Rev Pro returned to the 229 in London as block B of the Great British Tag League reached its conclusion.

Quick Results
Michael Oku submitted Joshua James in 18:16 (***¼)
Robbie X pinned JJ Gale in 11:43 (***½)
Great British Tag League 2022 Block B: Shota Umino & Yota Tsuji pinned Kid Lykos II & Kid Lykos in 8:43 (**¾)
Luke Jacobs defeats Connor Mills via disqualification in 16:17 (***½)
Ricky Knight Jr. pinned Man Like DeReiss in 18:17 (***½)
Alex Windsor pinned Ava White in 8:54 (**¾)
Great British Tag League 2022 Block B: Chuck Mambo & TK Cooper and Jude London & Paris De Silva went to a 30:00 time limit draw (***¼)
Will Ospreay defeats Mad Kurt by referee’s decision in 24:12 (***½)

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It’s almost a year to the date since Rev Pro resumed shows in front of fans, and while they’ve not run the Cockpit since that day, they’re still running with a hectic schedule. We’re back at the 229 in London, with Andy Quildan and Gideon Grey on commentary.

Joshua James vs. Michael Oku
Oku’s continuing to warm up for his Cruiserweight title defence against Luke Jacobs, so he’s picked Joshua James for a scrap.

Oku’s early offence sees him kick away at James’ legs, before James shoved out of a side headlock. Kicking James away in the corner, Oku heads up to the middle rope for some flying headscissors, before James pushed out of a half crab so hard Oku landed up in the front row. Back inside, Oku’s clothesline was charged through, before his superkick took James outside… a Fosbury flop’s stopped before Oku leapt into a chop on the floor. James followed with a pop-up forearm as Oku was shoved against the ropes, before he took over back inside with clubbing forearms, slams and splashes for a two-count.

A forearm knocks Oku into the ropes for some chops, as another splash earned a two-count for the Contender, before he toyed with Oku in a gutwrench suplex, flinging him across the ring for another two-count. Oku tries to fight back, but gets slammed down, then chopped, before Oku managed to float over James in the corner and turn it into a DDT. Oku adds a missile dropkick as he looked to build a head of steam, following James outside with a tope into the crowd. Back inside, James kicks away another half crab, but gets caught with a PK before Oku met him in the corner with a running dropkick… only for a shotgun dropkick to the back to take Oku crashing into the buckles.

A series of avalanches in the corner keeps Oku on the defensive, ahead of a spinebuster and another wild chop. Oku throws some back, but is taken to his knees with another chop, then a double-hander, before Oku’s misdirection knee missed… as James caught him in return with a POUNCE. Oku’s flung across the ring with a German suplex for a near-fall, but recovers with a ‘rana for a near-fall. A low superkick takes James down for a running knee, but a follow-up springboard moonsault’s caught as sat up out of the pin, then swatted Oku with a clothesline for another near-fall. One more lariat spins Oku down, before a splash off the missile rope flattened Oku for yet another near-fall.

James heads up top, presumably for another splash, but a superkick knocked him to the floor as Oku finally landed that Fosbury flop. Beating the count, James makes it back into the ring as Oku went back up top for a frog splash, but it’s not enough for the win… so Oku goes back to the half crab, keeping James away from the ropes before leaning back on the hold for the submission. A good outing here for James despite the result, as you’d hope this sort of showing would expedite a departure from the Contenders… meanwhile, the win for Oku continues to show he’s able to put away anyone with that half crab. ***¼

JJ Gale vs. Robbie X
Holy bass, Batman… JJ Gale’s theme literally shakes the hard camera here.

Wristlocks were the order of the day here, with Gale and Robbie X looking for an early advantage, before Robbie headed into the ropes as Gale went for the ankle. From the restart, Gale’s caught with a ‘rana, but booted Robbie X out of the corner before getting met with a hiptoss and a cartwheel dropkick. Gale’s lifted onto the apron, but slingshots back in, then did a reverse leapfrog before his ‘rana took Robbie X outside… with a somersault senton crashing into Robbie seconds later. Back inside, a dropkick has Robbie down for a near-fall, as did a Falcon arrow, before Robbie X struck back with a chop and a spinning heel kick.

