Following the retirement of Bryan Danielson, we continue to reflect on his career, looking at a selection of matches from throughout his time in the ring. This week, we take a closer look at some of Danielson’s work from the Philadelphia-based group CHIKARA, primarily his appearances in the 2009 King of Trios tournament, featuring some very familiar faces!

The Roughnecks vs. Team Uppercut (CHIKARA King of Trios – Night One, March 27, 2009)

For the uninitiated, the King of Trios is a three-night tournament that has been held every year (bar 2013) since 2007, and has featured as many as 28 teams in a single year. Traditionally, the tournament is made up of a lot of talent who aren’t regulars in CHIKARA, and often are there as throwbacks or ways to capitalise on wrestling elsewhere in the world, with teams from other groups such as AAA, Osaka Pro Wrestling, Dragon Gate, and even TNA and WWF! Okay, that last one isn’t strictly true, as the WWF teams have been made up of guys like One Man Gang and Demolition, rather than any current WWE talent.

On the first night of the 2009 tournament, the brackets gave us this encounter, as the Roughnecks of Brodie Lee (better known these days as Luke Harper), Eddie Kingston and the diminutive lumberjack Grizzly Redwood took on the dream team known as Team Uppercut. That team would be comprised of Bryan Danielson (of course!), Claudio Castagnoli (now Cesaro) and former WWE/WCW star Dave Taylor.

Pre-match, the Roughnecks cut a backstage promo, with Kingston promising to beat up their opponents. Redwood adds that he’ll chop them down, and Brodie Lee says he’ll finish the job by running over what’s left. I know Grizzly Redwood’s gimmick was meant to be comedic, but he kinda ruins the credibility of the entire team here.

Kingston runs in at the start of the match and demands a confrontation with Danielson out the gate, but as the bell rings, Kingston dives out and tags Redwood. Danielson and Redwood flex to start things out, whilst Kingston responds by flashing his belly on the ring apron. Redwood needs some encouragement from his partners to even shake hands with Danielson, and Redwood seems shocked when the handshake comes off without incident. Once the match gets going, Redwood grabs Danielson in a headlock, but comes off worse as he’s pushed into the ropes and falls to a shoulder block. Kingston is audibly disgusted when it happens a second time, and Danielson hams it up when a third attempt ends the same way.

Danielson fakes pain in a knucklelock, and works into an armwringer on Redwood, as Castagnoli tags in for a cup of coffee, before Taylor comes in to work Redwood to the ground. Kingston tags himself in, as they tease an encounter between himself and Danielson once more. Danielson gives Kingston some advice on how to run the ropes effectively, saying that he needs a longer run-up to give him more bounce in order to succeed with a shoulder block takedown. Kingston heeds the advice, but ends up falling victim to a double shoulder block from Castagnoli and Taylor, who enter the ring especially for the spot, before eating a series of uppercuts from all three members of the eponymous team.

Danielson leads a chant of “uppercut” as Brodie Lee tags himself in, and immediately takes Danielson down to his knees with a test of strength, before forcing him down from a collar and elbow tie-up. Lee succeeds where Redwood failed, knocking Danielson down with a shoulder block, but Danielson retaliates next time Lee bounces off the ropes, hitting a knee to the midsection, allowing Danielson to tag Castagnoli back into the match.

One uppercut later, Castagnoli tags in Taylor to complete the hattrick of uppercuts. Taylor takes Lee into the corner and clubs him with forearms to the chest, before tagging in Castagnoli, who hits a running uppercut for his sole move before bringing Danielson back into it. Danielson connects with a headbutt, but gets blocked at the second attempt as Lee slams Danielson down. Grizzly Redwood gets tagged in, and we go to the comedy as he runs across the ring and tags in Dave Taylor, who, despite being Danielson’s partner, enters the match and takes a hiptoss. Danielson freezes when he realises what he’s done, and when Castagnoli comes in to settle things down, the duo give him a hiptoss, before the opposing team fail to capitalise on their miscommunication, instead wandering into the ring to eat a variety of (you guessed it) uppercuts.

