Rev Pro returned to the 229 for the final show ahead of Epic Encounters – featuring a wild trios match as the United Empire took on Destination Everywhere and Luke Jacobs in the main event.

Quick Results
Remi Adetunji pinned David Francisco in 9:17 (***½)
Kid Lykos II & Kid Lykos pinned Callum Newman & JJ Gale in 12:38 (***¼)
Shota Umino pinned Chuck Mambo in 13:31 (***¼)
Ricky Knight Jr. pinned Lee Hunter in 10:32 (***¾)
Robbie X pinned Joshua James in 10:59 (***½)
Maya Matthews & Alex Windsor pinned Nightshade & Rhia O’Reilly in 13:54 (***¼)
TK Cooper pinned Yota Tsuji in 15:28 (***¼)
Kyle Fletcher, Mark Davis & Will Ospreay defeat Destination Everywhere (Connor Mills & Michael Oku) & Luke Jacobs in 21:49 (****¼)

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We’re back at the 229 in London, with Andy Quildan and Gideon Grey on commentary.

Remi Adetunji vs. David Francisco
This was Adetunji’s debut in the Contender’s division, and we open with a lock-up as Francisco looked to put his mark on proceedings.

Adetunji backs Francisco into the corner for a break, only to get caught with a cravat that Francisco persisted with. It turns into an armbar on the mat, then a wristlock as Adetunji flipped free… and returned the favour as he took Francisco down for an armbar. Things build up as a side headlock’s pushed off, but Francisco absorbs shoulder tackles before he charged down Adetunji with one of his own.

We return with a nice leapfrog from Remi as Francisco hit the ropes, who countered a hiptoss into an armdrag, following up with a hiptoss/neckbreaker as the debutant pushed ahead. A Northern lights gets Adetunji a two-count as an Irish whip bounced the Portugal native into the buckles for a two-count, with Francisco testing out the new Rev Pro ring for himself.

A floatover suplex gets a two-count for Remi, as he follows in with a Stinger splash… before a floatover from Francisco allowed him to catch the debutant with a swivelling clothesline. Remi heads outside and gets knocked down with a dropkick through the ropes, hitting “the hardest part of the crowd” on his way (OI!)

Back inside, the pair trade chops, with Francisco switching it up for a stalling suplex, dropping Remi for a two-count. Francisco hits the ropes, but runs into a dropkick as Adetunji builds up a head of steam with clotheslines and a diving forearm. A deadlift suplex from Adetunji’s blocked, but second time’s the charm as he managed to haul up and throw Francisco for a near-fall… which then set off a fire alarm! Cue the modified Will Grigg chants… (how come he never did it for Sunderland… grumbles)

Francisco tries to retaliate, landing an enziguiri in the corner, but his Indy Rock Bottom’s blocked, unlike the powerbomb that nearly won it. Another Indy Rock Bottom’s escaped, as Adetunji came back with a spinebuster… and that’s it! Hell, Rev Pro have had impressive debuts on back-to-back shows, with Adetunji capturing the minds of the London crowd on night one. Great stuff! ***½

Lykos Gym (Kid Lykos & Kid Lykos II) vs. Callum Newman & JJ Gale
The Lykii qualified for the Great British Tag League on the last show in Sheffield… while Newman and Gale missed the cut this year.

Lykos gets wound up by the crowd as we start with Newman and Lykos II going at pace, with Newman’s dropkick beating Lykos II to the punch. Gale tags in, but Lykos II gets pulled outside to calm things down. We resume with Lykos II tagging out and Lykos I hitting a cheapshot… Gale springboards off the ropes for a leapfrog, then a flying armdrag, before a dropkick took Lykos I into the corner.

Newman’s back to wheelbarrow Gale into a dropkick, and goddamnit I’ve got to crack open the proverbial swear jar for that back body drop. An assisted back suplex/moonsault led to a two-count as Lykos II breaks up the pin, but Newman ends up getting his eyes raked before a dive from Lykos met Newman on the floor.

Back inside, Newman kicks out at two as Lykos II went for a cover. A flash roll-up got a two-count for Newman, but Lykos II chops back into it… then telegraphed the brainbuster. You know what happens next. The fire alarm goes again as Newman counters it, as tags then bring us to Gale coming in for a… springboard corkscrew senton that the wolves sidestep.

