Rev Pro wrap up their September stay in Sheffield with an evening show featuring a barn burner between Kyle Fletcher and Yota Tsuji.

Quick Results
Robbie X pinned Kid Lykos in 11:37 (***)
Dan Moloney pinned Doug Williams in 12:56 (**¾)
Kyle Fletcher pinned Yota Tsuji in 16:51 (****)
Ethan Allen & Luke Jacobs pinned Chris Ridgeway & Mark Haskins in 19:28 (***½)
Brendan White pinned Callum Newman, Adam Maxted, Connor Mills, JJ Gale & Kid Lykos II in 8:08 (**¾)
Gisele Shaw submitted Lizzy Evo in 11:05 to retain the Rev Pro Undisputed British Women’s Championship (**¾)
Ricky Knight Jr. pinned Screwface Ahmed in 14:20 (***)

We’re back at the Trafalgar Warehouse in Sheffield – a place I’ve somehow not been to, despite having been in Sheffield itself for the past week. Commentary comes from Andy Quildan and Gideon Grey – rejoice!

Kid Lykos vs. Robbie X
Perhaps a match to help decide a future cruiserweight championship contender… as I get flashbacks to Robbie X’s old Saltire mask…

Robbie X works the wrist early on, while Lykos went to a toe hold as things stay on the mat. Headscissors are slipped out of, before Lykos booted away Robbie X, who floated back in with a cartwheel dropkick. Robbie X headstands in the corner to bait in Lykos, but Kid Lykos II gets involved, hanging up Robbie X in the ropes as Lykos I focused on Robbie’s neck.

There’s more interference from Lykos II on the outside, before a battle of a brainbuster ended with Robbie X countering with a suplex. An elbow takes Lykos into the corner for a roundhouse and a running shooting star press for a two-count, before Lykos countered back with a DDT for a near-fall.

The Lykos II interference backfires as Robbie X knocked him off the apron, but Lykos I capitalises on the distraction with a stomp to the hand, then a running knee, but it’s only good for a near-fall. A handspring kick knocks Lykos I to the outside, ahead of a tope from Robbie X, before a diving gamengiri into the corner, a slam and an attempted X-Clamation looked to get the win…

…except Lykos shoves Robbie X into the ref, covering a low blow before his roll-up drew a near-fall. Another brainbuster from Lykos backfires, as he quickly takes a German suplex and the X-Clamation with Robbie X leaving victorious. A perfectly fine opener with Robbie X continuing to build up a head of steam. ***

Dan Moloney vs. Doug Williams
Moloney’s been on something of a tear in Rev Pro since he lost the (then) Southside title tournament final two months earlier…

We’re in the corner early on, before we go to ground as Williams headstands out of some headscissors, prompting Moloney to grab the ropes for a break. After the reset, Williams’ armdrag turned into an armbar, but Moloney countered with a headlock takedown as they head back to the mat.

Uppercuts from Williams trap Moloney in the corner, but Moloney returns the favour before he charged into the ropes to send Williams sailing outside. There’s more Moloney uppercuts on the outside, as he took Williams into the front row before a dropkick back inside dropped Doug for a two-count.

A neckbreaker is next as Moloney keeps the pressure on, following up with some choking in the ropes, but Williams fought back… only to get sunk back to the mat in a chinlock. Williams fights free, elbowing away a neckbreaker before a leaping back elbow has Moloney down, before Williams back body dropped out of a Drilla attempt.

An Exploder’s next out of Doug for a near-fall, who then called for the Chaos Theory, only to counter a roll-up and then come back with a Tiger Driver for a near-fall. Williams heads up for a Bomb Scare knee, but Moloney caught him and crotches Williams in the ropes ahead of a diving kick for a near-fall.

