We’re back to the lightning matches as the Hiromu/Dragon Lee rivalry rages on!

November 27, 2015 – CMLL Super Viernes: Dragon Lee vs. Kamaitachi
It’s the last lightning match of the feud (so far), and Dragon Lee’s taking this very casually as he’s sporting a t-shirt and a baseball cap for his ring attire. We’ve got new music too, including a very growly theme for Kamaitachi.

They start off hot here, trading chops for a spell before Kamaitachi found a way through with a head kick. Some boot choking has Dragon Lee cornered, but he’s back out with a shotgun dropkick, only to get spun to the mat with a lariat to close out the opening 60 seconds. After getting lifted onto the apron, Dragon Lee’s clotheslined to the floor before slapping Kamaitachi off the top rope… teasing a Del Rio stomp, but instead Kamaitachi fights back, knocking Dragon Lee down for a crossbody instead. A clothesline takes Dragon Lee into the crowd, but it’s not long before they’re back inside as a big splash off the top gets Kamaitachi a near-fall. Kamaitachi goes for the mask again, then sidestepped a dropkick before hitting a Destroyer on Dragon Lee. From there, he wanders up the Clorets-sponsored ramp and hits the over-the-top shotgun dropkick for a near-fall.

Dragon Lee returns with a ‘rana and a tope con giro, before Desnucadora landed for a near-fall. He’s quickly back with a Regalplex for another near-fall, before Kamaitachi countered a Phoenixplex attempt into a Destroyer for a rare win! A condensed version of their recent outings – decent, but nothing you’d not seen earlier in this rivalry. ***

After the match, Kamaitachi challenged Dragon Lee to a title match… which would take place a week later.