Continuing our monthly look at subscription boxes, we’re back to take a look at September’s Slobber Knocker Box!


Reviewing the deluxe box again, we start with a pair of t-shirts, both designed by Jason Kallend. The first one is… erm… look, I have no way of describing it other than using the word on the shirt itself: glorious! It’s a black tee with a silhouette of Bobby Roode under a shower of pyro.


Our second shirt this month is another comic-book style design that pays homage to Jushin “Thunder” Liger’s recent exploits in the Battle of Los Angeles, with a red-on-black design for “THUNDER IN LOS ANGELES”. Sure, it sounds like one of Hulk Hogan’s failed TV shows, but the design’s pretty cool.


Fitting in with the Bobby Roode shirt, we have a pin badge with a caricature of the man himself saying “I am glorious”…


There’s two DVDs in this month’s box as well, one is from ATTACK! Pro Wrestling’s WrestleMania weekend show called “How Do You Learn To Fall Off A 20Ft Ladder”. A pretty cool show that’s already on our review pile here on On that card is the likes of Tyler Bate vs. Travis Banks, Mark Andrews & Nixon Newell vs. Kid Lykos and Chris Brookes, and a three-way main event for the ATTACK! 24/7 title between Pete Dunne, Wild Boar and Eddie Dennis.

The second DVD is a “best of” Jushin “Thunder” Liger from IVP Videos. These are all tag matches, featuring the likes of Shinjiro Ohtani, El Samurai, Masahiro Chono, Satoshi Kojima and Kenzo Suzuki. Just when you thought you’d forgotten his abysmal WWE run!


Finally, we have one one, not two, but three signed pictures this month, featuring “Gentleman” Jack Gallagher, Chris Brookes and Wes Brisco… and no, I haven’t listed those in order of preference either!

September’s box gets another thumbs up from me!

Slobber Knocker Boxes are available worldwide via – and come in four flavours: junior, standard, deluxe and t-shirt only. Junior boxes contain t-shirts that’ll fit children, but regardless of order, you still get to pick the t-shirt size. Each box contains a variety of items, including but not limited to t-shirts, DVDs, prints and collectible figurines.

The website contains full pricing details, and also lists the cut-off point for each month – typically the cut-off point is around the 10th of the month, and boxes dispatch around two weeks later.