We take a look at Rev Pro’s show from the 229 in April, headlined by Ricky Knight Jr. and Dan Moloney’s venue-wide brawl…

Quick Results
TK Cooper & Chuck Mambo pinned David Francisco & Joshua James in 15:19 (***¼)
Lee Hunter pinned Robbie X in 11:45 (***¼)
Alex Windsor pinned Nightshade in 13:24 (**¾)
Kyle Fletcher pinned Yota Tsuji in 18:21 (***½)
Mark Davis pinned Callum Newman in 15:50 (***½)
Luke Jacobs defeats Connor Mills in 15:31 (***½)
Dan Moloney vs. Ricky Knight Jr. ended a no-content in 8:47 (***)

We’re back at the 229 in London for a show that for some was a pre-game for WrestleMania… we’re also without Michael Oku from the regular roster, since he was over in that there Dallas. Commentary comes from Andy Quildan and Gideon Grey…

David Francisco & Joshua James vs. Sunshine Machine (Chuck Mambo & TK Cooper)
The contenders have been given a mountain to climb in this non-title opener…

James locked up with Mambo into the ropes to start, before a roll-up attempt from Mambo ended in the ropes. James bridges Mambo back in a Japanese stranglehold, but Mambo manages to reverse the hold, only for James to roll his way free. Mambo tries for a bodyslam, but it’s slapped away before a big shoulder tackle knocked Mambo into the ropes.

TK tags in and tries his luck with a side headlock, which is pushed off for some shoulder tackles. James tries a slam, and eventually scooped TK to the mat for a one-count, before David Francisco came in and went to work over TK’s wrist. Cooper countered with a headlock takedown, before Francisco came back with a sunset flip out of the corner for a near-fall. TK wallops Francisco into the ropes after that scare, before a diving kick from Francisco connected for a one-count. A Snake Eyes from TK dumps Francisco onto the apron as Mambo returned to take advantage, bouncing around the ropes to dropkick James ahead of a springboard armdrag.

Sunshine Machine push ahead as Mambo hung Francisco in the ropes a la Randy Savage, while a distinctly un-Macho Man springboard quebrada got TK a near-fall. Mambo leaps off the top as he flew onto Francisco’s arm as he then began some back rakes as Francisco’s attempt to fight out of the corner earned him a tooth-loosening forearm from TK. Mambo’s back to stay on the arm with knee drops as the tag champions remained in firm control. Setting up for a Romero special, Mambo stomps Francisco’s knees into the mat before a blind tag set up for the Combo Meal – the reverse DDT/frog splash elbow drop – for a near-fall. Another elbow drop from Mambo makes sure that Francisco’s kept on the mat, before an attempt at the Designated Driver was avoided as Francisco cleared the champions away.

Joshua James gets the tag in from there, charging through clotheslines before bouncing TK and Mambo down. A splash traps the champions in the corner ahead of a POUNCE to TK, as a lariat followed for a near-fall. Francisco’s brought back in as he cracked TK with an enziguiri, before a TKO and a big splash from James nearly led to the upset.

Mambo’s nearly Alley Oop’d into the corner by Francisco, who eventually hits a powerbomb for a two-count. Mambo’s uranage’s blocked as he ends up landing the Designated Driver for another near-fall as Joshua James made the save, earning him a series of chops as Francisco was given time to recover. Francisco nails a roll-up into the corner, but couldn’t get the three-count as the B-Roll ends up dropping Francisco for the win. A good effort from the Contenders, but in the end the champions manage to pull it out of the bag… ***¼

Post-match, TK and Mambo’s celebrations were interrupted by two big lads – the debuting Blake and the returning Will Kroos. Known as “Pure Beef” in some parts of the country, the big lads lay waste to the champions as Kroos’ Black Hole Slam and Blake’s back senton squished TK, before a Doomsday Blockbuster wiped out Mambo. I think we’ve got new contenders for the tag titles, judging by the universal sign of “we want the belts” and their ensuing words…

Lee Hunter vs. Robbie X
Last month, Hunter changed his outlook – and probably needs new music to suit it. Maybe not Yakety Sax…

Hunter tried to sneak attack Robbie X before the bell, but got dropkicked to the outside as they fought around ringside, featuring Hunter chopping a support pillar before he got thrown into a folding door. Returning to the ring, Robbie stomps a mudhole in Hunter, before a back elbow and a snap suplex drew a two-count. Bouncing Hunter into the corner, Robbie X adds a hiptoss and a cartwheel dropkick for a two-count, before some ground and pound kept Hunter on the deck. Following up, Robbie X levers back on Hunter’s arm, before Hunter shoved Robbie X off the top rope, sending him crashing to the floor as they played up Robbie’s recently-injured ankle.

