Rev Pro rocked into St. Neots for some MAYhem, as Tony Deppen took on Robbie X in his second main event in as many days.

Quick Results
Great British Tag League 2022 Block B: Kid Lykos & Kid Lykos II pinned TK Cooper & Chuck Mambo in 11:59 (***)
Ricky Knight Jr. pinned Mark Davis in 11:41 (***½)
Luke Jacobs & Gabriel Kidd pinned Michael Oku & Connor Mills in 13:26 (***½)
Kyle Fletcher pinned Ninja Mack in 14:58 (***¼)
Great British Tag League 2022 Block B: Jude London & Paris de Silva pinned Shota Umino & Yota Tsuji in 20:06 (***¼)
Alex Windsor pinned Chantal Jordan in 10:42 (***¼)
Tony Deppen pinned Robbie X in 17:02 (***½)

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We’re at the Priory Centre in St. Neots – as ever, Andy Quildan is on commentary alongside an unimpressed-with-the-name-of-the-show Gideon Grey. If you could ever hear a glare… that’s now.

Great British Tag League 2022 Block B: Lykos Gym (Kid Lykos & Kid Lykos II) vs. Sunshine Machine (Chuck Mambo & TK Cooper)
This was both team’s first match in this year’s tag league, with Lykos Gym having come in on the back of a loss to the VeloCities in Stevenage the night before. It’s a must-win match for the Lykii, who’d be eliminated from contention with a loss here…

The wolves jump the champions before the bell, isolating TK Cooper as he’s choked in the ropes before Kid Lykos II snapped that resistance band in Cooper’s face. They do the same to Chuck Mambo, but he pulls a switcheroo, except this time it’s not Lykos’ balls that get twanged, it’s the back of Lykos II’s head. The bell finally sounds to get us underway, as an atomic drop has Lykos into the corner, before the Shades of Savage double-team gets TK a two-count early on.

Quick tags keep TK and Mambo fresh as a neckbreaker gets Mambo a two-count, before Lykos got taken into the corner for some chops. Mounted punches follow, as did a Romero special… which TK scooped Lykos out of, and threw him into Lykos II. On the outside, Lykos II held TK’s leg as the wolves double-team him with stomps, back elbows and a low dropkick for just a one-count. Lykos uses the resistance band to choke TK in the corner, as more double-teaming led to a knee drop for a two-count on TK. A chinlock from Lykos followed as Mambo accidentally distracted the ref while trying to get his attention. Lykos’ crossface is escaped by TK, who replies with a headbutt, then a bodyslam to Lykos before he powerbombed Lykos II into I… and now a tag brings in Mambo.

A double dropkick has the wolves down, as did a springboard double back elbow and some hip attacks in the corners ahead of a double Blockbuster. An overhand chop drops Lykos II, as did a right hand, which prompted some forearms from Lykos II… and an armdrag out of a Gory special. An eye rake from Lykos II gets him back in it as we’ve pinning predicaments, leading to the Gutterball Gory Bomb cutter for a near-fall for TK. Mambo tags back in to set up for a Designated Driver, but Lykos trips TK on the top rope as more double-teams from the wolves led to a Code Red and a folding pin for a near-fall. Lykos II gets another two out of a corkscrew back senton, before Mambo’s blind tag out took us the long way around for the Designated Driver, but Lykos II breaks up the cover at two.

TK boots Lykos II off the apron, then blocked a low blow… only to get rolled up as the Lykii get the upset win! ***

Ricky Knight Jr. vs. Mark Davis
There’s a spot of casual Gideon-beating from RKJ in his entrance…

Of course, the story here is RKJ continuing to tear through the United Empire as he’s got his sights on a title shot from Will Ospreay. RKJ jumped on Davis before the bell, fighting into the crowd as Davis was thrown into the bleachers. A quick trip to the merch table leads to them heading outside as the tethered cameras couldn’t really follow up… Back in the room, RKJ crotches Davis over the back of a chair, then whacked Davis with someone’s purse. Body blows followed around ringside, as Davis gets thrown into the wall… allowing RKJ to wander backstage and return with a table. Davis heads to the ring… and throws RKJ straight out of it as the bell finally started the match.

RKJ’s thrown into that wall as Davis ended up blocking a suplex through the table, before he opted to slam Knight on the floor. Knight beats the count-out, but gets slammed again as it’s back outside, as RKJ’s charged into the side of the ring, then thrown into the post before a chair’s used for an assisted half crab on Knight. RKJ tries to run the ropes, but gets caught, slammed and squashed with a back senton for a one-count, before some elbows kept Knight at bay. Another slam dumps RKJ, but this time the back senton misses as RKJ hit the ropes, leaping over, sliding under and eventually dropkicking Davis for a two-count. More clotheslines follow, before Davis replied with front kicks and a German suplex… only for a RKJ lariat to leave both men laying.

