Robbie X makes the first defence of his newly-won British Cruiserweight title, as he once again faces the thorn in his side that is Will Kaven.

Quick Results
Lucian Phillips pinned David Francisco in 15:39 (**½)
Dani Luna pinned Lucia Lee to retain the Southside Women’s Championship in 13:17 (**¾)
Zak Knight pinned Shaun Jackson in 12:33 (**¾)
Gabriel Kidd pinned Chris Bronson in 11:18 (***¼)
Luke Jacobs pinned Myles Kayman in 20:03 (***¼)
Danny Jones & Brendan White pinned Mad Kurt & Michael Oku in 9:51 (***)
Robbie X defeated Will Kaven by 2 falls to 0 in 16:56 to retain the Rev Pro Undisputed British Cruiserweight Championship (***¼)

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We’re streaming live from the Priory Centre in St. Neots, with Andy Quildan and Kelly Marshall on commentary. We’ve also got Andy experimenting with Gio/Slick Lombardo, who was essentially hosting the VOD. Andy likes experiments, especially with the volume sliders, by the sound of things in the opener… bloody hell.

David Francisco vs. Lucian Phillips
These two have met once before in a singles match at Rev Pro – back in Huntington in April last year. This time around, Phillips is looking to get a win after he’d been eliminated first by Francisco during that elimination match in Southampton.

Francisco threatened to shave Phillips’ chest with some chops, as they finally locked up with Phillips taking Francisco into the corner. Another lock-up’s pushed off, with Phillips this time charging down Francisco… before Francisco’s response was shrugged off as Phillips again took him to the mat.

Francisco slapped Phillips after some verbals, then low bridged him to the outside ahead of a dropkick through the ropes as that one camera was having real issues focusing. Haven’t we all in this Christmas-to-New-Year week? Back inside, Francisco floats over Phillips, then charged him into the corner, only for Phillips to chop his way out… a drop toe hold has Francisco back in the mix, only for an arm whip to dump him right back to the mat. Phillips’ suplex gets reversed for a two-count, before Francisco got hung up in the ropes ahead of a wacky body attack for a near-fall. Strikes from Phillips keep him ahead, as did some double-hand chops, while Francisco’s bid to fight back ended with some Phillips elbows. Getting frustrated with himself, Francisco fired up and eventually caught a kick from Phillips, only to get clobbered in the corner before he charged back out with a shotgun dropkick for a near-fall.

Chops from Francisco were met in kind, leading to standing clotheslines and a snap DDT that put Phillips down for a near-fall. A crossface follows, but Phillips got to the ropes, then clocked Francisco with a wind-up punch… before a standing F5 and a lariat got the win – a decent match, but perhaps felt a little on the long side given Francisco’s current standing… although commentary did paint this afterwards as the start of something new. **½

Southside Women’s Championship: Lucia Lee vs. Dani Luna (c)
This was Dani’s first defence after she’d won the title from Kanji two weeks ago…

Luna looked to control things from the off, taking Lee into the corner early on, ahead of a headlock takedown. Getting free, Lee goes for a Test of Strength, but Luna looked to be in control of that before she got shot into the ropes, as it’s back to the shoulder blocks.

A Dragon screw from Lee targeted Luna’s knee, ahead of a trip-up by the ropes and a flip neckbreaker a la Charlotte for a near-fall. Rolling outside, Dani had the referee check on an apparent injury, but the match continued as Luna waffled Lee with a clothesline as she then laughed it all off. Lee tries to aim for Luna’s knee with some kicks from the ground, but instead Luna targets the arm of the challenger with a chinbar. A slam gets Dani a quick two-count, but Lee fights back as she chopped Dani into the corners, telegraphing one more as Luna ducked… only to get shot into the corner and rolled up for a one-count.

A sliding flatliner from Luna nearly won it, as she then stretched Lee with a handful of hair… then moved it to a slightly more legal position ahead of a roll-over for a two-count. A dropkick from Lee buys her time, as did a leg lariat and a pump kick in the corner, while Luna was forced to block a Saito suplex… only to take it seconds later.