Fighting around ringside some more, Hunter gouges at Robbie before returning with some boot choking back inside. A back suplex adds a two-count for Hunter, who then added another on the side of the ring. Another followed as Hunter continued to target Hunter’s neck and shoulders, while a dropkick sent Robbie X into the corner. A stalling suplex gets Hunter a two-count as he built up pressure, but a second dropkick into the corner misses as Robbie sidestepped. From there, uppercuts from Robbie X and a standing shooting star press turned the tables for a near-fall, but he misses an overhead kick before a superkick rattled Hunter.

Hunter misses an enziguiri as Robbie X backflipped over him for a deadlift sit-out powerbomb, before a fireman’s carry was almost escaped… but Robbie squats back up and cracked Hunter with the Pele kick. A handspring kick stops Hunter from skinning the cat, before a Spiral Tap landed for a near-fall. Chops from Robbie X keep Hunter down, but Hunter pulls the referee in harm’s way to avoid an X-Clamation. With the ref unsighted, a low blow lands… before an inside cradle steals the win for Hunter. ***¼

After the match, a bleeding-from-the-ear Robbie X continued the fight, sending Lee Hunter packing

Nightshade vs. Alex Windsor
This wasn’t for Windsor’s title…

Nightshade took the fight to Windsor, kicking the champion into the corner to start, before a clothesline took Windsor down for a back senton. A splash keeps Windsor in the corner, but a second one misses as Windsor ends up pulling Nightshade into the corner ahead of a roll-up for a two-count. An armdrag takes Nightshade down, but Windsor keeps hold for a knee strike, before a whip kept Nightshade in the corner. Nightshade’s gut shot and gutwrench suplex gets her back in it for a two-count as Windsor was put on the back foot once more, getting thrown into the corners with ease.

A snapmare and a kick to the back gets Nightshade a one-count as she took things into the ropes for some forearms. Elbows from Windsor get her free as an attempted bodyslam was easily turned into an Exploder by Nightshade. Knees follow in the corner, then German suplexes as she began to wear Windsor down some more with forearms. Windsor fought back as Nightshade swung for her, but a leaping clothesline takes Nightshade down. More forearms from Nightshade spark some back-and-forth, leading to headbutts and a spear from Nightshade, before an Exploder took Windsor back into the buckles. A cannonball follows, but a second one misses as Windsor looked to capitalise, only to get suplexed once more.

Hip attacks from Nightshade follow for a near-fall, before she ran into a pop-up powerbomb as Windsor found a way back in. The pair fight over a suplex, but Nightshade lifts Windsor up top, then pulled her down for a near-fall. Nightshade goes for an Electric Chair… but gets caught with a Victory Roll as Windsor snuck out the win. **¾

Post-match, Nightshade attacks Windsor from behind and celebrated with the title… before Rhia O’Reilly came out to argue… only to hug Nightshade as the pair beat up Windsor. They’ve got history in EVE as part of the Uprising, but that’s only briefly touched on as Rhea called out her shot at the Rev Pro women’s title, before pointing out that Windsor clearly had no support, since nobody came out to help.

Yota Tsuji vs. Kyle Fletcher
A rematch from their cracker in Sheffield… and once again, Gideon Grey’s not willing to do ring introductions for his Legion charge, even if he was more than happy to take praise aimed at Yota.

Eventually, we start with a tie-up as Tsuji worked his way from a full nelson into a side headlock as Fletcher ends up breaking in the ropes. Fletcher’s side headlock ends up on the mat as Tsuji rolled out for a pin attempt, before a spinning leg lariat nearly took off Kyle’s head as they ended up reaching a stand-off.

Some headscissors from Tsuji takes Fletcher outside before Yota faked out a dive. Back inside, Fletcher’s taken into the ropes as he booted Tsuji away… then knocked him to the floor with a big boot. Heading outside, Fletcher grabs a fan’s Tsuji sign and ripped it up, prompting Tsuji to fight back as Kyle was knocked towards the medic, who became an unwilling seat as Kyle took some chops.

