Michael Oku finds out who’s next in line for a shot at his Cruiserweight title… and goes up against Yota Tsuji as Rev Pro returned to Southampton last month.

Quick Results
Remi Adetunji pinned David Francisco in 13:05 (***)
Luke Jacobs pinned Connor Mills, JJ Gale & Robbie X in 9:33 (***½)
Ricky Knight Jr. pinned Joshua James in 11:20 (***¼)
Jude London pinned Chuck Mambo in 15:51 (***)
Great British Tag League Block A: Icarus & Dover pinned Charlie Sterling & Nick Riley in 14:09 (***½)
Paris de Silva pinned TK Cooper in 18:45 (***)
Michael Oku submitted Yota Tsuji in 22:41 (***¼)

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We’re back at the 1865 in Southampton for this one, with Andy Quildan and Gideon Grey on commentary as usual…

Remi Adetunji vs. David Francisco
Adetunji beat Francisco on his debut a month or so earlier…

Francisco’s early roll-up is quickly kicked out of, as things went to ground with trading headlocks. Shoulder tackles don’t budge Remi, but a back elbow did, before a floatover from Francisco got him in place for a stalling suplex. It gets a near-fall, but Francisco’s follow-up crossbody’s caught and turned into a running powerslam by Remi.

A floatover suplex keeps Remi ahead, before Francisco got fed up of Adetunji controlling things with chops… he walked into another corner to invite some more of those. Of course, Remi connected, before he got lifted onto the apron… then kneed in the ropes as Francisco took him to the outside for a dropkick through-the-ropes. Francisco’s diving kick knocked Adetunji down for a two-count, as did a shoulder tackle, before Adetunji tried to block a Cloverleaf. He manages to push the Portuguese native away though, leading to a back elbow off the ropes as Remi looked to build anew… doing so with a goddamn deadlift gutwrench suplex.

Adetunji’s caught with a backslide in return, with Francisco keeping hold of the wrist after the kickout before peppering Remi with forearms. It leads to a crossface, but Adetunji gets to the ropes to break the hold. A massive dropkick from Adetunji turns things around again, but his follow-up spinebuster’s countered with a cradle for a near-fall… before Adetunji nailed a pop-up powerbomb for a near-fall in return. A series of Exploders are next from Adetunji, before he ended things with the spinebuster as he went 2-0 over Francisco. A promising start to life in Rev Pro from Adetunji, who’s got some explosiveness in his arsenal. ***

Luke Jacobs vs. Connor Mills vs. JJ Gale vs. Robbie X
This was for a shot at Michael Oku’s British Cruiserweight title… so of course, Oku joined commentary for this one.

We open with a chained series of pinning attempts and trips ahead of a stand-off between Robbie X and Luke Jacobs… which ended with Jacobs killing everyone with chops, clothesline and boots. Gale manages to outfox Luke with a leaping ‘rana and a dropkick before Robbie X swapped in to up the tempo, leading to the cartwheel dropkick. Mills slides in and dumps Robbie with a Kitchen sink knee, before Jacobs returned to clear house with Fireman carries and back sentons. Jacobs sidesteps a running Mills, whose dropkick caught Robbie X up top, before we had a Tower of Doom from the three, with Gale adding a senton to Robbie X after the landing for a near-fall.

Gale escapes a Millshot, but couldn’t avoid a dive from Mills to the outside as Robbie X then hit a handspring kick to Jacobs on the apron… then an Orihara moonsault to the pile. Back inside, Robbie X’s belly-to-belly threw Gale into Jacobs in the corner, before Mills was backflipped over for a powerbomb that nearly won it for Robbie. A Spiral Tap’s next for Robbie X, but Gale breaks up the cover as those two began to trade strikes. Robbie X blocks a handspring cutter from Gale as the pace quickened, but Gale’s able to end a merry go round with a forearm to take down Jacobs. Mills manages to get back in with a Millshot to Gale for a near-fall, only to get planted with a vertical drop brainbuster and a wacky powerbomb/lariat combo from Jacobs.

