The British Boot Camp folks head to Bound For Glory as our lookback continues!

This week’s recap condenses the first two episodes – with fast clips of them being picked, getting drunk, going through the athletic drills and the live crowd tryouts.

But first, the foursome are shooting some promo shots, before they prepare for a flight to Phoenix. Spud’s bag breaks in transit, which causes him to lose his cool as we then flash to the Bound For Glory fan fest. Cue shots of fans high fiving wrestlers, and a few I swear I recognise…

Then, the contestants meet some TNA roster members. First up: Christy Hemme. Spud embarrasses Marty in front of her, as the editing makes this look awkward. Then the foursome head in front of the crowd and cut promos, before Spud got offended at the fans not wanting photos with him. After a break, we recap Sting going into the TNA Hall of Fame, but Marty seemed intent on sitting next to Hannah and getting photos. They end up being joined by Kurt Angle, who opened some TNA trading cards with the contestants. Kurt seemed to enjoy it… as we go to more clips of Sting, as we then see Dixie meeting the quartet backstage, introducing Sting to them. Hulk Hogan’s there too as they continue to mark out, before Dixie told Spud and Marty to quit their games.

For the first time, all four seem to be on the same page…

After a break, they’re taking more photos, with Spud mooning Marty during his shots. That unity quickly breaks as Spud’s fed up with how long it took, as they then go to the arena for Bound for Glory as they find out they’ll be shown on TV. Dixie tells them to walk away from today with an idea of how hard they need to work to make it onto this stage – but in the ring, not in the crowd. They take a look at the arena before the fans get in, and seem a little overawed at it as they walked down the entrance ramp. We jump to them in the front row as we get clips from Bound For Glory in 2012. The Blossoms remind us that they’ll be on camera, but they don’t know when. Didn’t they see the format sheets? Or was that a “LOL TNA” moment?

We finally get their appearance during Tara’s entrance, as Spud mugs for the camera, and then we’re whisked to Nashville as Jeremy Borash greets them at the airport. They’re off to the TNA offices to meet Dixie as we find out next week they’ll be reviewing their first TV appearance. Oh, and a “wild night with Cowboy James Storm.” That’ll end well for Spud.

This was perhaps a weaker episode of the show, as it was more like the days of you having to watch your relative’s holiday movies. Coming across more as a PR piece about TNA than an episode of this reality TV gameshow, this was perhaps the first episode you could probably skip over.