Williams rolls up out of a Drilla, then hit a Fisherman suplex for a couple of near-falls as Doug then called again for the Chaos Theory. Moloney grabs the ropes, then came back with a spear for a near-fall, before an Angle slam keeps Moloney ahead. From there, Dan tries for another Drilla, but Williams slips out… Moloney grabs the ref and tries for a mule kick, eventually landing it, before rolling the veteran up for the win. **¾

Yota Tsuji vs. Kyle Fletcher
Tsuji’s first day wrestling in England culminated in a big test against Kyle Fletcher.

Tsuji again got the Baccara chants before the bell, and was massively pleased with them by the look of it… when we got going, Tsuji slapped Fletcher in the corner, then got taken into the buckles himself as Fletcher issued a receipt. A toe hold from Tsuji instantly ends in the ropes, but the travelling Young Lion instead goes in with forearms before surprising Kyle with a ‘rana!

The pair trade shots on the outside, leading to Tsuji taking a back suplex on the edge of the ring, before a back elbow back inside led to a two-count. Springboard stomps keep Tsuji in the corner, while a slam dropped him for a delayed two-count as Fletcher began to slow down the pace.

Another slam’s escaped as Tsuji misses a dropkick, then hit a second to face-plant Fletcher. A big splash off the ropes dropped Fletcher again, before a shoulder tackle bounced Fletcher back into the ropes. Tsuji lands a dropkick for a two-count, but the follow-up Boston crab is kicked away… so Tsuji just drills Fletcher’s knee into the mat.

A deathlock from Tsuji has Fletcher in trouble, but Kyle drags his way to the rope before the Aussie returned with a superkick and a shoulder block. The Michinoku driver plants Tsuji for a two-count, before Tsuji and Fletcher reverse a tombstone until Tsuji turned it into a slam. We’re back to the strikes as both men were swinging for the fences, throwing clotheslines, lariats and dropkicks as Tsuji inched ahead… then went back for a Boston crab.

Tsuji pulls Fletcher away from the ropes as he sensed victory – and Gideon Grey seemingly bust a blood vessel on commentary – but while Kyle teased tapping, he eventually made it to the ropes. Fletcher catches a follow-up spear as we’re back to forearms, before Tsuji just decked Kyle with a big ol’ headbutt.

Pulling Fletcher back up, Tsuji looks for a finish but nearly loses to a brainbuster, before a low dropkick in the ropes and a Grimstone got Kyle the win. My word. THIS was an absolute delight – sure, commentary got a little shouty as things escalated, but when it’s not on every match, it really stands out. Make time to watch this one – even if you need to take up that trial. Excellent stuff. ****

Gideon Grey left commentary after the match to reiterate his offer to Tsuji, accompanied by Lucian Phillips and Screwface Ahmed. Yet again, Tsuji’s answer was the same, complete with the swearing. He decks Gideon after that, but Screwface and Phillips catch their boss, who tries to laugh it off.

The Legion (Chris Ridgeway & Mark Haskins) vs. Young Guns (Ethan Allen & Luke Jacobs)
The Young Guns are up against their trainer in tag action here, with the “angry womble” acting as Chris Ridgeway’s partner. That gimmick could work…

Haskins and Jacobs start as Luke was having to defend a cross armbar early, but managed to roll free before he offered some headscissors on the mat to Haskins. Getting free, Haskins kicks out Jacobs’ knee before he was charged outside… then tagged out to Ridgeway, who demanded to face Ethan Allen.

Those two locked up into the corner, as the Young Guns tried to show how elite they could be. Ahem. Allen’s armbar has Ridgeway in trouble, but the hold’s reversed as Ridgeway rolls Allen down to the mat. The pair look to grab the other’s leg, but it’s Ridgeway who comes out ahead, at least momentarily as they went back-and-forth, but a tag to Jacobs puts the Young Guns ahead for a moment.

Haskins tags in to land a knee to the ribs, then some chops, before Allen tagged in and helped clear house. The Legion pair take a breather on the outside to take the sting out of things, then returned to the ring as a leaping leg lariat from Haskins dropped Allen. Knee drops follow, with Ridgeway returning to hit some Kitchen sink knees to have Allen down in a heap.

