Rev Pro returned to St. Neots as Robbie X made his comeback from injury – and called his shot against Ricky Knight Jr.

Quick Results
Dan Moloney pinned JK Roberts in 4:53 (**¾)
Kid Lykos pinned Chuck Mambo in 12:51 (***¼)
Allysin Kay & Marti Belle pinned Laura di Matteo & Hyan in 11:45 (***)
Alex Coughlin pinned Luke Jacobs in 17:48 (***¾)
Connor Mills & Michael Oku pinned Yota Tsuji & Shota Umino in 14:15 (***½)
TK Cooper pinned Kid Lykos II in 10:41 (***)
Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis pinned Callum Newman & JJ Gale in 17:56 (***½)
Ricky Knight Jr. pinned Robbie X in 13:05 (***½)

After more than a month between VOD drops, Rev Pro’s finally hitting their own backlog, giving us this show from the end of February from the Priory Centre in St. Neots. Andy Quildan and Gideon Grey are on commentary…

Dan Moloney vs. JK Roberts
Roberts was making his Rev Pro debut in his hometown, having appeared a few times for Southside back in the day…

Moloney lit up Roberts from the off with some chops, before a kick to the back drew not even a one-count. A suplex BOUNCES JK to the mat for a one-count, but he returns with chops and elbows before a leapfrog and a single-legged dropkick earned Roberts a quick reply from Moloney.

More chops follow from Moloney, shrugging off Roberts’s kicks as he returned with a clothesline. JK escapes a Drilla and countered with some big knees, following up with a Michinoku Driver as you got the sense that was most of the clip empties. Roberts goes up top but misses a stomp, allowing Moloney to come right back with a spear and a Drilla to put this to bed in short order. **¾

Kid Lykos vs. Chuck Mambo
We’ve got a pair of singles matches as a warm-up for Lykos Gym vs. Sunshine Machine for the tag titles… and the masked wolves have brought a satchel with them for, probably not wholesome reasons.

When we finally get going, Lykos trips Mambo and worked the leg with a Deathlock, only for Mambo to escape and roll in for a side headlock. Headscissors and headlocks follow, with Lykos freeing himself before he dropped the knee onto Mambo’s knee. The nose gets hooked as Lykos stretches Mambo, but things end up in the ropes as Lykos continued to wear down the tag champion.

Mambo countered a wristlock with a springboard armdrag, before he lifted Lykos onto the apron and booted him off of it. Back inside, Lykos finds a way through with a neckbreaker, only for a drop toe hold to put the wolf down as Mambo looked for a surfboard… but Lykos grabbed the rope to stop it.

Lykos pokes Mambo in the eye after he used the ref as a human shield, while TK Cooper inadvertently distracts the referee, allowing Lykos II to attack on the outside. Returning to the ring, Lykos picks up a two-count, then threw Mambo outside so Lykos II could get involved again. Mambo gets choked with some wrist tape that Lykos’d obscured from sight, but he breaks free and took Lykos into the corner ahead of a leaping forearm. A back elbow off the top follows from Mambo, but Lykos gets back in with a back suplex, only for Mambo to take out both Lykii in one go with a dropkick into the corner.

Back inside, a Reef Break lands for a near-fall, before a jawbreaker and a roll-up nearly won it for Lykos. Lykos calls a brainbuster and ends up getting met with a sit-out uranage for a near-fall. The Bad Burrito’s escaped by Lykos, who again calls for a brainbuster… and again it’s blocked, unlike a Pele kick from Lykos.

Mambo stops Lykos on the top rope, chopping out the knee… but Lykos goes into his satchel for some powder, throwing it in Mambo’s eyes before he finally hit a snap brainbuster for the win. Well, the Lykii are bringing back the powder in the eyes chicanery, which proves what’s old is new again. ***¼

The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle) vs. Hyan & Laura di Matteo
The Hex’s NWA Women’s tag titles weren’t on the line here…

Belle and di Matteo start us off, with Belle locking up into the corner before Laura returned the favour. Armdrags follow from di Matteo, then a dropkick, before a snapmare and a sliding lariat kept Belle down. Rather than go for a pin, di Matteo dragged Belle into the corner and tagged out to Hyan… who lost Belle as Allysin Kay tagged in as well.

Kay and Hyan’s knucklelock heads to the mat as Hyan took control, landing a splash in the corner before a trip and a legdrop drew a one-count. Belle tagged back in and caught Hyan unawares with a kick as the Hex took over. Hyan’s double-teamed in the corner with knees and hip attacks for a two-count, before some mudhole stomping kept Hyan in the corner.