Danielson and Castagnoli combine to hit a bodyslam on Kingston, setting up Dave Taylor to scale to the top rope and get a nosebleed… especially as his partners tries to talk him out of it! Taylor’s eventually helped down, and the heels eat some more uppercuts as they again try to capitalise on the distraction. Kingston comes in to take some more uppercuts, but is stopped short of the hattrick, and Grizzly Redwood comes in to chop the knee of Danielson as the heels look to finally take some control. Lee works over Danielson’s left leg, tying him up in the ropes to allow Kingston to pick apart a hung-up Danielson.

Redwood continues the assault on Danielson’s left knee, before Kingston comes in to apply a Stretch Muffler, then a single-leg Boston crab as the heels continue to target the bad wheel.  Danielson creeps his way towards the ropes for the break, but Brodie Lee enters the fray as the pair exchange strikes. Danielson goes for a triangle choke, but sees his hold interrupted by Redwood. Kingston resumes the assault with a Terry Funk-like stepover toe hold, but Danielson manages to sneak a near-fall attempt with a small package.

Brodie Lee tags back in and connects with an uppercut in the corner to Danielson, who then manages to get his feet up to counter the charging Lee, before making the hot tag to Dave Taylor, who cleans house with uppercuts. Redwood takes advantage of a tied up Taylor to chop him low, but Castagnoli runs in to clobber the back of Kingston’s head, and proceeds to pick up the diminuitive lumberjack and swing him until he gets a standing ovation from the former ECW Arena crowd, who eventually chants their count up to the count of one hundred. Castagnoli slumps to his feet, exhausted from the giant swing, allowing Danielson to leap on the fallen Redwood and lock in the Cattle Mutilation for the quick tap-out win.

For a first round tournament match, this was fantastic – everyone on Team Uppercut got their trademarks in, and we got a healthy dose of comedy too, which suited the CHIKARA audience to a T.

Team Uppercut vs. The Masters of a Thousand Holds (CHIKARA King of Trios – Night Two, March 28, 2009)

Danielson & co’s reward for breezing past the Roughnecks in round one, was a quarter-final match-up against the trio made up of CHIKARA founder Mike Quackenbush, Jorge Rivera, and another British wrestling legend in the form of Johnny Saint.

Before the bell, everyone – including the ref – gets a chant from the Philadelphia crowd, and we start off with an all English affair as Dave Taylor and Johnny Saint take control in the ring, with Taylor starting off with a wristlock, before seguing into a stepover toehold. Taylor takes a pratfall, then tags in Danielson to continue the World of Sport-style affair. Saint drops Danielson with a nervehold, but Danielson reverses into a wristlock, which the duo take turns in reversing. Saint switches into some grounded headscissors, but Danielson flips out of it, only to get monkey flipped back to the mat. They resume with a test of strength, which Danielson edges just enough to go back to the wristlock, but Saint easily reverses it and grounds Danielson with a rear chinlock.

Just as a side note – Saint was 67 at the time of this match, and he didn’t look like he was any different (in-ring wise) to one of the heroes from the World of Sport days. Cheap plug – in a quickly upcoming Random Reviews, I’ll be going over a match between Saint and Fit Finlay from 1988, and if you’re expecting it to be a dud, let me tell you – you’re wrong!

Back in 2009 now, and Saint easily nullifies Danielson’s submission basics, walking out of an arm lock, before the pair switch out of each others’ full nelson attempts, with the CHIKARA crowd eating this up! Saint tags in Quackenbush, but before Danielson can lock up, he tags out to Claudio Castagnoli and the duo square off. The crowd cheer each guys’ poses, until Castagnoli corrects the crowd by saying that he’s going for a test of strength, as opposed to a cheap pop. The crowd responds by trolling him at the next attempt, and this has become a spot!

Claudio easily overpowers Quackenbush, and they work a lucha-inspired series of reversals and near falls, before Quackenbush blocks a giant swing attempt by clinging onto Claudio’s ankles. Quackenbush works his way into some upside down headscissors, and pivots around, sending Castagnoli flying. We see another blocked giant swing, as Quackenbush springs up to mount the middle rope, but the jump is caught and Castagnoli suspends him for an unusual submission hold.

Quackenbush rolls through into a victory roll-like roll up, but Castagnoli keeps rolling and powers him back up, only for Quackenbush to reverse it again for another victory roll attempt, this time getting a two-count out of the whole affair. Castagnoli staggers up into the corner and gets hit with a monkey flip, but doesn’t quite rotate all the way, instead getting a nasty friction burn as he skids on his chest, prompting both men to tag out as we get Rivera vs. Taylor.