A PK from Lykos I has Gale on the back foot, while Lykos II snapmared and punted Gale in the back as the wolves continued their offensive. Gale’s run into Lykos’ boot in the corner, but Gale’s able to rebound with a diving kick as a tag brings in Callum Newman for… a lot of stuff that happened too quickly for me to type. Seriously, Callum, you’re giving me RSI… and Lykos II a pain in the neck with the Millshot-like hiptoss/knee combo.

Lykos I runs into a hiptoss cutter, before Lykos II ate a backflip kick. From there, Lykos II heads outside… as did Lykos I as we’ve got a step-up tope con giro that wiped the wolves out. Back inside, Newman gets a two-count from a somewhat lax cover on Lykos II, as we then get the trading of forearm shots and chops. Lykos II’s sunk with one of those, before the pace was upped, ending with a standing Spanish Fly from Newman. Gale’s back for a backpack knee and a gourdbuster, before a superkick drew another two-count.

Newman’s back for a full nelson on Lykos II… but the wolf escapes as Gale hit his own man with a springboard uppercut, allowing the Lykii to target Newman in the corner. The Howling brings Newman down ahead of a double stomp from Lykos for a near-fall. All four men stay in the ring as things broke down, with a Falcon arrow from Gale to Lykos II… Lykos I keeps the Parade of Moves going, leading to a TKO into a swinging Flatliner from Newman.

Newman rolls through a ‘rana for a near-fall on Lykos II, only to get charged into the corner as Lykos twanged a resistance band into Newman’s face – leading to Lykos II winning with a roll-up. A sneaky finish, but Gale and Newman put on a good showing here in defeat. ***¼

We then get Connor Mills and Michael Oku coming out to “talk about” this year’s Great British Tag League. I was expecting a lecture based on that intro, while Gideon Grey burst a blood vessel at how Andy Quildan had delegated promotion duties to Destination Everywhere. Oku was doing the “we’re going to win it again” speech… but then the question was raised over Oku’s lack of a match at Epic Encounters. Connor Mills interrupted Oku midway through his speech, and flat-out said that he’d focused on Oku’s singles career too much. It led to Mills challenging Oku for the Cruiserweight title at York Hall, as he wanted to know who the better man was out of the two. Challenge, accepted.

Shota Umino vs. Chuck Mambo
Gideon Grey leapt from commentary to do the introductions for Shota Umino, who he continues to court for the Legion. And also continued his admiration for Shota’s wardrobe, wearing his jacket…

We open with a tie-up as the early tit-for-tat on the mat ended with Umino rolling away from a toe hold. A side headlock from Mambo leads to a takedown, but Umino manages to escape and grab one of his own, as they then swap wristlocks and arm wringers before Mambo hit the ropes for a springboard armdrag.

Umino sidesteps a charge in the corner, but gets lifted onto the apron and dropkicked to the floor, ahead of a double sledge into the crowd. Back inside, Umino avoids Mambo ahead of a shotgun dropkick into the corner, then took Mambo down for an armbar, then a double wristlock, looking for a stoppage, but Mambo held on and manoeuvred his way into the ropes.

Mambo breaks a knuckle lock so he could chop Umino, but he gets stomped into the corner before Mambo elbowed out of the corner and hit a springboard back elbow out of it. Double knees trap Umino by the buckles ahead of another diving dropkick through the ropes. A Reef Break brings Mambo back inside for a two-count, but Umino’s able to roll through Mambo’s next offence and followed in with an uppercut.

A seated dropkick from Umino keeps him on the front foot, as did a Fisherman suplex, before an attempted reverse DDT was fought out of. Instead, Umino chained together a pop-up knee into a DDT for a two-count, before a Death Rider was blocked… with Mambo slapping the taste out of Shota’s mouth.

We’re back to strikes as Mambo lit up Shota with an overhand chop, before a satellite into a reverse DDT finally got Chuck some time. Another crack at the Death Rider’s countered with a roll-up for a enar-fall, before a dropkick from Shota took Mambo back into the corner. The tornado reverse DDT follows for a near-fall for Umino, but still the Death Rider doesn’t come off as Mambo countered with a Bad Burrito gutbuster for a near-fall.

