Block B action gets underway this week as former Shotgun champion Emil Sitoci takes on Senza Volto.

We’re back to the Steffy in Oberhausen, and this time Marius al-Ani has ditched the sunglasses. He’s alongside Nico Schmidt and Dään Jokisch, of course, They recap yesterday’s match, with Marius eating humble pie for his prediction that didn’t go true…

Dään asks about today’s match, bringing up al-Ani’s past with Emil Sitoci. Of course, it slightly offends Marius, who notes that he’s not looking at his past because “the Shotgun title isn’t relevant.” To him. Marius predicts Senza to win today… then weirdly suggests that German international goalkeeper Manuel Neuer is under the mask. Maybe if that beard is a fake…

Interview time! Andy Jackson is with Senza Volto for a jolly ol’ time. Senza’s still thrilled to be wrestling for wXw, while Sitoci notes how Senza’s style… is one he pioneered in wXw. Emil reckons he’s scouted Senza…

Catch Grand Prix 2020 – Block B: Senza Volto vs. Emil Sitoci
Round 1: Senza offers a handshake, which is taken… a side headlock from Sitoci’s pushed off, but the Dutchman’s back with a shoulder tackle before some lucha rolls and leapfrogs saw them cancel each other out, with Sitoci cartwheeling out of a springboard ‘rana attempt. Volto tries to throw Sitoci outside, eventually succeeding before a dropkick knocked Sitoci to the floor ahead of a faked-out dive. Volto mocking Sitoci’s pose didn’t go down well, as Emil rolled back inside before he caught a leapfrog and turned it into a gutbuster. A slam and a standing splash keeps Volto down, as does a second slam, with Sitoci heading up top… he gets a time check then flies in with an elbow drop for a near-fall. Another pin attempt just gets a one-count, and time runs out on the round.

Round 2: Senza gets taken down almost immediately, as Sitoci took him into the corner… a knee to the gut keeps Volto down, with a pendulum backbreaker dropping the Frenchman for a two-count. Some body scissors from Sitoci keep Senza down, before Sitoci stretched him into the ropes for a break… which Emil held onto for a little too long, as referee Tassilo Jung dished out a €20 fine, much to Emil’s disgust. Some back-and-forth strikes see Senza edge ahead, but Sitoci’s clothesline and back elbow have him ahead once more, before an Irish whip bounced Volto into the corner. An abdominal stretch followed, with Sitoci holding it on with some cheeky rakes to the ribs as the clock ran out.

Round 3: Sitoci picks up an on-rushing Volto at the bell, but the gutbuster attempt is blocked as Volto instead starts some more back-and-forth strikes. They upgrade to clobbering clotheslines, before Volto shoved Sitoci into the corner… leading to a gamengiri and a 619 leg sweep in the corner, before a pop-up knee and a Code Red got Senza a very-near-fall. Senza goes for a suplex, but Sitoci blocks it, then rolled through for a gourdbuster… following up with a lariat off the ropes as he spun down Senza for a near-fall. Sitoci takes Senza back up top, looking for a Spanish Fly… but Volto pushes him down, only to leap into an uppercut. Sitoci hits the ropes, but Senza surprises him with a wheelbarrow roll-up, and that’s enough for the upset! With time running out on the third round, Senza squeaks a win and puts him at the top of the block after two matches – and this threatens to be a losing run for Emil…

Result: Senza Volto pinned Emil Sitoci at 2:47 of Round 3 (***¼)

After the match, Senza does Sitoci’s pose again, then finally gives a fist bump as they flash up the chart…

Block A
Avalanche, Hektor Invictus (1-0-1; 3pts)
Bobby Gunns, Cara Noir (1-0; 2pts)
Metehan (1-1; 2pts)
Anil Marik, Fast Time Moodo (0-2; 0pts)

Block B
Senza Volto (2-0; 4pts)
Marius al-Ani, Vincent Heisenberg (1-0; 2pts)
Prince Ahura (0-0; 0pts)
Tristan Archer, Norman Harras (0-1; 0pts)
Emil Sitoci (0-2; 0pts)

Disciplinary: €1185 of fines; seven yellow cards and one red card.

Senza’s with Andy Jackson afterwards, exhausted and knackered… but happy with his 100% record so far. Dään has Emil Sitoci backstage, telling him next week is his week off. Sitoci drops a swear when he describes his bye week, and promises his next opponent won’t have a good day. Norman Harras, you’ve been warned…

Tomorrow from block B, we’ve got Tristan Archer vs. Norman Harras as they look to get on the board after losses in the first week.