Jurn Simmons faces Tristan Archer in his final chance at the Frenchman’s Unified World Wrestling Championship.

Quick Results
Axel Tischer pinned LSG in 11:52 (***¼)
Baby Allison submitted B3CCA in 7:28 to retain the wXw Women’s Championship (**¾)
Nikita Charisma & Michael Schenkenberg pinned Bobby Gunns & Michael Knight in 12:53 to retain the wXw World Tag Team Championships (***)
Robert Dreissker & Laurance Roman vs. Senza Volto & Aigle Blanc ended in a double count-out in 13:22 (**¾)
Maggot pinned Apu Singh in 7:51 to retain the wXw Shotgun Championship (***)
Tristan Archer pinned Jurn Simmons in 19:56 to retain the wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship (***½)

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We’re at the Gruenspan in Hamburg – a new standing room-only venue for wXw – and we’ve got English commentary on tap from Dave Bradshaw. It looks like a cracking place to watch wrestling in, that’s for sure… very reminiscent of some of the venues wXw used to run back in the day.

LSG vs. Axel Tischer
Originally it was meant to be Tischer vs. Cara Noir, but an injury led to the reshuffling…

Opening with a handshake, LSG goes for a wristlock and arm wringer, returning to the arm after Tischer rolled free, before a shoulder tackle from Tischer had LSG down. LSG kips up, as standing switches led to Tischer running into armdrags, as LSG looked to have the former champion figured out. An armbar keeps Tischer down, as did a dropkick, which got LSG a two-count. Tischer ducks a springboard crossbody from LSG, then found a way in after he blocked a butterfly suplex and eventually scored with a single leg lariat. A side suplex is next for a near-fall, while an uppercut keeps LSG down as Tischer focused on the arm.

Tischer’s overhead wristlock keeps LSG on the back foot, before an uppercut from Tischer sent LSG into the ropes. LSG manages to get back up though, escaping a back suplex before his bicycle kick took Tischer down, leading to running forearms in the corner and a gamengiri ahead of a Blockbuster for a near-fall. LSG goes for a Blue Thunder bomb, but it’s countered out of as Tischer nails a leaping forearm, an uppercut and a clothesline into the corner… a front facelock suplex has LSG on the deck ahead of a flying uppercut for another near-fall, before LSG needed to get to the ropes to escape a rear naked choke.

Tischer tries for a RINGKAMPF German suplex on the break, and lands it for a near-fall, before LSG vaulted over Tischer and hit a facebuster for a near-fall of his own. Back-and-forth strikes lead to Tischer getting caught with a stunner and an enziguiri, before LSG’s springboard elbow was just uppercutted away. From the kick-out, Tischer peppers LSG with strikes before he hoisted him up for Hirooki Goto’s Shouten Kai – dubbed the Horrible Slam around these parts – and that’s enough for the win. A decent effort from LSG, but Tischer blew him away with that final stretch. ***¼

Levaniel’s out next for das Himmelsschloss, with him bragging that his smile’s the most enchanting in all of Hamburg’s Reeperbahn. Ahem. Levaniel doesn’t want to see any “dirt sheet” posts about Jurn Simmons barring him from his title shot later on, and Levaniel’s resigned to making the short trip home on the S-bahn. Even if it means he’ll miss Jurn becoming the first four-time wXw unified world wrestling champion…

Levaniel claiming nobody wants to see Tristan Archer draws out the champion… and not long after that, Jurn Simmons. Jurn goes back to his one-time role as a gumshoe investigative journalist holding the mic, then warned Tristan that once Rott und Flott lose later, he’ll have nobody to save his rear end in the main event. Things break down as Archer’s shoved out of the ring and sent packing…

Backstage, Ahmad Dimassi’s with Rott und Flott… they’ve taken offence to Jurn Simmons’ comment just there, and vowed to kick Only Friends out of October’s World Tag Team Festival. They sent Ahmad off to demand Norman Harras put them in the tournament if they won tonight… and off we go!