A gamengiri followed, as did a missile dropkick, before Gale stopped a powerbomb… and tripped Robbie X into a seated surfboard. It’s turned into a pendulum slam and a stomp as Gale followed up with a senton bomb off the top for a near-fall. Robbie returns with a revolution kick into the corner and a shooting star press out of it for a two-count, before a moonsault off the top was aborted… allowing Gale to charge in with an uppercut. A handspring from Robbie X goes nowhere, while Gale’s follow-up Destroyer earned him a Shining Wizard in return. Robbie’s handspring kick knocks Gale to the outside, but a dive’s aborted via a Gale superkick… with a Gourdbuster and superkick following ahead of a backpack knee that helped Gale pick up another near-fall.

Gale goes up top, but is stopped with a Pele kick, but a powerbomb’s escaped… while Gale’s springboard cutter’s blocked as Robbie’s powerbomb and X-Clamation finally got the win. A cracker of a match that keeps Gale’s star rising even in defeat, and Robbie X seems to be finally chaining together wins… ***½

Great British Tag League 2022 Block B: The Legion (Shota Umino & Yota Tsuji) vs. Lykos Gym (Kid Lykos & Kid Lykos II)
Gideon’s learned that if the Lykii win here, the Sunshine Machine are eliminated from contention, regardless of what happens later. Shota was out with bandages around his eye following the fireball at the hands of Chris Jericho at Forbidden Door a week earlier…

Gideon tries to get his Legion to throw the match… and Shota even laid down for Kid Lykos II, only to cradle the Young Wolf for a two-count as Gideon was apoplectic at ringside. Shota and Yota team up for a Mount Tsuji splash on Lykos II, before the hiptoss/facebuster and a Muta lock/low dropkick combo nearly ended things quickly.

Lykos II rakes Shota’s eye, then tagged out… but Shota chases away Lykos, leading to an apron PK from Lykos II as they went after Umino some more. Back inside, Shota’s pished eye-first into the buckles by Lykos II, before Lykos pulled a lighter out of his trunks and tried to set Shota’s bandages ablaze. Shota gets free and drives through Lykos with a low dropkick before tags bring in Tsuji and Lykos II. There’s backbreakers ahoy for the wolves, before a back body drop flung Lykos II into the air. A shoulder tackle spins Lykos I to the mat ahead of a suplex, before Lykos II hit a DDT to counter a double-team press slam.

Going back to the eyes has the Wolves back on top, as did a Code Red as Shota was being pinged all over the place. A snap DDT from Shota took down Lykos I, while a Mistica from Lykos II began a short Parade of Moves, ending with a low blow and a cradle from Lykos as he countered a Death Rider. A brainbuster spikes Shota for another near-fall, but he returned with a reverse Bloody Sunday before Lykos again tried to set him ablaze. Tsuji’s spear stops it, before the double-team press slam and a Death Rider got the win. The live crowd didn’t seem to cotton on to the Lykos lighter stuff, which was unfortunate… **¾

That win eliminates the Lykii, which means the semi-main event is going to decide the block.

After the match, Kid Lykos demands a title shot because they beat Sunshine Machine earlier in the tournament. Meanwhile, Gideon’s back in the ring and hypes up Shota Umino’s AEW All-Atlantic title match with PAC. Unfortunately for Gideon, Shota told him in no uncertain terms to shut up as he reminded him that his spell in the Legion was only for the Great British Tag League… and since their matches are over, Gideon’s over… except Shota’s bid to lay out Gideon was stopped by way of a Tsuji slingblade. Shota’s done with the Legion, and Yota Tsuji’s firmly ensconced in Gideon Grey’s good books after months of being chided…

Connor Mills vs. Luke Jacobs
We’ve another match to set up for Luke Jacobs’ Cruiserweight title shot later in the month…

Things go to ground early on as both men scrambled for a body part, leading to a waistlock takedown from Jacobs that looked to set up a punt kick… but Mills escaped before he was taken down with a side headlock. A Kitchen Sink knee and a punt to the back from Mills has Jacobs in the corner, where a European uppercut follows for a two-count before Jacobs hit a Fireman’s carry slam and a back senton in return. Mills is thrown onto the apron, but a switcheroo led to a wild tope from Mills into the crowd. The pair fight around ringside, with Jacobs’ chops earning him some kicks before Luke scattered the crowd and hit a running crossbody to send Mills closer to the bar. More chops follow as Mills gets thrown into the wall, then into the post, before a quick trip through the ring led to Mills getting chokeslammed onto the apron.