Robbie X breaks that cover up, before landing a reverse ‘rana to Jacobs… who then at the X-Clamation for a near-fall. Yep, Gale breaks it up, then hit the springboard cutter to Robbie X, who rolled outside. Mills’ Quebrada takes Gale down and to the outside, before Mills and Jacobs teed off on each other. Another Quebrada’s booted away by Jacobs as a German suplex gets him closer to the win, before a powerbomb and a big lariat ended up getting Luke the three-count. This was a little loose in places, but managed to settle down well as Jacobs has his eyes set on being a two-division champion. ***½

Joshua James vs. Ricky Knight Jr.
Ricky Knight Jr.’s got his eyes set on a title shot, so this could be a little bit one-sided…

Our opening lock-up here’s broken as James held firm, then was caught with a jab before he shrugged off RKJ’s shoulder tackles. James gives some in return, but gets charged down, before Knight’s leapfrogs and rope running ended with a dropkick. Chops follow in the ropes from RKJ, as did a poke to the eye and a kick to the back as RKJ’s standing moonsault nearly ended this early. RKJ has a whip reversed, but his floatover was too assumptive as James hit a shotgun dropkick into the corner, setting up for a big splash that nearly got the upset. RKJ returns with a death valley driver into the corner, then some running dropkicks by the buckles ahead of a draping DDT for another near-fall.

Forearms to the lower back see RKJ wear down James some more, while a knee strike had James down for a two-count. More chops follow as Knight continued to dominate, following with a one-handed stalling suplex that dumped James into the ropes. James eats a neckbreaker after that, before RKJ set him up for a Hidden Blade… but James ducks it and followed with a back body drop! A clothesline takes Knight outside as he was being made to pay for the Ospreay tomfoolery, before a springboard forearm back inside got Knight back on track. Or did it? After surviving a roll-up, a roundhouse kick followed, before a double clothesline left both men laying. An exchange of strikes puts RKJ back ahead, until he was POUNCE’d… then lariat’d by James for a near-fall.

Out of nowhere, RKJ slips in with a Rainmaker, following up with some kicks and a rolling clothesline to the back of the head for the win. ***¼

After the match, RKJ took shots at Will Ospreay for not being there, then announced his intentions to go after Ospreay’s Rev Pro Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship.

Jude London vs. Chuck Mambo
We’ve got Sunshine Machine vs. VeloCities as a potential Great British Tag League block finale in London… so here’s the first of two singles matches to hype that up.

Opening with a knuckle lock, Mambo has London down for some early pins as Andy Q was going over block B permutations… dualling pins end with the pair bridging up, before London stretched Mambo with a chinlock. A leapfrog from Mambo’s caught as London’s roll-up nearly ended things, before he took to the ropes for a lucha armdrag. Mambo gets involved with an armdrag of his own, following up with a double sledge to London… who caught it and rolled Mambo back in ahead of a ‘rana and a dropkick inside. London stretches out Mambo in an Octopus stretch amid a Beatles-inspired chant, before Mambo retaliated with a Romero special.

London armdrags his way out of a Gory special, before a Gory bomb from Mambo followed for a near-fall. A slam’s next, then a knee drop before a neck crank kept Mambo in control, switching it up into a stranglehold that ended in the ropes. Mambo chops London after the break, before London leaps to the apron and vaulted back in for some satellite headscissors that nearly planted Mambo. Back inside, Mambo hits the Shades of Savage to hang up London in the ropes ahead of a Whoopee Cushion… didn’t think I’d be calling an old Doink move today. That gets Mambo a two-count before he switched his focus to the arm of the Australian, leading to another stranglehold.

London hits a stunner to break free, then hit a springboard reverse Slingblade… then an Exploder as Mambo was firmly on the back foot. A regular Slingblade drops Mambo ahead of a standing moonsault for a near-fall. Mambo’s able to hit a springboard back elbow to force his way back in, then a through-the-ropes dropkick in the corner and a Blockbuster as he was able to chain big moves together for a near-fall. Mambo blocks some satellite headscissors, but gets rolled up out of a Gunnslinger attempt… before dualling crossbodies led to the pair crashing into each other. A flying stomp from London puts him back ahead, before he missed a moonsault as Mambo returned for a Bad Burrito gutbuster. It’s good for a near-fall, as was a Reef Breaker, before London got the knees up to block a frog splash… as a snap wheelbarrow roll-through forced a sudden finish. This one had its moments, but the Southampton crowd seemed to struggle to connect – as was the case for a lot of the night so far, unfortunately. ***

Great British Tag League Block A: Arrows of Hungary (Icarus & Dover) vs. Smokin’ Aces (Charlie Sterling & Nick Riley)
It’s a proverbial wooden spoon match in the block, as this was the last chance both teams had to get on the board.

Dover and Sterling start, as the Hungarian pushed Sterling into the corner from the opening lock-up. Sterling locks up into the corner, but gets pushed back out before he tagged in Nick Riley, who’s similarly pushed back into the corner as the Aces eventually found an opening, courtesy of a kick to the midsection from Sterling. Shoulder tackles from Riley barely fazed Dover, so Sterling’s back to try his luck, only to get bounced down repeatedly as Dover spun him to the mat. Riley’s back, but gets caught in a side headlock… he’s able to tag out to Sterling, but Sterling’s flung with a back body drop before Riley was thrown aside.