A Shining Wizard nearly won it for Lee, who ended up taking a snap suplex and an Air Raid Crash for a near-fall. Back-and-forth strikes end with a headbutt from Lee, before a Rude Awakening neckbreaker almost led to the unexpected title change. Lee’s pull-up Codebreaker followed, but a crossbody out of the corner’s easily caught and turned into a fallaway slam as Luna shut the door on the match with a Darkness Falls. This was fine, but Dani needs to establish herself as a baddie in Rev Pro – hopefully with something more than the Jinny-like “stupid girl” insults. **¾

Shaun Jackson vs. Zak Knight
Jackson was filling in for Gideon Grey here, with Zak vs. Grey being rearranged for Rev Pro show’s next weekend… while Zak Knight was looking to get himself back on track after he lost the Rev Pro Undisputed British Heavyweight title (for RKJ) two weeks ago.

We open with Zak taking Jackson into the ropes, only to be met with a cheapshot on the break. Wash, rinse, repeat, before Zak returned the favour… then bulldozed Double Action with a shoulder tackle. A Jackson leapfrog led to a blocked hiptoss, with Knight landing one of his own as he proceeded to box Jackson into the corner. Chops and punches follow from Knight, who broke out the Russ Abbott special before he chucked Jackson outside for a swift plancha. Jackson goes for the eyes, but ends up chopping the post as Knight pounced on that newly-found target. Jackson’s able to find a way back with a suplex and a big boot, while another suplex barely got him a one-count.

Knight escapes a Jackson Falls as the pair began to trade blows, leading to Zak doing the RKJ rope running with leapfrogs, dropdowns and a springboard crossbody for a two-count. A back senton’s next for another two-count, before another Knight crossbody was countered into a suplex for a two-count for Jackson. Another crack at the Jackson Falls ends with a ‘rana from Knight, then a discus lariat, as the pair looked to trade strikes again. It went poorly for Shaun, who ends up taking a dropkick as Zak went all RKJ again off the ropes, before an over-the-knee brainbuster nearly won it. A bucklebomb and a spear follow, and that’s enough for Zak to get the popular win with the kid-heavy crowd in St. Neots. **¾

Chris Bronson vs. Gabriel Kidd
Kidd’s returning to Rev Pro after he finished bottom of World Tag League with Alex Coughlin…

We opened with a lock-up from Bronson, taking Kidd into the corner ahead of a shoulder tackle as the newcomer had Kidd on the back foot. A side headlock from Kidd’s shoved off as we’re back to shoulder tackles, only for Kidd to charge Bronson down in return. Kidd’s snapmare and kick to the back put him in control, as did some forearms, before a clothesline got Bronson right back in it. A suplex keeps Bronson on top for a one-count, as he then proceeded to hurl Kidd into the turnbuckles. Elbows from Bronson fired up Kidd, who tried to chop his way back into things, before a dropkick bought him some breathing room.

Resurging, Kidd’s forearms have Bronson down, as did a bodyslam and a back senton, before a struggle over a suplex ended with Kidd landing a brainbuster instead for a near-fall. A piledriver’s thrown away by Bronson’s big back body drop, but Kidd stays on Bronson… and ran into a spinebuster as the Bristolian almost took the upset. Bronson followed that up with a Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring, dragging Kidd away from the ropes before Kidd finally forced a break. A press slam from Bronson was escaped as Kidd threw some chops, before Bronson ducked a Bull lariat… then returned with a suplex. That was good for a two-count, as Kidd charged back with a clothesline… then a piledriver to get the win. This was some lovely stuff, with Bronson more than holding his own – hopefully he’ll be a regular part of the roster in 2023, as Gabriel Kidd looked to be getting set up for a possible title shot in the new year. ***¼

After the match, Gabriel Kidd confirmed that he’s back in Rev Pro – so he’ll be around for a while…

Myles Kayman vs. Luke Jacobs
It’s a Rev Pro debut for Kayman, who last time I saw his name, was trying to be a part of North West Strong… but now he wants us to know he’s “Myles better than you.”