They recap what happened in Frankfurt a week ago, with Baby Allison orchestrating a time limit draw in the Shotgun title match, before she slapped an irate Norman Harras. Which led to…

wXw Women’s Championship: B3CCA vs. Baby Allison (c)
B3CCA was given this shot by Norman Harras by way of her win over Orsi last week…

The opening lock-up sees Allison get taken into the corner, then thrown aside before she threw down B3CCA with a waistlock. B3CCA throws Allison back by the hair, only to get caught with a Thesz press before B3CCA elbowed Allison as she went for a Matrix. Allison’s high kick has B3CCA down, before she’s swept into a splits… ahead of a throw into the ring post as B3CCA added a dropkick to the back as she finally built up some offence. B3CCA moves for a camel clutch on Allison, leaning back too, before some forearms took Allison into the ropes. Allison fought back with forearms of her own, only to get snapmared and kicked in the back.

B3CCA ragdolls Allison around ahead of some stomps as Allison was in the splits, which was good for a near-fall. Allison gets a two-count off a sunset flip as B3CCA kicked out and set up the champion by the corner for a springboard moonsault… but comes up short as Allison fires back with a side suplex and a spider walk. B3CCA throws Allison back down, only to get met with clotheslines and elbows before a Northern lights suplex nearly won it. From the kick-out, Allison pulls up B3CCA for a German suplex, only to get sent into the ropes as B3CCA came back with a TKO for a near-fall. Allison catches B3CCA up top and brings her down with a superplex, before she followed up with a Muta lock, forcing the submission to retain the title. This was fine for what it was, but the audio mix was a little weird – making everything seem muted. **¾

We get a video package on how Bobby Gunns and Michael Knight’s feud last year led to them teaming up this year, going straight into title contention only for injuries to both men threatening to derail things. They show the spiked Pedigree to Knight and the poowerbomb that cut Gunns up badly to detail that, as we head into this match – a “one more time” match between these two, with the losing team being barred from the World Tag Team Festival.

wXw World Tag Team Championship: Only Friends (Bobby Gunns & Michael Knight) vs. Rott Und Flott (Michael Schenkenberg & Nikita Charisma) (c)
It’s super high stakes here, and we start with Rott und Flott attacking their challengers before the bell.

Knight’s crotched in the turnbuckles to start, but Gunns makes a save as all four men trade strikes, leading to Schenkenberg’s kick getting redirected to Nikita Charisma. An ushigoroshi from Knight starts a Parade of Moves, ending with an accidental powerbomb and from Schenkenberg to Charisma for a near-fall after a hectic opening 80 seconds. An abdominal stretch isolated Schenkenberg ahead of a Gunns clothesline for a near-fall… with Charisma failing to break it up as the challengers continued to run wild. At least until Charisma dropkicked away Knight’s springboard. Schenkenberg gets a two-count from that, while a chinlock ends in the ropes, before Knight found himself in the wrong corner.

Charisma tags in and charges Gunns off the apron, following with a snapmare and a kick to the back of Knight, while Schenkenberg returned to keep Knight in the corner. Knight pulls himself up to the top rope, but his crossbody’s rolled through as Charisma tagged in to hit a Snapchat DDT for a near-fall with Gunns breaking up the pin. Charisma grounds Knight with a chinlock from there, following with a dropkick after the hold was broken… it’s good for a two-count, before Schenkenberg’s front facelock kept Knight at bay. Knight’s kept in the Rott und Flott corner from there, before he finally broke free, hitting a uranage/reverse DDT combo to get himself some breathing space.

Bobby Gunns gets back on the apron to tag in, running wild with corner-to-corner uppercuts before Knight tagged back in to hit Schenkenberg with a flying clothesline. Schenkenberg’s met with more strikes ahead of a sandwich of clotheslines… a second one takes out the Only Friends as the ring got too full again, leading to a backpack knee from Knight to Charisma. We get yay/boo punches for a spell, ending with all four going down as they went for crossbodies. Gunns slingshots Charisma into a Knight cutter, before a Dragon sleeper from Knight forced the submission at 11:18… but the celebrations are cut short as Rott und Flott argued that Charisma wasn’t legal. We’ve got a pretty new ref, Alex Schneider, in charge of this one, but Tassilo Jung and Rainer Ringer are on hand to correct him, and presumably bollock him for not enforcing the five counts and all that!

The match gets restarted as the champions attack Only Friends… and still we’re not looking at one in, one out. Knight’s lifted to the outside as Gunns is left on his own against both champions. Charisma’s legal now, and scored a near-fall after Gunns took the Snapchat DDT. Schenkenberg brings in a tag title belt, but Knight tries to retrieve it… the referee misses Charisma hitting a low blow to Gunns, turning around in time to count the pin… and that’s your lot. A desolate Only Friends now are barred from the World Tag Team Festival, after a match that had a lot of tropes that I can’t get along with. ***

Notable… Gunns and Knight exited separately – one stage left, the other stage right…

Amboss (Laurance Roman & Robert Dreissker) vs. Aigle Blanc & Senza Volto
There’s no Arrows around, so it’s Dreissker and Roman representing the new group.

