Rev Pro stuck around in Huntingdon for the finals of the 2021 Queen of the Ring tournament, as well as some extra Great British Tag League matches.

Quick Results
Great British Tag League – Block B: Chuck Mambo & TK Cooper pinned JJ Gale & Callum Newman in 12:59 (***¼)
Queen of the Ring 2021 – Semi-Final: Zoe Lucas pinned Clementine in 0:03 (NR)
Queen of the Ring 2021 – Semi-Final: Hyan pinned Gisele Shaw in 11:26 (***)
Shota Umino pinned Doug Williams in 13:44 (***½)
Great British Tag League – Block B: Screwface Ahmed & Lucian Phillips pinned Joel Redman & Charlie Sterling in 12:38 (**¾)
Ricky Knight Jr. pinned Adam Maxted in 11:01 (***½)
Chris Ridgeway & Mark Haskins pinned Michael Oku & Robbie X in 16:48 (***½)
Queen of the Ring 2021 – Final: Zoe Lucas pinned Hyan in 15:26 (***¼)

We’re back at the Commemoration Hall in Huntingdon, albeit on a heck of a delay… Andy Quildan and JK Roberts are on commentary.

Great British Tag League Block B: Callum Newman & JJ Gale vs. Sunshine Machine (Chuck Mambo & TK Cooper)
It’s already win or bust for Newman and Gale in the tag league…

Mambo broke out some rope walking in the opening stages, leading to a springboard armdrag on Gale, while TK Cooper’s leg lariat drew an early two-count. Gale goes airborne himself with a double-jump ‘rana to Mambo, then focused on Cooper before Callum Newman came in for a dropkick.

An assisted moonsault, a standing shooting star press and a Quebrada gets the Gale & Newman team a near-fall. Commentary loses their mind as Newman cartwheeled away from Mambo, but the aerial stuff backfired as Mambo pulled Newman off the top rope and into the buckles.

TK and Mambo build up to a wheelbarrow assisted-German suplex that gets a near-fall on Newman, as the Sunshine Machine pair were almost acting like the baddies here, at least in some of the crowd’s eyes. A Romero special keeps Newman on the back foot, before a handspring overhead kick took out both opponents.

In comes Gale with a Whisper in the Wind out of the corner, following with a Falcon arrow to Mambo for a two count, before Newman’s stomp aided a Gory Bomb Knee as the double-teaming led to superkicks on Mambo. Gale looked for the pin, but apparently it’s Newman who’s deemed legal, and the confusion in the cover allowed Mambo enough time to kick out. A flurry of kicks leads to Newman eating a pair of headbutts as things broke down for a spell.

Gale low bridges Mambo to the outside, but Chuck’s right back to catch him in the corner as TK lands a Spanish Fly. Newman’s shooting star press breaks up the cover, as things remained wild, with Mambo’s Reef Break, a frog splash and a 450 splash from TK almost got the win.

The ref’s given up on the concept of the legal man it seems as Newman sprung off the ropes for a twisting armdrag, but ends up taking a superkick and a headbutt after his handspring went nowhere. Newman’s booted on the outside, but TK’s search for a dive nearly costs him the match before a TK torture rack into a Mambo gutbuster got the win. A good opener, but this really broke down into more of a tornado match towards the end. ***¼

Queen Of The Ring 2021 Semi-Final: Zoe Lucas vs. Clementine
Clementine was coming into this one with an injury after her match against Chakara… and it’s made worse during the intros as Chakara DDT’d Clementine on the stage.

Chakara rolls Clementine into the ring. Ref rings the bell as Zoe covers, 1-2-3, and we’re out of here in three seconds. “She never even got her skirt thing off…”

Queen Of The Ring 2021 Semi-Final: Hyan vs. Gisele Shaw
Winner faces Zoe in the final…

We’ve duelling chants to start, before the match opened with some back-and-forth covers as both women looked for the early upper hand. After a stand-off, Hyan burst out of the blocks on the way to a Northern Lights for a two-count, but Shaw’s able to retaliate with running uppercuts in the corner.