Fletcher recovers with a back suplex onto the edge of the ring, before more chops took Tsuji around ringside. Back inside, Fletcher keeps hold of Tsuji’s wrist as he dumped him to the mat, before Tsuji fought back with forearms… only to get slammed again for a two-count. Back-and-forth charges into the corner led to Tsuji going for a slam of his own, only to succeed with a tiltawhirl backbreaker.

A ‘rana from Tsuji takes Fletcher outside, as he’s then knocked into the crowd with a tope, which was good for a two-count from a lateral press. Tsuji goes for a chicken wing, but Fletcher makes it to the ropes quickly for the break, but an arm whip from Tsuji adds a little extra before he went up top… and got caught with a gamengiri. Fletcher joins Tsuji on the outside with a tope, then brought him back in for a brainbuster that nearly wins it.

Tsuji counters a tombstone, but the counter’s countered again and again before Tsuji hit a misdirection spinning kick to wind Kyle. After a near-fall, a wheelbarrow slam gets a near-fall – and a name for that Tsuji Slam – before he teased the Vertebreaker… Fletcher elbows free, then came back with a Michinoku driver for a near-fall as the pair resorted to trading elbows.

Tsuji looked to have pulled ahead with a superkick, but Kyle returned the favour, only to get caught with a discus clothesline for a near-fall. Almost an Angle Slam gets Tsuji another near-fall, before a superplex was fought out of… Fletcher brings Tsuji down with almost a cutter, before a dropkick and a Grimstone gets the win for the Aussie. A fairly even outing, but Tsuji is still looking for that signature win (or that “killer instinct”)… ***½

Mark Davis vs. Callum Newman
Originally advertised as Davis vs. Shota Umino, Gideon Grey gave Shota the night off… and brought out Callum Newman as a replacement. Someone’s been watching PSY’s music videos too, judging by that little jig from Gideon.

Davis has Newman on the back foot early on, throwing him down with waistlocks and wristlocks, before see-saw kip-ups helped Newman get free. Ducking a big boot, Newman hits the ropes and returned with a dropkick that took Davis outside, before a tope con giro overshot… Newman quickly recovers and hits a second one, taking Davis into the crowd, with Callum taking the brunt of it too.

The pair brawl around ringside, which led to Davis powerbombing Newman into the wall. Newman’s picked up for some chops, but returns the favour back in the ring… only for Davis to walk through them as he slammed and squashed Newman for a quick two-count. A grounded abdominal stretch followed from Davis, who misses a second back senton… then got caught with a roundhouse enziguiri.

Kicks in the ropes from Newman are caught as he’s dragged back in for some chops and an Alphamare Waterslide… but Newman slips out and pulled Davis between the ropes for a stomp. A springboard uppercut’s next for a near-fall as Gideon got increasingly apologetic on commentary… but Davis crotches Newman on the turnbuckles as another aerial attack was looming. Recovering, Newman’s caught with a chop on the top rope before a superplex brought him down to earth with a bump. It’s good for a near-fall for Davis, who had to survive another scare before he bounced Newman with a release back suplex. A lariat to the back of the head nearly wins it for Davis, as he then wore down Newman in the corner.

Newman’s attempted comeback rattles Davis, much like the Aussie’s back elbow did… but a second release back suplex is escaped as a springboard enziguiri nearly caused the upset. Clotheslines from Newman lose steam as Davis walloped him in return, only for Newman to catch a Stundog Millionaire…

Newman tries a torture rack, but Davis elbows out only to eat some superkicks, before another lariat lands. A swift powerbomb ragdolls Newman for a near-fall, before a snap piledriver ends up getting the win. A hell of a showing from Newman, but in the end it’s a win for Davis. ***½

Luke Jacobs vs. Connor Mills
In Rev Pro, Luke Jacobs has torn between cruiserweight and heavyweight – with this match perhaps hinting at giving the former another go?

Jacobs starts with a wristlock early on, but Mills counters back as they headed into the ropes. Jacobs swings at Mills in the ropes as he then absorbed some kicks, before a shoulder tackle spun Mills out of the air. A delayed suplex drops Mills next ahead of an Araban clutch, which Jacobs lets go of as he proceeded to elbow Mills in the back of the neck. Mills recovers with a quebrada that clattered into Jacobs, before a springboard uppercut took Jacobs outside, only for Jacobs to return with a chokeslam onto the side of the ring. Back inside, Jacobs rains down blows on Mills, before a floatover suplex landed for a near-fall.