Chops follow from Kay as she and Belle exchanged frequent tags in the corner, while baiting in di Matteo. A clothesline from Kay dropped Hyan for a two-count, while Belle’s chinlock nearly ended in defeat as Hyan rolled back for a pinning attempt. Belle stays on top of Hyan, pulling her back by the hair, but Hyan finally gets free, charging past Kay before making the hot tag to di Matteo.

Kicks from di Matteo leads to a swinging DDT off the ropes to Kay… Hyan charges in with a knee to Kay for a two-count. Recovering, Kay pulls up di Matteo for a powerbomb, but Hyan pulls Belle out to avoid a double-team… then hit the ring herself as a spinning torture rack bomb left Kay down. Hyan’s low bridged to the outside by Belle, as we’re left with Belle and di Matteo trading strikes. Behind the ref’s back, Kay cracked Hyan with a belt shot, before a knee-assisted Dominator gets the win for the Hex. ***

Alex Coughlin vs. Luke Jacobs
On paper, this one is right up my street…

We’re instantly going to the mat here, with Jacobs looking to take Coughlin’s back, but instead he found himself in a side headlock as Gideon was doing the Stewie Griffin/Cool Whip stuff to the pronunciation of St. Neots. Staying on the mat, Coughlin and Jacobs looked for heel hooks, with Jacobs grabbing his first, only for Coughlin to roll into the ropes for a clean break. From a knuckle lock, Jacobs and Coughlin are made to bridge back, with Jacobs kicking Coughlin in the back as he bridged back.

Shoulder tackles follow between the two, as Jacobs started to work the arm, only for Coughlin to catch a leapfrog and turn it into a slam. A knee bar from Coughlin instantly ends in the ropes, as a backslide attempt was rolled out of, with Jacobs coming in with a gut punch and a bridging Northern Lights suplex for a two-count.

Chops and kicks from Jacobs lead him to unceremoniously dump Coughlin to the outside, where the fight continues. A slam drops Coughlin on the floor, before Jacobs returned to the ring to hook at Coughlin’s mouth. Another gut shot winds Coughlin ahead of an ankle lock, but its rolled out of as Coughlin tries for a deadlift gutwrench suplex, only to get taken outside.

Jacobs runs at Coughlin with a knee on the outside, before Coughlin find a way through back inside, only to get met with an uppercut in the corner. He comes back with a deadlift suplex to Jacobs, then a cross armbar, before an ankle lock ended with Jacobs breaking free. He tries to follow up, but Coughlin lands some chops instead, before a running knee trapped Coughlin in the corner ahead of a roll-through into an ankle lock.

Coughlin tries to make it to the ropes, but Jacobs powerbombs him for a near-fall, before the pair resorted to trading rights back-and-forth. It escalated into chops in the corner between the pair, with one wicked chop knocking Jacobs down as he ran out of the corner. Coughlin’s deadlift gutwrench suplex follows, which gets a near-fall, before Jacobs’ nailed a gutwrench superplex and a Jay Driller for a near-fall.

In response, Coughlin hits a lariat, then a death valley driver as Jacobs narrowly saved the match. Jacobs tries his luck with clotheslines, only for a deadlift German suplex out of nowhere to win it for the LA Dojo graduate. This was some lovely stuff, with the pair going nearly twenty minutes and knocking multiple shades of you-know-what out of them. Run this back lads, because this was fantastic. ***¾

Yota Tsuji & Shota Umino vs. Destination Everywhere (Michael Oku & Connor Mills)
Once again, Gideon hjiacks the ring announcing… so he could berate Yota Tsuji as he went.

Tsuji and Mills start things off, trading wristlocks as Mills’ early crucifix got a one-count before tags bring in Oku and Umino. Shota’s shoulder tackle takes down Oku, who replies with some headscissors and a dropkick, taking Umino outside… Tsuji tries to get involved, but gets taken care of as a wheelbarrow/bulldog double-team left Uminio down.

Oku’s taken onto the apron, where Yota Tsuji got involved as he slowed Oku down on the top rope. It allowed Umino to get in with a back elbow and a short DDT for a two-count, before Tsuji came back in and took Oku into the corner. An overhand chop dropped Oku to his knees, while Umino tagged in and choked Oku in the corner with a boot.

