Rev Pro hit Southampton for the first time in 2023 – with Will Ospreay taking on a debuting Leyton Buzzard in the main event.

Quick Results
Danny Jones pinned Robbie X in 12:48 (***¼)
Gideon Grey & Lucian Phillips pinned Kid Lykos II & Kid Lykos in 13:42 (***)
JJ Gale submitted Will Kaven in 11:58 (***)
Dan Moloney pinned Luke Jacobs in 11:41 (***½)
Michael Oku submitted Cameron Khai in 19:34 (***½)
Yota Tsuji submitted Leon Slater in 13:27 (***)
Will Ospreay pinned Leyton Buzzard in 21:06 (****)

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For the first time this year we’re at the 1865 in Southampton – and it’s the start of a busy run for Rev Pro, with three shows in the next 8 days as they hit Southampton, Cardiff and Birmingham in quick succession. Commentary comes from Andy Quildan and Gio Nolastname…

Danny Jones vs. Robbie X
It’s a non-title match, as Jones isn’t a Cruiserweight…

Locking up into the ropes, Jones knocks down Robbie X early on with European uppercuts, only for Robbie to kip up in response. A rear spin kick catches Jones, as did a ‘rana out of the corner, before Jones was chopped into the corner, then rolled down for a senton atomico. Robbie adds a standing moonsault for a two-count, before Danny Jones distracted the ref – allowing Brendan White to knock Robbie off the top rope. A suplex from Jones keeps him ahead, as he proceeded to hook away on Robbie X, following up with knees to the ribs to knock Robbie outside. Brendan takes his shot again as the ref wasn’t looking, before an Irish whip bounced Robbie into the buckles.

A wacky slingshot, based on the Lasso from El Paso, targets Robbie’s knee, while a back elbow bounced the Cruiserweight champion to the mat for a two-count. Jones’ chop nearly knocks Robbie out of the ring, but he returns the favour, only to run into a back body drop as Andy Q was dreaming of Shrove Tuesday…

LOCAL REFERENCES get the crowd on Danny’s back, before a roll-up nearly put him away as Robbie X began to fight back… leading to the hiptoss and cartwheel dropkick. A Molly Go Round catches Jones, ahead of the revolution kick into the corner and a shooting star press out of the corner for another two-count. An enziguiri from Jones gets him back in it as a Falcon arrow almost does the deal, before another back body drop, this time from Robbie X, stemmed the tide. Robbie adds a Finlay roll into the corner, then steadied himself as a pair of moonsaults make contact. Duelling superkicks looked to have Jones ahead, as he’s able to counter Robbie with a German suplex, then a bridging Saito suplex for a near-fall. Jones takes his time following-up, and had his lariat kicked away, before a back suplex was floated out of as Robbie snapped back with an X-Clamation… but Brendan White puts Jones’ foot on the rope.

Despite that being in front of the ref, it’s not called as a DQ… Robbie X argues with White, who got knocked off by a charging Jones. A roll-up nearly snatches the win, but Jones hits back with a lariat and a vile piledriver to get the win. ***¼

Post-match, the Greedy Souls beat down Robbie X until a debuting Harrison Bennett ran in to make the save. Except it was a ruse as the former Beano decked Robbie X with a forearm, before a hanging uranage dumped Robbie X… Harrison takes the mic and mocked Robbie X for being a “fighting champion that took non-title fights,” and after he posed with the Cruiserweight title, it’s pretty clear that those two will face off in Cardiff on Friday.

The Legion (Gideon Grey & Lucian Phillips) vs. Lykos Gym (Kid Lykos & Kid Lykos II)
You know, on these live streams, Rev Pro’s light shows make this look like a bloody mosaic…

Lykos still has Gideon’s cane from earlier in the month, but the wolves vowed not to take any shortcuts. A waistlock from Grey takes Lykos down, but it’s countered with wristlocks… only for Gideon to cradle Lykos for a one-count. They keep it on the mat as Lykos slapped the arse, then rolled Gideon to the mat for another pinning attempt. A side headlock from Gideon’s slipped out of, with Lykos’ springboard crossbody getting him free as Lykos II came in and hit back elbows, then a drop toe hold/low dropkick combo. Gideon scurries to the corner and tags in Lucian Phillips – who’s gotten some Minoru Suzuki-styled trunks since I last saw him.

Phillips shoves Lykos II away, as Lykos tagged in to try his look with a side headlock… before both wolves got charged down. A double-team brainbuster’s blocked, as it’s back to a low dropkick and back sentons as Lykos picked up a two-count. They try the drop toehold on Phillips, who blocked it and began to overpower the wolves, landing a sidewalk slam on Lykos II before he clubbed away on the young wolf. A chop blisters Lykos II into the corner, with Gideon tagging in to hit one of his own… only for Grey to rake the eyes instead. Phillips is back to wear down Lykos II… who wriggles free, as Gideon fell into the ring. The ref’s distracted by that, so Lykos’ tag in is for nought, and we’re back with Lykos II taking a press slam into the middle of the ring for a near-fall.