Mambo keeps pushing on, heading up top for a frog splash… but Umino rolls away, then ran back with a swinging facebuster and a Death Rider to finally snatch the win. ***¼

After the match, Gideon Grey snuck away from commentary and threw his cane at Chuck Mambo. Chuck caught it as Gideon then raced towards Shota to snitch on him, convincing Umino that Mambo was going to take a cheapshot. Chuck tries to smooth it over, but Shota snaps as the pair brawl to the back…

Lee Hunter vs. Ricky Knight Jr.
In Sheffield, RKJ managed to overcome Dan Moloney in that wild no-DQ main event… he’s now trying to finish the job here after Hunter’s interference in that match.

Hunter jumps RKJ to start, but a crossbody’s caught and swiftly turned into a death valley driver into the corner as Knight was starting this one hot. A wild dropkick followed into, then through the corner, before a London Bridge draping DDT nearly ended this in under a minute.

A stalling suplex from RKJ drops Hunter, as chops took things around the room… Hunter ends up chopping the wall as commentary dropped out for a spell. It leads to a back suplex on the edge of the ring from RKJ, before Hunter’s attempt to get back inside… ended with him getting dragged back out as RKJ proceeded to press slam him through the ropes.

Hunter’s baseball slide dropkick took RKJ off the apron before we go back inside for a bomb scare knee drop that nearly won it. A Saito suplex ragdolls RKJ for a near-fall, while a superkick and a Blockbuster kept Hunter ahead. Another couple of superkicks from Hunter gives him a near-fall, so he threw some more… but RKJ catches one and swings him into… a Tour of the Islands-like slam. HMM.

Release German suplexes from RKJ kill the camera feed momentarily, while a snap slam out of the corner and a springboard moonsault gets another near-fall for RKJ. From there, RKJ threatens to press slam Hunter to the outside, but the referee stops him, allowing Hunter to wriggle out… clothesline RKJ to the outside, only for his plancha to get caught and turned into a stomach-turning suplex onto the chairs. I think the press slam might have done less damage…

Back inside, Hunter peppers RKJ with some palm strikes, but Knight’s singular one took him down. Chops follow, but Hunter goes back to the superkick, only to get dumped by the ropes as he then returned with a Destroyer. RKJ kicks out at two from that, so Hunter takes him up top for a superplex… teasing one to the floor, but RKJ headbutts his way free, then press slammed Hunter off the middle rope to the floor.

A senton bomb followed from RKJ, but it’s still not enough, so he throws in a roundhouse kick, a knee stroke, and a Fire Thunder driver… and that’s your lot in this frantic sprint. Lee Hunter’s been getting a lot of offence in these recent outings, but the results simply aren’t going his way as RKJ left with the win… and made that universal belt hand signal afterwards. ***¾

Joshua James vs. Robbie X
An unannounced match next, and it’s clear Gideon Grey’s influencing Andy Q a lot on commentary…

James’ opening handshake’s accepted, as he opened with a lock-up that went into the corner, with Robbie X breaking. Robbie’s shoved into the corner from the next lock-up, so he returns with kicks to James’ quads, then tried to scuttle underneath him… only for the big man to wallop him instead.

A kick to the gut works from Robbie X, as did chops, but an Irish whip gets blocked as James ended up dumping him with a bodyslam. Robbie’s knocked into the corner with a forearm, then bounced with a chop, but a floatover from Robbie X and some flips get him free as James tried to charge at him.

Robbie X’s ‘rana takes James outside, but a baseball slide misses as Robbie X ends up throwing some forearms… only to get popped up against the apron for a forearm in return. A big ol’ shot out of the JD Drake playbook that left Robbie begging for a breather.

Returning to the ring, Robbie X composes himself, but James catches him for a gutwrench suplex, spinning him around before the release for a near-fall. A stalling suplex is next as James keeps on Robbie X, landing a bodyslam before the former Speed King champion… got chopped down like a tree.

Robbie pops up though to throw some forearms, only to absorb a double handed chop before an enziguiri knocked James down. Pulling himself up, Robbie X charges at James in the corner, then caught him with a spin kick in the corner ahead of a missile dropkick that James turned around into. It’s good for a near-fall, before Robbie X stopped himself in his tracks, expecting James to have charged after him again… and ate a shotgun dropkick.

James pushes on with a splash in the corner, then a big ol’ POUNCE that spun Robbie X to the mat for a one-count?! Another wicked lariat blows my speakers as Robbie X barely clung on… then literally did so to avoid James hitting that splash off the middle rope. An overhead kick stuns James, before Robbie pulled him down for a squatting Finlay roll. How the hell Robbie?!