A snapmare and a kick to the back from Tsuji gets a two-count, while another back elbow from Umino kept the direction of traffic going. Shota and Yota combine with a pair of half crabs that drew in Mills to break it up. A pair of enziguiri gets Oku free to make the tag out to Mills, who instantly had to overcome Shota and Yota with a quebrada into the pair of them.

An errant charge from Tsuji takes out Umino as Mills manages to add almost a Buckshot Boot to Umino… then a tope to Tsuji on the outside as Oku’s Fosbury flop kept Yota on the outside. Back inside, a Millshot, then Oku’s springboard moonsault nearly wins it. An inside cradle from Umino counters a half crab, but Oku’s able to get to the hold in the end, only for Tsuji to try and chop it apart.

Oku clings on though as Mills took care of Tsuji… only to get thrown into Oku as the hold’s broken up. Oku thinks Mills did it on purpose, which leads to an argument between the two that Umino capitalises on, leading to Tsuji almost winning after a kick-assisted brainbuster. Umino saves a tornado DDT as he planted Oku, before a cutter/suplex drew in Mills to break up the pin.

Umino instantly posts Mills as Oku’s left on his own again, eating a hook kick and a pop-up knee, before Tsuji accidentally speared Umino. Mills is back as Tsuji takes a two-on-one beating, leading to Oku hitting a frog splash across three-quarters of the ring, while Mills’ 450 ends up getting the job done. There’s clearly trouble in both camps, but its the former tag champions who left with the win here. ***½

Kid Lykos II vs. TK Cooper
Kid Lykos picked up the win over Chuck Mambo earlier via some slightly dubious means… can the younger wolf mirror his mentor? Perhaps it may be a bit trickier after the referee checked for contraband…

Lykos II starts by swarming TK Cooper, and throwing him outside so Kid Lykos could have a go… but the ref caught him before anything could happen. Lykos II calls for a way-too-early brainbuster, before he feigned being tripped by Chuck Mambo in the ropes. It led to Mambo getting ejected from ringside, but TK’s able to waffle Lykos II with an elbow as he tried to catch him from behind.

A leaping leg lariat from TK gets a one-count, as did a low dropkick. An eye rake from Lykos II sees him escape a Samoan drop as he then went to Cooper’s leg. Lykos I chokes TK behind the ref’s back as the crowd squealed in disapproval. Lykos II goes for TK’s head, but to no avail (because… you know, he’s Samoan), but that heritage doesn’t seem to have the same protective benefits on the feet as Lykos II stomps and went to work on the foot.

TK’s thrown outside again as Lykos I takes his shots, but they still weren’t enough for Lykos II to do a brainbuster. He kicks the back of Cooper’s leg though, before TK took aim at Lykos on the outside as he looked to fight back, Right hands connect with Lykos II, as did a front kick and a T-Bone suplex as TK drew a near-fall.

Lykos trips up Cooper in the ropes as Lykos II followed with a Code Red for a near-fall… then a grounded Octopus stretch. TK got to the ropes, then absorbed some more right hands before TK hit back with some forearms. A pop up Samoan drop splats Lykos II for as two-count, as TK then rolled the wolf over for a Sharpshooter, but Lykos II gets to the ropes.

A baking tray shot from Lykos on the outside nearly gets the win, but TK’s up at two, only to take a brainbuster for another near-fall. Lykos distracts the ref again as Lykos II went for the powder… but Chuck Mambo runs out through the crowd and made sure Lykos II took the powder to the eyes this time, allowing TK to get the win with the scissors kick. Solid enough, as the wolves’ cheating bit them in the arse – and this feud must continue! ***

…post match, the Lykii jump Sunshine Machine and try to leave with the title belts, only for TK and Mambo to superkick and headbutt them out of the ring.

Aussie Open (Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher) vs. JJ Gale & Callum Newman
The Aussies were back with some new gold around their waists, having won the OTT tag titles the previous weekend in Ireland…

Topes from Gale and Newman catch the Aussies out before the bell, and we start with low dropkicks to Fletcher, then a pop-up elbow drop as Gale and Newman tried to end this one in short order. Gale tags in for an assisted moonsault, while Newman threw one of his own ahead of a springboard cannonball senton to Kyle for a two-count.

Fletcher fights out of the corner before Davis tripped Gale… he’s met with a springboard dropkick from Newman as a pair of planchas were caught by the Aussies, who crashed their opponents into each other, then the apron. Davis slammed Gale back inside as the Aussies build up momentum while isolating Gale in their corner.

