Michael Oku tries to get back in the winning column as Rev Pro headed to St. Neots.

Quick Results
Eddie Dennis pinned Lucian Phillips in 13:39 (***)
Will Kaven pinned Robbie X in 10:59 (***¼)
Luke Jacobs submitted TK Cooper in 14:36 (***½)
Alex Windsor defeated Mercedez Blaze by disqualification in 13:34 (***¼)
Ricky Knight Jr. pinned JJ Gale in 11:58 (***¼)
Dan Moloney pinned MIchael Oku in 19:09 (***½)

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We’re at the Priory Centre in St. Neots for this one, with Andy Quildan running solo on commentary…

Lucian Phillips vs. Eddie Dennis
Speaking of running solo, there’s just a one-man Legion here with no Yota Tsuji or Gideon Grey as backup. This was the “official” return of Eddie Dennis, following his surprise return at York Hall in August…

Phillips takes Eddie to the corner to start, and after a bit of teasing we’re in with a wristlock as Phillips found himself on the defensive. The ropes save Phillips, whose attempted wristlock was quickly reversed as he went back to the ropes. Eventually the wristlocks gave way to side headlocks, shove offs and shoulder tackles, with Phillips charging down Dennis.

Eddie makes his way back in with armdrags and some tiltawhirl headscissors, taking Phillips outside. Phillips avoids a dive, but Eddie creeps up on him and lands a forearm, before he rebounded off the ropes as Phillips’ attempt to take things back inside earned him a clothesline.

Back inside, Phillips pounced on Dennis with a knee and a back elbow, before a throat thrust and an uppercut had Eddie in the ropes. Eventually Eddie fought back with chops and forearms, then a Manhattan drop and a clothesline. Phillips gets taken into the ropes for a swinging side slam, but it’s not enough to get the win as Phillips kicked out at two.

Phillips back body drops away from a buckle bomb attempt, following up with a lariat for a near-fall. Arguing with the referee strangely doesn’t turn that into a three-count, as Eddie had time to recover, doing so as he slipped out of the corner to catch Phillips with a Severn Bridge for a near-fall.

A Next Stop Driver’s escaped by Phillips, who went back to the clotheslines as a set-up for a spinebuster… but Eddie again kicks out at two. Back and forth forearms knock Phillips into the ropes, before the Next Stop Driver got the win as Eddie’s gone from chaining together losses to chaining together wins. ***

Will Kaven vs. Robbie X
After beating Michael Oku in his debut a week earlier, it’s a stern test for the newcomer Kaven.

Kaven jumped Robbie X with a shotgun dropkick at the bell, as he started off as the aggressor, taking Robbie into the ropes for chops before Robbie X hit the ropes and took down Kaven with a dropkick. Stomps take Kaven into the ropes, before Robbie floated over and hit the hiptoss and cartwheel dropkick for a quick two-count.

Robbie X is taken to the corner by the ears ahead of a neckbreaker across the turnbuckles, before Kaven followed up with some throttling back inside. A curb stomp knee adds a two-count for Kaven, which prompts a comeback from Robbie X… who gets sent chest-first into the corner. More knee drops follow from Kaven, but Robbie X manages to get free and corner Kaven for a roundhouse kick.

A standing shooting star press out of the corner gets Robbie X a two-count, before Kaven cut off a handspring with a low dropkick. A brainbuster’s next for a near-fall, as Robbie tries to take things outside, scoring a handspring kick to knock Kaven off the apron. That’s followed up with a moonsault off the apron from Robbie X, then a backflip into a sitout powerbomb back inside for a two-count.

Chops take Kaven into the corner, as Robbie X catches him with a backflip kick… before a Finlay roll looked to lead to a Spiral Tap. Robbie leaps off the top as Kaven moved away, before his handspring was blocked by Kaven… a second one’s countered into a Dragon suplex, with a follow-up lariat almost beating Robbie, before the Regalplex backbreaker proved to be enough for the upset. Kaven’s 2-for-2 in Rev Pro, with some pretty big scalps as well! ***¼

Luke Jacobs vs. TK Cooper
It’s champion vs. champion to end the first half of the show…

Jacobs has his left hand and wrist taped up as he started by taking TK into the ropes, but Cooper escapes as we head to the mat, with TK being taken into some headscissors that he eventually broke free of. Jacobs keeps him grounded with a STF, which quickly ends in the ropes, before the pair hit the ropes, leading to TK getting spun down with a shoulder block.

Chops take TK into the corner for some choking, but Cooper’s back with a leg lariat and a back body drop after he took Jacobs into the corner. It’s good for a two-count, as TK continued to clobber Jacobs, who replied with chops. Forearms from TK knock Jacobs into the corner ahead of a Flair flop for a two-count, before Jacobs raked TK’s eyes to buy him some time.