A wicked back elbow from Davis takes RKJ into the corner ahead of a bucklebomb… then an elevated German suplex for a near-fall. The Alphamare Waterslide’s escaped by RKJ, who lands an elbow of his own before he backflipped out of the corner into a reverse DDT for a near-fall. They continue to trade shots, before RKJ got dropped with a right hand… he bounces back with a stalling suplex to Davis though, scoring a near-fall. Davis elbows out of a Fireman’s carry, only to get scooped up for a death valley driver that gets a near-fall. Stomps from RKJ lead to him going up top, but he missed a stomp and got taken into the corner for a sliding punch from Davis. Another followed, before the Alphamare Waterslide dropped RKJ for a near-fall.

After the kick-out, RKJ jack-knifes Davis for a near-fall, before a superkick and a big Fire Thunder Driver gets the win as another one bit the dust from the Empire’s front line. ***½

Post-match, RKJ finds Gideon’s off-switch…

Gabriel Kidd & Luke Jacobs vs. Destination Everywhere (Michael Oku & Connor Mills)
Both teams had faced each other in the prior week, which added some spice to this one…

Jacobs and Kidd attack as Oku was mid-pose, as we scrap around the venue with Kidd and Jacobs excelling in the pre-match stuff. Oku fought back though, only to get swept onto the side of the apron before Kidd powerbombed him into a Jacobs lariat for the fun of it. When we finally got going, Jacobs put the boots to Oku before a stalling suplex from Kidd planted Oku for a two-count. Jacobs tags in to hit a stalling suplex of his own, then a leaping elbow drop before firing an elbow to the top of Oku’s head. Kidd’s back, but gets dropped with an enziguiri… he manages to recover to delay Oku from tagging out, eventually throwing Oku into the turnbuckles, cannonballing him into the corner in the process.

Another Irish whip went one better, not only cannonballing Oku into the buckles, but somehow sending him through the ropes to the outside as Luke Jacobs continued the game of “can you top this?” Somehow, Oku beat the count, but rolled right into the clutches of Jacobs, who exchanged forearms before a floatover from Oku baited Jacobs in for a swinging DDT. Gabriel Kidd storms the ring to stop Mills from getting the tag, as Oku had to fight on by himself, landing a froggy crossbody before Mills finally got the tag in. He kicks and chops his way into the match, landing a missile double dropkick as the mantra of “one in, one out” seemed to be just advisory. Corner-to-corner clotheslines follow as Kidd’s taken outside for a dive… while Jacobs ate a springboard uppercut back inside for a near-fall.

Jacobs’ waistlock ends with Mills charging him outside ahead of a Fosbury flop from Oku… a superkick leaves Kidd outside as Oku and Mills combine on Jacobs, leading to a Quebrada and a springboard lionsault for a near-fall. A half crab from Oku’s pushed away as a chop from Jacobs looked to put him back in it… as did a German suplex out of a misdirection knee, before a snap suplex reunited Oku with the buckles. A running Air Raid Crash drive Oku back into the mat for a two-count, while Kidd took care of Mills with a piledriver onto the side of the ring. Oku’s left in the ring for some sandwich lariats, a Saito suplex and a spinebuster for a near-fall… he absorbs some further blows before catching Jacobs’ kick, but couldn’t get the half crab going.

More chops from Jacobs helped him take Oku up top… Jacobs caught a defensive crossbody, only for Oku to roll his way free and into a half crab. Jacobs powers out with ease though, then decked Oku with a forearm as he built up to another murderous lariat for a near-fall. Another one followed, and that’s enough to get Jacobs the win as Rev Pro continued the “is he a junior or is he a heavyweight” storyline going here. ***½

After the match, Gabriel Kidd hijacked Andy Q’s headset mic to call out Tony Deppen…

Kyle Fletcher vs. Ninja Mack
This was Mack’s second match of his brief run in Rev Pro, having come up short against Robbie X the night before. Meanwhile, the return of “looks you can’t see but can hear” likely came from Andy no-selling Gideon Grey’s line of “Ninja Mack, getting this crowd to say yes in German.”

