After last week’s release of some secret matches, this week’s Shotgun is a favourite – the blooper reel!

This’ll be a quick recap I feel! First up… a series of bloopers and out-takes from the Roundtable series, featuring table banging, slow claps and claws… oh, and a look into the soul of Jay Skillet.

Next… clips from RISE promos as they try and co-ordinate the “Wir sind RISE” line with a spot of cheerleading inbetween. From there, it’s a quick peck to Avalancha from Ilja Dragunov… Lucky Kid breaking everyone, and Julian Nero taking shots at Jay FK’s inability to shave. Also in the batch, we’ve Adam Polak catches people farting on tape, Absolute Andy absolutely missing a cue, and a staffer walking in on Dirty Dragan with a bread roll.

WALTER’s struggling to keep a straight face after a late 2017 promo, and now it’s time for people flubbing names! “AJ” is a banned term it seems, which leads to some phenomenal flubs from WALTER, while Rico Bushido somehow confused RISE with RINGKAMPF. Oops.

Next is “Mopey” – a rather morose promo with Jay FK, then Melanie Gray spoiling results and then we’re over to Absolute Andy’s lit cigar… more bloopers come with the former Massive Product and a mirror, Thommy Giesen forgetting a question, and Dirty Dragan having fun with a boom mic. We’re going back a little further as Ilja Dragunov from last year apparently gave birth to his own son… RINGKAMPF apparently being Shotgun champions (man, they’re not having much luck here… as we see with the many takes of a post-Broken Rules promo that left the locker room in hysterics). Ilja’s still wandering around the Turbinenhalle in his socks… and then we’re into more recent stuff with Emil Sitoci helping film a LuFisto promo.

Hey, there’s even a send for the man moment (Maffew, I hope you’ve got this) with Killer Kelly… a burp from Alexander James… and then Ivan Kiev just completely eclipses the camera! Even the production crew aren’t safe from the blooper treatment as we see Katja Pilz running around the Turbinenhalle in search of a good angle, only to just miss out… and that’s just about it!

The blooper shows are a complete break from the norm, and if you’ve been watching wXw throughout you’ll probably remember “hey, that’s where this came from” for a lot of these segments. That being said, if bloopers and out-takes are your kind of thing, this is an episode you should watch… otherwise, it’s an easy skip as regular matches return next week.