The two veterans start with a lock-up, with Rivera forcing Taylor into the corner. Taylor responds with a snapmare takedown and some flying headscissors to keep his luchador opponent grounded, before a dropkick from the former Squire sends Rivera to the outside. Taylor tags in Danielson, as Rivera brings Saint back into the match. Danielson gets to work with another wristhold, with Saint theatrically reversing it once more, before Danielson forces a rope break. A hammerlock downs Saint, before Danielson uses a boot to pin down the other shoulder for a one count; they resume the hammerlock, but Saint runs towards the ropes, sending Danielson sailing to the outside to break the count.

Dave Taylor re-enters the fray, but quickly tags in Claudio, who immediately takes down Saint. Saint quickly responds by flicking Castagnoli away, sending him flipping to the mat. Castagnoli tags in Danielson, who repeats the same spot with the same results, before bringing Claudio back in, who this time wisely pins down the Saint’s right leg after pulling off a single-leg take down. Saint manages to squirm enough to get his legs crossed, creating a vice-like squeeze around Castagnoli’s neck, but Claudio powers out, and briefly holds Saint in a stump-puller-like move before Saint slithers out once more.

Saint tries for an abdominal stretch, followed by an Octopus hold, but he gets thrown to the mat as Claudio goes for a leg lock, but yet again neither man can get a commanding advantage. Claudio goes for a headlock, but Saint methodically works out of it, taking out Castagnoli’s knee, and rolling him to the mat to get a near fall, before repeatedly bouncing his rear on the mat to wriggle out of the headlock.

Jorge Rivera gets tagged in and immediately grounds Claudio, working on his legs, with Rivera countering leg-locks by rolling through for submission attempts. Rivera rolls out of an attempt to cinch in a Mexican surfboard-like hold, but Claudio clocks him with an uppercut. We see a near-fall from Rivera after reversing a reversal from a dive onto Claudio.

In comes Quackenbush, as Dave Taylor replaces Castagnoli, and Taylor goes to work on Quackenbush’s arm, keeping hold of it despite being pushed into the ropes. Taylor’s strength blocks a headscissors attempt, before connecting with an uppercut to send Quackenbush to the mat… and we finally get Danielson in against Quackenbush.

Danielson reverses a full nelson by rolling forward, and reversing the hold into a grounded wristlock. Quackenbush takes over with a stretch and a stomp to Danielson’s left knee, and this enrages the American Dragon, who fires into Quackenbush with headbutts and forearms. Quackenbush responds with chops in the corner, before blocking an attempted whip into the corner by sitting down. Quackenbush connects with a monkey flip, but Danielson lands on his feet, and then follows up with an armbar submission attempt that’s broken up when Quackenbush makes the ropes.

Rivera comes in for Quackenbush, and immediately gets clocked with a forearm and headbutt from Danielson as the crowd start to turn on the Dragon. Castagnoli comes into the ring to help double team, connecting with a stereo chop, but Rivera hits a dropkick on Danielson to send him packing, then rolls out of the way of a Castagnoli senton. Rivera sends both Danielson and Castagnoli to the floor, but his effort at going for a dive is wisely aborted, with the luchadore instead tumbling through the bottom rope and landing safely on the floor.

We go back to Saint vs. Taylor now, with Saint using a wristlock to get a near-fall on his compatriot. Saint rolls backwards out of a test of strength to crank up the pressure on a knucklelock. Taylor ties up Saint with a straight-jacket hold, but of course Saint escapes and reverses the hold back onto Taylor. Saint rolls Taylor out of it, who responds by tagging in Castagnoli to see if he has better luck. Claudio locks in a cravat on Saint, who responds by doing a headstand out of it, and gets a few near falls after working on Claudio’s arm.

Quackenbush comes in for a brief exchange, but Claudio tags Danielson back into the match, but Danielson’s taken out straight away when Quackenbush goes for the injured left knee. Rivera is tagged in to work over the same knee, and Saint comes in to continue the assault. A single leg Boston crab by Saint seems to anger Danielson, as Quackenbush gets tagged in once more to quickly take out the leg with a dropkick. The story of the match moves to Danielson’s left knee, after a long time of the match being even, but Danielson connects with an enziguiri to send Quackenbush to the mat, giving him enough time to knock Rivera and Saint off the apron, before tagging in Castagnoli.