A standing shooting star press is good for a near-fall from Robbie, as a handspring kick knocks James off the apron… before an Orihara moonsault from Robbie X took out the Contenders (who had been assisting James). Back inside, a Spiral Tap finds its mark, but it’s still not enough for the three count. At the second time, the X-Clamation lands, and that’s all – the expected win, perhaps, but a mighty effort from Joshua James here, who came agonisingly close to a win. Another name to keep on your mind, because I feel like there’s big things in James’ future around these parts. ***½

Nightshade & Rhia O’Reilly vs. Alex Windsor & Maya Matthews
After her title shot was delayed a week ago, Rhia O’Reilly’s brought back-up as she continued to prepare for the to-be-rescheduled match.

This was Matthews’ third match according to commentary, and the baddies try to bully her from the off, with Rhia trying to grab her hair as Nightshade shoves Matthews down in the early going. Matthews finds a way through with a dropkick, then tagged in Alex Windsor, who knocked Nightshade into the corner, then evaded her on the apron ahead of a slingshot roll-up.

Windsor stays on Nightshade with an armdrag, then a low dropkick, before Matthews tagged back in to pick up with some forearms and kicks. Those shots looked to piss off Nightshade, who ends up taking some headscissors as Rhia O’Reilly came in to try and dictate the pace. A knee to the midsection took the wind out of Matthews, but she’s back with a kick before threatening to take too long to follow up, eventually scoring with a cutter and a Slingblade… only for Rhia to respond with a jawbreaker and some trapped stomps. From there, Rhia drags Matthews into the corner as Nightshade tagged in to stomp a mudhole into the rookie, who found herself getting increasingly isolated.

An Irish whip teases Maya with the chance of a tag out, only to get sent back into the wrong corner ahead of a Curt Hennig-ish neck flip for a two-count. A splash in the corner from Nightshade keeps Matthews at bay, ahead of a kick to the back for just a one-count as Nightshade began to toy with the rookie. Maya hits the ropes, but gets caught with a clothesline as Rhia tagged in… then knocked Windsor off the apron.

We’ve a snap suplex as Maya continued to take a beating, eventually getting free with a suplex… but Rhia cuts off Maya with a curb stomp as the tag was prevented. Nightshade’s back for a clothesline and a back senton for a near-fall, before a second back senton missed… allowing Matthews to finally make the tag out.

Windsor levelled O’Reilly with a superkick for a two-count, then rolled out of a Fireman’s carry to dive in with a kick. Maya’s tagged back in for a crossbody, which needed Nightshade to make the save to keep the match going. Nightshade swipes at Windsor, only to get met with a headbutt, before an Exploder from O’Reilly took care of the champion.

Matthews is waiting for O’Reilly with a discus clothesline to keep the Parade of Moves going. O’Reilly and Windsor go after each other and brawl through to the bar and to the back… while Matthews was left with Nightshade. Maya tries her luck with forearms, but a crossbody’s caught and turned into a fallaway slam, following with double knees to the back and a release German suplex.

A cannonball followed as Matthews was trapped into the corner, then suplexed out of it… before she hit a Victory Roll to escape perhaps a One-Winged Angel… and holy hell, that’s the upset win for Matthews! Maya took a beating here, and left with a 1-2-3 Kid like upset as her second “main roster” debut ended with a massively unexpected win. Again, keep that name in your mind, because there’s some bright prospects on this here roster… ***¼

Yota Tsuji vs. TK Cooper
Yota’s come in with a little more notoriety for this show, with his appearance on an ITV quiz show “In For A Penny” having done the rounds the previous night. An outing that earned him £30… and a new celebration that the crowd ate up.

After all that, and a claim that Yota Tsuji could have been in Downton Abbey, we get going with headscissors on the mat that TK tried to escape, only for him to get slapped in the back. TK chops his way free, but is back on the mat with a headlock before another escape allowed TK to hit the ropes and land a forearm.

Tsuji elbows out of a waistlock, but couldn’t avoid a leg lariat from Cooper for an early two-count, before some knees to the midsection landed… Tsuji manages to get back in it though, chopping TK into the corners, before a snapmare and a punt to the back left TK laying. That’s followed up with a camel clutch as Tsuji chose to fan himself, before letting go to hit a Mount Tsuji’s splash to TK’s back.

