Rev Pro returned to London for their monthly visit to the 229, as two of Will Ospreay’s potential challengers had to deal with Aussie Open in singles matches.

Quick Results
Great British Tag League 2022 Block A – Michael Oku & Connor Mills pinned Dover & Icarus in 13:06 (***¼)
JJ Gale pinned Jude London in 15:53 (***½)
Alex Windsor pinned Rhia O’Reilly in 4:10 to retain the Rev Pro Undisputed British Women’s Championship (**¾)
Robbie X pinned Paris de Silva in 11:13 (***½)
Gabriel Kidd pinned Mark Davis in 13:24 (***¾)
Great British Tag League 2022 Block B – Chuck Mambo & TK Cooper pinned Yota Tsuji & Shota Umino in 20:38 (***½)
Ricky Knight Jr. pinned Kyle Fletcher in 13:27 (***¾)

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We’re back at the 229 in London, with Andy Quildan and Gideon Grey on commentary. There’s a decent crowd on hand, considering this was going head to head with PROGRESS’ Super Strong Style 16 finals that were running the same day…

Great British Tag League 2022 Block A: Arrows Of Hungary (Dover & Icarus) vs. Destination Everywhere (Connor Mills & Michael Oku)
Having lost to Aussie Open in Portsmouth, this was win-or-die for the Arrows, who were making their return to London after a hell-ish travel day.

Dover threw aside Oku early on, then again, before he shrugged off a dropkick from Oku. Oku’s shoulder tackles barely moved Dover, unlike the receipt, which bounced the Cruiserweight champion to the mat. Connor Mills tagged in to try his luck, shoving off a side headlock before a shoulder tackle from Dover spun Mills down. A missed charge from Dover allowed Mills to hit come kicks, but a crossbody’s turned into a standing fallaway slam before an assisted back body drop dropped Icarus onto Mills for a two-count. Icarus’ discus forearm knocked Mills in the corner, but Mills recovers with a Kitchen sink and a PK to the back, leaving Icarus on the deck.

Oku’s back with headscissors to fend off Dover, leading to a wheelbarrow bulldog on Icarus. Oku heads up top, but Dover delays him as a frog splash had to be aborted, allowing Icarus to hit a forearm to knock Mills off the apron ahead of a powerbomb/neckbreaker combo that folded Oku in half. Dover’s back for a backbreaker on Oku, before Icarus rolled Oku down for a hammerlock’d armbar.

Fighting up to his feet, Oku’s quickly chopped down by Icarus, leading to a two-count. Dover’s in, but an assisted cannonball is elbowed away as Oku’s crossbody blunted the Arrows, allowing Oku to tag in Mills, who went to town with chops and kicks. He’s overwhelmed for a while, but lifts Icarus to the outside before following up with a tope into the crowd. Move!

Returning to the ring, Mills’ springboard uppercut has Dover down for a two-count, before a Burning Cutter was blocked by Dover. A big kick from Dover rocks Mills, but Oku slides in to start a Parade of Stuff, leading to blocked superkicks that turned into a pair of rebound lariats from the former tag champions. Dover’s cornered for some dropkicks, leading to a Quebrada and a springboard moonsault for a near-fall, before Oku’s latest crack at a frog splash saw him land in Dover’s knees. Icarus comes in to hit a gamengiri as Oku was charged into the corner… followed by an assisted cannonball for a near-fall. A spinebuster with a kick on the way down gets a similar result, as Connor Mills made the save… and got posted for good measure.

Oku stays in with Dover, fighting out of a teased avalanche Samoan drop, slipping free to hit a powerbomb out of the corner. Icarus stops Oku from going up top, but Mills stopped him with a Burning Cutter after Oku leapt over them for a Frog Splash for the win. That puts the Arrows out after two tough losses, but good showings on their return to Rev Pro. ***¼

That result leaves Aussie Open and Destination Everywhere as the last teams standing – and they face each other in their final block match.

JJ Gale vs. Jude London
It’s another singles match for London, after the Velocities already had racked up two wins from their block B tag league matches.

We shoot out of the blocks here with headlock takedowns and headscissors as both men looked to put their best foot forward. London misses a charge into the corner as Gale comes in for a rewind leapfrog, then a springboard ‘rana out of the corner, before a dropkick nearly put London away early.

London shoves off a headlock, but gets taken down as Gale nearly saw his leapfrog turn into a double stomp… but London countered with a sunset flip-ish cradle. From the kickout, Gale’s chopped ahead of a springboard armdrag, then a springboard ‘rana and dropkick as London returned the earlier favours. A side headlock from London looks to slow the tempo, but that breaks down into a tease of shoulder tackles, switching to roll-ups as the pair trade some nearly-ref-trolling near-falls.