Chops keeps Mills down, as do some stomps, before Mills’ attempt to right back with kicks earned him some paintbrushing palm strikes. Elbows are traded as both men were just swinging for the fences… and one from Mills has Jacobs staggering into the corner, only to shake it off for a German suplex and a moonsault. Albeit one that missed. Jacobs stops Mills with a lariat and a Saito suplex after that… forcing Mills outside for respite, and it’s time to move again. Rolling outside, Jacobs gets met with a head kick, before a Millshot into the front row wiped out a chair, before Mills’ moonsault almost took out some more.

Back inside, Mills nails a 450 splash for a near-fall, before he looked for a Burning Cutter… only for Jacobs to cradle out. Roll-ups get near-falls for Luke, who then blocked some kicks before a release Northern lights countered Mills’ rebound lariat. Another forearm nearly put Mills away, while a lariat from Jacobs sent Mills back into the ropes for a rebound lariat that almost ended things. Mills slapped Jacobs for looking past him, as the match continued with chops and kicks before Jacobs’ overhead belly-to-belly led to a murderous clothesline in the corner. Jacobs teases an avalanche Saito suplex to the floor, but of course it’s blocked as Mills’ headbutt got him free as he brings Jacobs down with a superplex…

…except Jacobs held on after the landing to hit a brainbuster, then another lariat for a near-fall. Some hammer blow elbows are stopped as Jacobs went over to mouth off at Oku in the corner… then resumed those elbows as Oku climbed onto the apron. Luke’s pointed words at Oku to “do what your missus tells you, and f*** off” led to him putting Mills in a half crab… which drew Oku in for the attack for the obvious DQ as all hell broke loose. A wild end to a solid match as things boiled over between Jacobs and Oku at the end. ***½

Ricky Knight Jr. vs. Man Like DeReiss
This was DeReiss’ debut for Rev Pro, and looked like it’d be a trial by fire here

Starting with some trash talk, the pair lock-up… it went nowhere as DeReiss ends up grabbing the arm, only for RKJ to counter out with a waistlock takedown. Things break down into strikes as RKJ was finding ways through with jabs, before he rolled DeReiss down to the mat.

The pair head to the ropes where RKJ mockingly offered himself for chops, which didn’t seem to faze Knight before he threw some in return. Neither man’s looking to give an inch though, as RKJ took DeReiss into the ropes for a leapfrog and a dropkick, as a backbreaker and a cheeky kick followed. A back suplex drops DeReiss next, while another one followed onto the apron, as RKJ then measured up DeReiss for some kicks to the back. Knight adds a stalling suplex to things for a near-fall, before DeReiss found a way back in with some mudhole stomping in the corner. DeReiss hits the ropes as he clotheslines Knight, then went up top to hit a Blockbuster for a near-fall.

DeReiss has trouble lifting up RKJ for a back suplex… so RKJ counters swiftly with a death valley driver into the corner, followed up with two dropkicks and a draping DDT as RKJ was starting to settle into a groove. It’s good for a near-fall, as DeReiss’ enziguiri earned him a big clothesline… before a Fire Thunder Driver’s escaped with DeReiss returning with a Blue Thunder Bomb. The pair trade elbows as they fought back to their feet… the sweat’s flying into the air as chops intensify, leading to a Rainmaker from RKJ, then a Made in Japan, before a Hidden Blade was ducked by DeReiss… who returned with a cutter. A pop-up powerbomb nearly completed the upset, as did a spiking DDT, before DeReiss went up top and aborted a 450 splash.

Knight fires in with a shotgun dropkick in return, but runs into a back elbow before DeReiss returned that shotgun dropkick. A discus clothesline has DeReiss down ahead of a Razor’s Edge, leading to an elevated DDT for another near-fall. DeReiss swings back with a Destroyer off the middle rope, before he splatted himself on a 450 splash, allowing RKJ in with a front kick and a Fire Thunder driver for the win. A good showing on his debut from DeReiss, who I hope is brought back soon-ish, but this felt like a no-win situation given RKJ’s on track for a title match… ***½

Ava White vs. Alex Windsor
We’ve another Rev Pro debut here, and with Alex Windsor bringing Maya Matthews out with her, we had a proposed change to the mat – with Ava White wanting Maya’s spot in the following week’s Queen of the Ring tournament if she got the win here.