A trip has TK back in the corner ahead of a delayed low dropkick as Cooper then looked to fight back with forearms. Snake Eyes from TK has Tsuji in the corner ahead of a short-arm clothesline and a roll-up into an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. A front kick in the corner and a body attack keeps the tag champion on top, before he booted Tsuji through the ropes ahead of an Omelette du Fromage for a near-fall.

TK fights out of a Titanic attempt, landing an enziguiri before he avoided a Vertebreaker. Tsuiji returns with a knee strike and a sit-out Titanic for a near-fall, before the wheelbarrowed Tsuji slam added another two-count. Kick to the sitting TK just fire him up as he ends up catching a kick ahead of a Gory special from Tsuji.

TK manages to sit up and roll back for a reverse ‘rana to counter that, following with a Samoan drop as the match was turned on its head. Tsuji cuts off TK on the top rope, but an attempted Spanish Fly ends as they spill to the mat as Tsuji landed on TK for a near-fall. TK recovers with a headbutt, only to get spun down with a lariat, before Gideon Grey left commentary…

Grey’s “coaching” of Tsuji ends with Yota knocking him off the apron… only for TK to score with a roll-up for the win. ***¼

Post-match, Gideon laid out TK with his cane, then put the boots to Cooper as Chuck Mambo made the save. Tsuji saves Gideon, then got into it with Mambo… that led to TK getting involved again, so Gideon runs to the back and brings out Shota Umino to even things up – seemingly convincing Shota that Sunshine Machine again took a cheapshot. After all that, we get an offer from Gideon for Shota to temporarily join the Legion, teaming with Tsuji in the Great British Tag League… and Shota uneasily accepts.

Destination Everywhere (Connor Mills & Michael Oku) & Luke Jacobs vs. United Empire (Kyle Fletcher, Mark Davis & Will Ospreay)
Strap in folks, because these United Empire trios matches at the 229 tend to give you fireworks… and we had some of those in the intros as Connor Mills cut-off Michael Oku’s entrance, leaving Michael stuck in shock, frozen like an action figure…

We get staredowns to start, with Luke Jacobs eyeballing Will Ospreay in particular, and those two start with a big ol’ lockup and shoulder tackles. Jacobs manages to put Ospreay on his back, but missed a back senton… and came back up to slap the champion down. An overhead suplex keeps Ospreay on the back foot, as Connor Mills tagged in to punt Ospreay in the back for a one-count.

Jacobs is back to light up Ospreay with chops, but Will’s got plenty of his own as those ring round the 229. Ospreay eventually sinks to his knees, but charges Jacobs into the Empire’s corner as Jacobs gets triple-teamed. Connor Mills tries to come in to make a save, but just distracts the referee as Mark Davis tagged in, but ended up getting taken into the corner for a Violence Party of chops, forearms and punches.

Davis cuts off Jacobs with a slam and a vile back senton, then brought in Kyle Fletcher for a double-team pancake. Jacobs gets the tag out as Mills and Oku manage to find a foothold in the match, scoring with a wheelbarrow bulldog for a two-count… before Mills was taken outside and held off the apron as a stomp from Ospreay found its mark.

Things get from bad to worse for Mills, as Davis powerbombed him into a wall, while Jacobs ate a back suplex on the ring… the ringside area clears out as Fletcher heads up top for a moonsault into Mills and Oku. Back inside, Mills has an Ospreay dropkick launched into him as the United Empire dominated proceedings. Mills is left cornered as Ospreay choked him through the buckles, then tagged in to take Mills into the ropes for a spinning backbreaker. We even get a spinaroonie…

Michael Oku breaks up a pin, but just gets tossed through the ropes as he flew outside as Ospreay then went for Mills’ braids to keep him at bay as Fletcher hit a double sledge to the head. Kyle stays on the hair as it assisted him in a neckbreaker for a two-count, before a series of slams led to a flash roll-up from Mills… which gets him a two-count, and a back elbow from Kyle, who looked to shut the door afterwards.

Davis and Fletcher trade tags as they kept Mills in their corner… but Mills manages to fight free, heading up top for a double stomp to a doubled-over Ospreay as Michael Oku tagged in to hit a crossbody on Aussie Open. Oku single-handedly cleared out the United Empire, using a swinging DDT on Fletcher to help.

A Dragon screw has Fletcher on the deck ahead of a half crab… it’s pushed away, before Mills and Oku pulled ahead with dropkicks in the corner and a misdirection knee to Fletcher. There’s a Millshot for a near-fall on Kyle, but a Burning Cutter’s broken up by Davis… who’s then taken outside by Mills, who then caught everyone off guard with an inside-out moonsault to Davis.