Heading outside, Jacobs swings for a chop, taking TK by the ring post, before a second one ended with Jacobs chopping the ring post. Luke shrugs it off as he suplexes TK on the floor though, then sucker punched him on the outside as the match eventually returned to the ring.

Cooper’s grounded with a chinlock back inside, before a slam and a back senton kept Jacobs ahead… a second slam led to Jacobs teasing a standing moonsault, but TK rolled away and began a comeback, only to get whipped hard into the turnbuckle. A suplex from Jacobs is blocked as TK came in with a headbutt instead, but Jacobs pulled TK into a crossface seconds later, stopping to elbow TK repeatedly before Cooper snapped back in with a suplex.

Dusty punches from TK lead to some roll-up clotheslines and an Exploder, but Jacobs elbowed away a second Exploder before he ran into a Cooper body press. TK’s lifted onto the apron by Jacobs, but booted the Cruiserweight champion down through the ropes ahead of a springboard Quebrada for a near-fall, before Jacobs escaped a suplex and tried a sleeperhold.

TK breaks it up, but couldn’t avoid running into a spinebuster as Jacobs pushed back into proceedings, picking up a near-fall from a butterfly suplex. Jacobs escaped a Samoan drop, but TK’s able to push out of the corner to turn a rear naked choke into a pinning attempt, as the Samoan drop quickly followed. In the end though, TK runs into a clothesline, then a sitout powerbomb as Jacobs ends up forcing the submission with a rear naked choke, which you’d presume would set up a Young Guns/Sunshine Machine match down the road… ***½

Mercedez Blaze vs. Alex Windsor
Blaze is gunning for a title shot – but this one’s a decidedly non-title affair…

Blaze looked to keep her distance in the opening stages, but Windsor caught her out with a trip to the buckles, then a roll-up, before a snap armdrag out of the corner and a low dropkick took Blaze outside. Windsor followed with a thrust kick off the apron, but her follow-up apron PK’s countered with a leg sweep, as Blaze proceeded to take over back inside.

Running double knees from Blaze led to a neckbreaker for a two-count, before a snapmare led to a missed Meteora, with Windsor finding her way back in with seated dropkicks. Blaze grabbed Windsor and raked her eyes along the top rope, before elbows from Windsor allowed her back in with a fallaway slam.

Kicks take Blaze into the corner, as did another Irish whip, but Blaze used the corner to her advantage as she headscissored Windsor into the buckles. A shotgun dropkick keeps the champion there, as did a butterfly suplex, before a Dragon sleeper forced Windsor into the ropes for a break. Windsor mounted a comeback from there, charging Blaze into the corner ahead of a leaping clothesline, but Blaze stayed on Windsor as she kept the champion at close quarters.

Windsor breaks free to hit some forearms, but Blaze knocked her down with one in return, before Windsor ate a pump kick. She’s right back up to knock Blaze down with a clothesline, as the champion then got caught on the top rope. Blaze joins her for a superplex, which is fought out of as Windsor instead got taken down with headscissors.

Some running knees from Blaze nearly won it, as did a hammerlock DDT, while a curb stomp added another two-count for Blaze’s growing list. Distracted by the title belt, Blaze gets rolled up out of the corner as Windsor then added a Blue Thunder bomb… then a Sharpshooter that Blaze rolled out of as she nearly snatched a pin. A hip attack in the corner, then a spear off the middle rope keeps Blaze ahead, until Windsor caught Blaze with a pop-up sit-out powerbomb.

A second powerbomb followed, but it’s still not enough, as Blaze ends up grabbing the title belt out of the corner and smashed it at an onrushing Windsor for the DQ. Windsor was a lot closer to the win here than Blaze, but the DQ – and the post-match attack – ensures that this one is far from settled. ***¼

That post-match attack, by the way, was stopped by a run-in from Kanji, who tripped Blaze, only for Blaze to shove out of a suplex as Kanji and Windsor bumped into each other… leading to a tense stand-off as Kanji went to give Windsor her Rev Pro women’s title belt back.

JJ Gale vs. Ricky Knight Jr.
It’s another non-title outing as JJ Gale had his toughest test yet in Rev Pro.

Gale charged at RKJ with a shotgun dropkick at the bell, then scored a roll-up out of the corner as the champion then telegraphed a back body drop… and took a sunset flip for a two-count. Gale’s sent onto the apron, but came back for a rewind leapfrog and a springboard ‘rana out of the corner, following with a springboard wheelbarrow for a near-fall.

