Ricky Knight Jr. came head to head with Gabriel Kidd once more as Southampton saw a slightly-changed main event from Rev Pro.

Quick Results
Shaun Jackson pinned Remi Adetunji in 9:05 (**¾)
Danny Jones & Brendan White pinned Samuel Hawkes & Cameron Khai in 11:24 (***¼)
Yota Tsuji pinned Robbie X in 10:14 (***¼)
Maya Matthews pinned Safire Reed in 12:04 (**¾)
Will Kaven defeats Michael Oku via disqualification in 15:36 (***¼)
Ricky Knight Jr. pinned Gabriel Kidd in 23:42 to retain the Rev Pro Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship (****)

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We’re a little more up to date as Rev Pro hit the 1865 in Southampton earlier this month – for a show that they actually live streamed. The live stream held up real well, but I didn’t do a review at the time, so as not to jinx it. With Gideon Grey back in Japan, commentary for this show comes from Andy Quildan and Mad Kurt.

Shaun Jackson vs. Remi Adetunji
I know Cagematch isn’t 100% with Rev Pro results, but it’s been a long time since Jackson’s been in a Rev Pro ring…

Jackson slaps away a handshake as we opened with an aggressive lock-up that headed into the corner. There’s a cheapshot out of the corner from Jackson, then a suplex throw as the contender Adetunji was having trouble getting out of the blocks. An attempt to fight back sees Adetunji getting clubbed down though, before he returned with a tijeras.

Adetunji adds an uppercut into the corner, then a stalling suplex for a two-count, before a crossbody got Jackson back in it. An Irish whip bounces Adetunji into the corner for a two-count, only for the contender to come back with a Northern lights suplex… Jackson’s able to shrug it off and hit a regular suplex though as Adetunji couldn’t follow up.

A chop from Adetunji takes Jackson into the corner, ahead of a running clothesline… a second one’s kicked away as Jackson returned with a knee for a two-count. Jackson’s crossbody is caught and rolled through by Adetunji, who powered up for a slam, before clotheslines and a T-bone suplex left Jackson laying.

Jackson’s dumped with a deadlift gutwrench suplex for a two-count, but a discus forearm got Jackson some offence… only for Adetunji to hit back with a pumphandle backbreaker. A spinebuster from Adetunji’s escaped as Jackson then came back with a pumphandle slam that Adetunji tried to escape, but it ends up more like an Olympic slam that gets Jackson a near-fall.

Adetunji tries to fire back one more time, but ends up getting caught out of nowhere with the Jackson Falls – a fireman’s carry into a sit-out powerbomb – for the win. **¾

Greedy Souls (Brendan White & Danny Jones) vs. Cameron Khai & Samuel Hawkes
Since their debut back in January hasn’t made tape yet (nor their last outing in Southampton, against the Velocities), this was Khai and Hawkes’ VOD-debut… who I guess have bypassed the contenders division?

Brendan White mocked Khai and Hawkes by demanding that “Destination Nowhere” take their coats to the back… but we get going with Hawkes and White locking up into the corner, before White backed away from Hawkes and tagged in Danny Jones. Hawkes got thrown down as White tagged back in to hit a slam, as the Greedy Souls looked to be coasting… into a roll-up from Hawkes.

Hawkes fires up with forearms into the corner, before he caught White with a clothesline off the ropes. A neckbreaker’s next for a two-count, as Cameron Khai came in to hit a standing moonsault… while Hawkes’ running shooting star press, then an assisted moonsault from Khai earned barely a two-count for the youngsters.

Khai floats over White in the corner, then tripped him up for a thrust kick, before Danny Jones pulled White out of the corner to help get his team back in it. Jones tagged in to hit an uppercut, but a Khai neckbreaker bought him time only for Jones to back him into the ropes to block a suplex… lifting him up then shoving him down to the outside.

