It’s quickly back to singles action for David Starr and WALTER, as their over-familiarity with each other picked up a new twist. No rope breaks.

March 28, 2018 – Defiant – Road to No Regrets: No Rope Breaks: David Starr vs. WALTER
Oh hey, we’re opening with a banger – it’s pinfall and submission only, with no rope breaks… and the winner gets a shot at Travis Banks’ Internet title.

We open with Starr taking WALTER into the corner, but the Austrian escapes and swings for a chop… only for Starr to escape. It’s a tentative opening as WALTER took Starr down with ease, and lifted him too, placing him on the apron with ease from a gutwrench. Starr finally snaps with some chops and right hands, taking WALTER into the corner, before tripping him up off the ropes… but you know what’s coming up.

CH… no, it’s ducked, as Starr comes back with a Thesz press, before his hand is kicked away… but he does manage to knock WALTER to the outside for a tope. This is a better start than usual for Starr, but we know what WALTER’s big equaliser is… but it’s something Starr’s had so many of, he manages to avoid it. They brawl around the ringside area, where WALTER lands an European uppercut before…


An apron powerbomb followed as WALTER took the upper hand, standing on WALTER’s throat as the referee looked to enforce a rope-break. In a match where they don’t count. Nevermind though, as WALTER kept blasting through Starr with slams before wrestling him to the mat, ripping off some KT tape on the shoulder before easily responding to a chop attempt from Starr. WALTER grabs an armbar, and hiptosses him when Starr looked to get free… but the focus remained on the arm inbetween some killer throws, such as a deadlift gutwrench that almost put Starr away. Some spitting from Starr just riled up WALTER for some more chops, with the referee AGAIN trying to enforce a rope break in a match without them. After getting shoved to the outside, Starr mounts another comeback with lariats, but WALTER replies with a chop, then a big boot, before finally getting dropped with a Han Stansen lariat.

Starr tries to follow up with a back elbow, but he’s got to escape a butterfly suplex, then a shotgun dropkick before decking WALTER with a Shining Wizard for a near-fall. Another boot from WALTER led to a rear naked choke as that bloody referee’s trying the rope breaks again, but Starr’s able to get through the ropes and hang WALTER in them to get free… except the Austrian’s right back with a hanging Gojira clutch, only letting go to let Starr drop to the floor to try and win via count-out. The Product beats the count and almost nicked victory with a Code Red, before he’s chopped away as he climbed the ropes, as WALTER dragged him up for an avalanche butterfly suplex.

Starr broke free and leaps over the Austrian, before dumping him awkwardly into the corner with a back body drop, as he tried to steal a win with his feet – legally – on the ropes. WALTER kicked out of that, as Starr got a Product Placement, then a rear naked choke… which WALTER stood up from, before snapmaring free… and he’s straight back in with a shotgun dropkick and a powerbomb for the win. Well, that was good, but tempered a little with some weirdness with the no rope break stuff that the referee was on autopilot for… but hey, Travis Banks vs. WALTER in two promotions, eh? ***¾

It’s back to the States for the next chapter in this feud, and it came in the form of a tag team match as David Starr needed a new partner to join up with against RINGKAMPF over WrestleMania weekend in New Orleans…