Grey’s back to rake Lykos II’s back, only to get cradled and met with a superkick. Remember when Gideon threatened to whack Lykos with a rolled up newspaper back in the day? Lykos gets the tag in, but has his eyes raked as Gideon again brought Phillips back in… only for Lykos to evade the big man as a gamengiri and a back senton off the middle rope lands for a near-fall. Knees from Lykos earned him a lariat, complete with the Rikishi spin landing, before a Phillips powerbomb, and a package powerbomb from Grey almost won things. Lykos II made the save, but he’s turfed outside as Lykos escapes Deep Wounds and scored a Codebreaker on Phillips.

Lykos II is back as Phillips is double-teamed with kicks, leading to a corkscrew back senton from Lykos for a two-count. A plancha from Lykos II wipes out Gideon on the outside, as a slingshot Code Red almost won it for the wolves… before Phillips elbowed his way out of a Lykos brainbuster. A F5 followed from Phillips, but Gideon wants to snatch the glory… a tag in hurts his hand, but Gideon’s too cocksure, and gets caught with a cradle for a near-fall. The jelly-legged Grey staggers all over the place en route to a flop to the back… allowing Lykos II to tag in. Phillips and Lykos brawl, distracting the referee, allowing Gideon to use the cane on Lykos II for the win. Some shady tactics as Phillips pretty much guided the Legion to that win. ***

Will Kaven vs. JJ Gale
This was Gale’s first match since his team with Callum Newman dissolved… which means new music for this Portsmouth vs. Southampton “derby.”

From the opening lock-up, the pair head into the ropes, before a gut kick from Kaven looked to put him ahead. Gale hits the ropes for a rewind leapfrog, then a ‘rana out of the corner before a dropkick took Kaven outside. Gale adds a flip senton to Kaven on the outside, before a senton atomico back inside drew a two-count. Kaven bites away at Gale, then threw him down for some mounted punches… Gale returns the favour, before a backdrop suplex planted him by the ropes. Right hands from Kaven knock Gale into the corner, while a snap suplex takes Gale out of the corner, as Kaven slowed the pace down.

Gale’s forced to hold on as a cravat cranked away on the neck, before Gale got knocked back into the ropes. An Irish whip bounces him into the corner, as Kaven looked to follow-up… only to get caught with a roll-up before a wheelbarrow stomp finally put Gale ahead. An uppercut has Kaven down, as did a corkscrew uppercut out of the corner, which nearly ended things. Gale measures up for a springboard cutter, but Kaven blocks it… only to get met with a superkick. A second crack’s countered into a Dragon suplex, before my feed dropped out… it’s back as Kaven’s cracked with a rolling elbow, then a Gourdbuster, before a Corkscrew senton from Gale met Kaaven in the crowd.

Back inside, Kaven avoids a moonsault, returning with a package piledriver in the middle of the ring… but the so-called Devildriver’s not enough to get the win, as Kaven then pulled up Gale for a Dragon superplex. Gale elbows it away, returning with a moonsault press for a two-count, before a springboard cutter’s kneed away. Another crack at the Gale Force finally lands, but Kaven’s up at two, only to get pulled into a triangle armbar for the flash submission. ***

Dan Moloney vs. Luke Jacobs
Moloney’s been gunning for Luke since Jacobs was the Cruiserweight champion – with a little bit of extra spice added when Dan attacked Luke at the 229 earlier this month.

A missed spear at the bell from Moloney sees him hit the ring post, with Jacobs adding a back body drop… before Moloney lifted him to the outside. Luke’s lariat from the apron stops Moloney in his tracks, as the pair spill outside, heading around the crowd as Jacobs looked to put Dan into the front row. An eye rake stops that, as the pair instead traded chops ahead of a clothesline to the ring post from Luke… who then got speared into the second row. Back inside, Moloney’s Kitchen sink knee and a kick to the back drew just about a two-count, before a back elbow snuffed out Jacobs’ attempted fightback. Chops and kicks have Jacobs on all fours, while kicks from Moloney eventually earned him a snap bodyslam and a back senton as Jacobs fought back.

Jacobs tees up for a running chop into the corner, then a stalling suplex before chops took Dan back into the corner. Luke runs into a back elbow as Moloney turned it around, scoring a volley to the spine… but it’s too close to the ropes as he can’t get a cover going. We’re back to more chops, before Jacobs just slapped the piss out of Moloney with a palm strike. The strikes continue, but Moloney ducks a lariat, hitting a pair of Dragon suplexes, then a sweary dropkick before a lariat from Jacobs almost won it. A standing enziguiri from Moloney lands, as did a thrust kick out of the corner… but Jacobs lands one of his own, taking Dan down for a baseball slide dropkick in the corner, while a sit-out powerbomb almost got the win.