More knees from Haskins weaken Allen ahead of an abdominal stretch, complete with some extra help from a cheating Ridgeway, who leaned in to add some leverage, before Allen tried to fight out of the Legion corner… punching Haskins before a rear spin kick took Haskins down. Finally a tag brings in Luke Jacobs against Chris Ridgeway, and it’s all Luke here as he hauls Ridgeway down with a German suplex, before bouncing Haskins to the mat.

A spinebuster drops Ridgeway for a near-fall, but a body blow from Ridgeway stopped Jacobs momentarily. Haskins is back in as a pair of knees bounced Jacobs in a nasty manner for a near-fall, before a Samoan driver from Haskins looked to have him ahead. Allen tags back in as Jacobs’ back suplex dropped Haskins into a kick, ahead of a kick-assisted Snow Plow that almost nicked the win.

Things go awry for the Young Guns though when Allen’s sunset flip attempt misses, as he gets caught in a nasty cravat/STF by Ridgeway while Haskins had Jacobs in a similar hold, as the Legion looked for a stoppage. Allen’s kicked to the outside as Jacobs broke in the ropes, before the Young Guns scattered, but fell victim to Haskins’ age-old misdirection topes.

A PK from Ridgeway, then a stomp off the top from Haskins only gets a near-fall. The Legion keep on stomping and kicking Jacobs, who slips free and lariats’ Ridgeway, while Haskins is dived on by Allen, who then returned to grab the three-count on Ridgeway following a kick-assisted piledriver. The Young Guns had to raise their game against a more experienced tandem here, but their aggression continued to make them stand out as they pick up a much needed win here. ***½

Brendan White vs. Adam Maxted vs. Connor Mills vs. Callum Newman vs. JJ Gale vs. Callum Newman vs. Kid Lykos II
Scramble time at Rev Pro… and we start with Connor Mills and Kid Lykos II spilling outside as the usual hell broke loose in the ring.

We quickly settle down to Brendan White and Adam Maxted charging at each other, before Gale and Newman hit the ring and bust out some double-teams, with a nice wheelbarrow dropkick on Maxted, then an uppercut-assisted German suplex on White. A Gourdbuster and a pair of superkicks drop Mills, before some jumpy twisty things nearly out Lykos II down…

Arguments between Newman and Gale bring in Maxted to bust out a barrage of dropkicks, before Lykos II… got caught on a crossbody, as Maxted’s search for a suplex saw Lykos drop down and go for the leg. A springboard moonsault out of the corner drops White and Maxted as the big ol’ Parade of Moves continues.

Mills’ missed moonsault is shrugged off as he hit a Millshot, only to get caught in a Falcon arrow from Gale. Suplexes fling Gale and Newman across the ring as I suspect someone needs to send for the man on commentary. A back body drop from White followed, as did a German suplex/belly-to-belly combo, only for Maxted to nearly put away White with a Big Ending.

Kid Lykos II comes in with his dinner tray to wipe out everyone, before Lykos II finally found the way in with a dive off the apron. Newman joins in with a Fosbury flop, before Lykos II’s satellite ‘rana and an Octopus hold nearly forces Newman to quit. Maxted’s in with the baking tray to break it up though, before a pump handle Awful Waffle sparked another Parade of Moves, ending with Brendan White CHUCKING Newman into the buckles, before Lykos II leapt into a press slam to the floor.

All that’s left is a swinging Bossman Slam, and that’s enough for Brendan White to put away Newman for the win. Utterly breathless stuff from top to bottom, and I suspect there may have been at least two jokes in the commentary here… **¾

Post-match, Shaun Jackson attacks White from behind, then pushed him out of the ring for good measure.

RevPro Undisputed British Women’s Championship: Lizzy Evo vs. Gisele Shaw (c)
This was Evo’s first match back in Rev Pro since finishing runner up in 2019’s Queen of the Ring tournament. Hyan jumps in on commentary for this one…

Evo’s taken into the corner early on as Shaw nails some European uppercuts, then a sunset flip that rolled through for a forearm that led to an early two-count. A twisting Vader bomb nearly ends Evo’s night early, before a levering armbar ended quickly in the ropes as Evo rolled outside for respite.