A Skayde special nearly wins it for Gale, as did an O’Connor roll before a Euro clutch saw London come close. The pair lock up into the corner, with London pushing away as an O’Connor roll sand a Vader Bomb-ish stomp out of the corner put London ahead. An armbar grounds Gale as commentary takes a few digs at a photo of Mad Kurt at PROGRESS that did the rounds earlier in the day. Point.

An Octopus stretch from London turned into a side Russian legsweep, before Gale offered himself up for some mid kicks. A forearm waffles London, ahead of a dropkick and a discus forearm that had London knocked loopy. Gale’s uppercut’s blocked, but a springboard one certainly wasn’t. Nor was a double-springboard moonsault, which nearly put London away again. Gale keeps fighting on, kicking London in the back before dragging Jude down for a Dragon screw into a seated surfboard. Kicks from Gale add more pressure, before a pendulum facebuster kept Jude down for a delayed two-count. A 619 from London caught Gale in the ropes ahead of a springboard crossbody, leading to a Slingblade for good measure.

A standing moonsault adds another two-count for Jude, as the pair then begin to trade right hands… London pulls ahead again, only to run into a Gourdbuster and a thrust kick for a near-fall. London tries a Falcon arrow, but it’s escaped as the springboard cutter out of the corner gets a name: Gale Force. After a trip outside, Gale aborts a 450 splash, then got met with a push-down stomp in the corner. London followed with a double stomp to the back for a near-fall, as Gale tries his luck with roll-ups… London does do too… but in the end Gale sits down on a wheelbarrow roll-up and snatched the upset win! A heck of a showing for Gale, in only his fourth singles win in Rev Pro so far. ***½

RevPro Undisputed British Women’s Championship: Rhia O’Reilly vs. Alex Windsor (c)
This was rearranged from May’s Unfinished Business in Sheffield, and we’ve got a LOT of stuff before the bell.

O’Reilly attacked Windsor during the introductions, dragging her onto the apron, only for Windsor to knock her down for a cannonball to the floor. They brawl around ringside, with Windsor getting thrown into the wall before she charged O’Reilly into the side of the ring. Windsor wins a battle for a suplex on the floor, but gets choked with some camera cables before more of the 229 was used as a weapon.

Windsor reverses a whip to take O’Reilly into the bar, then into the merch tables.. Rhia uses a Bullet Club mannquin to fight back, then tried to throw Windsor into the crowd… O’Reilly’s put into a chair, then superkicked out of it after Windsor did a lap of honour, prompting Rhia to use the chair in return, whacking it against Windsor’s back ahead of a curb stomp on the floor. A second curb stomp’s delivered onto the chair, as we finally hit the ring, but Windsor kicks out at one… only to get caught with a Tiger suplex for a near-fall.

Alex goes for a roll-up after that, but threw some thrust kicks to help her towards a two-count, before a sit-out powerbomb nearly ended things. A Sharpshooter followed, with O’Reilly getting dragged away from the ropes… but she rolls free and sent Windsor crashing head-first into the bottom buckle. A Samoan drop and a back senton gives O’Reilly an opening, as did an Exploder, before a headbutt and a Shining Wizard allowed Windsor back in… finishing off with that side Emerald Flowsion for the win. Just four minutes between the bells, but there was a lot beforehand that ought to have gotten Rhia the win… but it’s a big come-from-behind win for the champion here. **¾

Paris de Silva vs. Robbie X
Another singles match from the Velocities, and we open with a handshake… and chants.

Gideon’s broken Andy with the Mah-Na Mah-Na reference, as we open with an armbar and wristlock… but Robbie X flips free. Shoulder tackles follow, as did leapfrogs and roll throughs, before a rebound armdrag and headscissors took us to a stand-off. And probably RSI for anyone typing this up. Headscissors from de Silva take Robbie X into the corner, ahead of a roll through and a low dropkick for a two-count. Chops take Robbie X out of the corner, but he hits back with a jawbreaker before scoring with a hiptoss and a cartwheel dropkick for a two-count. A standing stomp from Robbie X saw him think on his feet, before a standing moonsault drew a two-count.

A slingshot splash in from the apron keeps Robbie X ahead, but de Silva counters out of a squatting Finlay roll into a mounted Octopus stretch instead. Robbie bites the rope to force a break, before a spinning heel kick from de Silva saw him snatch a two-count. Robbie floats over a charging de Silva, trapping him into a corner for a Revolution kick and a running shooting star press out of it for a two-count.