Castagnoli hits a trio of backbreakers, before bringing in Dave Taylor to club away on Quack’s back. Claudio returns to hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a near fall, before the duo trade chops and uppercuts. Quackenbush climbs the ropes and connects with a sunset flip after several reversal attempts, and Danielson has to come in to break up the count. Danielson gets taken down with an armdrag, as Quackenbush apes the American Dragon with his own Cattle Mutilation finisher, before responding with some Danielson-esque shoulder strikes. An attempt at Quackenbush’s CHIKARA Special submission is broken up by Taylor, who tosses Quack to the floor.

In comes Saint, who just misses on a leapfrog attempt over Taylor. In retaliation, Saint rolls himself into his famous unpinnable ball shape, as Taylor rolls him in circles in an effort to get a pinfall attempt, but to no avail. We segue to Danielson and Rivera now, with Danielson connecting with a tilt-a-whirl facebuster, before Rivera stretches Danielson’s arm for another submission attempt. Danielson breaks free and downs Rivera with a kick to the midsection, before locking in his own Cattle Mutilation hold, only for Rivera to make the ropes. A dropkick sends Danielson to the floor, and this time Rivera makes the suicide dive attempt, landing a tope con hilo to the American Dragon.

Quackenbush and Castagnoli enter the ring, and we see a moonsault into a DDT for a near fall. Quackenbush drops Castagnoli on the top rope for a super huracanrana attempt, but Claudio blocks it, and drills Quackenbush with a Ricola bomb off the top for the win.

This was an outstanding, entertaining match, with the only letdown being that the “feeling out” phase seemed to go on for a little too long without either side getting an inkling of an advantage. For fans of the old World of Sport style, you’ll fall in love with this match, and for those who just like exhibition style wrestling, you won’t go far wrong with this either!

The UnStable vs. Team Uppercut (CHIKARA King of Trios – Night Three, March 29, 2009)

On the final night of King of Trios, Danielson was back in action and jerking the curtain as his team faced a semi-final encounter against the trio of STIGMA, Vin Gerard and Colin Delaney (formerly from WWE’s ECW revival). Claudio makes his way to the ring with a balloon that he’d been given from a fan, and all of Team Uppercut practise shadow uppercuts on the balloon. The UnStable captialise on their opponents being distracted by the inflatable, jumping Team Uppercut at the bell, causing them to let go of the balloon, sending it to the roof of the former ECW Arena.

A series of uppercuts sends the UnStable out to the floor, as STIGMA and Gerard keep trying, whilst Delaney is rather unsuccessful with a backslide attempt on Danielson, who just switches around and drills the former ECW alumn with… you guessed it… an uppercut. Castagnoli and Gerard take over in the ring, but Gerard goes flying when Claudio connects with a snapmare takedown as Gerard is seated on the top rope, before connecting with a diving uppercut to the prone back of a seated Gerard. In comes Danielson for a wind-up uppercut, before trapping Gerard in a full-on surfboard stretch, eventually folding him like a pretzel for a Dragon sleeper whilst Gerard’s legs were still pinned from the surfboard stretch. Delaney rushes into the ring to break up the move by kicking Danielson in the back, but Taylor tags in and floors Gerard with another uppercut.

Taylor goes to work, grounding Gerard with a chicken-wing, before locking in a cravat as the pair get back to their feet. Taylor then tags in Castagnoli, who takes over the cravat from the English veteran, only for Gerard to rake the Swissman’s eyes and tag in Delaney, who begins to chop away. That advantage doesn’t last too long, as Castagnoli’s power takes over, hoisting up Delaney, allowing Danielson to tag in with a diving uppercut to the wide open chest of Delaney. Taylor then comes back in, as Danielson eggs him on to copy him, and after climbing, then dismounting the buckles, Taylor charges in with an uppercut to an increasingly groggy Delaney.

Taylor grounds Delaney and goes for an armlock, before landing a bodyslam and tagging Danielson back in. Delaney resists a single-leg Boston crab attempt, and tries to counter with an armbar, only for Danielson to power up and drill Delaney to the mat with a one-armed powerbomb for a near fall. Delaney brings STIGMA into the match, with the masked man drilling Danielson with forearm shots to the head, before tying Danielson’s leg in the corner. The continuity across all three nights has been impressive, with Danielson’s left knee being convincingly targetted in every single match.

