Tischer kicking his way free. Tischer avoids a running knee into the corner as he began his fightback, catching the champion with forearms before pulling him into a lariat. A rope-hanging suplex is next from Tischer, who goes up top for a flying clothesline, then a twisting brainbuster for a near-fall. Marius manages to retaliate with a Superman punch for a near-fall, before a kick to the leg took Tischer down ahead of a running knee that almost ended things.

al-Ani gets back up in search of a Diamond Driver, but Tischer elbows free and began an exchange of right hands. Another Superman punch downs Tischer, who then fall to a Diamond Driver… yet somehow kicked out at two! An ankle lock’s next, as Tischer had to struggle to get to the ropes, rolling al-Ani to the outside in the process. Rebounding, Tischer chains together a German suplex and a Death Valley Driver, before a sit-out powerbomb almost led to the title change. From there, Tischer walks into an ankle lock but manages to get to the ropes… only for al-Ani to stay on the hold like a dog with a bone. An inside cradle nearly nicks it, but Marius trips on the ropes as Tischer cracked him with a knee… and that’s enough to get the win! A 596-day winning streak ending on the most innocuous of slips as al-Ani’s KO’d and pinned, giving the Axeman his second wXw Unified World Wrestling title. A hard loss to take for al-Ani, who’ll undoubtedly regroup and perhaps look to win another tournament to get back to title contention. Carat 2021? ***¾

After the match, Tischer thanked the crowd and put over al-Ani, saying that while he won 30 times in a row, “someone can always out-work you.”

wXw’s next show drops next Friday as they headed to Leipzig for We Love Wrestling #24. Tischer’s title win here will undoubtedly be a polarising one – especially to those who were using his appearance at last year’s Carat as a meme. This was the “obvious” booking call – have Tischer win the Catch Grand Prix, then win the title in his home town… but despite it lasting for 18 months, I didn’t feel this was the right time to end al-Ani’s streak – and hopefully this isn’t the end of Marius in the top spot as he’d more than proven himself worthy during the empty arena shows. Aside from that takeaway though, the development of the “new generation” of wXw down the card continues in earnest, as the promotion continues to establish new names.