A push-down stomp out of the buckles gets Shaw a two-count, as the current champion was testing out Hyan with chops and kicks. Shaw’s side headlock gets fought out of, as Hyan returned the favour with chops of her own, only to get met with knees to the ribs, then another knee in the ropes.

A second one misses as Hyan ducks out, only to get rolled up into a kick for a two-count. Hyan sidesteps a spear from Shaw, then built anew with forearms and a Wasteland that led to a legdrop for a two-count. Hyan adds a Falcon arrow for a near-fall, before Gisele returns a spinebuster for more pinning attempts.

Shaw looks for a levering armbar, but Hyan fought free, then caught a springboard into a Glam Slam for the win. On paper that’s got to be an upset – and looked to get her at least a future title match, regardless of the result in the finals. Not a bad first day at the office, eh? ***

Doug Williams vs. Shota Umino
These were the kind of matches you were hoping to have Shota have on excursion – against veterans of another style.

Umino took Williams to the corner with the opening lock-up, before a wristlock was countered out of by the veteran. A toe hold from Williams is quickly rolled out of as the pair continued to look for some form of advantage. Shoulder blocks lead to Williams running into a slam, as he finally barged down Doug.

Elbows wear down Williams in the corner, but he’s able to trap Umino in the corner for a kick in the ropes, then a clothesline to turn things around. Figure Four headscissors ground Umino, who’s then stretched on the mat as Williams looked to be making some shady moves – or tricks of the trade, if you would.

A camel clutch looked to force a stoppage, but Williams relents as he sought the Chaos Theory instead, but Umino elbows free before scoring with a diving uppercut. Umino’s back elbow and low dropkick puts him ahead, at least until Williams hit an overhead belly-to-belly, only to get back body dropped away.

Williams keeps in it with an uppercut out of the corner, then a Tiger driver for a near-fall, before he again called for the Chaos Theory. Standing switches counter as Umino took Williams to the corner, then hit a pop-up knee, before an enziguiri led to Williams hitting back with a clothesline.

The pair get back to their feet to trade strikes, before Umino backslid Doug, looking for a Death Rider, only to land a pumphandle slam for a near-fall. From there, Shota went for the Death Rider, and that’s all as he manages to eke out a three-count over Williams – a cracker of a match, which had the crowd engrossed from bell to bell. ***½

Great British Tag League Block B: The Legion (Lucian Phillips & Screwface Ahmed) vs. Charlie Sterling & Joel Redman
After the Sunshine Machine won earlier, this is a must-win match for both teams if they wanted to make it to the final in Manchester.

Last time out, Redman and Sterling weren’t exactly on the same page, and we start with a scrap as the match spills outside at the bell for a scrap. Lucian Phillips gets posted while Screwface was taken to the back of the room… then up to the stage as this was resembling more a fight than a wrestling match.

When we finally got to the ring, Sterling and Redman well over Screwface, with stomps and suplexes looking to put the former tag champions ahead, only for Screwface to get slingshottted into the corner. A double-team suplex drops Screwface for a two-count, as Screwface then boxed Redman into the corner.

Redman tries to skin the cat after getting thrown outside, but Screwface just punches him to the floor as Phillips tried to capitalise. Things break down once more, but calm down as a clothesline from Screwface gets a two-count, before Phillips tagged in… only to get suplexed to the mat by Redman.

Screwface pulled Sterling off the apron to prevent a tag as the Legion took over. A double back elbow dropped Redman for a two-count, before Screwface picked up and dumped Redman into the ropes for another two-count. Sterling’s hot shot gave Redman the opening for a side suplex, as Sterling fought free of Phillips’ interference and made the tag in.

Mounted punches from Sterling trap Screwface. A cloverleaf’s broken up by Phillips, but Redman saves with a spear. Screwface’s spinebuster and Phillips’ TKO leads to a near-fall on Redman, before Redman nearly nicked the win with a jackknife cover. Screwface takes things up top, but a back superplex from Sterling saves things as Redman flew in with a Bomb Scare knee off the top for another two-count.

