We’ve the fall-out from Takeover and some new matches on this week’s NXT UK, as Kassius Ohno was set to take on Jack Gallagher. Plans changed…

We open with a recap package from Takeover, counting along Cesaro’s Giant Swing on Ilja Dragunov, through to the title changes, the Last Man Standing match, and WALTER’s victory over Tyler Bate in the main event. They’re still at Cardiff’s Motorpoint Arena as we then get a slideshow of photos from Takeover, with Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness providing the call.

Piper Niven vs. Rhea Ripley
A rematch from the Download tapings earlier in the year, and Rhea Ripley will be looking to get her win back.

Ripley and Niven start off trading shoulder tackles, but it’s the Aussie who begins to trap Piper in the corner with shoulder charges, focusing on Niven’d lower back and midsection in the process. A modified Steiner Recliner follows as Ripley was just dominating proceedings, but Niven stands up and back bumps her way free. Niven and Ripley exchange forearms as they get back to their feet, with Niven building up into a cannonball in the corner. A Vader Bomb follows, but Rhea’s able to kick out as she made her way to the ropes. Ripley’s back with a big boot as I get the dreaded live stream black screen. We’re back as Niven looks for a Piper Driver, but Ripley pushes her into the ropes and counters with Riptide for the win. What I saw of this was pretty decent, but this didn’t have the heat of their first outing. ***¼

Backstage, an ashen-faced Radzi has bad news. Jack Gallagher’s apparently not cleared to compete against Kassius Ohno… and as Sid Scala breaks the news, Kassius Ohno’s in to crow about the bait and switch. Ohno’s going to head out to brag about his forfeit win, as Kindly Uncle Johnny Saint whispers something in Sid’s ear… we’re going to have a match anyway.

Also backstage, Zack Gibson is fuming about losing the NXT UK tag team titles as he and James Drake go to see Johnny Saint. Zack is noticeably calmer when he speaks to Saint, asking for a straight up 2-on-2 rematch… but Saint retires to dressing room 2, I mean his office, to consider it. I mean, WWE is the land of no automatic rematches… and then we’re told they get it next week anyway. Ah well.

We’re taken to “moments after the match” as Joe Coffey’s in a treatment room, showing signs of his Last Man Standing match with Dave Mastiff. Weirdly, there’s no medic on hand. That’s amateur hour. On the flip side, Primate and Wild Boar’s shadowing Dave Mastiff as he sits on a gear crate, all while Primate sounds more grizzled than the Grizzled Young Veterans. It’s almost like he’s about to go down the pits… Kay Lee Ray’s next for the recap treatment, before we jump to Tyler Bate sitting down drinking water with Trent Seven. Jesus, could you not intersperse all these recaps with something? Anything? This is one solid block, fellas.

They recap Tegan Nox, who made an appearance at NXT UK… and she wrestles next week!

Kassius Ohno heads to the ring to crow about having his match cancelled. Even though the ring announcer announces it like nothing happened, and the match is going ahead as planned. Sid Scala comes out, presumably to reveal the opponent, but instead he rips off his suit… and he’s introduced as the opponent!

Kassius Ohno vs. Sid Scala
Scala’s not been on NXT UK TV since episode 7, when he lost to Jordan Devlin. He’s since been promoted from enhancement talent to assistant to the GM… and he’s back to that old form early on as Ohno looked to restrain him with a wristlock.

Scala rolls free, and looked to apply a Corning hold as he’s suddenly showing off all the old-school British wrestling holds to outfox the self-proclaimed “wrestling genius”. Scala also uses his speed to get past Ohno, scuttling between his legs with some Johnny Saint like scurries before a roll-up drew a near-fall. Someone’s been making use of those tape libraries! Ohno keeps his distance on the outside, but when he made it back inside, he goes for Scala’s leg, before I get the black screen again. Sigh. It’s back as Ohno swats Scala out of the air, but Sid’s got fight left in him as he whales away on Ohno with forearms in the corner. A tornado DDT’s caught, which Ohno turns into a knee breaker before a Dragon screw swung Scala to the mat like a ragdoll.

A discus elbow to the back of the head follows… and that’s the win for Ohno. A spirited attempt from Scala, but this was entertaining as hell, especially with Scala seemingly being the proxy for Jack Gallagher early on with the classic British holds. ***

…and at 35 minutes into the show, NXT UK goes off the air. Extremely truncated, but I guess post-Takeover shows usually are. Skip the recaps and watch the matches, as this was one of the better episodes for the in-ring fare.