After a year off, the Käfigschlacht returns to wXw as Robert Dreissker and Anil Marik take on the Family.

Quick Results
Fast Time Moodo pinned Peter Tihanyi in 15:24 (***½)
Icarus & Dover submitted Senza Volto & Aigle Blanc in 19:17 to retain the wXw World Tag Team Championship (***½)
Axel Tischer defeats Levaniel via referee stoppage in 12:32 to retain the wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship (***)
Käfigschlacht: Baby Allison, Maggot & Vincent Heisenberg defeat Anil Marik & Robert Dreissker via submission at 19:50 (***)

We’re back for part two of Back to the Roots – you can read the first part of our review here… and if you have wXw NOW, you really ought to watch that part as well. Dave Bradshaw is on hand for English commentary, as usual…

Fast Time Moodo vs. Peter Tihanyi
A rematch from True Colors, which Moodo won back in Dresden…

Moodo started on offence, working the Hungarian’s left arm before a dropkick from Tihanyi took Moodo outside. Slowing the pace down, Moodo took his time to get back into the ring, as he’s caught with a headlock takedown, but Moodo again powders as he looked for another reset.

Tihanyi goes for an O’Connor roll, but it’s blocked as Moodo low bridges him to the apron, only for Tihanyi to return, eventually having to fall away from a Black Belt kick. Flipping up, Tihanyi squared off with Moodo, who threw some knees before a second attempt to low bridge the Hungarian was met with a kick for a two-count. A snap suplex gets a one-count for Tihanyi, as he then took Moodo into the corners for chops. Moodo’s grounded from there, but some kicks from the mat rock Tihanyi as Moodo began to assert himself on things. 12-6 elbows to the neck of Tihanyi are next, as was an Octopus hold, before a Samoan drop hits for a near-fall.

The pair trade kicks, but it’s a back elbow from Moodo that sent both men down, but it’s not long before we’re back to chops and kicks, leading to a swinging DDT from Tihanyi, then a Magic Screw for a near-fall. Tihanyi’s kicks keep Moodo on his knees, but one’s eventually caught as Moodo returns the favour, before a double stomp and a Made in Japan picked up another two-count. From there, Moodo hits a Pedigree, but that doesn’t end the game, so it’s back to the kicks that almost KO’d Tihanyi. A Black Belt Kick again whiffs as Tihanyi threw himself down again – before he recovered with an enziguiri after he’d lifted Moodo to the apron. Tihanyi aborts a dive, but his eventual plancha’s met with a kick in mid-air, as the pair then fight around a (low) balcony, which led to Tihanyi hitting a moonsault into Moodo.

Back inside, Moodo swings with a Black Belt Kick, but Tihanyi avoids it, hitting a Meteora and an Asai DDT for a near-fall. Tihanyi goes for a moonsault, but Moodo finally hits the Black Belt Kick to swat him out of the air again… and that’s enough for the win. A really good outing with Tihanyi showing progression, but going flashy cost him in the end. Keep an eye on both these guys, they’re in for a hell of a 2022! ***½

wXw World Tag Team Championship: Aigle Blanc & Senza Volto vs. Arrows Of Hungary (Dover & Icarus) (c)
This was Senza’s first match in wXw since October, when he and Aigle beat the former tag champions in Robert Dreissker and Anil Marik. It’s almost a rematch from last year’s tag title tournament, where Senza and Aigle shocked the Arrows in the first round.

Icarus and Senza start us off rather tentatively, as an Icarus wristlock’s kipped up out of, before Aigle Blanc tagged in. Another wristlock from Icarus is the result as he took Aigle down, then again with a Judo-style throw before Dover tagged in. Aigle quickly has to fight away, but he’s just thrown into Dover instead, as an overhead wristlock had Aigle in some trouble. Dover charges Aigle into the corner, drawing in Volto… who’s just dumped onto Icarus’ knees with a uranage before an Icarus cannonball nearly put Aigle away. The champs continue to wear down Aigle, as Dover’s backbreaker landed for a two-count, while Icarus returned to hit a back suplex… but not go for a cover.