A single-leg Boston Crab by STIGMA allows him to subdue Danielson for long enough for Gerard to tag back in, and Gerard sinks in another single-leg Boston Crab. Danielson manages to kick away Gerard into his own corner, allowing Delaney to tag back in, who immediately connects with a DDT-like maneuver to the injured left leg, before going for a stepover toe hold. Delaney goes to ground, trying to add more pressure, but that just opens him up to receive some forearm shots from Danielson instead. Delaney regains the hold and tags in Gerard again. Danielson manages to kick down Gerard, but Delaney drags Danielson’s legs from the outside to prevent him attempting to tag in a fresher man.

STIGMA comes in to pound away on Danielson, but Danielson manages to free himself and hit a running knee (with his good leg), and eventually tags in Castagnoli. Castagnoli hits a running uppercut on STIGMA in the corner, but misses when he whips STIGMA into the opposite corner, and STIGMA capitalises by connecting with several forearms to the Swissman. Castagnoli has his face washed by STIGMA’s boot, but manages to prevent a boot to the face, before shoving down STIGMA and succeeding with a Giant Swing After around 30 rotations, he lets go, but Gerard runs in to try and score a flash pinfall, only for Castagnoli to kick out at two.

Castagnoli whips Gerard into the ropes and tries to connect with a pop-up uppercut, but Delaney runs in and surprises the Swiss with a backslide for a near-fall, as all members of the UnStable come in to beat on Castagnoli. Team Uppercut come in for the save, and we’re left with Danielson and Gerard in the ring; some uppercuts and kicks to Gerard, but STIGMA returns to chop the bad knee of Danielson, allowing Gerard to roll forward into a body press for a two-count. Gerard maintains the pressure with a STF, as the UnStable prevent Danielson from getting any help, but Castagnoli inches in to break up the hold, before sending Gerard to the floor with a big boot. As Claudio follows Gerard to the outside, Taylor and Delaney take over in the ring for the finish, as Delaney misses a charge into the corner, allowing Taylor to connect with a butterfly suplex for the three count.

For those keeping track, that meant that all three members of Team Uppercut had scored a deciding fall so far in the tournament; and whilst this was the weakest of their three matches so far, it was by no means a stinker. Had neither team had to work a second time that evening, this probably could have been a little better, but a perfectly acceptable opener; and crucially, was nothing like any of their prior two outings.

FIST vs. Team Uppercut (CHIKARA King of Trios – Night Three, March 29, 2009)

Danielson pulled double duty on the final night of King of Trios, with an appearance in the final against Chuck Taylor, Icarus and Gran Akuma, the Friends In Similar Tights (or FIST, for the sake of an acronym!). Team Uppercut got a cheer for a change in their theme music, as they entered to “The Final Countdown” by Europe (the song that Danielson was best known for using on the indie scene).

As the lights went down for their intro, FIST exited the ring, and hid around the entranceway, allowing them to jump their opponents in the aisle, and as they brawl around the aisle, Chuck Taylor immediately picks up Danielson and plants him on a table at ringside with a kneebreaker. For the sake of clarity here, I’ll be going by forenames here unless you’re called Gran Akuma (since from my neck of the woods, “Gran” means “Grandma”, and I’m not about to call him an old woman!)

Chuck kicks Bryan squarely in the bad leg, with Danielson opting to roll into the ring to get a breather, but is caught by Icarus who goes after the leg with a DDT, before jumping out of the ring as Akuma and Chuck add the pressure onto the bad wheel. Chuck drops a knee on the targeted body part, before going for a knee bar, then tagging in Akuma who continues to kick away at that leg. Akuma then locks in a surfboard stretch on Bryan, hooking both arms behind his back as Icarus comes in to dropkick the knee. Even with CHIKARA’s lucha-inspired rules where tags aren’t needed, this is extremely liberal refereeing by Bryce Remsburg.

