We’ve a loaded show as Punk Pro wrapped up their first season of secret shows with a trio of title matches.

You can watch this week’s episode on the Punk Pro YouTube channel

Quick Results
TC Read pinned Jarett Diaz in 6:50 (**)
Get Your Shit In Trophy: Aaron Nova pinned Robert Martyr, KiLynn King, Sofi Castillo, Katalina Perez & Wheezy T in 3:10 (**)
Brass Ring Champion Troy Hollywood and Zachary Cooper went to a no-contest in 8:40 (***)
Fully Gimmicked Champion Jon Davis pinned Hunter Law in 12:30 (***½)

For the final time, we’re at Gulf View Event Center in Port Richey, with Zac Romero joined again on commentary by Christian Override. At almost 40 minutes long, they’ve given us a bumper show to wrap up on…

Jarett Diaz vs. TC Read
My mid 90s WWF senses is so going to make me put in a double-R… ha ha.

We get going with Diaz having to stuff a takedown from the “Florida Man” TC Read. They scramble on the mat as Diaz looked to force an early pin, getting a couple of two-counts in the opening exchanges. Read bridges up and monkey flips his way free, only for Diaz to land fine before a neckflip took Read back down. Read tries to fight back from the bottom as commentary tells us how the Rapture are to be feared. I mean, last time we saw them, they weren’t…

A double stomp to the back follows from Diaz, who comes back in when Diaz telegraphed a back body drop, eventually landing a neckbreaker for a near-fall. Diaz replies with a scoop slam off the ropes for a two-count, before he looked for an armbar on TC… there’s an escape, with Read striking back with uppercuts before he finagled his way into a backslide.

An inverted atomic drop follows from Read, then more uppercuts, before a Capture suplex dumped Diax on his head. That gets Read a near-fall, before the Rapture again try to interfere… it backfires, allowing TC to hit a Michinoku driver on Diaz for a near-fall. A second Tiger Driver from Read is blocked, but Diaz can’t capitalise as he ends up being floated over as Read SPIKES HIM with a Tiger Driver for the win. Pretty brief and by the numbers, but it’s weird how the Rapture went from pushed to almost jokes throughout this run. **

Get Your Shit In Trophy: KiLynn King vs. Aaron Nova vs. Katalina Perez vs. Robert Martyr vs. Wheezy T vs. Sofi Castillo
This isn’t a defence for KiLynn, as apparently this resets every time… and we start with Aaron Nova getting the crap beaten out of him as he’s passed around before he can use his time altering gimmick.

The Parade of Moves sends him outside, as Wheezy and Martyr looked to snatch roll-ups on Perez and King. Things settle down as the three women stand tall, but it doesn’t last as King gets superkicked before a stunner and a back cracker sent her to the outside. Perez kicks away a back body drop from Sofi, before a sliding back elbow dumped Castillo for a near-fall. A back fist has Sofi back in it, as does a Scorpion kick and a spinning leg lariat, but Wheezy breaks up the cover as the guys hit the ring again. Martyr and Wheezy throw Sofi and Perez into each other before an ushigoroshi sent Perez to the outside… but KiLynn is back with clotheslines and uppercuts before they could cook anything up.

A missile dropkick takes them out as Martyr ends up staggering into a cutter… before a sliding enziguiri looked to get KiLynn the win, but then we have Aaron Nova’s time machine again. He hits pause, “breaks up the pin” and dropkicks KiLynn to the outside, then resumes time to steal the pin at a little over three minutes. Passable, but there was barely anything to this. **

I’m sure someone will be annoyed at his Shibata-ish celebration to winning the bit of Punk Rock…

Brass Ring Championship: Troy Hollywood (c) vs. Zachary Cooper
Hollywood gives us a soliloquy on what a “brass ring” is before the bell, and he immediately powders to the outside when Cooper took him into the corner.

They resume with a lock-up, but again Cooper takes him into the corner before Hollywood cowered away. Another restart sees them trade standing waistlocks as Cooper works the arm, yanking Hollywood back down when he tried to kip up and away from the Canadian. Hollywood forces his way free, but gets charged down with a shoulder tackle, before he recovered to try and chop his way back in.