De Silva escapes an X-Clamation, but not a backflip kick from Robbie X… whose second crack at an X-Clamation’s turned into a German suplex. Robbie X pops back up to hit a running kick as both men were left laying. Robbie’s back up to hit a knee strike, but de Silva boots him away… only for a backflip kick to knock the Australian off the top rope.

A handspring kick takes de Silva to the floor, as a moonsault off the apron saw Robbie X take a lot of the front row. Back inside, a Spiral Tap’s good for a near-fall, before a spike ‘rana from de Silva kept things flowing… a powerbomb and an X-Clamation followed from Robbie X, and that’s your lot! A nice, even contest this, with Robbie X edging out on top as he looks to steady the ship following some uncertain recent form. ***½

Mark Davis vs. Gabriel Kidd
Aussie Open were looking to play spoiler tonight, as they had two names at the top of Will Ospreay’s list of challengers here.

The big lads open with a lock-up, but it goes nowhere as frustration built early. A side headlock from Kidd is pushed off as we break into shoulder tackles, but as quickly as Davis had Kidd down, Kidd shoved him to the outside. Composing himself, Davis returned and booted Kidd down, then followed up with some ground and pound before a fightback from Kidd ended with a forearm.

Davis dumps Kidd with a series of slams, prompting Kidd to try and chop back… before his attempted slam was cut off. More chops from Kidd get him thrown outside as Davis upped the ante, teasing a slam on the floor, but Kidd slips out and teased a Saito suplex… before a series of chops led to Davis hitting a side suplex onto the side of the ring. Kidd beats the count-out, but got slammed and squashed with a back senton for a two-count. Kicks fire up Kidd, who slapped back, only to get chopped down. Another back senton misses though, allowing Kidd to throw in a slam as he finally got one back in on the Aussie. Chops and punches trap Davis in the corner, sinking him down into the bottom buckle before a big boot took Kidd down for a near-fall.

Davis deadlifts Kidd into a German suplex, releasing him for a near-fall, before sliding punches in the corner had Kidd on the proverbial ropes. Elbow strikes earn Kidd a chop back into the corner as Davis struck one more sliding punch, only to get caught with that Saito suplex. Davis counters a clothesline with some German suplexes, only to get caught with an Exploder as the match remained finely balanced.

On their knees, the pair trade elbow strikes, as Davis tried to shrug off Kidd’s chops. Chests continue to blister, sweat continues to fly as they tenderised each other’s pecs, ending with a rebound Bull lariat from Kidd for a one-count. More strikes end with a second Bull lariat from Kidd, which still wasn’t enough, as a brainbuster and a third Bull lariat finally put Dunkzilla down. Holy heck, if you like your wrestlers slapping seven shades of the brown stuff out of each other, this match is for you – and I reckon is going to be replayed down the line, be it in Rev Pro or New Japan… ***¾

Great British Tag League 2022 Block B: The Legion (Shota Umino & Yota Tsuji) vs. Sunshine Machine (Chuck Mambo & TK Cooper)
Gideon Grey’s mad that Shota Umino got his original music… so we got the Legion theme instead as it’s casual Sunday for the group. Well, one of them, at least. Meanwhile, Sunshine Machine came out with two pairs of tag titles, sporting the PROGRESS tag titles (“the what?), some 24 hours after winning them.

We’ve a staredown before the match, which of course breaks down into strikes. Mambo’s springboard back elbow’s caught, but TK Cooper trips Shota as we finally get it down to one-on-one, although TK comes in to help with a Combo Meal on Tsuji. Umino’s back, but runs into a neckbreaker. All four men stay in the ring, but Yota and Shota get knocked outside for duelling topes from the champions. It leads to the teams fighting around ringside, with TK getting dropped onto the apron with Tsuji’s back suplex, before TK was surfed on by Tsuji. Across the room, Mambo’s thrown into a wall as TK was held up for chops and forearms from Tsuji.

Back inside, Shota’s forearms knock TK into the ropes, ahead of a double-team hiptoss as the Legion were looking comfortable. Shota charges Mambo off the apron as TK’s kept isolated. It eventually draws in an irate Mambo as Tsuji ended up giving TK a fanned camel clutch… followed by the Mount Tsuji splash.

TK finally fights out of the corner, knocking Tsuji off the apron before sidestepping a charge and suplexing Umino. A hot tag brings in Mambo, who lands a back elbow ahead of a series of palm strikes to the gut… more back elbows, running knees and a through-the-ropes dropkick kept Shota down too. A Reef Break keeps Mambo ahead for a two-count, but Shota manages to come back with an O’Connor roll, turning it into an uppercut for good measure. Tsuji’s back in to hit a big boot, then a knee strike and a version of Mambo’s Bad Burrito gutbuster for a near-fall. Mambo sneaks back in with a superkick, before a swinging side slam was countered into a facebuster by Tsuji.