Kayman took Jacobs to the corner from the opening lock-up, then headed between the ropes when Jacobs tried to get him some. Kayman powdered outside, before he eventually returned to the ring and tripped up Luke… slapping the back of his head as he was down. That was very much a Bad Idea, as Jacobs chopped and slammed Kayman ahead of a back senton as he struck back. Jacobs headed to the corner, then charged at Kayman with a low dropkick across the ring… then stalked Myles on the outside ahead of a back suplex onto the side of the ring. More chops followed on the outside, as Jacobs then took Myles back inside for some more, before Kayman booted Jacobs out of the corner… riling up the former champion, only to get knocked back onto the apron.

Luke hits the ropes, but failed to knock Kayman off the apron as Myles sidestepped, then pulled Jacobs onto the side of the ring with a handful of hair. Stomps from Kayman eventually gave Jacobs time to figure a way back, but a STO out of nowhere nearly won it for the debutant. Jacobs gets sent into the corner via an Irish whip, as a splash and a Curt Hennig-esque neck flip out of the corner added another two-count for Myles. Kayman takes too long going for a suplex and gets cradled for a near-fall, but he’s able to force an opening with chops to Jacobs in the corner.

More delay allowed Jacobs back in with a back body drop, as running chops trap Kayman in the corner ahead of a German suplex. Kayman’s able to hang Jacobs up in the ropes, but eats a spinebuster quickly afterwards, before Luke measured up for a clothesline… which triggered counters upon counters, ending with a brainbuster for another near-fall for Luke. Jacobs and Kayman trade right hands as Myles was on the apron, but it’s Myles who pulled ahead as he hung Luke’s arm across the middle rope. A crossbody off the top’s caught by Jacobs, who rolls through… only to get caught with a DDT and a flying uppercut out of the opposite corner as Myles flopped on top of Luke for a two-count.

Kayman looked spent, and ends up getting caught with a superplex from Jacobs before the pair traded more strikes. Myles tries to chop Jacobs down with a clothesline, but eats a headbutt and an Exploder, only to return with a floatover DDT and a reverse DDT… but another lackadaisical cover costs him. Another flying uppercut from Kayman comes up short, allowing Jacobs to lash back in with a sit-out powerbomb… then a lariat for the win. Hey, they had Myles go over 20 minutes on his debut here, and it didn’t kill the crowd as you may have seen in other towns. There’s something in Kayman, as it’s just a case of nurturing that. ***¼

Greedy Souls (Brendan White & Danny Jones) vs. Michael Oku & Mad Kurt
Oku had a mystery partner here for this non-title outing… and the plan for it to be Eddie Dennis fell through after what happened at the 229 last month. So he ended up teasing a handicap match instead, and got jumped by the tag champions… before he got saved by Mad Kurt?

So, after being a mystery man at both Rev Pro and PROGRESS today, Mad Kurt flew into the Greedy Souls with a missile dropkick, then watched on as Oku’s Fosbury flop wiped them out… ahead of a bodyslam from Brendan White as Kurt did laps of the ring. We’re officially underway with some ground and pound from White, while a standing elbow drop got a two-count for Danny Jones. Kurt’s kept in the corner as the Greedy Souls picked their spots, with Danny Jones twisting Kurt’s neck between his legs. Oku’s knocked off the apron, which provided a distraction for some double-teaming as Oku argued with referee Chris Hatch. Mad Kurt tries to fight back with elbows, but he’s slapped down by Danny Jones, then worn down on the mat by White.