Brendan White joins Khai on the outside, charging him into the side of the ring as the referee was distracted. Back inside, Jones hits a snap suplex, then a neck twist before a back senton from White earned another two-count for the Welsh lads. White stands on Khai’s head, as did Jones, before a flash backslide from Khai almost stole a win.

A ripcord forearm earned Khai some time, but Jones pulled him away from the tag as White’s back to maul him, before Khai managed to land a suplex. That bought him enough time to make the hot tag to Hawkes, who hit a superkick, thern a ‘rana to Jones, before a slingshot roll-through led to a roundhouse kick for a near-fall.

Khai’s brought back in for a Total Elimination, but White’s in to break up the pin… Khai tags back out as Hawkes went up top for a moonsault… he misses after Khai’s attempt to the floor was broken up by White. A double-team Saito suplex leaves Hawkes down, as the Greedy Souls battered him from pillar to post, leading to a Magic Killer backbreaker for a near-fall.

Hawkes evades Jones, but ran into a tree slam from White, as the beating continued… leading to a slingshot Black Hole Slam for the win. An enjoyable tag match with the Greedy Souls stamping their mark on things – while Hawkes and Khai didn’t look out of place in their role. ***¼

Yota Tsuji vs. Robbie X
We’ve got Legion representation here as Lucian Phillips accompanied Yota Tsuji…

Tsuji jumped Robbie X from behind, then whipped him with his own ring jacket before the bell, as we start with Tsuji putting the boots to Robbie X. A chop stings Robbie, but he recovers with a tijeras and an armdrag before Lucian Phillips tripped Robbie in the ropes. A further distraction ends with a handspring kick as Robbie X beat Phillips and threw him to the back…

Back inside, Robbie X slingshots back in for the hiptoss and cartwheel dropkick to Tsuji, while a standing moonsault added a two-count. A rear spin kick caught Tsuji in the ropes, before Yota kicked away a handspring as a slam left Robbie in the middle of the ring. Kicks follow from Tsuji, who then tossed Robbie X to the outside for some more strikes.

Tsuji stays in control as he stomped Robbie X, then pulled him into a camel clutch… complete with some fanning. The Mount Tsuji splash off the ropes followed, but it’s only enough for a two-count before the pair jockeyed over a suplex… leading to an O’Connor roll attempt from Robbie X who had more luck with a big dropkick.

Robbie builds on that with a springboard Molly Go Round of all things for a near-fall, before he squatted Tsuji from a Fireman’s carry. Tsuji escaped to hit a Canadian backbreaker for a near-fall, before a sunset flip from Robbie X kept things even… a struggling backslide eventually took Tsuji down for a two-count, before Tsuji’s superkicks led to an enziguiri from Robbie X.

A Finlay roll from Robbie X, then a running shooting star press nearly wins it, before an X-Clamation was caught and pushed away. Lucian Phillips is out to punch out Robbie X behind the ref’s back, allowing Tsuji to take the elementary win with an Alabama Slam. A far cry from the Vertebreaker he workshopped in the past, but it’s another big win for Tsuji. ***¼

Guess I was one of the 30 during intermission…

Safire Reed vs. Maya Matthews
It’s a Rev Pro debut for Reed, and was dubbed a battle of Rev Pro’s London and Portsmouth schools.

The opening lock-up sees Reed get backed into the ropes, but she quickly returned the favour before the pair traded trip-ups. A head kick from Reed led to a wheelbarrow from Matthews led to a two-count and a stand-off. Matthews offered a handshake, but got pulled into a side headlock as Reed looked to take control… but headscissors got Matthews out, only for Reed to float over back into the side headlock.

A switcharound sees Matthews grab a side headlock, before she caught Reed with a roll-up off the ropes for a delayed two-count. Maya’s suplex gets her another two-count, before Reed returned fire with a dropkick to the side of the head for a two-count. After the kick-out, Reed went after Matthews’ arm with a stomp, before a snapmare and a sliding clothesline drew a two-count.