White shoves Windsor early on, then tried to send her into the corner… but Windsor vaults onto the apron and slingshots back in for a two-count. Windsor teases a floatover as White hits the buckles… then rolled up the newcomer for a low dropkick before some whips kept Ava in the corner. White rolls onto the apron, as she baited Windsor in for an axe kick through the ropes. A back suplex drops Windsor onto the apron as White looked to take the count-out, but Windsor makes it back inside as more stomps led to just a one-count. Windsor recovers, but gets taken down with a fallaway slam, before a front kick trapped her in the corner.

Windsor gets back with a leaping clothesline to take White down, leading to a Sharpshooter attempt… but it’s pushed away as the pair trade right hands. A leaping leg lariat has Windsor down, only for her to come right back with a clothesline… White’s gut wrench suplex and superkick nearly wins it, before a Scorpion kick was blocked and countered into a powerbomb. From the kick-out, Windsor rolls Ava into a Sharpshooter, but it’s right by the ropes for an easy break. A trip up top for Windsor’s stopped as White brought her down with a sit-out TKO for a near-fall, before the Scorpion kick would have won… but Ava put her feet on the ropes and was called for it by Maya Matthews. It led to Ava slapping Maya off the apron, before a headbut and a sit-out side slam got Windsor the win. **¾

Rev Pro really could do with having more than “just the one women’s match” on every show – had White been established for more than five minutes coming in, the pre-match stipulation could have had the crowd going more than they did here.

Great British Tag League 2022 Block B: Sunshine Machine (Chuck Mambo & TK Cooper) vs. The VeloCities (Jude London & Paris De Silva)
As long as the VeloCities avoided defeat, they qualify for the Great British Tag League final in Manchester… whereas Sunshine Machine needed a win to qualify via head-to-head records. Given they’d never lost in this venue as a team, that gives the Aussies a mountain to climb, perhaps.

London and Mambo start us off with a flurry of pinning attempts, with a wheelbarrow from London drawing some ire on commentary as the referee started counting before both shoulders were down. The pair trade straitjacket holds from there, but London escapes before he scored a springboard armdrag and a springboard ‘rana. Tags bring in de Silva and Cooper, who scored with a shoulder tackle and a trip, before TK got brought down. Leapfrogs and roll throughs lead to TK blocking a ‘rana, before he returned with a leg lariat to take down Paris. London comes in as we reached a stand-off, ending with the VeloCities dropkicking TK and Mambo to the outside for topes.

Back inside, a double sledge from London targeted Mambo’s arm, with de Silva keeping that going… while London started the Beatles chant as he stretched out Mambo in an Octopus hold. We’ve some frequent tags as Mambo’s kept on the defensive as he ate a dropkick off the ropes for a two-count. He recovers with a springboard armdrag though, then tagged in TK for the reverse DDT/elbow drop combo that gets a near-fall, while TK’s snap suplex landed for another two-count. Mambo’s back as a back elbow, a running boot and a neckbreaker landed for a two-count as the champions exploded back into it. A whip from Mambo has de Silva bounce into the corner, before a second time saw Paris elbow TK off the apron as he then cradled Mambo for a near-fall. Double-teaming led to a Romero special from Mambo into a Flatliner from TK for a near-fall, but he weathers the storm… only to get walloped with a knee through the ropes before TK’s Omelette du Fromage springboard flip kick nearly ended things.

Double knee drops from TK and Mambo target de Silva’s arms, leading to the Macho Man stun gun and a springboard moonsault combo as the tag champions looked to push it over the line. A Gutterball’s escaped by de Silva, who rolled out to tag in London for a crossbody off the top, following up with forearms and an Exploder before a Slingblade and a standing moonsault forced Mambo in to break up the pin.

London peppers Mambo with kicks as he stayed in the ring… Mambo misses a Blockbuster before de Silva somehow blind tagged in FROM THE FLOOR as London hit a handspring elbow to the champions… Paris is made to pay for that as he’s quickly double-teamed, but countered out of the German Suplex Turbo Charged By The Power of Friendship with a legdrop onto Mambo… only to miss a frog splash seconds later. We’re getting tornado-ey with this tag match as the crowd tried to get behind Sunshine Machine amid a strike exchange and the slowest five-count from the referee.