Kyle continued his run of getting wound up with the crowd as he went outside at the bell… we’ve got a fair bit of stalling. When we got going, Mack ties up with Kyle into the corner before he backflipped away. Kyle’s reply? A cartwheel. Then a big tie-up into the corner and a crane kick… that Mack ignored before he got ragdolled to the mat with a waistlock. Bloody hell, Kyle. Mack returns with a side headlock to Fletcher, then reapplied it as Fletcher pushed him off… a shoulder tackle has Mack down, but he’s back with a kick before he spun into a side headlock, eventually adding a dropkick to take Kyle outside ahead of a dive… into another side headlock. Fletcher tries a side suplex to get free, but Mack gets out and took things into the crowd, where Mack climbed the bleachers and missed a dive before Kyle booted him down.

Back in the ring, a back elbow dumped Mack ahead of chops in the corner, before Mack hit back in kind… only to get dumped with one of those trademark Aussie Open slams. Mack replies by leaping off the top, landing a back elbow and some “Nin-Ja” chops before a running corkscrew splash ended in Kyle’s knees. Mack’s thrown off the top rope as Fletcher joined him outside with a tope. Back inside, a brainbuster nearly wins it, as Fletcher continued to hit more slams, keeping wrist control as he went. An up-kick gets Mack free, taking Kyle outside for the endless backflips into a Sasuke Special, before a springboard 450 back into the ring nearly won it. Mack climbs the ropes, but leaps down ahead of a spinning enziguiri that gets a near-fall, but another trip is stopped with a gamengiri as Kyle then brought Mack back in with a superplex.

A dropkick keeps Mack by the ropes, before a Grimstone planted Mack as the former tag champion was made to work a lot harder than he expected for his win. ***¼

Great British Tag League 2022 Block B: The Legion (Shota Umino & Yota Tsuji) vs. The VeloCities (Jude London & Paris de Silva)
There’s a great bit where Gideon left commentary to scold the sound guy for playing Shota Umino’s music… then demanded that the Legion’s music play for his team.

De Silva and Tsuji start with a lock-up into the corner, as Tsuji backed away… an armdrag from de Silva, then some headscissors take Tsuji down, dizzying Tsuji as Umino tagged himself in. A lock-up ends with Jude London getting shoved into the corner, before he ducked a back elbow… he can’t avoid a kick, as Paris returned for a drop toe hold and a low dropkick. A double sledge off the top from de Silva targets Shota’s arm, as did a double stomp from London. London’s brainbuster’s countered with a suplex, but Shota’s able to take London into the corner as Tsuji came in to hit a double-team hiptoss/facebuster as the Legion pulled ahead.

Working over London’s left arm, Umino follows up with a slam for a two-count, before a cravat kept London grounded. Jude fights free, but is instantly dumped with a back elbow for a two-count, before Tsuji came in and almost lost to a roll-up. A rear spin kick stuns Tsuji, who replied with a push-down stomp out of the corner and some forearms before he ran into a 619 in the ropes. London adds a crossbody off the top, giving him time to make the tag out to de Silva, who knocked Umino off the apron, then landed a spinning heel kick to Tsuji. Clotheslines follow into the corner, as a PK left Tsuji down ahead of an attempted Dragon suplex, which de Silva eventually lands.

Tsuji kicks out at two from that, as Shota tagged in to hit a low dropkick, then some uppercuts before a Fisherman suplex nearly earned the win. A tornado DDT gives de Silva an opening as London tagged back in, following up with dropkicks to Umino, then a moonsault before Umino ducked a Blockbuster. Another swinging DDT’s blocked by Shota, who countered into a Bloody Sunday as a tag brought Tsuji back into play. Tsuji eats a bunch of shots before he knocked London into the ropes, then struck London down with a chop. De Silva returns to help knock down Tsuji ahead of a Total Elimination, while London’s standing moonsault and one from de Silva nearly won it for the Aussies.

A Total Elimination Blockbuster’s next, but Shota breaks up the pin, then hit a DDT before getting the tag in. There’s a double-team wheelbarrow powerbomb and a Tsuji slam for a near-fall, before Tsuji superkicked Paris away. London’s in for a handspring stunner, then a Slingblade, before Umino blocked another handspring Stunner and hit a Slingblade of his own. It’s not enough for the win though, as the Legion team hit a modified Magic Killer for another near-fall. A double-team press slam’s escaped as Shota then went for a sunset flip… but de Silva hits a low dropkick to reverse it, and that’s the win for the VeloCities as Umino swore blindly that he’d kicked out at two… ***¼

So, block B of the Great British Tag League looks like this:

VeloCities (2 – 0 / 6pts)
Lykos Gym (1 – 1 / 3pts)
The Legion (0 – 1 / 0pts)
Sunshine Machine (0 – 1 / 0pts)

Chantal Jordan vs. Alex Windsor
A non-title outing for Windsor, against a Chantal Jordan who’d not been around since a loss to Hyan in March.