RKJ’s clotheslined to the outside after that, but slid back in to clothesline Gale as he was teeing up for a dive. A front kick dumps Gale after that as RKJ had weathered the early storm, following up with a dropkick off the ropes for a solid two-count. Forearms in response from Gale just earned a stiff reply from RKJ, who picked up Gale with ease for a stalling suplex before a sleeperhold pulled Gale down to the mat.

Gale fires up as the referee was doing the arm drop gimmick, but RKJ just chopped him back to the mat, as a knee drop picked up a two-count for the champion. An Irish whip sends Gale to the corner, but JJ’s able to leap over RKJ and come back with a roll-up kick to catch Knight unawares. Forearms and a springboard European uppercut out of the corner adds a near-fall for Gale, only for RKJ to catch Gale in the ropes for a springboard moonsault.

Knight followed up with some curb stomps, leaving Gale laying… both men go for big moves, but they’re blocked as Gale struck a superkick and a forearm, only for a RKJ clothesline to take them both down. Gale goads RKJ into a striking battle, sneaking back in with a superkick before RKJ’s sit-out Razor’s Edge almost got him the win.

Gale escapes a Fire Thunder Driver and returned with a pop-up dropkick, taking RKJ outside for a tope con giro into the aisle. Back inside, a senton bomb connects for Gale, but RKJ’s up at two and clobbered Gale away from a springboard attempt. Knight adds to that with his take of a One Winged Angel, before a Fire Thunder Driver got the win in a match that Gale started strongly in… but I doubt few would have guessed wrongly at the result. ***¼

Post-match, RKJ took the mic and proclaimed that for the first time in a long time, the world champion was in St. Neots… then told JJ Gale to go to the back of the line and fight his way back up to the top of the queue for a shot at the belt.

Dan Moloney vs. Michael Oku
We’ve got new music for Dan, who was making his first appearance for Rev Pro since May.

Commentary’s thinking out loud about whether Dan Moloney would qualify as a Cruiserweight as we got going, with Moloney getting taken down to the mat. A waistlock from Oku leads to a backslide, but Dan quickly kicks out as he looked to restart with a headlock takedown… only for Oku to spin out.

Oku’s side headlock takes things back to the mat, but Moloney’s headscissors get him free… before Oku’s headstand got him back to his feet. Moloney takes Oku to the apron, then enziguiri’d him to the floor, where chops sent Oku around ringside, kicking the former Cruiserweight champion as he went with Dan doing the decent thing and giving the fans a closer view of his offence…

Back inside, Oku’s able to sneak through a dropkick to Moloney, before he returned the kicks to the back that he’d taken on the outside. Leapfrogs and dropdowns from Moloney allow him back in for a murderous dropkick to Oku, accompanied by some shade on commentary. Chops keep Oku down, as did a series of running PKs as Moloney seemed to be picking his shots at will.

Oku ends up baiting in Moloney though, catching him in the corners with running dropkicks, before a third one ended up with Oku crashing and burning. A suplex from Moloney’s blocked as Oku grapevine Moloney’s leg… but that just earns him another PK before Oku managed to get off a brainbuster.

Chops from Oku begin to sting Moloney, who threw back in return, before Moloney was taken outside for a Fosbury flop that looked like it was almost caught. Moloney rolled back outside as Oku tried to take it back inside, before he caught Oku up top and press slammed him into the apron. There’s a few Ric Flair spots tonight, I’m noticing…

Moloney returns to the ring to try and take the count-out, but Oku rolled in in time to beat the count. Oku’s taken back to the apron as Moloney teased a piledriver, but instead a leg sweep planted Oku onto the apron ahead of that snap piledriver… which led to a near-fall back inside for Dan. Calling for a Drilla, Moloney ends up losing Oku as he rolled back up for a tornado DDT, before a half crab took Moloney down in the middle of the ring.

Oku reapplies the hold as Moloney’d escaped, before he sat down on Moloney’s roll-up attempt for a near-fall. Superkicks from Moloney sent spittle skyward, as Moloney then dumped Oku with a standing Blue Thunder bomb for a near-fall. Moloney tries a half crab of his own after that, but Oku kicks free and followed up with some stomps to the chest of Moloney.

A trip to the top rope sees Oku land a frog splash… but Moloney rolled through after the impact as he almost snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. Oku teases a Drilla of his own, before he instead landed a snap piledriver on Moloney… but the follow-up moonsault misses as Moloney popped up to hit a Drilla out of nowhere for the hard-earned win. ***½

Post-match, Moloney took aim at the out-of-sorts Oku on the mic, calling him a “lonely warrior”, which was a fun seed to plant ahead of Moloney’s challenge to Minoru Suzuki… which is happening in Stevenage on October 22.

Much like the prior week’s show at the 229, this felt somewhat low-key – with building blocks being put in place for future cards.