I remember my eyes glazing over live in spite of what’s going on here as a series of kicks ended with a spinning heel kick from de Silva. A tag brings in London, but his Blockbuster missed as he just crashed in to de Silva, leaving Paris alone as that German Suplex Turbo Charged By The Power of Friendship landed for a near-fall. Paris returns to eat some superkicks as London tried to turn it around on his own… only for a handspring back elbow to get countered into a B-Roll for a near-fall. A Designated Driver’s next, but de Silva saves London from it before Jude rolled in for an Octopus on Mambo. Paris adds a mounted version of his own, before London rolled down for a Koji clutch as the VeloCities tried for submissions. The ropes save Sunshine Machine as Mambo went for a Bad Burrito, only to eat a reverse ‘rana instead from London, whose leg lariat was ducked as we hit the final five minutes. I think that’s the first time they’d acknowledged that time limit on commentary.

A flying stomp to a doubled-over Mambo, then a shooting star press gets a near-fall as TK dives in to break up the pin. Now we’re getting time checks every minute as the pendulum continues to swing. Mambo’s Reef Break, TK’s low-pe, Mambo’s splash and a 450 from TK (our third of the night?) just gets a one-count before the Bad Burrito and a scissors kick drew another two-count as the champions were finally starting to show some urgency. Designated Driver? Two-count, thanks to Jude London just throwing himself off the top rope into the pile. Two minutes left. Captain Midnight’s Revenge lands, but de Silva rolls outside as London threw up a road block. We’re into the final minute as Mambo sets up for a Gutterball, but de Silva kicks out as a second Captain Midnight’s Revenge caused some confusion with Chuck Mambo trying to make the cover… but he’s not legal, and by the time TK got to the pin, the time limit ran out. It’s a 30-minute draw that puts the VeloCities into the final, up against either Aussie Open or Destination Everywhere in Manchester later in the month.

Now that’s done… commentary not talking about either the time limit (until the regular time cues appeared) or the “VeloCities just need to avoid defeat” aspect really was them hiding things in plain sight. Unfortunately a lot of the same issues that arose in Southampton a week earlier came up here too, with the crowd being pretty quiet for the good guys vs. good guys match – in spite of the stakes on offer here. I’m a grumpy old man on an island, I get it, but this match just had so much of my pet peeves in. This match absolutely wasn’t my cup of tea, but it may well be yours. ***¼

Mad Kurt vs. Will Ospreay
There’s over half an hour left on the VOD when the entrances start… which should be a clue that Mad Kurt’s not getting as squashed as he did last time he faced Will Ospreay.

Ospreay’s got the security crew hyped up, and we’ve got a hot start as Mad Kurt hit an across-the-ring post senton to Ospreay in the aisle… then grabbed his expensive entrance robe so he could do the Ric Flair elbow drop to it. That drew Ospreay into the ring, but he’s low bridged to the outside as Kurt hits a tope con giro before they returned to the ring to get things underway. A chop from Mad Kurt just drew a blank stare from Ospreay into the camera… so Kurt pokes him in the eyes, then raked those eyes against the top rope before a backrake and a hair pull had Ospreay down. Ospreay tries to kick Kurt, but he passes the leg off to referee Oscar Harding… then covered the ref’s eyes with a t-shirt to mask a low blow, before a Mouse Trap nearly secured the upset.

From the kick-out, Ospreay chopped Mad Kurt down, before he threw Kurt’s shirt down… the ref pulls it away as we’re into slapstick comedy with Ospreay being Charlie Brown missing the football, falling on his arse as Kurt hit a splash off the middle rope for a near-fall. Looking for a turnaround, Ospreay hotshots Kurt ahead of a running boot, only for Kurt to flick the V’s at Ospreay in defiance. Kurt through the ropes after a chop, before a sheer drop brainbuster planted Mad Kurt into the mat. There’s no pin attempt, as Ospreay was given a mic… except it wasn’t turned on, so he spikes it into the mat, followed by a snap powerbomb as Ospreay then began his second fight of the match – against the dubious wireless mic. When the mic did work, berated Kurt and “every single person on the Internet who gives me a hard time for existing.”