That costs Mills in the end as a Spanish Fly from Ospreay and a Ligerbomb from Fletcher suddenly had Mills on the defensive. A massive dropkick from Fletcher leads to a Grimstone attempt, but Mills nails a reverse ‘rana to get free as both men were left needing tags. We’re back to Jacobs and Ospreay, who fire away with forearms before an elbow off the middle rope dropped Ospreay for a near-fall.

Another frantic turnaround ends with whatever-that-assisted inside-out Razor’s Edge flip is called on Jacobs, before Ospreay went for a powerbomb. Jacobs blocks it, so Ospreay throws a knee and some kicks. The pace ratchets up as Jacobs booted Ospreay, only to eat a step-up enziguiri… then return with a German suplex that had everyone screaming. A standing Spanish Fly keeps Ospreay in it for a near-fall though, before an OsCutter’s clotheslined away, as a powerbomb almost forced the win.

Aussie Open make the save, then get cleared to the outside as Ospreay takes some more elbow shots, only for Davis to return with an enziguiri as a Parade of Moves broke out. Oku eats a hook kick from Ospreay, who then took another lariat from Jacobs as a piledriver ended up planting Ospreay… again for a near-fall.

Jacobs hits the ropes for another clothesline, but Aussie Open slide in to cut him off… Oku and Mills prevent the Coriolis, sending the Aussies packing ahead of topes that get caught and turned into a Super Collider. That leaves us with Ospreay and Jacobs again, but Will’s caught on the top rope, before he knocked Jacobs down for a diving forearm to the back of the head. It’s only good for a two-count though, as a Hidden Blade missed and got countered with a roll-up for another near-fall.

Another wild lariat has Ospreay in trouble, but a hook kick drops Jacobs ahead of a Busaiku knee… then a Hidden Blade that still didn’t end it! Ospreay finally pushes things over the line with a Storm Breaker, and that’s your lot as the three-count ends things. These United Empire trios matches on Rev Pro’s shows away from York Hall are a delight to watch live and on tape. The energy translated well to the smaller rooms, and while there can be a tendency for them to fray into my least-favourite “moves everywhere” style of match, they usually rein it in before it gets egregious. ****¼

We’re not done yet though, as Aussie Open continued to lay into Oku and Mills before Kyle Fletcher took the mic for a show-closing promo. They hype up Epic Encounters, in particular, their match with the Velocities at York Hall, bringing up the heavily-praised outing from 2021… then it’s Will Ospreay’s turn to declare himself the best, putting himself over the likes of Regal, Dunne, ZSJ and the Bulldog, before he was interrupted by… Kaze Ni Nare?

There was more than a few people who thought that Minoru Suzuki was actually in the building when that music hit… except it was Mad Kurt wearing a towel over his head. Ospreay was far from impressed as Kurt went through the Suzuki mannerisms (but hadn’t gone the whole hog to shave anything into his hair). Ospreay tells Mad Kurt to leave, bringing up the times he’d had his back (against names that get redacted) when other names did nothing about it…

Mad Kurt keeps up the trolling though, but snaps out of the Suzuki-isms as those comments of “he’s going to die” on commentary looked like they might become reality. An attempt at the Suzuki rear naked choke is easily broken up, as was the piledriver… and now it gets brutal. In comes a chair, which Ospreay bounced off of Kurt, as he came up red, making an entry on that Muta Scale. Referees come out to help, but Oscar Harding’s kicked through the ropes as the Contenders come in and… eat a pair of piledrivers.

That left Mad Kurt for a series of Hidden Blades before Ricky Knight Jr. made the save… and headbutted a chair for the sake of it. Jesus, that noise. It leads to RKJ demanding another shot at Ospreay… which he gets, as long as he’s able to beat someone from the United Empire at York Hall. Jeff Cobb’s name is thrown out as the opponent (although an injury meant that became Aaron Henare)… Knight accepts, then carried Mad Kurt to the back to close the show.

Perhaps I need to temper my live bias, but this was one of the best Cockpit/229 shows I’ve ever seen live from Rev Pro. I missed the York Hall show, which also got rave reviews, but this London show was another part of what’s turned into a hot May for Rev Pro. Starting out hot and simmering well until the main event… get this on your watchlist before Epic Encounters drops on-demand!