wXw continues their countdown from 2005, as we look at the debut of Go Shiozaki in Germany.

Andy Jackson back to introduce us, as we’re staying in November 2005’s wXw Fight Club 2005: Burning. The second night, in fact, and the same show that featured Kenta Kobashi vs. Ares from last week. This was Shiozaki’s first match for wXw – he’d be somewhat of a regular for them in the coming years, appearing in 2007 and 2011’s 16 Carat Gold tournaments.

Murat Bosporus vs. Go Shiozaki
Bosporus offers a handshake at the bell, but caught Shiozaki with a hiptoss early on… only to get taken down as the pair went for headlock takedowns and escapes.

Shiozaki takes a waistlock, but Bosporus escapes, only to have his wristlock reversed back-and-forth as he took Shiozaki down to the mat. Escaping, Shiozaki works over the leg, only for Bosporus to cradle him for a two-count. We reset, but Shiozaki dives in for a full nelson, then snapmares Murat to the mat… and quickly gets caught in a hammerlock as Bosporus escaped.

The hammerlock’s quickly bridged as Murat holds on, before he began to wring the arm as Shiozaki went into the ropes. There’s no clean break, but Go hits back with a neat dropkick for just a one-count. Shiozaki stays on Bosporus with some stomps, before a whip took him across to the corner ahead of a suplex attempt… which Murat tried to block before eventually getting thrown for a two-count. Bosporus gets his boots up in the corner, then sidesteps a charge as Shiozaki hit the ring post. A Judo-style throw has Go down, before an arm-lift suplex had Bosporus ahead, leading to them going to the mat for a cross armbar as Murat was clearly aiming for the left arm of Kobashi’s student.

Another takedown sees Murat pull away at a Fujiwara armbar, but Shiozaki got to the rope in time, only to be kept on the mat with a grounded overhead wristlock. Shiozaki gets up, but is instantly taken to the corner for some chops before Bosporus charged into his boots. He recovers by going back to the arm, taking Go down in a hammerlock, before more whips into the corner ended up backfiring.

Shiozaki gets a boot up, then followed in with a missile dropkick. Splashes in the corner follow as he then went up top for another missile dropkick. Getting him a two-count in the process, before a suplex dropped Bosporus in the middle of the ring for another two-count. Bosporus recovers with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex, before a butterfly suplex threw Shiozaki across the ring for a near-fall.

From there, Bosporus hits a slam, then went up top… but got caught and was brought down with a superplex that almost won him the match. Shiozaki tries to go up top next, but he’s crotched as Bosporus got to his feet quicker, then met him in the corner for a back superplex.

Shiozaki struck back with a running forearm, but then gets peppered with right hands… only to reply with a superkick and a German suplex for a near-fall. Bosporus returned with one of his own for a near-fall, before he pulled down the straps and set up a wrist-clutch German suplex, again for a near-fall. With the momentum building, Murat slams Shiozaki again, then went up top for a frog splash, which landed flush for the win. An enjoyable back-and-forth match, with Bosporus controlling large parts before getting the expected win over the second-year pro Shiozaki.

Result: Murat Bosporus pinned Go Shiozaki in 13:26 (***½)