It’s back to the ring as the British Boot Camp 2 finalists are in action to try and stay in the competition!

We’re still in Roanoke Rapids as the judges – Al Snow, Samoa Joe and Gail Kim – prepare the finalists for their match, a “multi-person” with Angelina Love and Al Snow rounded up the numbers. After the match, they’ll be cutting three of the finalists – and it’s not necessarily the losing team. We’ve a recap of the Al Snow/Grado interactions, before we see Matt and Jeff Hardy giving the finalists a pep talk. Grado marks out, which makes Dave Mastiff roll his eyes, before we get the match graphic. Ooh, I hope Al wrestles in that epic jacket…

Kay Lee Ray, Grado, Mark Andrews & Al Snow vs. Dave Mastiff, Noam Dar, Rampage Brown & Angelina Love
He did not.

We start off with Andrews and Dar, as the North Carolina crowd seemed to be overjoyed to see Al Snow. Either that, or they’re really lonely… From the opening lock-up, Dar works Andrews’ wrist. Before a release took Andrews into the ropes for a pratfall. Dar dizzies Andrews on the way to a backslide for a near-fall, before he pulled down a leapfrog from Andrews and teased working the leg.

Armdrags from Andrews help him turn it around, before he trips Dar into a standing moonsault for a near-fall. Tags bring in Rampage Brown and Al Snow, with Al tripping Rampage ahead of a side headlock on the mat. Rampage powers up and hits a shoulder tackle, before he ran into an armdrag, with Al proceeding to follow up with capture headbutts. Grado’s in next to his a double back elbow, which gets just a one-count on Rampage… and Grado then tags out Kay Lee Ray as we go to a break. We return as Angelina Love’s fighting out of an armbar, only to get taken down with a slam for a near-fall. A kick from Love has Kay Lee loopy, but she recovers to hit a springboard forearm out of the corner for another two-count.

A missile dropkick from Kay Lee Ray misses, as Grado tags back in. He goofs off for Angelina, then dances with Earl Hebner… Dave Hebner tags in to get him some, as he slaps around Grado. Grado replies by stomping on Mastiff’s foot, following up with some Dusty punches before Grado knocked Al Snow off the apron. A back senton from Mastiff flattens Grado, before Rampage tagged in and got back body dropped as he went for a piledriver. Grado tags Andrews back in, and springboards into Rampage with a flying ‘rana. The Stomp 182 follows, as does a standing double moonsault, but Rampage rolls outside as Noam Dar attacks Andrews from behind.

Dar kicks out Andrews; leg then hits a Fireman’s carry gutbuster to start a Parade of Moves as tags became a novelty… we go back to Grado trying to dance with Angelina Love, only to get punted low. There’s no DQ, and we continue as Kay Lee Ray makes the save and dives into a pile on the floor. Back in the ring, Andrews tries a flying ‘rana on Rampage, but he’s caught as it’s turned into a sitout powerbomb for the win. Things got a little loose at the end, but an enjoyable match that gave everyone time to shine. ***

Afterwards, Al Snow praises everyone as they had to make the final cuts: Kay Lee Ray, Rampage Brown and Mark Andrews make it through, with Grado being chopped because Al said he felt he “didn’t have what it takes.” Grado talked back, which led to another blow-off as Grado challenged Al to a match at the SSE Hydro on the January 2015 tour.

Next week: the finals of the second (and last) season of British Boot Camp… and we take a look back to see what happened next!