Aigle and Roman start us off, with Roman’s wristlock getting countered by a side headlock. Roman shoves off, but gets taken down by Aigle, recovering with a forearm to the lower back as Aigle’s dragged into the Amboss corner. Dreissker’s in to club away on Aigle, before Aigle landed on his feet from a back body drop… only to bounce off of Dreissker as he went for a crossbody. Dreissker misses a back senton as Senza Volto tagged in… some double-teaming ends with Dreissker pulling the French lads into each other, before he ate a pair of elbows. A double clothesline has the ring cleared as Roman returned, only to get cornered as he charged into the opposite corner, leading to an Aigle suplex and a Senza flip senton.

Roman kicks out at two after that senton, but couldn’t get out of the corner as he’s taken down with back elbows ahead of an assisted moonsault that nearly got Senza the win. Aigle’s back as Roman ducked out of the corner in time to avoid a double gamengiri… and things spill into the crowd as Robert Dreissker made a beeline for Aigle Blanc, eventually popping him up into the ring post. Roman rolls Aigle back in for a two-count as a snap suplex added another near-fall. Dreissker’s in to land a back body drop on Aigle, before Roman returned to use his boot to choke Aigle in the corner. Chops from Aigle earned him a back elbow as Amboss were looking comfortable, while a slam and a splash nearly won things for Dreissker.

A twister suplex helps Aigle get free, but Dreissker tagged in and smothered him to prevent any other tags from getting made. Eventually Senza tagged in and took down Roman with clotheslines, before a handspring back elbow kept Senza ahead. A Code Red nearly wins it, before Dreissker blind tagged in as Roman was in the ropes… Aigle has the same idea, but Roman runs around ringside to call out that he’d apparently tagged back in as Dreissker dumped Senza with a fallaway slam. Dreissker heads up for a Dreissker Bomb, but Aigle brings him down with a sunset bomb. They’ve gotten a little too cue with the blind tags as Roman came back in to hit a clothesline and a facebuster, and we’re back in Parade of Moves territory here. A wild springboard crossbody out of the corner from Dreissker splats Senza, who recovered to send Dreissker and Roman into the opposite corner ahead of a coast to coast dropkick from Aigle.

Things head outside as Amboss swatted away dives, before Aigle Blanc hit a moonsault off the turnbuckles into Amboss. Senza Volto adds in a tope as the referee continues counting them all out. Again, this hit a couple of tropes that I cannot stand, and I’m guessing that there was meant to be more ringside brawling, except the crowd was really packed around the ring. This ends in a double count-out, as Amboss, Aigle and Senza continued to fight as Tassilo Jung left them to it. **¾

LSG comes out to make the save, while Elijah Blum came out with a chair… and got speared by Dreissker. They put a chair around Blum’s head and neck as Dreissker went up top… only for LSG, Aigle Blanc and Senza Volto to prevent the Pillmanizing.

Backstage, Bobby Gunns and Michael Knight are commiserating on their defeat earlier… Knight took exception to them being interviewed so soon after the match.

wXw Shotgun Championship: Apu Singh vs. Maggot (c)
It’s a wXw debut for Singh, who’s walked right into a title shot…

Singh charged at Maggot at the bell, taking him into the corner for some right hands before Maggot returned with a Thesz press and a strutting kick to the head. A throat thrust takes Singh into the corner for mounted punches and biting, while an elbow took down Singh as he tried to surprise Maggot out of the corner. Maggot tries a plancha, but gets caught… he wriggles out to post Singh, before a crucifix back inside was thrown away. A swinging uranage takes Maggot down, who’s then dropped across the ropes before getting suplexed as Singh countered a back body drop attempt. Singh sidesteps a charge as Maggot went into the buckles, then followed with a splash as Maggot then was picked up for a fallaway slam.

