August 17, 2018

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    Dustin Jackson

    Bro I understand what your saying I agree we are stuck in the early 2000s …… your talking crap about the wrestling I am only 20 years old and have only been wrestling one year we are not 38 year old AJ styles who have been around the world a million times we are kids training in a school just learning the basics of pro wrestling we will eventually leave here and branch out….. but we are in school you have learn the basics before you learn different styles

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      Ian Hamilton

      I completely agree with your original comment – I used to get the old OVW tapes back in the day, and (wrestlers aside) it’s a little unnerving how little has changed.

      I wish you well with your journey – everyone has to start somewhere, and it is definitely worth training in as many places as you can. To borrow a MMA analogy, the best don’t win fights with just one style.

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