It’s back to the lightning matches as Dragon Lee and Kamaitachi locked horns once again in Mexico!

July 06, 2015 – CMLL Guerreros del Ring: Dragon Lee vs. Kamaitachi
We’ve had to skip over two matches, including one where Dragon Lee successfully defended the CMLL World Lightweight Championship over Kamaitachi… and it’s back to the lightning matches!

We skip the entrances and start with Kamaitachi putting the boots to Dragon Lee in the corner. Yeah, despite losing the mask and having his real name given, he’s still going by Kamaitachi. A baseball slide dropkick awaits ragon Lee in the corner as Kamaitachi’s playing to the crowd, before he landed a superplex that saw Dragon Lee damn near bounce off of what looked like a very unforgiving ring. Kamaitachi pushes Lee outside… then threw him back inside as I swear they edited out him being thrown into the crowd. Rebounding Dragon Lee off the ropes, Kamaitachi followed with a superkick for a two-count, before taking him to the top rope to work on the mask again. It’s eventually stopped by the ref, so they head onto the walkway as Kamaitachi lands a suplex, before tossing Dragon Lee back inside for a neck crank… that served as a way to try and hide more mask loosening.

Eventually Dragon Lee fought free and took Kamaitachi outside for a tope con giro, before they broke into a chop battle back inside. A German suplex takes us to a slow-counted near-fall for Dragon Lee, who followed up with Desuncadora for an even slower-count. Comically slow! Dragon Lee argues with the ref for a while before he took Kamaitachi into the corner… but missed the Del Rio Stomp before running into a pop-up powerbomb. Kamaitachi goes outside as he gives himself a run-up for an over-the-ropes dropkick…and wouldn’t you know it, the ref fast-counts him to the win! This was clearly a clipped match, as the five minute time call came before the video had even passed five minutes, but what we got was good – and continued the feud as Kamaitachi was still gunning for Dragon Lee’s mask. ***½

Next week: we’re back at it, as the two face off for some gold!