A punch to the ribs from Dover keeps the momentum going, but an up-kick gave Aigle brief hope, only for him to get thrown into a dropkick from Icarus as the champions maintained the upper hand. The Three Amigos from Icarus are eventually countered into a Twister suplex from Aigle, who manages to make the tag out to Volto, whose handspring back elbow cleared the way. Aigle’s quickly brought back in for some double-teaming, which included a long-winded setup for a half-crab that was pushed out of. Icarus remains on the defensive though, as Aigle hit a back senton to him in the ropes, while Senza’s springboard senton drew a near-fall as the French lads built up some offence.

A pair of rear spin kicks set up Icarus for a Code Red as Senza keeps getting close, before Icarus made the tag out to Dover, who ran wild and threw Aigle with a back body drop. Clotheslines and a side suplex follow as Senza Volto’s attempt to make the save was instantly stopped with a forearm, while Dover opted to just chuck Aigle over his head with a standing fallaway slam. Senza hits the ropes with a missile dropkick to break up a stretch muffler on Aigle as a quick exchange ended with Dover slamming both of the Frenchmen in one go. Icarus tagged in to head up top for the Meltdown senton bomb, but it’s not enough, so Icarus goes to the Heart of Europe submission. Aigle gets free, but Senza tagged in and got punched out… Aigle saves Senza from a Crossfire as he bought his partner some time amid a Parade of Moves, ending with a handspring cutter to Icarus.

A new spin on the assisted Sliced Bread sees Icarus take a backflip DDT, before a pair of gamengiri sandwiched Dover as the challengers pushed on. Dover kicks out of a 450 splash, then dives out to make a tag as Icarus took a ‘rana driver through the ropes. A tombstone on the edge of the ring spiked Icarus from there, while a moonsault from Senza nearly won them the titles.

More double-teaming targets Icarus, as Dover makes another save, catching Aigle up top… Aigle lands on his feet from an avalanche back suplex, while a springboard dropkick from Senza took care of Dover. A springboard flip senton from Aigle keeps Dover down as Icarus then caught Senza off the top into a Heart of Europe. Another save from Aigle misses as Dover just clotheslined him away, with duelling submissions following… and with no escape in sight, Senza tapped out. A good match that was starting to feel long as the Arrows hold on to the titles – but were pushed further than they expected here. ***½

Post-match, Dan’s with the Arrows, and asked them about future opponents. Icarus shows off his German again, while Dover called out Stephanie Maze and Fast Time Moodo as they looked to wrap up that rivalry – once Stephanie’s back from injury – and Dan straight up calls the match for 16 Carat Gold.

They recap how Levaniel won his title shot in a ladder match last month… but Levaniel’s usual bombastic entrance is ruined as Tristan Archer ran through the crowd and kicked Levaniel in the balls. A guillotine choke followed, then a Kimura as Levaniel was tapping… Jurn Simmons runs out to break it up, sending Archer packing with a Massive Boot, before he tended to Levaniel.

Axel Tischer comes out as Tristan Archer was leaving the scene… Tischer seemingly wanted the match called off, but Levaniel refused to let that happen, and after giving the thumbs up to Francis Kaspin, our title match gets going.

wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship: Levaniel vs. Axel Tischer (c)
Referee Tassilo Jung wasn’t best pleased at the state of things, as we start with Tischer taking Levaniel into the corner.

Tischer works over Levaniel’s left arm, keeping him grounded with a double wristlock before Levaniel’s attempt at a double leg takedown was easily rolled out of as Tischer went back to the left arm. An uppercut sinks Levaniel, as does another, before a pair of nerve holds led to a backslide from Levaniel for a near-fall. Somehow, Levaniel’s able to build with uppercuts of his own, then a spinning heel kick, as a short-arm clothesline had the champion down. A suplex is next for a two-count, before an Intergalactic Facecrusher was blocked by Tischer, who decks Levaniel with an elbow… but a powerbomb’s avoided as a Fisherman suplex nearly caused the upset.

