It’s a feud that’s been going on for almost three years now, crossing into multiple countries. It’s become an obsession for some, and now, we retrace those steps…

At the time of writing, the feud between David Starr and WALTER looks to be on ice, with their last match being at PROGRESS’ “Still Chasing” show this past September, although that turned into an impromptu three-way… before then, you’d have to go to OTT in June for the last singles match that had no messing around, with WALTER getting the win via a ref stoppage.

Join us on our look back on all of the matches David Starr and WALTER has been in – going back over a feud that’s seen David Starr pick up some wins, but crucially has not (yet) been able to pin WALTER or make him submit. These are the chronicles of David Starr and WALTER…

For those looking to follow along, this show is up on wXw NOW, albeit with German commentary from Sebastian Hollmichel and Christian Bischof, wXw’s evergreen pairing…

January 30, 2016 – wXw More Than Wrestling: Fulda – David Starr vs. Big Daddy Walter
It all began in Fulda, a small city of about 64,000 people in central Germany, some 65 miles away from Frankfurt. Back then, Walter was just a large father, but was sporting the black-and-white of RINGKAMPF. Meanwhile, David Starr was… clean shaven for his wXw debut.

We’ve got a hybrid of boxing and wrestling turnbuckles for some reason, and this first-time meeting starts with David Starr playfully slapping Walter’s chest. So THAT’S why Walter’s mad! He refuses a handshake and instantly goes for Starr’s wrist before some playing around just angered the Austrian, who flattened Starr by spinning around on his back. Yep, this is child’s play!

Starr throws the first chop, but he realises he’s messed up as Walter instantly decks him with a receipt, before an elbow sent Starr rushing to the outside. After some stalling, Starr’s back in to grab a headlock… but Walter shoved him away as Starr found out the hard way that pie-facing a giant Austrian… also wasn’t a good idea. Especially when it earns you a huge dropkick!

Walter grabs a wristlock as he restrained Starr with ease, but the Product’s able to get free and trip Walter in the ropes… earning him more chops. Good to see he got used to those on day one! After a Flair flop out of the corner, Walter drills Starr with slams and sit-down splashes, before he takes a back body drop into the corner as Starr had enough of getting splashed. A double-leg takedown follows as Starr tries to work over Walter’s right leg, fighting away attempts to break free as we eventually got a rope break. Starr stays in charge with eye rakes and boots in the corner as he channelled Steve Austin, prompting commentary to dismiss it out of hand (“oh, no no no no”), before he goes to… a chinlock!

Walter uses a chinbreaker to get free, before he’s pulled into a bridging German suplex for a near-fall, but the “Look At It” hip thrust just pisses of Walter, and I think you know what’s next. CHOP! CHOP! CHOP!

Vicious knees keep Starr against the ropes, as does a paintbrushing slap, but Starr escaped and ran in with some forearms as Walter just shrugs it off and put Starr in the other corner for more splashes and a butterfly suplex to pick up a near-fall. He telegraphs a powerbomb, almost literally, before opting for a German suplex instead, but Starr avoids a lariat… only to get decked by a second one as Walter put him down for a near-fall.

Another powerbomb attempt from Walter’s countered into a DDT, but the Austrian rolls onto the apron… and gets knocked down with a springboard lariat and a dropkick, as Walter catches his eventual dive. A slam onto the apron is Starr’s reward for that, as was a legdrop against the edge of the ring, which he manages to shrug off as he went up top after Walter… teasing a super death valley driver?

Walter shoves him away only for Starr to pull him down off the top rope anyway into a Figure Four. The Austrian can barely reach Starr with chops, so they have little effect, forcing him to roll to the ropes instead for a break. Some clubbing shots fend off Starr, as Walter returns with a shotgun dropkick into the corner, but Starr avoids another powerbomb and nails a rolling elbow instead. Starr decides to go up top himself, but his dropkick is swiftly countered into a powerbomb, before another one from Walter seals the deal. Yep, they’ve been having bangers since day one. Absolutely breathless stuff – with Walter giving Starr enough hope, but in the end the wXw newcomer was absolutely outclassed from bell-to-bell. The best bit about this… this match definitely didn’t feel like it went 17 minutes! ****

They didn’t wait long for a return match – they’d meet seven days later in Hamburg… which we’ll pick up next time around!