David Starr & WALTER met again in regular action… and it’s back to Oberhausen as we look at the finals of 2017’s World Tag Team League.

Starr & WALTER locked horns during Shortcut to the Top, but their paths crossed again in October 2017 – with the wXw world tag team titles on the line in the finals of the World Tag Team League. We were there live for this one, so here’s our live perspective from the Turbinenhalle…

October 08, 2017 – World Tag Team League – Night Three – World Tag Team League – Final for wXw World Tag Team Championship: Massive Product (David Starr & Jurn Simmons) vs. RINGKAMPF (WALTER & Timothy Thatcher)
A nice even start gets us going in this final – that will crown a new set of tag team champions, remember – with Thatcher going for a heel hook early… but Starr rolls into the ropes.

Thatcher and Starr work on the mat early, before we swap to the hosses of each team. See-saw shoulder barges eventually get Jurn an edge, especially when he hung on to avoid a WALTER dropkick as the big men left their feet… only for Jurn to gloat and earn himself a Gojira clutch/German suplex combo. Jurn thinks he can fight back with chops… and he was right, as he charged WALTER into the corner, allowing him and Starr to double-team briefly.

WALTER overcame and isolated Starr, handing him off to Thatcher for a gutwrench. Starr dragged him down as the back-and-forth momentum swings continue. Thatcher’s forced to fight away some double-teams before WALTER comes in to chop away on the Massive Product. David Starr tries to copy that, and has some success with an O’Connor roll… only to get dragged into a Gojira clutch that Jurn broke by dumping Thatcher onto the pile with a spinebuster. RINGKAMPF returned that favour, powerbombing Starr onto Jurn to break up a pin.

WALTER comes in with a chop to Starr… and yes, they’re returned because we need a Violence Party! Things get really tasty for a spell between those two, hitting harder and harder, before WALTER wandered into a Cherry Mint DDT on the apron from Starr.

Massive Product looked to go for a spike piledriver, but WALTER booted away Starr as RINGKAMPF went after Jurn with the double powerbomb… but he kicked out at two! The crowd started to get further behind RINGKAMPF, just as the two hosses traded clotheslines in the corner. WALTER dropped Jurn with the sit-out tombstone, but Starr got in in time to break it up as he came in with a floatover Destroyer… that led to the spike piledriver… but not the finish as Thatcher got his shoulder up and turned into a zombie!

With Jurn down, Thatcher wrapped Starr in a rear naked choke… WALTER came in to add a second submission, and that was enough to make the Massive Product crumble! Starr taps – he’s not repeating as World Tag Team League winner, and RINGKAMPF leave with the gold! An awesome match to wrap up the World Tag Team League, and the mat is indeed holy! ****½

We had to wait a while for match eight… match nine would come just three weeks later in London, as late card changes to wXw’s trip to the UK gave us another taste.