Jacobs gets caught up top as a superplex from Moloney brings him down… but Luke rolls through in for a brainbuster for a near-fall. Luke’s caught with a spear seconds later as both men were looking rocked, going back to chops. One of those misses in the corner, allowing Moloney to snatch the win with a roll-up… a very satisfying watch, but this doesn’t feel like the end of the story here. I’ll never turn down a sprint, especially when it’s as hard-hitting as this! ***½

Cameron Khai vs. Michael Oku
It’s a big test for the youngster Khai, who’s been seemingly exclusive to shows on the south coast…

We’ve something of a slow start as Oku played to the crowd ahead of the opening exchanges. Oku looked for a half crab early on, but gets pushed away as Khai’s cradle picked up a two-count… before a missed sliding lariat allowed Oku in with a sunset flip… except Khai sat down on it for a two-count. A neckbreaker from Khai drops Oku ahead of a standing moonsault for a two-count, before Oku hung up Khai in the ropes, following up with a missile dropkick. Oku follows in with a roll-up for a two-count, then elbowed Khai off the ropes as the former Cruiserweight champion controlled the pace.

Oku adds a running punt to Khai’s back as he continued to toy with the youngster… another half crab’s kicked away, so Oku launches himself into a legdrop instead. Khai blocks a superkick, turning Oku into an ushigoroshi instead as he began to push ahead. A trip from Oku sees him counter a suplex attempt back into a half crab, before Khai was able to counter into some rolling Northern Lights suplexes, eventually hurling Oku across the ring. Khai measures up for something, but Oku caught him out with a springboard dropkick, knocking Khai to the floor ahead of a Fosbury flop. A froggy crossbody from Oku back inside gets a near-fall, before a push off from a half crab led to a PK off the ropes. Oku misses a Lionsault… allowing Khai to roll him up for a near-fall, before Oku rolled through Khai into a half crab… but it’s too close to the ropes as Khai got a break.

Oku measures up Khai as the pair exchanged strikes, but it’s Oku who remained in control… scoring an overhead kick after Khai had snuck in a knee strike. The misdirection knee from Oku’s caught and turned into a sit-out powerbomb for a near-fall, with a brainbuster getting Khai a little closer, before a slingshot cutter was blocked by Oku. The misdirection knee followed as Oku looked to close the door on things. He takes too long following-up as he’s brought down with a superplex off the top for a near-fall. A missed splash in the corner from Khai allowed Oku back in with a neckbreaker, then with a running dropkick into the corner, only for Khai to roll back out for a cutter, with Oku rolling onto the apron to avoid getting pinned.

Khai follows Oku out with a slingshot cutter onto the side of the apron… only to follow up as he leapt into a superkick back inside, with Oku’s frog splash landing for a near-fall. The half crab follows… with Oku leaning all the way back as the submission was forced. Given the disparity in experience, I don’t think too many bought Khai winning, but it was a heck of a performance for someone who you’d hope would establish himself on the roster by the end of the year. ***½

Yota Tsuji vs. Leon Slater
Gideon Grey’s back to do ring announcing, and I’m sure he had a few folk wondering “just what the hell was Tsuji doing in Carlisle?!”

Opening with a lock-up, Tsuji took Slater into the corner for a break, before the favour was returned. Tsuji clubs away on Slater after faking out a lock-up, before an armdrag from Slater countered a tiltawhirl backbreaker ahead of some headscissors that took Tsuji into the corner. A leaping clothesline catches Tsuji, who threw Slater to the outside… but Leon styles it out, then hit a Tiger feint kick to knock Tsuji down ahead of a slingshot splash. Tsuji returns with a flapjack and a stomp to Slater, ahead of a snapmare and a kick to the back. A slam and some bodyscissors see Tsuji ground Slater, while chops continued to keep the Legion man in control.

Boots out of the corner from Slater stun Tsuji, as did a handspring back elbow, before Tsuji blocked a suplex… only to get clubbed down. Some headscissors from Tsuji led to the tiltawhirl backbreaker, while a Boston crab quickly ended with Slater making it to the ropes. Chops from Slater follow, but Tsuji gave as good as he got, eventually knocking Slater into the corner with an elbow smash. Slater avoids a superplex, knocking Tsuji down as a missile dropkick brought him down… following with a shotgun dropkick and a leaping cutter for a near-fall. Strikes from the pair lead to Tsuji going for a German suplex, before he got caught with a Twister suplex for a near-fall.