Maggot tries to fight back with right hands, but Singh trades blows before forearms and clotheslines had Maggot back in it. Now we get the back body drop and an enziguiri as Singh’s rocked, but Apu caught a spear and went for a running powerslam instead. It’s pushed out of as Maggot hit the ropes for a spear, only for a second charge off the ropes to get countered into a powerslam as Singh nearly won the title on his debut. Maggot heads up top, but Singh caught a crossbody… only for Maggot to escape a TKO and come right back with a cutter for the win. A good showing from Singh, but he seemed too preoccupied with flipping off the crowd at the end, which cost him big time. ***

After the match, Baby Allison took the mic and asked Maggot what he thought of the challenges they’d had thrown at them today. Maggot pointed out that both he and Baby Allison still had their titles, and were grateful for the free trip they had to Hamburg.

wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship: Jurn Simmons vs. Tristan Archer (c)
They brought back the montage Jurn Simmons intro of him through the years… with some familiar faces in there too.

Archer started by working Jurn’s arm, before a return was ended in the ropes as Jurn swiped at Archer’s hair on the break. Simmons telegraphs a back body drop and got thrown into the corner as Archer boxed away on him, only for Jurn to break free and score with a swinging side slam. A running elbow drop keeps Archer on the back foot ahead of a charge into the corner, then a clothesline as Jurn was on top. Jurn runs in with a knee strike to knock Archer back into the buckles ahead of the suplex throw. That prompted Archer to beg for a time-out, but of course there’s no such thing as Jurn tried to suplex him back into the ring… only to get kneed between the ropes as Archer picked his spots.

Archer pulls Jurn into the ring post… following up with a slingshot Codebreaker for a two-count as Archer looked to reap the rewards. Forearms from Archer take Jurn into the ropes as the Hamburg crowd roared behind Jurn, who had to kick out from a backbreaker, then break out of a cobra clutch as Archer slowed the pace down. A slam leaves Jurn down after he’d broken free, as Archer hit the ropes… and saw his back senton land in Jurn’s knees. A spear’s sent into the corner by Archer, who then hit that back senton for a near-fall, before he stomped on Jurn’s hand by the ropes. Jurn’s forced to grab the ropes to break a pin after he’d been booted, before a right hand nearly got the win for Archer, who’d managed to take the air out of the room a little.

Jurn slips out of a Coup d’Etat, but couldn’t capitalise before he made contact with a right hand, an elbow and a big boot, before a clothesline took Archer down. The reverse body slam drops Archer next, as did a Gorilla press slam before Jurn set up for a standing moonsault. It’s good for a near-fall as Jurn threatened to burst back into the match, calling for a Massive piledriver… but Archer clings on to prevent it. A big boot stops Jurn briefly, but a pumphandle slam lands as Jurn keeps on going. Archer slips out of a superplex but can’t hit a powerbomb out of the corner as he got punched away… so he sweeps away the leg before hitting La Terreur and an Olympic Slam that looked to put Jurn away. Simmons is able to kick out at two though, and returned with a clothesline as Archer charged out of the corner.

Simmons pulls himself up to the top rope, but Archer shoves Tassilo Jung into the ropes to crotch Jurn. The ref refuses to call for the DQ, knowing it was intentional, so Archer heads up top to bring Jurn down with a superplex instead. We keep teasing ref bumps as Jurn shoved Archer towards the ref… then went for a charge, but put the brakes on… before Archer’s discus lariat sandwiched Tassilo Jung by the ropes. Jurn tries to capitalise, sweeping away a low blow before he landed a Massive kick… then a spear… but with the referee still down, Vincent Heisenberg runs out to hit a powerslam on Simmons. He throws Archer onto Simmons as Tass was shaken back to life, but Jurn kicks out at two! Archer goes for a Coup d’Etat, but Jurn countered it into a powerslam… enraging Heisenberg, who ends up getting knocked off the apron.

That distraction costs Jurn though, as Archer clocked him from behind then hit a Coup d’Etat for the pin. It’s a deflating win for Hamburg as Jurn’s last shot at Archer ends in defeat – and surely reignited that feud with Heisenberg from a few weeks back. ***½

After the match, Heisenberg throttled and beat on Simmons as Archer went to the back… only for Levaniel to make the save. A diving kick from Levaniel allowed Jurn to get a shot in as the big man’s sent packing, while the show ended with Jurn Simmons looking somewhat forlorn at how things ended in Hamburg.

Your mileage will vary on those two tag matches I was sour on, but this was a pretty solid show as Amboss continue to establish themselves – as questions now are posed around the next set of title challengers after today’s results.