Reed continues to control proceedings, taking Matthews to the corner… only to get vaulted over as Matthews leapt back in for a mounted sleeperhold. It’s thrown off as Reed returned fire with a headbutt, getting a two-count out of it, before some grounded punches had Matthews covering up.

Matthews can’t avoid a dropkick in the corner, but popped up from a German suplex to hit a shotgun dropkick… then a gamengiri in the corner. Reed blocks a cutter, but couldn’t avoid a Slingblade, nor a discus clothesline as Maya finally found a way through with that. Reed kicks out at two from that as she proceeds to reverse a suplex, taking Matthews down ahead of a ripcord clothesline.

The pair trade strikes from there, with Matthews looking to pull ahead, but Reed charges her into the corner before a springboard from Reed ended with her landing in a cutter. Reed clings onto the ropes to avoid being covered, then returned with a release German suplex… a second one followed as Matthews was left reeling, only to surprise Reed with a wheelbarrow out of a third German suplex to get the win. **¾

Post-match, Reed instantly attacked Matthews, then slapped Maya as she mockingly offered a handshake…

Will Kaven vs. Michael Oku
It’s a rematch from September in London, where Kaven upset Oku on his Rev Pro debut.

Kaven’s a little distracted by the crowd as we got going, with Oku laying into Kaven with right hands before some misdirection in the ropes led to a tijeras and a dropkick. Kaven scurries outside to avoid a half crab, but couldn’t avoid a tope from Oku, who came in hot…

An apron PK from Oku’s caught as he’s flipped onto the edge of the ring, as Kaven took over back inside, landing a back elbow as Kaven sent Oku into the ropes. A cravat focuses on Oku’s neck, as did a big boot off the ropes as Kaven looked to have Oku’s number once more.

Oku’s up at two after that cover, only to get sent into the corner… but Oku uppercuts Kaven away as he followed with a gamengiri and a missile dropkick. Oku beats Kaven to the punch as he built up to a DDT for a two-count on Kaven, leading to a half crab attempt that was so telegraphed, Kaven pushed it away.

Oku goes for a roll-up on the rebound, but Kaven kicks out and went for a package piledriver, only to get lifted to the outside. A Fosbury flop sees Oku join Kaven on the outside, with a froggy crossbody helping matters back inside for another two-count. Heading up top, Oku goes for a frog splash, but lands in Kaven’s knees… recovering for an O’Connor roll and a PK as the former cruiserweight champion looked to be in control. For now.

Kaven escapes a springboard moonsault, then hit a Dragon suplex and a curb stomp knee for a near-fall. Oku quickly countered a package piledriver as he finds his way back into the half crab, only for Kaven to roll free. Oku’s stomps end with him getting propelled into the corner, as Kaven joined him for the over-the-turnbuckle neckbreaker, before that package piledriver planted Oku for another near-fall.

Following up, Kaven pulled Oku onto the apron for another neckbreaker, but Oku hung him across the ropes, then climbed up for a frog splash, which lands by the ropes. Kaven kicks out at two, then rolled up Oku for a near-fall – stopped because Kaven was in the ropes to start with – before Oku caught him with a superkick. A superplex attempt ends with Oku getting crotched in the buckles, leading to a Dragon superplex from Kaven… but Oku flips free!

A running dropkick cracks Kaven in the corner as Oku goes for the frog splash again, but still Kaven kicked out. The half crab followed once more, but Kaven kicks away as he scrambled into the corner, where he spat at Oku. That makes Oku snap as he charged at Kaven with elbows, beating him down in the corner, forcing the referee to separate the pair twice until Oku punted Kaven in the balls for the obvious DQ. An unpopular result as Kaven retained his 100% winning start to life in Rev Pro… ***¼

Oku attacked Kaven after the match, before the Contenders separated them… with Amira once again calming Oku down.

