Tristan Archer looks to keep his hopes of winning block B alive, as he takes on Emil Sitoci.

Of course, Sitoci has long-since been eliminated, and can at best finish mid-table… while Archer’s been on a fine run since he was upset in week one. Vincent Heisenberg again joins Dään Jokisch and Nico Schmidt at the expert’s panel, as we’re really in the business end of the Catch Grand Prix. Heisenberg puts over the two “world class athletes”, bringing up Archer’s title reigns – including a 700+ day reign in a promotion in France – but went on to pick Emil Sitoci to win today.

Before the match, Archer’s flexing his pecs as he’s told it’s do or die. He tells us of the respect he’s got for Sitoci, but that’s going to be put aside (as was his memory…) as he needs to get the win. As for Sitoci, he’s a little annoyed at being reminded of his elimination, then talks about how he won’t let Archer win the tournament if it means he’ll have to lose tonight.

Catch Grand Prix 2020 – Block B: Tristan Archer vs. Emil Sitoci
Round 1: We open with a tentative lock-up, as Archer went in for a waistlock instead, only for Sitoci to spin around into a cravat for a snapmare attempt. Instead he just wrenches in the cravat before he rolled the Frenchman into the ropes. Archer goes back to the waistlock, as he tries to ground Sitoci, but Emil switches out into a front facelock, before they break again. Sitoci goes for the leg next, tripping Archer down before a simple rope break stopped Emil from doing anything. A waistlock takedown from Sitoci has more success, as he clings on with Archer tried to get to the ropes, but instead he rolled through or a pin as another roll-up gets a one-count with time running out.

Round 2: Sitoci had to shake off a knock during the interval, but comes out with a side headlock on Archer, who pushes him off ahead of a wheelbarrow armdrag. Another armdrag from Sitoci’s blocked, before he’s clotheslined to the outside ahead of a tope from Archer. Sitoci’s rolled back inside, with Archer coming back with a slingshot Codebreaker for a two-count, before a Northern Lights suplex was rolled through… only for Sitoci to counter with a front suplex. A dropkick gets Emil a two-count, with elbow drops to the lower back weakening Archer ahead of shoulder charges in the corner. Emil rolls him back into the ring for a two-count, before a chinlock was fought out of, as Sitoci’s side suplex dropped Archer… but he takes too long to follow up, and the clock runs out on him.

Round 3: Archer has to kick out of an inside cradle at the bell, as Sitoci looked to end this one quickly. A gutbuster’s escaped though before Archer took Sitoci into the corner for a clothesline, following up with a Falcon arrow for a near-fall. Sitoci responds with the gutbuster before he headed up for a split-legged moonsault, which almost gets the win, but Sitoci took too long going for a Snapmare driver and gets rolled up. Sitoci kicks out at two then maneuvers into a rear naked choke on Archer’s back, but Tristan’s attempts to power out stopped as he slumped to his knees… he gets back up and backs into the corner, but Sitoci doesn’t let go, and Archer ends the round with a neat move before the bell as he caught Sitoci with a backpack stunner.

Round 4: Both men are still on the mat as the round starts. They trade elbows from their knees as they fight back to their feet… a superkick from earns him a Pele from Archer though, before a Decapitation kick left the Dutchman loopy… except he can come back with a clothesline! Sitoci follows up with a Snapmare Driver, but Archer kicks out at two as SItoci’s old faithfuls weren’t getting it done. He goes for a spinning tombstone, but Archer slips out and eventually hits the tombstone gutbuster for the win. A slow start, but a hard-fought match as Emil Sitoci runs the real risk of sharing the wooden spoon at the end of next week.

Result: Tristan Archer pinned Emil Sitoci at 1:59 of Round 4 (***½)

After leading the crowd along with his pose, we get the ringside interview as Archer almost felt sad for having to beat Sitoci. There was a worry over an injury it seemed… and then Andy tells us that if he beats Marius al-Ani next week, no matter what happens, Archer wins the block on tie-breakers. Everything for a reason, folks!

As for Sitoci, he’s congratulated for the match, even if he lost… Emil wishes Tristan the best of luck for next week, then tells us that he blew out his knee in the match. Sitoci’s scheduled to face Prince Ahura next week, but if the knee’s injured, that’ll likely lead to a forfeit.

Standings, with eliminations (including those who’d be eliminated on tie-breakers)…

Block A
Metehan (4-1; 8pts)
Avalanche, Bobby Gunns, Cara Noir (3-1-1; 7pts) * Avalanche leads in tie-breakers
Fast Time Moodo (2-4; 4pts) * eliminated
Hektor Invictus (1-3-1; 3pts) * eliminated
Anil Marik (0-5; 0pts) * eliminated

Block B
Marius al-Ani (4-0; 8pts)
Tristan Archer; Senza Volto (4-1; 8pts)
Prince Ahura (2-3; 4pts) * eliminated
Norman Harras; Vincent Heisenberg; Emil Sitoci (1-4; 2pts) * eliminated

Disciplinary: €3865 of fines; twenty-eight yellow cards and one red card.

Tomorrow sees week six wrap up with Marius al-Ani defending his spot at the top – and his unbeaten streak – against Senza Volto, in the latter’s final match of the tournament.