Charlie Sterling brought in a chair for… reasons… Joel Redman stops him, but in the distraction a low blow from Screwface lands behind the ref’s back, as he proceeded to put away Joel with a Pedigree for the win. That takes block B down to a Sunshine Machine/Legion shootout in Southampton – following a scrappy match that saw Charlie Sterling’s temper cost them the win. **¾

Adam Maxted vs. Ricky Knight Jr.
It’s a Rev Pro debut for Maxted, who’d answered an open challenge for this match.

We start with a lock-up into the ropes from RKJ, before Maxted replied with a cravat. Knight gets free, but evades a dropkick as RKJ rolled him up for a two-count. Knight hits a dropkick of his own moments later, then took Maxted into the ropes for some overhand chops.

Maxted boots Knight out of the corner then leapt over him for a dropkick as the match turned on its head. A crossbody from RKJ’s caught and turned into a fallaway slam, only for the not-Southside champion to hit back with a death valley driver and another dropkick. A further dropkick in the corner rocks Maxted ahead of a draping DDT… and the tempo only upped from there, as Maxted was lifted onto the apron, but returned for a powerslam.

Knight fought out of the corner with a boot, then with a flying Goomba stomp to Maxted as a set-up for a presumed moonsault, but Maxted threw him down with an avalanche release German suplex instead. The pair fight up from their knees, trading chops as Knight got increasingly aggressive, trading pump kicks before a swinging side slam and a back senton squashed Maxted for a two-count.

Maxted avoids a Hidden Blade as he came back with a springboard cutter instead for a two-count. Knight caught Maxted up top with a gamengiri, then brought him down with a bump with an inverted superplex, before a rear spin kick and a Fire Thunder Driver for the win. A grand debut for Maxted, even if he didn’t look too close to victory as he hung in there with RKJ for long stretches, only to fall to some big shots at the end. ***½

The Legion (Chris Ridgeway & Mark Haskins) vs. Michael Oku & Robbie X
Originally advertised as Oku and Connor Mills against the Legion pair, this was changed as a result of what happened on the afternoon show. It gives us a chance to see Haskins’ sweet new entrance robe that he gained during lockdowns…

Opening with a lock-up, Robbie X took Ridgeway to the ropes as a retaliatory kick took Robbie X to the outside. Back inside, Ridgeway cradled Robbie to the mat as Andy Q (now solo on commentary) pontificated over how Connor Mills does and perhaps should feel about being substituted out of this match.

Headscissors back-and-forth led to Robbie X having to Matrix out of a kick attempt, before Ridgeway basically forced him to tag out to Oku. Haskins is in too, decking Oku with a quick back elbow for a two-count, before Oku clubbed away on Haskins in the corner. An eye rake stops that, before Oku hit the ropes and landed a ‘rana, following with a dropkick to take Haskins back to the corner.

Robbie X returns to help with elbows and a wishbone leg-splitter, before a standing moonsault drew a solid two-count. Oku hammers Haskins into the corner, but then got kneed in the ropes by Ridgeway… creating enough of a distraction for Haskins to drop the Cruiserweight champion with a back suplex.

Oku’s thrown outside as Ridgeway capitalises with kicks to the back while Robbie X inadvertently distracted the referee with his protests. Back in the ring, Oku’s dominated with kicks again as Ridgeway grabbed a two-count, then grounded him on the way to a stomp to the back. Haskins returns with a crossface, switching it into a Rings of Saturn while Ridgeway snuck in some kicks as Robbie again took the ref’s attention.

Haskins reapplies the Rings, roughing up Oku as he went, before Oku finally got to the ropes. Not that that changed Haskins’ tactics, as he stomped the leg, but lost track of Oku, who rolled past him and brought in Robbie X… who’s instantly stopped with a kick from Ridgeway. Robbie throws a flurry of strikes to take Ridgeway into the corner, then floated over for a hiptoss and a cartwheel dropkick, taking Ridgeway outside… but Haskins stops Robbie in his tracks.

We get a dive anyway from Robbie X onto Ridgeway, before a death valley driver was stopped with some elbows. Ridgeway slips free and pushes Robbie into a Haskins spinebuster… a sit-out death valley driver from Haskins leads to a PK for a two-count, then a crossface before a leg lock ended in the ropes. More kicks keep Robbie down, but a Pele kick bought him time to bring in Oku, who came close with a springboard moonsault.