A body blow from Fletcher keeps Gale in the corner, but he doesn’t give up the fight, launching into forearms on Davis, only to get slammed and squished with a back senton for a two-count. Callum Newman’s dragged into the ring, then thrown out of it by Davis, before Gale managed to buy time with a dropkick. Newman’s back on the apron, but gets pulled down off it by Davis as a folding Fletcher powerbomb nearly wins it.

Davis again isolates Gale in the opposite corner, following up with a half crab, then a STF as he went in search of a submission. Eventually a jawbreaker gets Gale free, but Davis swats Newman off the apron. Third time’s the charm as Newman tagged in, as did Kyle Fletcher, which sparked the comeback, with Newman diving onto Davis on the outside.

Amid the chaos, Newman returned to the ring for a missile dropkick… a superkick from Fletcher leads to an attempted swinging Michinoku driver, but Newman escaped, only to get caught with the double-team Go 2 Sleep, then the assisted cutter that drew Gale into the ring to save the pin.

Newman gets bodied in the corner as double-teams lead to the assisted sit-out powerbomb from Fletcher for a near-fall. The Coriolis looks to follow, but Newman counters out as Gale hits a Gory Knee to Fletcher as the Aussies were suddenly on the back foot. Superkicks stun Davis, while a springboard Gale cutter and a Newman shooting star press nearly won it.

Gale and Fletcher trade strikes, leading to a boot from Kyle as a Parade of Moves got going… then came to a shuddering halt as Newman tried to haul up Davis. Of course, it didn’t quite work out, as we reset with back-and-forth forearms, leading to a rebound hook kick from Newman… who then got pancaked by Davis.

A powerbomb from Davis gets turned into a Code Red for a near-fall though, before an enziguiri from Davis spelled the beginning of the end as Aussie Open surged back in and put away Newman with a Coriolis for the win. Gale and Newman put up more of a fight than expected, but in the end they were undone by that final flurry. ***½

Robbie X vs. Ricky Knight Jr.
This was Robbie’s Rev Pro return after an ankle injury… and Robbie X got a good reaction in St. Neots for it. He’d picked RKJ as his opponent for this comeback…

Starting with a fist-bump, RKJ takes Robbie X into the corner before a tie-up ended with a side headlock from Robbie X. It’s pushed off, with RKJ hitting a shoulder tackle… but Robbie X kips up before RKJ turned up the pace, only to see his leapfrog get dropkicked away. A standing moonsault gets a two-count, as did a senton atomico from Robbie X, before RKJ blocked a hiptoss and caught Robbie off the ropes with a dropkick.

RKJ followed it up with a stalling suplex for a two-count, before a slam and a back senton drew another two-count. A suplex onto the side of the ring gives a busted-up Robbie X a bad landing, as did a charge into the ring post, with a second one seeing RKJ post Robbie X balls-first.

Back inside, RKJ stays on the grounded Robbie X, going for the right knee, as Robbie X ended up absorbing a lot of punishment, including some kicks to the chest. Robbie X gets some receipts in, kicking RKJ’s leg before scoring with a hiptoss and a cartwheel dropkick for a two-count, before a death valley driver into the buckles from RKJ, then a running dropkick set up for a sliding one to take Robbie X onto the apron.

A draping DDT spikes Robbie X for a near-fall as the crowd broke out into duelling chants. Robbie X slips out of a Fire Thunder Driver, then hit a handspring kick to take RKJ off the apron, before a slingshot DDT nearly wins the match. RKJ returned fire with a springboard moonsault for a near-fall before the pair traded Destroyers to leave them laying.

Forearms from Robbie X are shrugged off as RKJ hit some of his own, following up with a chop that sank the returning Robbie. A low dropkick breaks Robbie X’s handspring, as RKJ’s ripcord clothesline set up for a Made in Japan… but Robbie X rolled him up for a near-fall, before a springboard cutter was caught and turned into the Fire Thunder Driver as Robbie X’s return ended in defeat. A good win for RKJ, who picked at Robbie X’s knee and ankle early on – and it paid dividends, clearly. ***½

After the match, Robbie X stayed back to take the crowd’s applause… but was jumped and speared by Dan Moloney, before RKJ saved Robbie X from a Drilla, chasing Dan away. Credit to Dan for hanging around in his trunks despite wrestling in the opener, and not changing into anything else, as he and RKJ had a staredown of sorts to close the show…

Rev Pro’s return to St. Neots was a pretty good top-to-bottom show, giving us more than “throwaway matches” as they kept the tag title feud simmering away. It’s a shame that this ended up taking a month to appear on-demand, but there’s a good reward for those who find their way to this show.