Tsuji rolls away from a 450 splash attempt, but ran into a front kick as Slater tried to get the win… before a thrust kick damn near went through Tsuji for a near-fall. A leg sweep from Tsuji takes Slater off the top rope, only for an Octopus hold to subdue Tsuji in the middle of the ring. Powering out, Tsuji hits an Alabama Slam, then sat down on Slater with the Boston crab… pulling Slater away from the ropes, then into a pendulum swing for the submission. That one seemed to catch the crowd out, but you’ve got to actually win matches with new moves for folks to take them seriously, so I’ve no issue with the “how.” ***

Leyton Buzzard vs. Will Ospreay
The story of this week’s Rev Pro shows is Will Ospreay’s challenge to others in and around the British scene. To answer the first one, step forward Leyton Buzzard – no, not the town in Bedfordshire, but the current ICW World Heavyweight Champion.

We’ve a measured start as Ospreay eventually took Buzzard to the ropes, originally for an Okada-style break before he charged in with the knees. Buzzard charges and gets sent outside, with Ospreay faking out a dive… back inside, Buzzard boots away Ospreay, then scored with a hiptoss and a dropkick before he dove on Ospreay with some ground and pound. A series of elbows from Ospreay led to him getting tripped into the ropes… but Ospreay sidesteps a knee strike and hotshotted Buzzard into the top rope. Ospreay’s front kick drops the Bristolian, while a backbreaker took Buzzard down for another two-count. Keeping things grounded, Ospreay hammerlocks the arm and leans back on Buzzard’s other arm as he bridged back in a pinning attempt that almost popped the shoulder out.

Buzzard finds an opening, throwing Ospreay into the corner with an overhead belly-to-belly, before a low dropkick sent Ospreay outside for a follow-up somersault plancha into the crowd. Back inside, a crossbody drops Ospreay for a two-count, before a handspring enziguiri caught out the ICW champion. Ospreay adds a springboard forearm, crashing into Buzzard for a two-count, before a chop lit up Buzzard… who returned with a facebuster, clothesline and standing moonsault for a quick two-count. A knee to the back of the head, then a superkick from the apron and a missile dropkick keeps the offence going, with Ospreay kicking out at two before the pair began to trade off on each other with elbows.

Buzzard seemed to be pulling ahead, but a wall-flip enziguiri from Ospreay takes Buzzard outside for the plancha. Another springboard forearm back into the ring gets a near-fall, before Buzzard’s dropkick to the arse caught Ospreay as he went for an OsCutter. Staying ahead, Buzzard adds a Coast to Coast dropkick that almost put Ospreay away, before he aborted a 450 splash… then got caught with a standing Spanish Fly from Ospreay. A running front kick keeps Buzzard at bay, as did the Cheeky Nando’s kick in the buckles, before a sit-out Ligerbomb flattened Buzzard for a near-fall. The OsCutter’s next, but it’s still not enough, as Ospreay added a Hidden Blade to the face… which still didn’t get the job done.

Continuing to toy with Buzzard, Ospreay invited – and delivered – elbows, leaving Buzzard running on fumes as endless elbows left him staggering around the ring. Firing back, a single elbow from Buzzard sank Ospreay, but he took too long following up… or did he?! A hook kick’s shrugged off as a snap ‘rana planted Ospreay, before a uranage landed… a follow-up 450 lands on Ospreay’s knee, before a release Tiger Driver nearly won it for Ospreay. From the kick-out, Ospreay measures up for a LEAPING Hidden Blade… and that’s your lot. Much like Oku/Khai earlier, I doubt few gave Buzzard a shot here, but he more than held his own against Ospreay, coming close with the last-gasp offence towards the end before he was wiped out (literally) with the Hidden Blade. ****

Post-match, Ospreay took the mic and put over Buzzard for even answering that open challenge… before openly asking Andy Quildan to give him more full time dates. We’re watching, Andy… Ospreay then announced himself for next month’s Revolution Rumble, before reissuing his open challenge. Dan Moloney’s out to answer it… but Ospreay then trolled Moloney by saying he wanted to take on the best in Birmingham… suggesting he take on Luke Jacobs instead.

Ospreay continued to needle Moloney, bringing up how when they last wrestled in 2019, after leaving WWE, Moloney wanted to start at the bottom and work his way up… only to fumble his opportunities “because he’s pissing around with the 0121.” That led to Ospreay throwing a gauntlet to Moloney – he’s got to beat a list of challengers put forward by Gideon Grey, then he’ll get Ospreay one-on-one at the Revolution Rumble. The needling from Ospreay led to Moloney spearing Remi Adetunji, having laid out another Contender with a Drilla… and we’ve now got five weeks of Dan Moloney laying waste to fools. GREAT.

Main event aside, this was your usual solid show out of Rev Pro – and while everything on here landed to some degree, I’d like to see some sort of follow-up from Cameron Khai after he went nearly 20-minutes with Michael Oku. Ideally before Rev Pro return to the South Coast in May… and in a similar vein, this best not be a one-and-done thing for Buzzard!