Shaw tries for a baseball slide, but Evo caught her in the apron and threw Shaw into the side of the ring, before Evo took over back inside. Shaw tries for a kick, but just gets punted in the face by Evo for a two-count, before a chinlock looked to wear down Shaw some more. Strangely, Andy Q announces mid-match this is non-title, as Evo pushes on with a clothesline, then a shoulder tackle for a near-fall, before she returned to the chinlock.

A slap got Shaw back in, as did a release German suplex, as Shaw built anew, sliding under a kick ahead of a neck flip DDT. From there, Shaw lands a spinebuster for a near-fall, then hit an enziguiri in the ropes that led to a draping DDT for another two-count. After the kick-out, Shaw goes back to the levering armbar, but Evo’s back in the ropes, and returns fire with a German suplex… then a Northern Lights.

Evo can only get a two-count out of that, so she pulls down the knee pads for the Virgil Van Strike… but Shaw counters with a roll-up, then a knee of her own, before the levering armbar forces the submission. A good match, but Evo coming in straight into what was advertised as a title match had the crowd a little cold, it seemed. **¾

Screwface Ahmed vs. Ricky Knight Jr.
They tried to avoid painting this as something of a warm-up match for RKJ ahead of his outing with Will Ospreay at York Hall…

Of course, the not-Southside title wasn’t on the line here, and we start with a pro-RKJ crowd chanting as the pair’s initial lock-up went nowhere. Eventually something gives, as RKJ hits the ropes for shoulder blocks, but it’s Screwface who comes out on top before RKJ’s rope running led to him ducking Screwface ahead of a big ol’ dropkick.

Lucian Phillips distracts as RKJ went to give on Screwface… and that leads to Knight being beaten around ringside, at least until Screwface chopped the post. RKJ returns the favour with chops by the ring apron, then with a back suplex, before they brawled into the crowd. When RKJ got rolled back into the ring, he’s right back out with a tope, before Screwface cleared the crowd… only to get thrown into the front row.

Back inside, Screwface elbows RKJ then dropped him into the ropes, before a nerve hold looked to wear down the disputed British heavyweight champion. Getting free, RKJ hits a couple of low dropkicks, then a back senton, only for Screwface to return fire with a spinebuster.

A chop off the ropes keeps Knight down, but Ricky’s back with a death valley driver into the corner… then a pair of running dropkicks in the corner for good measure. After going full Maxted, RKJ lifts up Screwface for a draping DDT out of the corner, but it’s only good for a near-fall, before Phillips tried to swing for RKJ.

He’s punched down as RKJ hits a flip senton into the pair of them in the front row, before a senton back inside nearly gets Knight the win. A pop-up powerbomb from Screwface out of nowhere lands for a two-count, as Screwface looks to build new momentum with a suplex before he went up top.

RKJ punches him before Screwface could make it up top, but RKJ’s elbowed down… and pops up for a Samoan drop off the top rope. With both men on their knees, they traded punches, but RKJ’s able to pull ahead with a boot before a slingshot spear, roll-up and Pedigree from Screwface almost nicked a win.

Screwface tries for a second Pedigree, but RKJ back body drops him away before a clothesline and an Angle Slam lands. Gideon Grey ditches commentary to distract the ref as Lucian Phillips interferes with a TKO that the camera misses. A piledriver from Screwface followed for a near-fall, as Gideon now distracts the ref… RKJ escapes the Deep Wounds double-team, as Knight hauls them both up for a stacked up Samoan drop, before a rear spin kick and the Fire Thunder Driver gets RKJ the win to close out the show. ***

When you get a **** match on any Britwres show in 2021, it’s damn near an instant recommendation. Check this one out, if only for that Fletcher/Tsuji outing… throw in that Young Guns tag and you’ve got a show that’s worth at least cherry picking from as Rev Pro continue to fly the flag for the scene.