It’s the match they first teased back in Shotgun – as Norman Harras finally gets his big opponent, taking on Vincent Heisenberg!

We’re back at the Steffy with Senza Volto joining Nico Schmidt and Dään Jokisch on the panel. He’s learned a little German as they talk about today’s match – and it’s a loser-takes-nothing match, as whomever loses today finishes bottom of the block. Dään brings up Harras’ comments about Heisenberg from Shotgun, while Senza talked about Heisenberg’s size… which he reckons will lead to a “very bad time” for Norman.

Backstage, Heisenberg tells us he’ll destroy Norman… while Harras was still annoyed at his cheap loss to Prince Ahura last week. He reckoned he underestimated Ahura, and took some more digs as he seemed rather preoccupied with that past. Harras wanders into the same trap here, not taking Heisenberg seriously, calling him a “rookie from the North.”

Catch Grand Prix 2020 – Block B: Norman Harras vs. Vincent Heisenberg
Round 1: Of course Norman gets dog-whistled… it’ll hound him forever at this rate. He starts by annoying Heisenberg as he tried to lock up, before leaning into the ropes for a break. Norman continues to play keep away, before he got thrown to the mat… and he powders outside for a break to check his teeth, breaking the count to annoy Heisenberg… and it worked too as Heisenberg went out to throw Norman in, as the referee dished out a €50 fine for time wasting. Back inside, Heisenberg charges through a clothesline, then got shoved into the corner… but Harras’ suplex attempt was blocked as Heisenberg knocked him back outside with a shoulder tackle to end the round.

Round 2: Heisenberg’s worked up as he baited Harras into a strike battle. An overhand slap knocked Norman into the corner, but he avoids a charge and comes in with some body blows before he escaped a slam… then kicked out Heisenberg’s knee in the corner. Kicks to the leg follow as Heisenberg was on the mat, and like a dog with a bone, he worked on that body part, throwing some punches and more kicks to the quad. Heisenberg needs the ropes to stand up, but Harras uses them to his advantage as he wrapped the leg around them, then kicked the rope… earning another €50 fine. A kick from Harras is caught and returned with a forearm as he began to build up a head of steam, throwing Harras around before landing a chop… but Norman then drops down and drags Heisenberg outside, before he posted the big man… but it’s too late in the round as time runs out.

Round 3: Harras sidesteps a charge as Heisenberg ran at him at the bell, then came in with a cross chop and a dropkick to take the big man down. Norman tries a charge of his own, but Heisenberg switches around and chokes away in the corner, forcing a break and a yellow card for his troubles. Heisenberg goes back to chops as he gets a two-count from some offence, before Norman spat at him. Instant yellow card. In among that Heisenberg slams Harras, but Norman got a foot to the rope to break up the pin as commentary noted the grips on Norman’s boots. Heisenberg heads up top, but gets crotched as Norman dove at the ropes, before heading up top for a superplex… only to get headbutted down as Heisenberg then missed a big splash. From there, a big boot from Norman lands, and that’s enough for him to avoid finishing bottom.

Result: Norman Harras pinned Vincent Heisenberg at 2:46 of Round 3 (**¾)

Post-match, Norman gets his interview as Andy Jackson had to dance around Norman’s temper. Norman looked at this as proof that he was “above Heisenberg”. He wasn’t above being barked at though…

As for Heisenberg, he was fuming at Norman having spat at him. Anil Marik and Avalanche tried to calm him down. It worked, but Heisenberg’s annoyed at the lack of action taken towards Norman, as Avalanche tried to praise their overall performance in spite of their points scored.


Block A – Final
Cara Noir (4-1-1; 9pts)
Metehan (4-1-1; 9pts)
Avalanche (3-1-2; 8pts)
Bobby Gunns (3-1-2; 8pts)
Fast Time Moodo (2-4; 4pts)
Hektor Invictus (1-4-1; 3pts)
Anil Marik (0-5-1; 1pt)

Block B
Marius al-Ani (5-0; 10pts)
Tristan Archer (4-1; 8pts)
Senza Volto (4-2; 8pts) * eliminated
Emil Sitoci**; Prince Ahura; Norman Harras (2-4; 4pts) * eliminated
Vincent Heisenberg (1-5; 2pts) * eliminated

** Ender Kara wrestled in week seven for Emil Sitoci; his win gets credited to Sitoci’s points total.

Disciplinary: €4705 of fines; thirty-three yellow cards and one red card.

Tomorrow, we find out who’s representing block B in the finals as Marius al-Ani takes on Tristan Archer.