We open with a lock-up as Jordan took Windsor into the ropes, but the pair switch around before Windsor backed off. Coming off the ropes, Jordan hits some headscissors on Windsor, whose return spiked Jordan… before armdrags and dropkicks led to a stand-off. Jordan takes it to the corner for an uppercut and a face-washing knee, with a dropkick following for just a one-count as Windsor was left checking her teeth. An armdrag and low dropkick from Windsor has her ahead, before a cannonball off the apron earned her a tope from Jordan. The pair fight around ringside, with Jordan getting kicked in the ribs before she returned the favour with some kicks to Windsor on the floor. A wheelbarrow facebuster against the side of the ring saw Windsor stamp her authority on things, as she began to take over back in the ring.

The pair trade blows as Jordan went for a Fisherman suplex… Windsor blocks and goes for one of her own, as front kicks end up with a head kick from Jordan earning her a Windsor clothesline. Windsor keeps going with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near-fall, before Jordan was rolled into a Sharpshooter… but Jordan’s able to counter with a cradle for a near-fall, then with a Ki Krusher for another near-fall. More kicks from Jordan eventually lead to her getting met with a headbutt, as Windsor then ate a surprise superkick for a near-fall. An Air Raid Crash from Jordan keeps her ahead, before Windsor managed to roll out of a Fujiwara armbar. Sensing danger, Windsor upped the ante with her twist on the Made in Japan, and that’s enough to put away the more-than-game Jordan, who really held her own here. ***¼

Tony Deppen vs. Robbie X
Deppen came up short against Michael Oku the previous night, and was in fine form again here for his second main event of the weekend.

Deppen left the building before the bell, in protest at the crowd, but returned because it was cold outside… he jumps Robbie X from behind as we get going. There’s a shoulder tackle to knock Robbie down, leading to a roll through as Deppen tried for a stomp, but it misses as the tempo ratcheted up ahead of a stand-off. Deppen offers a handshake, but cheapshots Robbie X… who returned with headscissors and a forearm into the corner. A slip allowed Deppen back in, but Robbie gets back with a cartwheel and a low dropkick, before Deppen slid outside. Robbie X gives chase, then offered Deppen up to a kid who’d had his shirt thrown aside by Deppen moments earlier.

The same kid’s picked up and propelled feet-first into Deppen, before a return to the ring saw Robbie X hit a senton atomico for a two-count. Deppen returns by taking out Robbie’s leg, ahead of a knee drop before he choked Robbie X in the ropes… right in front of that same child. Trapping Robbie X in the corner, Deppen throws some elbows and knees, before he slammed Robbie into the ropes. A slap from Deppen knocked Robbie X, but a leg sweep has Deppen down ahead of a series of clotheslines as Robbie X got back in it. Robbie’s spinning heel kick and a standing moonsault continues the comeback, before a handspring kick knocked Deppen off the apron ahead of a tope.

Returning to the ring, Robbie X connected with a missile dropkick for a two-count, before a squatting Finlay roll led to a split-legged moonsault that Deppen blocked. A crossbody squashes Robbie across the buckles ahead of a springboard Codebreaker for a near-fall. Robbie’s backflip kick stopped Deppen on the top rope… only to get shoved down as Deppen misses a double stomp of his own. Robbie X evades a clothesline, but couldn’t miss a Deppen knee as the pair reset by trading strikes as they fought back to their feet. Deppen looked to pull ahead there, but a Gourdbuster has Deppen on the back foot, ahead of a running dropkick into the corner and a running shooting star press out of it.

Robbie X lands a stalling split-legged moonsault after that to keep the near-falls going. Deppen grabs hold of Robbie X as Gideon gets worryingly-close to digging up the old Big Papa T nickname… Stomps from Robbie X target Deppen’s fingers, but Deppen recovers with a STO-like clothesline onto the apron, before a stomp back inside off the top led to a near-fall. Chops lead to Deppen lifting Robbie X up top, looking for a superplex as a superplex looked to be rolled through, but Robbie X cradled him for a near-fall. The ante’s upped with another Deppen knee, but a superkick and a reverse ‘rana has Robbie X on top, before the X-Clamation’s turned into a German suplex. From there, a diving knee strike from Deppen connects, and that’s enough for the big win as Deppen prepared to take on Gabriel Kidd a few days later in Portsmouth. ***½

A solid show from Rev Pro as the early stages of the Great British Tag League were controlled by the VeloCities – who have virtually booked their spot in the finals.