Christmas came early in 2017 for fans of this feud – but would be same-old, same-old as David Starr took WALTER to the US?

This was back when Beyond and EVOLVE ran a double-header from the Melrose Memorial Hall… and they’ve got this in the opener, as WALTER would be facing Matt Riddle later in the evening on the EVOLVE show.

December 10, 2017 – Beyond – Cold Brew – David Starr vs. WALTER
The latest chapter of this feud sees Starr try and take WALTER into the corner, but it’s not long before der Ringgeneral tries to assert his advantage, trying for a gutwrench suplex only for Starr to catch himself in the ropes for a break.

WALTER manages to catch Starr with a lariat, but the Product’s back to his feet and… runs into a chop. You know how it goes – WALTER’s very fond of those cracking chops, and David Starr is familiar with them. Painfully so. WALTER shoves Starr out of the ring with his boot, and that prompts a fightback… but you can probably guess whose chops were more effective. Starr avoids an Earthquake-style sit-down splash… but yeah, those chops, man. Whenever WALTER looked to be threatened, one single swipe of his right hand, and Starr was back on the mat.

Some of the crowd didn’t approve of WALTER’s clubbering, but if it’s effective, you go with it, right? It’s completely one-sided, as Starr found that a change of continent wasn’t producing a change in fortunes, with WALTER just throwing him around in side Salto suplexes for fun. Finally Starr fights back, and even manages to duck a chop… before taking WALTER into the ropes for a Product Recall flatliner. The Look At It Shining Wizard gets Starr a near-fall, but it also enrages WALTER into another furious chop. Dear God, WALTER… Starr ducks another on the outside as the Austrian makes contact with the guard railings, and there’s the opening Starr needed, as he traps his hand in the barricades and hits a running boot into it.

Just when Starr was getting back in, he’s caught with a big boot and a powerbomb on the apron as WALTER puts him in his place… and it’s fair to say that the crowd in Melrose have fallen in love with WALTER. Starr narrowly beats the count-out, but it’s to his detriment as WALTER tosses him with a butterfly suplex for a near-fall, before the rear naked choke sank Starr back down to the mat… and just as we thought it was over, Starr fought back, and countered a RINGKAMPF German suplex into one of his own!

However, it’s back to form as WALTER took a Cherry Mint DDT on the apron before retaliating with a diving boot, leaving both men back at square one essentially. WALTER goes back to boots and chops, stinging Starr into another short-lived comeback. Starr manages to flip out of a German suplex before knocking down WALTER… but the lariat’s repaid instantly, before WALTER’s powerbomb is countered into a Code Red?! Bloody hell, you knew these two were good already, right?

Starr eventually gets off a Product Placement, but WALTER’s instantly back on his feet and nails him with a sit-out tombstone for the win. Good luck following that – these two have turned out another classic folks! ****¼

That was all for these two from 2017… but of course they’d be back at it in 2018, with their first outing being… at Fight Club Pro?!