Sterling’s charged into the corner for an Icarus gamengiri… Icarus tagged in and was launched into Sterling for a cannonball for a near-fall. Icarus keeps going with armdrags to Riley, then a suplex and a crucifix for a near-fall as the Arrows were all over the Aces. Riley elbows out of a back suplex attempt, then tagged out as Sterling’s attempt to chop block was deftly avoided by Icarus. Sterling scatters, but blind-tags Riley on his way back in as the Aces then finally found an opening courtesy of a 2-on-1 advantage. Icarus gets met with a knee drop for a two-count, before a backbreaker/elbow drop nearly put him away. The Aces keep the frequent tags going as the Aces began to toy with Icarus, all while shaking their heads at the crowd who were getting under their skin.

Sterling distracts the ref by falling into the ring (great camera work, by the way… if Andy’s not getting that dig in, I will!), as Icarus was able to make the tag out… Dover argues as the ref missed a superkick-assisted tombstone that nearly won it for the Aces. We’re getting shades of Sterling’s turn in last year’s tag league here, as the Aces were looking to avoid finishing with the Eurovision special. More ironic cheers from the crowd greet the Aces’ tags, before Icarus finally overcame them and rolled through to tag in a pissed-off Dover, who ran wild with swinging lariats. Another back body drop takes Sterling down, ahead of a Saito suplex as I spied a loose turnbuckle nut being repaired. An Air Raid Crash from Dover’s good for a near-fall, before Sterling tagged back in.

Things spill outside as the Aces hit dives to the Hungarians, then returned to the ring for a double-team stuttering cutter. A big splash off the top from Sterling gets a near-fall, with Icarus crashing into the ring with a senton cannonball to break it up in time, before Icarus delayed the Aces’ trip up top… with Dover countering their splash/legdrop combo by just chucking them off the top rope. Tags bring us to Icarus and Riley… a springboard enziguiri wipes out Riley, before a double-team spinebuster dropped Sterling. A swift Crossfire followed, and that’s enough for the Arrows to squeak out a win in a match that they spent large periods on the back foot of, but that final flurry ensured it was the Aces who ended up pointless. ***½

After the match, Sterling and Riley shook hands with the Arrows, before Sterling clung onto Icarus like he was Hulk Hogan trying to eliminate Sid from the Royal Rumble… as the Aces then put the boots to the Arrows… leading with the assisted piledriver to Icarus.

TK Cooper vs. Paris de Silva
Jude London took the win earlier in the night in this tag league teaser…

We start with duelling chants, before TK backed de Silva into the corner. De Silva tries to repeat the trick, but TK switches him into the corner after some mocking. A cravat from de Silva follows, before TK got free… leapfrogs and roll throughs follow, as did a ‘rana from de Silva, before a dropkick de Silva a one-count. De Silva mounts TK for an armbar, literally standing on Cooper’s back before he rolled him down for another one-count. Hitting the ropes, Paris ends up getting caught with a leaping leg lariat for a two-count, before chops and forearms wore down de Silva in the corner.

TK continues to control the pace with sit-out splashes on de Silva’s back, before he tried to wrench out Paris’ leg from his hip. Hobbling, Paris tries to fight back with forearms, but a missed head kick allowed TK back in… only for him to get caught with an inside cradle for a near-fall. A diving kick from TK answered that emphatically, getting a near-fall, before he went back to those sit-down splashes on Paris’ back. A hammerlock’d camel clutch follows, but TK loses the hammerlock as de Silva powered to his feet, breaking the grip before he went after TK’s legs with kicks. In response, TK just throws him through the ropes to the outside, but a follow-up dive is cut off with a kick as de Silva then scored with a spinning heel kick back inside. Paris keeps going with a Dragon suplex and a PK for a near-fall, before TK’s attempted comeback ended with him getting caught in a Zack Sabre Jr.-esque mounted Octopus.

De Silva rolls TK down to the mat for a crossface, but TK’s able to get a foot to the ropes. He loses grip of the ropes as Paris nails a tornado DDT, then a clothesline as Cooper was finding himself in trouble. A trip up top sees Paris miss a flying stomp as TK returned with a running front kick and an Exploder, before de Silva backslid his way out of a scissors kick. A sunset flip’s next for de Silva for a near-fall, before TK countered a second one and rolled Paris up for a Jig ‘n’ Tonic that nearly won it. Some more back and forth sees Paris land a pump kick, only for a quick headbutt from TK to leave both men laying. Chuck Mambo’s out to cheer on TK for the final stretch, as was Jude London… but it’s to the outside we go as TK Cooper looked to measure up de Silva for an apron superkick… only to waffle London instead.