A backbreaker from Levaniel followed, then a discus clothesline, but Tischer again kicks out at two. Levaniel couldn’t get another suplex off as Tischer hammered away with elbows to the neck… but somehow Levaniel muscled him up for the suplex anyway, before an inside cradle from Tischer nearly won it. Levaniel’s caught with a head kick and a German suplex after the kick-out, then a death valley driver, but Levaniel still kicks out, and defiantly roars back. Tischer slaps him silly as the crowd began to turn on the champion, who gets caught with another discus lariat, but Tischer avoids the Intergalactic Facecrusher once more, then hits Levaniel with a German suplex and a death valley driver.

Levaniel kicks out at two from a Ligerbomb as Tischer seemed to be shocked that he had to even go there. Pondering his next steps, Tischer just stomps away on Levaniel, then stretched him in a chinlock until the referee waved off the match. Despite the result, this was a fantastic, gutsy performance from Levaniel – which did more for his character than a straight up loss (or indeed, a loss without the preceding angle) would have done. ***

After the match, Tischer seemed to complain that the match was allowed to even go ahead… Levaniel got a hearty applause as he got back to his feet.

After some adverts, we’ve got Dan on the balcony with Axel Tischer as the cage was being built. Dan asks about the incidents with Jurn Simmons, and also Tristan Archer’s challenge… Tischer’s a little dumbfounded and was more worried about the attack from Archer on Levaniel, and the fact Levaniel was allowed to wrestle. Tischer says he’s a sportsman that’ll defend the title against anyone… which led to Dan querying why Tischer needed to go to the lengths he did. Tischer’s response? Levaniel kept fighting, so he needed to do it.

In the end, Tischer said he didn’t mind which of Levaniel, Simmons or Archer he’d face – and that it’d be a main event for 16 Carat Gold…

Käfigschlacht: Anil Marik & Robert Dreissker vs. Baby Allison, Maggot & Vincent Heisenberg
Heisenberg doesn’t have good form in handicap matches – having lost his hair in a handicap match last year… meanwhile, the wXw Academy team came wearing white, and we know what that means! Meanwhile, Maggot, Heisenberg and Allison came with plunder – because of course they did!

Marik jumped Maggot as they were trying to come into the ring – and rather than this be a War Games style thing, it looks like all five are live to start, with the finish only coming via submission. Dreissker and Marik double-team Heisenberg to start, before Maggot came in and had a chair dropkicked into him. Baby Allison closes the cage door and demands that it’s chained locked, so she’s not getting involved for now. We’re dealing with essentially a tornado tag cage match then, as Dreissker choked Heisenberg with a chair. The chair comes back into play as Heisenberg missed a charge, hitting a chair in the corner before Marik’s bulldog and Dreissker’s splash left him laying.

Allison tries to prod Dreissker with the stick, only to get pulled into the side of the cage. Dreissker then prodded her with the same stick, but I couldn’t make out if he yelled “c’mon, do something” like in the meme. Maggot’s involved, but he’s pulled into a Boston crab as Dreissker wore out Heisenberg with the remnants of a chair ahead of a camel clutch – echoing Dreissker’s prior wins in this match… and out of nowhere, the bell rings at 3:48.

No, it’s not a weirdly-short main event – it’s Baby Allison pratting around with the timekeeper’s table. Marik and Dreissker broke the hold and argued with the ref as Thommy Giesen told on Allison… and that distraction allowed Heisenberg to take over, lawndarting Marik into the cage. Maggot cracks Dreissker in the back with chairshots, but Dreissker roared back and caught Maggot climbing up the cage… only for Allison to use that stick, this time hitting Dreissker in the balls with it. Baby Allison slides in some chairs, then climbed into the ring via a hole in the side of the cage as we finally get the 3-on-2… Allison chokes out a bloody Marik with a chain, while Dreissker’s also come up red, thanks to Heisenberg’s assault. Marik manages to fight back, choking Allison in the corner until Heisenberg broke it up, allowing Allison and Maggot to swarm a fallen Dreissker.

