Kamaitachi looked to take home the gold in this latest crack at Dragon Lee in 2015…

July 13, 2015 – CMLL Lunes: CMLL World Lightweight Championship: Dragon Lee (c) vs. Kamaitachi
We’re going back to the title matches now, as Dragon Lee put up his World Lightweight strap in a best of three-falls outing.

Soberano Jr. and OKUMURA are cornering the champion and challenger respectively, and we start with a barrage of chops before Kamaitachi began to swing for the fences. Kicks don’t find their mark, but armdrags did as the champion found himself stomped on the mat, with a doub;e knee drop off the top getting a quick first-fall. Kamaitachi keeps up the pace to start the second fall, wearing down Dragon Lee with a standing double armbar, before they headed onto the raised walkway for a suplex on the champion. Throwing Dragon Lee back inside, Kamaitachi keeps up with chops before he got dropkicked outside… but rushed back in to come in with an elbow before he could be dived on. A superplex attempt from Kamaitachi’s countered as he’s pushed back for a Del Rio stomp, and there’s our traditional needless first two falls out of the way in quick time.

The third fall begins with Dragon Lee stomping a mudhole in Kamaitachi, following up with some chops before he got superkicked off the top rope. Kamaitachi followed him outside with a flying body press, then followed in with a big splash back inside for a two-count before he went after Dragon Lee’s mask. That came to nought as Dragon Lee ‘ranas Kamaitachi outside, quickly joining him with a tope suicida. Another ‘rana was next as Dragon Lee almost wrapped up the match, only for Kamaitachi to come back with a baseball slide dropkick in the corner, forcing Dragon Lee to grab the rope to stay in it. Kamaitachi heads up again for a double knee drop, but it doesn’t repeat his success from the first fall as Dragon Lee got up just in time.

The back-and-forth continues as a kitchen sink knee to the gut and a low dropkick earns the champion a near-fall, before he held on through a crossface attempt as Kamaitachi just tosses him outside. They head into the crowd from there, as Dragon Lee hits the wall, but made it back inside as his mask was worked over again. Kamaitachi runs into another rana, taking him outside for a tope con giro. Back inside, some quick German suplexes and a swivelling lariat get Kamaitachi a slow two-count, despite dumping the champion on his neck with the impact. A running dropkick followed from the ramp into the ring for another near-fall, which frustrated Kamaitachi… but at least the slow counts went both ways, as Dragon Lee came close as he dropkicked away a leapfrog. An overhead belly-to-belly suplex towards the corner was Kamaitachi’s receipt, but a second over-the-top rope dropkick’s swatted away as Dragon Lee inched closer to victory.

From there, Desnucadora dumped Kamaitachi high on his back for a near-fall, but a Tree of Woe from Dragon Lee ended with him being caught in a spider belly-to-belly suplex, before a sunset flip nearly gets the win. Dragon Lee’s back with a knee strike, before he found luck with the Del Rio stomp and a spider German suplex that gets the win. Christ, that felt flat as a pancake, but I did like how Dragon Lee won it with a new move. These best-of-three falls matches really aren’t my thing… ***½