A Codebreaker from Mad Kurt buys him time… enough of it to tag out to Michael Oku, who cleared house on the Greedy Souls, leading to a tornado DDT to Jones for a two-count. Jones pushes away a half crab, but couldn’t avoid a PK… before Jones’ attempt to catch Oku on the top rope was fought away. Jones gets his knees up to block a frog splash, as Brendan White and Mad Kurt tagged in. Mad Kurt’s strikes just wind up the usually-pissed-off White some more, before Oku came in from behind and slapped White in the back of the head. A Code Red’s enough to get Mad Kurt a near-fall, as Oku then got posted by Danny Jones on the outside…

That left Mad Kurt on his own as a diving kick from White earned a near-fall, before a pop-up powerslam almost put Mad Kurt away. Danny Jones takes a Codebreaker out of the corner, then almost lost to a roll-up as Mad Kurt and Michael Oku seemed to have the golden touch… as a Mad Kurt stomp and a springboard Oku moonsault almost got the win. Amira’s trying to get the crowd popping as Mad Kurt went for the half crab on Jones… Oku gets one on White too… but Mad Kurt’s pushed into Oku as the champions broke the hold. From there, the champions strike decisively as a slingshot Bossman Slam gets Jones the win as it looks like we’re going towards Oku and Eddie Dennis in the new year in some form. A fun tag – with Mad Kurt playing his role well here. ***

Post-match, Oku took the mic and mentioned how he and Kurtis Chapman had dreamed of being a tag team years ago. Oku said this was the best way to end the best year of his career, and asked that everyone better things next year amid a sea of feedback… and some Mad Kurt Karaoke. A true assault on the ears, and I’ll let you decide what I’m talking about!

Best Two Out of Three Falls for Rev Pro Undisputed British Cruiserweight Championship: Will Kaven vs. Robbie X (c)
If you thought Robbie X pinning Will Kaven at York Hall two weeks ago to win the title was the end of this… clearly not!

Kaven tried to attack Robbie X with the title belt before the bell, but it’s ducked as Robbie X instead hit the ropes for a tijeras, while a hiptoss and cartwheel dropkick drew an early one-count. Kaven’s able to return fire with a curb stomp knee for a two-count, before Robbie X low bridges him onto the apron, and nailed a handspring kick to take him to the floor. On the outside, Kaven’s met with chops before he headed back into the ring to catch Robbie with a neckbreaker across the top rope. In the corner, Robbie X is able to land a kick to the inside of the leg, then the roundhouse… but the shooting star out of the corner lands on Kaven’s knees before some ref-trolling near-falls ended with an X-Clamation for another two-count. A second X-Clamation from Robbie X gets the first fall at 4:52 – ending a breathless exchange…

Kaven rolls outside to try and compose himself, but things turn into a Benny Hill chase that ended with a tope from the champion. Back inside, Kaven dropkicks Robbie X on the ropes ahead of another knee drop as Robbie was hung up… but that’s barely enough to get a two-count. A suplex from Kaven brings Robbie back in from the apron for another two-count, before a flurry from strikes from Robbie X looked to have him back in it. Robbie’s dropkick has Kaven down, as did a Molly Go Round off the top, only for Kaven to kick out at two. Kaven escapes a tombstone, but had to counter a handspring into a back suplex, before a Saito suplex dumped Robbie X for a near-fall. Kaven’s popped-up into a Finlay roll, while a springboard moonsault out of the corner nearly won the match for the champion.

Another turnaround came when Kaven countered a ripcord into a knee strike, then spikes Robbie X for a near-fall… a Dragon suplex and a clothesline to the back of the head keeps up the pressure, before the pair headed up onto the stage, where a piledriver left Robbie X laying… only to be saved by a super-slow count that allowed him to get back into the ring at nine. The referee nearly eats an X-Clamation, but did get caught with a diving kick from Robbie X. There’s no other referee, so of course they continue to wrestle as Robbie got a visual pin from a sit-out powerbomb. Kaven cracks Robbie X with the belt twice to counter an X-Clamation, and just in time for the referee to come to… and another slow count costs Kaven again as Robbie kicks out at two.

Kaven plays tug of war with the belt, which the referee wins out… before Kaven turned around into a kip-up ‘rana from Robbie X, who was able to snatch the win with the roll-up from that. A clean sweep for Robbie X, who surely puts Kaven in the rear window with that… and hopefully should open the door for new challengers as the year ticks over to 2023. ***¼

A solid if not understated show to wrap up the year, but one that looked to give tryouts to several new names – all of whom should have a spot in Rev Pro going forward.