We’re jumping forward a few months as Dragon Lee and Kamaitachi locked horns in another lightning match…

January 09, 2015 – CMLL Super Viernes – Dragon Lee vs. Kamaitachi
It’s another lightning match as we’re sticking to Arena Mexico… and it’s a quick start as chops and duelling head kicks at the opening whistle knocked both men down.

Dragon Lee’s right back up, but so’s Kamaitachi as he rushes Dragon into the corner for some stomps, only to get caught with a stalling dropkick and a low dropkick in the opposite set of turnbuckles. The pair have the same idea, going for dropkicks, but Kamaitachi came off worse, rolling outside before a massive tope suicida saw Dragon Lee connect with Kamaitachi… then the guard rails. Idiots, the pair of them. We’re barely 90 seconds in! Back in the ring, Dragon Lee lifts Kamaitachi up top for a superplex, which nearly ended the match there… but Kamaitachi kicks out and sidestepped a low dropkick so he could hit one of his own. From there, it’s onto the entrance ramp as Kamaitachi has a run-up for another over-the-top shotgun dropkick for a two-count, before going back to the mask… but it comes to nought as Dragon Lee’s able to hit back with almost a Shining Wizard.

Kamaitachi’s quickly back with a clothesline that drops Dragon Lee on his head, before the pair rolled into opposite corners. A charge from Kamaitaichi gets blocked with a boot, before Dragon Lee went for the Del Rio stomp. It’s missed as Kamaitaichi leans back, before he rolled free and went for a German suplex. Dragon Lee flips free and spikes Kamaitaichi with a rebound German for a near-fall, before another Phoenixplex attempt ended with Kamaitachi rolling up Dragon Lee for the pin at six minutes. He learned from last time, and won… but he had to snatch off Dragon Lee’s mask to get him over the line! Perhaps not as crazy as the first match, but I really dug the progression we’re seeing just from match one to match two… ***¼

The next match in the series is missing, so next week we’ll skip forward to match number four: with both wrestler’s masks on the line!