Marik’s had a chair put on his head as he’s thrown into the turnbuckle, while Dreissker’s attempt to squash Allison in the ropes came up short, as Dreissker’s then choked out with the frame of a chair in almost an assisted crossface. It’s enough to choke out Dreissker, who’s then met with a spear from Maggot and Allison as Heisenberg was having his way with Marik and a chain. Dreissker gets choked with the chain next as an Octopus stretch from Allison looked to force a submission, but Marik hiptosses free… and instantly ate an enziguiri from Maggot. Allison followed up with a suplex onto a chair on Marik, before she rolled into a Muta lock – with some elevation from Maggot to boot. Eventually Dreissker freed himself from Heisenberg to break up the hold, before he pulled up Allison and threw Maggot into her.

We’ve a back body drop to Maggot from there, then a ripcord clothesline, a death valley driver and a back senton, before Dreissker went back to the camel clutch… but Allison applied a sleeperhold to break it up. Dreissker throws her off then took her down into the corner for a Dreissker bomb, before he turned around into a clothesline from a now-bloodied Heisenberg. Dreissker goes up top for a crossbody to Heisenberg, but it’s shrugged off as the big man tries for a chokeslam, eventually landing it in the middle of the ring, ahead of a powerslam as Dreissker tried to gut through it. Marik’s back on his feet, but he’s met with a tree slam before he managed a Codebreaker off the middle rope… he then goes for a crossface as he looked for the submission, but Heisenberg powered up, only to get taken down with a bulldog.

Marik goes back to the crossface, but it’s Maggot who stomps it apart, before more plunder came into play. Maggot’s got handcuffs as he ties Marik to the ropes, with Dreissker just too late as he hits a fallaway slam to Heisenberg. A low blow from Maggot stopped Dreissker as he tried to save Marik, before Maggot went to the camel clutch… Heisenberg took over, while Maggot kicked a chair into Dreissker’s head. With Dreissker laid out, Maggot and Heisenberg hold Marik in the ropes with chains as Allison goes to her bag… and eventually pulled out… a barbed wire crown of thorns?!

Allison mockingly prays in front of Marik as Dreissker was left on his own, with Heisenberg working an armbar on Dreissker’s historically-injured left arm. They add a chair to it, and with no prospect of a save, Marik verbally submitted to save Dreissker. They Pillman-ized the arm anyway, those rat bastards. These Käfigschlacht are a massive departure from what wXw usually does – as seen with the extremes in terms of the imagery at the end with Anil Marik and the crown of thorns. This was as decisive a win as you’ll get in this handicap setting, but something tells me that this issue is far from settled, even if the storyline’s put on the back burner. ***

After the 16 Carat Gold plug, we’re backstage in catering as Francis Kaspin puts over the show… but had some announcements for Carat: Senza Volto, Aigle Blanc, Michael Knight, Maggot and Vincent Heisenberg are in the tournament, alongside the nine names already announced (Biff Busick, Cara Noir, Jonathan Gresham, Bobby Gunns, Shigehiro Irie, Robert Dreissker, Francesco Akira, Ace Romero & Fuminore Abe – plus the winners of the Road to 16 Carat Gold tournament next month, which has Goldenboy Santos, Dennis Dullnig, Anil Marik, Hektor Invictus, Norman Harras, Peter Tihanyi, Tim Stübing and James Runyan involved). Kaspin also announced one of the Carat main events… Axel Tischer vs. Jurn Simmons vs. Tristan Archer vs. Levaniel in a four-way for the title on “Championship Saturday.” Kaspin exists as Tischer looked bemused by the sudden challenge he’d invited for himself… and that’s a wrap!

Part two continued where part one left off, with some good action and storyline progression as wXw continued to build for March’s 16 Carat Gold title matches. At four hours across the two parts, there’s a lot to take in, but wXw’s penchant for building and paying off stories makes this a must-see even for those who’ve barely been keeping up with the product.