Tags bring in Cooper and Umino, but it’s Shota who pushed ahead with a low dropkick, then more uppercuts that led to a Fisherman suplex out of the corner for a two-count. A snap Samoan drop from TK turns it around for a two-count of his own, but a scissors kick missed as we return to strikes.

TK’s big boot downed Shota as Mambo returned to help hit the B-Roll. Shota posts Mambo to help avoid a Designated Driver, before taking down TK with a DDT and a brainbuster. Tsuji comes in land a wheelbarrow slam on TK for a near-fall, before the Legion built up into a modified Magic Killer that nearly won it. Gideon abandons commentary so he could try and add his cane to proceedings… the Legion pair don’t use it, as they’re stopped by TK and Mambo before they could do anything… but Mambo’s caught with the double-team press slam before TK escaped a similar fate.

With Shota Umino having to put on the brakes to avoid squashing the ref, TK takes advantage by clocking Tsuji with the cane. A headbutt sinks Shota, before Tsuji was put away with the Designated Driver. After a loss to the Velocities in May, this puts the Legion duo out of contention for block B… ***½

Post-match, Shota hits a Death Rider to Mambo, then held TK Cooper so Tsuji could get revenge for earlier… which he did. There’s one for Chuck Mambo too, as after weeks of engineering, Gideon Grey’s managed to make Shota and Yota fully go to the dark side,

Kyle Fletcher vs. Ricky Knight Jr.
After Gabriel Kidd managed to get past Mark Davis, Kyle Fletcher’s now got to deal with the other thorn in Will Ospreay’s side here…

Fletcher tried to jump RKJ after he’d squirted Gideon on commentary with a water bottle, but Knight stopped him and posted Fletcher. There’s some face-raking alongside the side of the ring, but Fletcher manages to get in with a running front kick, only to chop the post before he got popped into the merch table.

RKJ stomps on Kyle’s groin as we’re still waiting for the bell… there’s a slam on the floor from Kyle, who cleared the crowd so he could chop RKJ into the front row, before a running cannonball took RKJ – and Kyle – through to the bar. Finally they hit the ring to start the match, opening with shoulder tackles, ending with RKJ dumping Kyle to the mat. A stalling suplex from RKJ is next, then a nibble on Kyle’s feet for… reasons.

A whip bounced Fletcher into the corner, before he crotched him across the top rope, with extra wiggle for the hell of it. RKJ distracts the ref to mask a punch to the balls, but Kyle gets back in it, throwing RKJ to the apron before dropkicking him off of it. Another back suplex bounces RKJ off the apron, as Kyle then distracted the ref so he could punch RKJ in the balls. The game of Eric Cartman’s Roshambo continued with a low blow from RKJ, but a kick from Kyle breaks that up as the pair returned to the ring. Kyle upped the aggression some more with a forearm into the corner, only to get caught with a knee strike in return. RKJ hits the ropes, but the leapfrog and dropkick’s been scouted as he ended up landing it at the second attempt.

A running death valley driver from RKJ bounced Fletcher into the buckles, before dropkicks in the corner and a draping DDT planted Kyle. It’s good for a near-fall, so Knight stings Fletcher with chops, only for a springboard crossbody to get turned into a Michinoku driver as Fletcher almost nicked the win. More slams follow as Kyle looked to snuff out Knight, pulling him up by the chain round the neck before they traded suplexes.

Fletcher’s sunk with a clothesline, but the pair fight back on their knees, as we get back to chops… which ended with a superkick from Fletcher for a near-fall. Kyle goes for a Grimstone, but RKJ slips out to hit a Rainmaker, before a Hidden Blade was avoided. Fletcher’s inside cradle nearly won it, before a hook kick, a roundhouse and a Fire Thunder Driver proved to be too much for Fletcher to kick out of. Another wild scrap between these two, as you’d expect, but ultimately the Australian arm of the Empire came up short against their challengers today. ***¾

Post-match, Mark Davis hit the ring as RKJ was swarmed… it led to a Coriolis, with Gabriel Kidd running out seconds after to clear house as commentary questioned the timing. We end with a staredown between Kidd and RKJ, but we end with a handshake to close the night out.

At least with the London shows, Rev Pro’s in a groove right now as the Great British Tag League’s given a lot of direction to parts of the roster that ordinarily wouldn’t. JJ Gale’s win over a potential tag league finalist is a huge step, while Aussie Open’s singles stutters here could also be a watershed moment for that tournament as Rev Pro heads into a busy summer.