Seven days after their original meeting, David Starr and WALTER continued to write the early chapters of their feud, as they hit Hamburg.

Yes, this match is up on wXw NOW, since it was the opener for February’s Dead End XV show, with English commentary from Alan Counihan.

February 6, 2016 – wXw Dead End XV – David Starr vs. Big Daddy Walter
A week later, the pair had a rematch in Hamburg to start 2016’s Dead End. Walter’s the massive favourite in front of Das Power Crowd, and Big Daddy starts by taking Starr into the corner… but the Product’s able to get away quickly.

After a spot of playing for a rope break, Walter gets in a headlock takedown, and clings onto the hold… only to get taken into the ropes, where Starr gets in some cheap shots. Bet you can’t guess what Walter’s reply is? CHOP! A chop that drew chants of “holy shit”, at that!

Starr tries to give a receipt, but it’s a playful slap to the face as he tries to charge his shoulder at Walter in the corner… and yes, the Austrian has a retaliation for that too – a decapitating dropkick. Jesus David, you’ll learn one day! More chops, and a slam that bounces Starr so high off the mat that Walter literally has to press him down for the pin.

Starr manages to backflip over Walter and trips him, but his slingshot into the ring whiffs badly, allowing Walter to whip him back into the ropes for a big boot and a sit-down splash. Yep, this is literally a squash!

More chops led to a Flair flop, but Walter ends up catching the rope with his follow-up as Starr tries to neutralise the hand. A smart tactic. Even if it involved biting and jamming Walter’s hand in the turnbuckle irons. Hey, you can’t throw chops if your hand’s hurting…

Starr tries to pull Walter into a German suplex, but this time the Austrian avoids it and decks him with a lariat, before following in with more clotheslines… which Starr countered with a back body drop into the corner. Walter again falls for the “Look At It”, and Starr… turns around into an angry Austrian, who chops and forearms him all around the ring, before almost sending Starr crashing through the ropes with those knees.

More chops follow, but Starr low bridges Walter onto the apron… and knocks him off with a dropkick for a tope… but again he’s caught and dumped onto the side of the ring with a slam. Walter tries to go up top, but despite being caught, he manages to lock in a rear naked choke to Starr, who responds by pulling him off the middle rope.

A change sees Starr try to fly into Walter with a ‘rana… but it’s countered into a powerbomb attempt. Starr comes back with a rolling elbow before a roll-up DDT… but that’s countered into another massive powerbomb, and this time it’s enough for Walter to get the win. Yep, this was a truncated version of the match in Fulda… but it worked. What the match lacked in time, the hot Hamburg crowd made up for as they witnessed a bloody great sprint of a match. ****

I’m starting to think these two can’t have bad matches… but we’d have to wait a while for their next singles match, as the fledgling feud would take a slight detour in the form of some tag team matches with Shane Strickland, starting at that year’s 16 Carat Gold…