Icarus then tags in formally, and bounces off the ropes to hit a dropkick-cum-kneedrop onto Danielson, rolling the American Dragon into a single leg Boston Crab for another submission attempt. Chuck takes the leg off of Icarus and ties it in the ropes, as Claudio and Dave try to break it up from the outside, but to no avail. Chuck enters the match legally, and proceeds to connect with a series of shoulder blocks in the corner, despite a threatened fightback by Bryan. Chuck hangs Bryan’s knee in the ropes and connects with a dropkick, sending Bryan to the mat, whilst his knee was still caught up on the middle rope. Chuck jumps to the floor to cinch in the hold, allowing Akuma to come in and connect with a knee, following that up with another submission move, but Danielson does make the ropes. Icarus gets tagged in, and double teams Bryan with Akuma, as the pair hit a wishbone leg-splitter, before morphing into Doink’s old finisher, the stump puller.

So far this has been all FIST, with team Uppercut stuck in the starting blocks. Danielson does wriggle out of the submission hold, but Chuck gets tagged in, as he taunts Claudio and Dave, causing a referee distraction that allows FIST to triple-team Bryan. Chuck takes down Bryan with a snapmare, then starts to pepper him with elbows to the head, getting a two count after Bryan collapses onto his back. It’s then back to the knee as Chuck locks in a variant of a single-leg Boston crab, with Chuck sweeping away Bryan’s leg after he successfully gets back up onto one foot. Bryan manages to kick away Chuck, and finally tag in Dave Taylor for our first Taylor vs. Taylor showdown of the match (and indeed, the first tag for Team Uppercut!)

Dave runs in and connects with uppercuts on all three members of FIST, and lands a butterfly suplex on Akuma, similar to how he got the win in the team’s semi-final match, but Icarus breaks the fall at two. Claudio comes in and drills Icarus with an uppercut, before throwing him into the corner and connecting with a running uppercut to keep the momentum going. Icarus ducks out of the way as Claudio tries again, and all three members of FIST combine to nail Claudio with kicks. Icarus connects with a lungblower, whilst Chuck assists Akuma with the Code Red, but Dave breaks the pinfall attempt at two. Akuma and Icarus see a double team clothesline attempt broken up by Claudio, as Bryan (unwisely) enters the fray with a dropkick off the top rope to take out the two FIST members. Bryan and Dave play pinball with Icarus with uppercuts, before Claudio gets back to his feet to join the party as he combines with Bryan to sandwich Icarus with stereo uppercuts.

Dave completes the set with a running uppercut out of the corner, as Claudio gets a near fall. Bryan hits a baseball slide to get Chuck out of the ring, whilst Claudio fells Akuma with a bicycle kick, before pulling off a Ricola bomb, only for Icarus to pull the referee out of the ring just as he was about to make the three count. Claudio releases the pinfall and opts to throw Icarus out of the ring as a set up for a twisting plancha on both him and Akuma. This leaves Chuck in the ring, as he mounts the ropes to join the fray on the floor, but Bryan crotches him, and connects with a back superplex, getting a two count on Chuck.

Bryan pulls Chuck to a seated position and starts firing away repeated elbows to his temple, opting to switch it for a pinfall attempt after connecting with twenty elbows, but that only gets him a two-count. Outside, we see Claudio and Icarus going at it by the guard rail, as Danielson locks in Cattle Mutilation, with his bad leg hanging limply in the air, giving Icarus the chance to run in and drill the lame body part with a DDT. Icarus tries to capitalise by going for a Shiranui (Sliced Bread #2), but Bryan dumps him on the turnbuckle, but his attempt at another back superplex is broken up by Akuma, who hangs him up by his knee, before drilling him with a kick. Chuck then runs in and catches Bryan in an Omega Driver for a dramatic near fall as Danielson kicks out.

Chuck wrenches at Bryan’s knee again as the crowd chants “Please Don’t Tap” at the American Dragon, but Chuck pulls Bryan back into the middle of the ring, and turns the hold into a single-leg Boston Crab, almost like a Lion Tamer, giving Danielson no choice but to tap out.

Considering that Team Uppercut had four matches in three days, no two of them were remotely similar to each other, which is a testament to the abilities of the entire team. This final match was shorter than their main event from night two, but given that the whole story was “FIST repeatedly targets Bryan’s bad knee”, it worked really well.

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In the coming weeks, we’ll continue to revisit Danielson’s matches elsewhere on the independent scene around the world, as well as his storied career in ROH, and of course, his run in WWE that saw him reach the top of the mountain.

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