“Will it be a draw?” – That is the question as we find out whether Metehan has agreed to Norman Harras’ plan for a bit of spot-fixing in the Catch Grand Prix today!

Last night, we saw Norman Harras openly suggest to Metehan that he draw this match today – which I assume could be a double DQ or a double count-out as well as the time limit draw. However, Norman also suggested that Metehan could win this and make the finals (which would need a pair of draws out of Bobby Gunns)… so let’s see where they go. The run-time on the VOD may be a red herring, after all…

Of course we’re back to the Steffy in Oberhausen, as Anil Marik again joins Nico and Dään on the expert’s panel. They run down the table again, which isn’t good reading for Anil, who’ll finish bottom no matter what, before talking about how Metehan needs a win today to keep control of his destiny. Anil doesn’t think today will be easy for Metehan, and even goes as far as picking Hektor.

Backstage, Hektor mentions how he lost to Metehan in the Shotgun title tournament earlier this year – and a win here should get him that rematch. Of course he doesn’t share his game plan… while Metehan curiously doesn’t get an interview. He does insist that he gets his entrance repeated though….

Catch Grand Prix 2020 – Block A: Metehan vs. Hektor Invictus
Round 1: Metehan and Hektor circle each other to start, before a waistlock takedown from Hektor ended with Metehan nonchalantly going to the ropes. A test of strength sees Hektor take down Metehan for a two-count, before Metehan returned the favour with a wristlock as we then reset. Metehan takes Hektor into the ropes, but got shoved off before a leapfrog and a dropdown led to a low dropkick as the Shotgun champion went ahead. A handspring’s countered into a German suplex for a two-count, with Metehan then getting sent to the corner for another two-count. An uppercut from Hektor’s good for another two-count, before a chinlock from Hektor wound down the clock.

Round 2: Hektor shoves Metehan into the ropes, but gets caught with a forearm as Metehan looked for Superman punches. A clothesline and a neckbreaker takes down Metehan for a two-count, before Hektor rolled Metehan for a powerbomb… it’s countered out of though, as Metehan flips over into Nazar – the Evil Eye flip stunner – and that’s enough to take Metehan to the top (provisionally) after a really short outing.

Result: Metehan pinned Hektor Invictus in 00:50 of Round 2 (**)

So that result shows that Metehan doesn’t trust Bobby Gunns and his crew… but we can still get the draw at the top if Bobby draws his last two matches. Of course, that second match would be against Metehan…

At ringside, Metehan’s interviewed by Andy Jackson, who tells him that it all boils down to next week’s match with Bobby Gunns. There were no words. Unlike Hektor, who seemed furious with himself for losing in short order despite being “one of the hardest working” around. He’s got Cara Noir in his last match next week, and vows that he’s going to go on a tear.

Standings, with eliminations (including those who’d be eliminated on tie-breakers)…

Block A
Metehan (4-1; 8pts)
Bobby Gunns (3-0-1; 7pts)
Cara Noir (3-1-1; 7pts)
Avalanche (2-1-1; 5pts)
Fast Time Moodo (2-4; 4pts) * eliminated
Hektor Invictus (1-3-1; 3pts) * eliminated
Anil Marik (0-5; 0pts) * eliminated

Block B
Marius al-Ani (4-0; 8pts)
Senza Volto (4-1; 8pts)
Tristan Archer (3-1; 6pts)
Prince Ahura, Norman Harras, Emil Sitoci (1-3; 2pts) * eliminated
Vincent Heisenberg (1-4; 2pts) * eliminated

Disciplinary: €3305 of fines; twenty-three yellow cards and one red card.

Wednesday sees the block wrap up for the week as Bobby Gunns takes on Avalanche – which could determine where things will head in next week’s finals…