Mills resists a suplex, so gets clattered as he ended up landing the suplex himself, before he took Jacobs into the corner. A boot from Jacobs misses as he got lifted outside for a tope… then thrown back in for a diving kick. A Burning Cutter from Mills is quickly aborted as Jacobs came back with some gut punches, only to get met with an up-kick. Jacobs’ release German suplex puts him back ahead, but he’s quickly cornered for some kicks… earning Mills some wild chops as the pair swung for the fences. A rebound lariat from Mills, then a Millshot lands for a near-fall, before Jacobs again chopped his way back into it. Mills offers replies, but misses an enziguiri before another rebound lariat was chopped away.

A lariat from Mills nearly ends it, as did a chop and a powerbomb, before Mills was forced into the ropes with an ankle lock. More kicks from Jacobs keep Mills rocked, before Mills managed to sneak in a Tower of London. Another wild lariat spins Mills down for a near-fall as the pair resorted to back-and-forth elbows. They up it to chops, but a high chop from Mills gave him an opening as he corners Jacobs with some mounted punches.

Mills looks for a superplex, and lands it for a near-fall… that’s followed up with a 450 splash, but Mills lands on his feet, only to get rolled down into an ankle lock. Jacobs gets rolled into the corner, then was sent outside for a Golden Triangle Moonsault. Back inside, a Quebrada’s caught by Jacobs, who went straight back to the ankle lock… and that’s enough for Mills to tap. There was a lot of “fool me once, shame on you” type stuff here, with lessons learned on the repeats, but it’s Luke Jacobs who looks to be solidifying his spot in the cruiserweights with this win. ***½

Post-match, Francesca Oliver quizzed Luke about his future since Ethan Allen’s apparently months away from a return. Luke wants to prove his worth, regardless of his division, because he called out the United Empire. That brought out Aussie Open, who swarmed him ahead of a Davis piledriver, before Connor Mills tried to make the save… and got some similar treatment, as a Coriolis left Connor laying… and gave Kyle a chance to bring up a (then) topical Will Smith reference.

Dan Moloney vs. Ricky Knight Jr.
A battle between two guys who you’d have to think are next in line for a title shot here… but neither man comes out of the entrance way, as they instead brawled by the bar.

The merch table’s in danger as RKJ teased a suplex through it, before a back suplex dumped Moloney on the apron as we’re waiting for this to get going officially. Dan’s taken into a doorway, then ground against the ring post before RKJ grabbed a chair and clotheslined Moloney out of it. The bell finally sounds, as Moloney kicks the ropes into RKJ’s nether regions… then kicked Knight to the outside in search of a count-out. Knight beats the count, but instantly gets covered for a two-count before he got hurled into the corner. Recovering, RKJ lit up Moloney with chops before catching a leapfrog as he proceeded to dump Dan in the corner with a death valley driver.

Sweeping the leg, RKJ’s basement dropkick trapped Dan in the corner before Moloney took things outside… and charged into the ring post. Knight ups the ante with a draping DDT off the apron to the floor, before rolling him back inside for a 450 splash… it’s aborted as Dan returned quickly with a gore, but RKJ rolls outside to avoid being pinned.

Both men grab a chair and return to the ring… they sit down and spit on each other before adding chops to it. Out go the chairs as the fight resumes, leading to back-and-forth Destroyers that left both men laying on top of each other for a near-double-pin. They then go for their finishers, but it’s RKJ who hits a Rainmaker instead, then a Razor’s Edge… and my GOD, the bounce on Moloney before that near-fall.

A Fire Thunder Driver’s escaped as Moloney looked for a low blow… it’s caught as RKJ bites on the hand instead. Off comes the wrist tape and elbow pads as we’re back to a straight-up fist fight, before that Fire Thunder Driver planted Moloney… only for Lee Hunter to pull out the referee. Hunter hits the ring to low blow RKJ, prompting a bandaged Robbie X to come out and take care of Hunter again as things ended up with the referee throwing the match out. This feud, of course, will continue, as Rev Pro’s monthly sojourn in London came to an inconclusive end… but not before RKJ lobbed a chair at Moloney as they brawled to the back. ***

Being there live, the feeling that some of the matches went a little long almost carried over onto the VOD. That being said, and I know Rev Pro have some new names coming in for their show in Stevenage at the end of May, but it may be time to start looking at adding to the core roster again, as a lot of these cards are starting to feel like the same names in slightly different places.