Haskins throws the cruiserweight title belt at Robbie X, then told on the ref to cause a distraction. Robbie’s taken outside with an elbow drop, allowing Ridgeway to kick Oku repeatedly ahead of a deadlift German suplex for the win. A somewhat tainted win, but a win nonetheless as the Cruiserweight title picture continued to look a little cloudy… ***½

Queen Of The Ring 2021 Final: Zoe Lucas vs. Hyan
Zoe booked her spot here with a win over Amira Blair, and a three-second squash of Clementine… Hyan’s route was trickier, going through Mariah May and Gisele Shaw.

Both May and Shaw were at ringside, in the corners you’d expect, while the crowd managed to shoehorn in Hyan’s name to AJ Styles’ old theme. Good work.

Hyan works an armbar early as Zoe backs into the corner, coming out with chops before Hyan charged out with a crossbody. A dropkick keeps Zoe down as Gisele Shaw looked to be coaching Hyan from ringside. Lucas knocks Hyan onto the apron with a leg lariat, then down to the floor as Mariah May tried to sneak in some shots ahead of a save from Shaw.

Eventually returning to the ring, Lucas threw Hyan from corner to corner, before some knees from Hyan were caught and countered with a jackknife cover, with Hyan again getting sent onto the apron. May tries to interfere again, but Shaw chases her away, so Lucas rakes Hyan’s eye in the ropes before May again interfered… and got chased down.

Shaw’s protestations eventually backfire as it takes the ref’s attention from some interference. Hyan looked to fight out of the corner, landing a leaping forearm before a Wasteland dropped Shaw for a legdrop that drew a near-fall. A grounded cobra clutch from Hyan forces Lucas to back into the ropes – but also forced a cover as she got a two-count while in the hold.

Lucas’ kicks take down Hyan for a two-count, but Hyan fought back with a brutal suplex into the buckles. Ow. A running knee keeps Zoe in the corner ahead of a Falcon arrow for a near-fall, before Lucas pulled away the ring apron as she tried to stay away from Hyan’s clutches. The ref felt the need to fix the ring apron right there and then, so we get cover for Mariah May to run in and try a belt shot… but Shaw hits May with the belt instead, before Zoe feigned like the attack was heading her way.

That led to Gisele Shaw being sent to the back – without her belt, curiously – as a running facebuster and a scissor kick from Lucas led to a near-fall. Hyan tries for a sunset flip, but Lucas sat down as they went back-and-forth… eventually Hyan hits a Glam Slam, but Mariah May pulls out the ref to stop the count.

Gisele Shaws back out to lay into May, while Contenders in the form of Brendan White, Shaun Jackson and Kenneth Halfpenny looked to march Shaw to the back. Gisele leaps off the stage back into May though, and with the referee taking care of those two… Lucas and Hyan laid each other out with forearms.

Halfpenny and Jackson look to call for another ref, as Lucas tried to use Shaw’s belt. Hyan stops her, but then Halfpenny and Jackson intervene, removing the belt before they caught Hyan with a pop-up double-team slam. Zoe’s directing traffic as they lift her up for a stomp onto Hyan, and wouldn’t you know it, the ref’s back to count the three, as Lucas stole the tournament win. Well, at least it’s giving Jackson and Halfpenny something to do outside of being black-trunk’d Contenders, and the Queen of the Ring crown adds a new wrinkle to Lucas’ character too. A good first day for Hyan though, who’ll have a lot to say after this… ***¼

The show ends with Zoe being given her flowers, as Halfpenny hailed Queen Zoe like it was King Booker in the mid 00s. Those flowers didn’t last long mind, as Zoe threw a temper tantrum at the crowd not celebrating her win… and we go off the air with Lucas making everyone’s ears bleed with her shrieking.

This was another solid show from Rev Pro, who continue to hit the ground running coming out of lockdowns. Technical issues with commentary led to this show being a little delayed going onto the VOD platform – and perhaps that may be something Rev Pro could work with going forward? With an increased schedule, perhaps not every match on the card needs to be released on-demand – it’d certainly not have fans feeling like they need to watch quite as much to keep up to date. Ahem.