Our look back at British Boot Camp continues, as the contestants get put through the wringer!

We open up with a recap of last week, with Rockstar Spud, Marty Scurll, Hannah and Holly Blossom being introduced as the four stars TNA will be picking from. Spud’s puking outside “last week”, but excuses it as Rollerball Rocco chewed him out for going out on the town. Spud makes it inside, as we’re told that Rocco has been tasked to cut people from the competition if he deems they’re not ready.

The Blossoms spar first, working holds and spots. It left Spud a little impressed, until the Blossoms started to err a little, locking up “the wrong way” before Hannah’s dropkick landed badly as she twisted her ankle. She guts through it, which Rocco praised her for, before Marty and Spud had a crack. Scurll ragdolls Spud early on, as he proceeded to tie him up with armbars as Spud was left screaming. They painted this as Marty showing him up for what happened the prior night, with Spud accusing Marty of sabotage. Rocco didn’t see it that way, as he didn’t want to see Marty “temper” himself, right as we see Spud losing his cool as he powdered out.

We see two folks in a neighbouring unit watching on as Spud tried to walk away. Rocco chases him back in, and we see Rollerball work over Spud as punishment. Yup, Spud’s getting squashed, as we see him take a nice back body drop or two! Rocco tries to choke out Spud, and by not tapping, Spud earned his respect.

Dixie Carter tells us Rocco has to decide who makes the cut – but in the end he sends them all through to the next round. So they’re all heading to the States! But first, they’re facing the media, and the PROGRESS faithful?!

Back from the break, TNA PR Simon Rothstein preps them for some media questioning. The Blossoms are doing Cosmopolitan magazine, in addition to talkSPORT and The Sun. But first, Patrick Lennon of the Daily Star interviews everyone for his Fighting Talk column. His first question for the Blossoms? “Lets be honest, women in wrestling generally are viewed as eye candy.” Not a question, but I sense there’s some editing at play there…

Marty’s quizzed about him “being a player”, while Spud’s asked if he’s “Britain’s most annoying wrestler.” I mean, Spud is the guy who “dumped” his gear because of a web forum poll once… Patrick moves back to Marty, asking if he’s “gotten any numbers” as things get a little tabloidy, and stay that way on talKSPORT radio. Meanwhile, the Blossoms get their Cosmo interview, which is of a more aspirational tone, and then it’s off to the Sun, as Spud is more focused about Page 3. Marty drops a bollock during the Sun interview, and gets slapped on the wrist by TNA PR for how he referred to Dixie Carter. Oops.

Jeremy Borash suddenly appears outside the Garage in Islington. Yep, they filmed this at an early PROGRESS wrestling show. That’s weird in the current landscape, as the foursome get to cut promos. First up: Rockstar Spud. He’s booed out of the room, but laps it all up. The Blossoms are out next, but Spud interrupts them and drops a term that doesn’t age well, before they take the mic back and… keep it Attitude-era before they backed Spud into a corner. Marty Scurll’s out last, and gets a loud pop from the PROGRESS mob (wonder why…). All in, a decent enough outing, even if bits of it was very “WWF TV” like.

Things broke down as Spud and Marty threatened to come to blows, but of course Spud bailed to keep the match for Wembley Arena. We then see everyone saying goodbye to their family and friends as everyone’s flying out to America for the next step…

With “only” twenty-odd minutes to play with, they had to cram a LOT into this episode – and while splitting the actual wrestling “try out” part of it and the “media” side of things into each half of this episode was a decent choice, it perhaps looks a little odd in hindsight, considering what the next episode was dedicated to…