This became Ospreay getting his anger out on Kurt, starting with him spiking the dodgy mic into Mad Kurt’s balls, following up with a spinning backbreaker. There’s no cover as Ospreay goes for sit-ups… but Mad Kurt just defiantly sits up himself, before he was taken into the ropes for some head-washing boots to the back of the head. Ospreay calls for the mic again, which again gets spiked into the mat as that proverbial screw was loosening in Will’s head. The crowd’s orange juice chants – going on about Orange Cassidy and Juice Robinson – led to Ospreay rooting around in Mad Kurt’s pockets amid an abdominal stretch, before Kurt’s bounced off of the buckles. A pratfall from Ospreay popped the crowd as he went back to Kurt, taking things outside as Ospreay threatened to throw Kurt into the crowd… only to fake it out so he could throw some of the crowd’s chairs under the ring.

Ospreay slaps the Contenders who tried to get the chairs back, before a sucker punch took Kurt out as Ospreay started fishing for an apology. Stomps follow when Mad Kurt refused, along with a Last Ride, which seemed to draw an apology… but Mad Kurt just antagonised Ospreay some more as things continued. Kurt’s tripped in the buckles, but caught Ospreay with a Codebreaker as he was pulled out of the corner… a single-leg Codebreaker followed, then a springboard one from the apron into the ring, before a flying Codebreaker off the top nearly secured the upset of the year. From there, Mad Kurt begins to toy around with Ospreay with some Orange Cassidy-ish chops, only for Ospreay to bully him into the corner… and get slapped on the arse.

Snapping, Ospreay forearmed Kurt to the mat… then demanded Kurt’s best in reply. Kurt measures up… then hit his hands in his pockets and went full Orange Cassidy, hitting a hands-free dropkick before running into a standing Spanish Fly for a near-fall. Kurt flops down to avoid a Hidden Blade, then hit a reverse ‘rana before a curb stomp drew Kurt even closer to the unlikely win. A trip up top led to Kurt getting crotched, then headbutted in the buckles, before Kurt slipped out of a superplex and trapped Ospreay for some Cheeky Nandos kicks. He teases a One Winged Angel after that, but Ospreay slips out and drilled Kurt with one of his own… and broke up the pin as Ospreay feigned surprise.

Ospreay began to treat the crowd’s chants of wrestlers like suggestions for finishing moves, but he ended up mocking Mad Kurt so much he left himself open as a Storm Breaker was countered into a Sega Mega Driver for a near-fall. That prompts Kurt to go for the keyboard, but the referee stopped him as Ricky Knight Jr. came in to hit a piledriver on Ospreay. Conveniently, Mad Kurt relinquished the keyboard so he could make a cover, getting a near-fall before a Suzuki-like rear naked choke led to a Gotch piledriver that was escaped. Mad Kurt popped back up and kicked out of an O’Connor roll as RKJ exploded a keyboard over Ospreay’s head. It gets a near-fall, as did a Gotch piledriver, before Kurt teased a Hidden Blade… Ospreay bodies him with a clothesline from there, before an OsCutter led to RIcky Knight Jr. walking away as Ospreay looked to make an example. A pair of Hidden Blades followed as Ospreay left Mad Kurt in a heap, before some hammer-blow elbows to the back of the head forced the stoppage. In a vacuum, this was certainly something… I’m not sure I’d have had Mad Kurt get so many near-falls over your dominant world champion, regardless of the scenario, but it at least had the crowd engaged throughout. ***½

After the match, Ospreay fought the iffy mic once more and called out Ricky Knight Jr. for walking away from him the one time the two were in the same venue. Things instantly break down into a fight between the pair as Knight came out, ending with RKJ going out for a chair… David Francisco tries to stop him, but just got kicked to the floor as RKJ chucked the chair onto him… then brought the chair back in as Ospreay hit a low blow to avoid having the chair smashed over his head.

Back on the mic, Ospreay goes even lower before wiping out RKJ with a Hidden Blade and a Storm Breaker… then issued the challenge. Ospreay vs. Ricky Knight Jr. for the title at York Hall on August 21 as part of Rev Pro’s 10th Anniversary weekender, with an extra stipulation – if RKJ loses, he’s gone from Rev Pro.

A solid show as Rev Pro put some of the final pieces in place ahead of their showpiece events in Sheffield and Manchester later in the month. Those match-times are quickly becoming an issue here. I’m not about to campaign for a show full of squashes, but when you’ve got a 30-minute draw on your finish sheet, you absolutely don’t need four more matches to go over 15 minutes, and especially when you’ve got the main event almost touching that half-hour mark.