De Silva sweeps TK onto the outside, before Mambo pushed TK aside to take a tope for him. Back inside, TK popped up Paris for a Samoan drop for a near-fall, before a second Jig ‘n’ Tonic’s countered into a Code Red for a near-fall. Paris countered a pop-up into a DDT, then headed back up top for a shooting star press… and that’s your lot. I really struggled to get to grips with this one, as this was technically fine, but struggled to get a response from the crowd other than when they were cheering on TK. ***

After the match, a staredown between the two teams ended with the VeloCities attacking Sunshine Machine, before duelling dives from the champions were stopped. The Aussies scored with a pair of crossbodies to take them outside, but their dives were cut-off as the message we’re getting here is they were both incredibly even.

Yota Tsuji vs. Michael Oku
The main event of this VOD then, and it’s Michael Oku conveniently having a match with a heavyweight. Handy, given Luke Jacobs had earned a shot at his title earlier in the evening.

Tsuji slapped the taste out of Oku’s mouth when a handshake was offered… but Oku’s able to retaliate with headscissors and a dropkick, taking Tsuji outside for a tope. Back in the ring, Oku’s crossbody’s turned into a powerslam ahead of some Snake Eyes and a front kick for a nonchalant two-count. A straitjacket choke’s next, as Oku’s attempt to escape led to him just being put back in the hold, before Tsuji took him to the ropes for some chops. Oku’s attempt to fight back sees him chopped down again, before Oku was rolled through for a kick to the back that gets a two-count. There’s a running front kick that takes Oku down for a two-count as Tsuji focuses on the neck again… while stopping to fan himself.

Oku tries to fight back with forearms, then with boots out of the corner before he went up top for a missile dropkick. He begins to beat Tsuji to the punch, leading to a DDT for a two-count, following with the misdirection knee and a springboard moonsault as Oku continued to pile up those two-counts. A trip looked to set Oku up for a half crab, but Tsuji kicks free before almost a curb stomp sent Oku into the mat. Tsuji goes back to the arm of Oku, snapping back on it, before Tsuji kicked him in the ropes. A chicken wing looks to follow, but Oku charged into the ropes to send Tsuji outside, following up with a Fosbury flop for good measure. Back inside, a frog splash lands for a near-fall as Oku’d looked to pick up an arm injury.

It’s not helped as the pair trade forearms, but it’s Tsuji who pulled ahead as he then set up for a Vertebreaker. Oku’s instead met with a knee strike as Tsuji had other ideas, leading to a series of kicks that Oku began to fight back from… only to get caught in a Gory special. Oku sits up out of it, and snapped back into a reverse ‘rana to break free, before a spinning Tsuji clothesline dumped Oku in the middle of the ring. Back-and-forth running forearms into the corner led to Oku going for a dropkick… he misses as Tsuji sidestepped him, then trapped the champion in a chicken wing. Somehow, Oku’s able to roll free, but Tsuji reapplies the chicken wing on the mat… following up with what I can only describe as a hammerlock’d gutbuster.

Strikes from Tsuji set up for a modified Vertebreaker and a running kick, before a three point stance led to a spear… but Oku cradled Tsuji for a near-fall instead. A superkick drops Oku once more, but Tsuji’s half crab was rolled out of as Oku applied one of his own instead, dragging Tsuji away from the ropes ahead of the eventual submission. Good, but this perhaps could have done with having some time shaved off it, which is becoming a theme in Rev Pro. Oku withstanding a lot of punishment but getting a win over a heavyweight is a familiar theme, but one that’s really warming up that newly-announced Jacobs match. ***¼

After the match, Oku thanked the crowd, then brought up how he “survived” against Luke Jacobs last time they met… before offering Jacobs his title shot in Manchester, as Oku wanted to repeat last year’s 1-2 of defending his title in Manchester, and winning the Great British Tag League in the same night.

This was a solid show, but the crowd not reacting much to some key matches really hurt this on the VOD. With a month between this show happening and being released on VOD – and the fact that Rev Pro had five shows (including this one) in their backlog ahead of their big Manchester show later in July… this is likely going to be a show that all but the hardcores will skip. Others have said that Rev Pro should perhaps look at perhaps not aim to release everything (or simply not tape every show) on VOD.