RevPro Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship: Gabriel Kidd vs. Ricky Knight Jr. (c)
This was meant to have been the second attempt at RKJ vs. Shota Umino – but Umino was pulled from the card. We’ll get that match eventually! Kidd’s unbeaten in Rev Pro this year, and has a win over RKJ back in February…

The pair stare each other down during the introductions, as we open with a lock-up and a scrap over a wristlock. A headlock takedown from Kidd’s countered out of quickly though, before a wristlock from RKJ led to a drop toe hold… but Kidd comes back with a snapmare as the opening exchanges ended with RKJ slapping Kidd in the back of the head.

Heading outside, Kidd scares a kid, then returned to trap RKJ in grounded headscissors, before Knight began to sting Kidd with kicks to the leg. Kidd baits RKJ in with a charge to the corner, but Kidd lifts Knight to the outside, where he took RKJ to the side of the ring for some chops… following up with a fight over a suplex, which ended with RKJ getting posted.

The pair trade chops, ending with Kidd chopping a brick wall before RKJ took the kid from earlier and threw him into Kidd. Back inside, Kidd mauls RKJ, only to get met with a low dropkick as he went for a bull lariat. Another low dropkick takes Kidd outside as RKJ dropped him leg-first onto some steps, as kicks to the left leg ensured that the champion focused on the limb.

Back inside, RKJ headbutts the knee of Kidd, who then had his leg kicked out of his leg as Knight stayed on that body part like a dog with a bone. A shinbreaker’s next from Knight, as things then spilled back outside as Kidd gets kicked in the leg some more. RKJ pulls out a bin bag, then chucked the empty bin at Kidd amid the assault to the leg.

We’re back inside as Kidd fought back, but a low dropkick took Kidd back to his knees… only for Kidd to be crotched in the ropes as RKJ then hooked Kidd to cause some groinal pain. Kidd’s struggling to get back to his feet, and was taken right back down with RKJ kneed away a lariat attempt… before the pair connected with dualling clotheslines.

RKJ telegraphs a brainbuster a la Kid Lykos, as Gabriel Kidd demanded the referee fetch his knee pad… but RKJ intercepted it and flung it back outside as the pair traded chops with increasing ferocity. A Junkyard Dog-like headbutt from RKJ takes out Kidd’s knee, before the pair removed their gumshields and teed up for more forearms and punches.

A sucker punch from RKJ had Kidd loopy, but they resume as things descended into a slugfest, leading to a capture headbutt from RKJ… who couldn’t follow up. Instead, RKJ ran into a T-bone suplex from Kidd, before a right hand from Kidd led to a tombstone… that Knight escaped. RKJ tries his Fire Thunder Driver, but Kidd slipped out to hit a tombstone… only to not be able to follow up due to the knee work earlier.

Kidd heads up top and misses a moonsault, allowing RKJ in with a Shining Wizard for a near-fall, then a Figure Four as Kidd eventually rolled the hold… which got rolled back with Kidd needing the ropes to force a break. With both men running on fumes, RKJ collapses as he went for a Fire Thunder Driver, then got caught with Kidd’s Bull lariat for a near-fall. More clotheslines from Kidd are countered though, with RKJ countering a lariat into a brainbuster, before the Fire Thunder Driver eventually got the win in a real hard-hitting outing. Kidd came super close, but this was a trademark first title defence for RKJ, who ended Kidd’s unbeaten year in Rev Pro. ****

Post-match, RKJ took the mic and addressed the fact that he’d been pinned by Great O-Khan at Royal Quest 2 last week… and issued a challenge to O-Khan to put his undefeated (in Rev Pro) run up against RKJ’s title at York Hall in December. That’s since been accepted… so we have our main event for Uprising at the end of the year!

I’m not sure if Rev Pro were looking to replace or tidy up the VOD, but if you’re watching the archive of the live stream, you might want to fast forward through the entrances, as there’s big-time issues with the picture during flashing lights. Compression. Still, the live stream held up remarkably well during the show, with zero drop outs, which caused no disruption to what was a pretty solid show as Rev Pro continue to walk the road to December’s Uprising show.