It doesn’t work. Cooper just punches him out and gets a delayed one-count from it. Hollywood rakes the eyes to get him some space, before he got knocked outside with forearms from Cooper, who handstands past a leg sweep before he ate a PK off the apron. Back inside, boots from Hollywood get a near-fall, before some punches trapped Cooper in the corner before the Canadian snapped back with a suplex for a two-count.

Hollywood measures up Cooper for a kick called the Sequel, but it’s ducked before he caught Cooper with a running knee in the ropes. A German suplex is shrugged off from Cooper, who hits a Busaiku knee in response, following up with a German suplex and a flipping clothesline. A death valley driver’s next for a near-fall, before Cooper’s clubbing almost led to the finish… as Hollywood charged towards a trapped referee in the corner.

A low blow and a roll-up gets a two-count, as Hollywood’s attempt at a Boston crab gets countered with a roll-up… but we keep going as Hollywood’s dropkick to the back took down Cooper for a near-fall. Hollywood flies off the top with an elbow drop, but doesn’t go for a cover… instead he heads back up top and lands it again… but Cooper catches him and picks him up for a spin-out facebuster for a near-fall.

Cooper’s back up with blistering chops, machine gunning his way through Hollywood in the corner, but an eye rake from Hollywood gets the champion free before an exchange of elbows led to Cooper pulling ahead with a hattrick of rolling elbows. Hollywood misses the Sequel, only to get caught with a roundhouse from Cooper… before a rebound pump kick accidentally took out the ref. A second referee comes out, and rather than take over proceedings like we see in pretty much every other wrestling, he instead calls for the bell as we get a no contest. I hated the finish in context of “the rest of wrestling”, but commentary painting it as intentional from Hollywood at least sets up for something down the line. ***

Fully Gimmicked Championship: Jon Davis (c) vs. Hunter Law
Only Davis’ Fully Gimmicked title is on the line here, and we’ve got a lot of time left for our main event…

Law runs at Davis, and counters a pop-up powerbomb into a ‘rana as the challenger went for flash pins early on… only to get wrecked with a chop from Davis. More chops follow from Davis in the corner, before some Garvin-ish stomps focused on Law’s various appendages. A backdrop suplex dumps Law with ease, before a kick to the back… then a PK gave Davis a two-count. Davis keeps going with a stalling suplex, regaining it as Law tried to wriggle free, before eventually dumping the challenger again. Law pulls Davis to the outside, then followed up with a dropkick through the ropes… but that almost backfired as Davis laid prone and couldn’t be moved by Law.

Davis stumbles back to his feet and just breaks the count… but Law pounces on him with some stomps of his own, before he chokes away on Davis in the ropes. Law loses control though as Davis chopped back, before an enziguiri took him right back in front for a near-fall. It’s back to the choking from Law, who was cutting corners against the bigger guy… and ended up coming up short when they got back to the chops.

Law kicks away a back body drop before kicking out Davis’ leg… but his attempt at a sunset flip is powered out of… so he hits a rolling elbow. A tornado DDT followed for a near-fall, before a crossface looked to win him the title. Davis powers out, then lifts him onto the apron, where he caught Law with an enziguiri that left the challenger clinging onto the ropes… only to get dragged back into the ring with a superplex from the apron.

Back to their feet, the pair trade strikes again, but it’s a spinebuster and a buckle bomb that has Davis ahead before a diving knee would have won the match… but Law grabs the rope to keep the match alive. Davis waits for Law to get back up, but a torture rack’s spun out of as Law comes wright back in with a superkick for a near-fall… despite grabbing for the tights. A Dragon suplex from Law follows, then another superkick… but Davis kicks out again. Law runs his mouth at the worst possible time as Davis got back up, but an attempt at a pump handle sit-out tombstone is lost as Law escaped, before another superkick was blocked… Davis counters a sunset flip into a powerbomb, before rolling Law into a German suplex… and eventually a pull-up lariat for the win. This one got plenty of time and was real good for it. Law, the undersized yet arrogant bad guy took every shortcut in the book and almost came away with the win, but in the end he was another guy who couldn’t overcome Jon Davis. ***½

That brings the first season of the Secret Show to an end – they flat out said there’d be a second season, but no date was given. After eleven episodes, it’s safe to say that these secret shows have been a decent look at the available talent in the Florida area – and while it’s no surprise the veterans have been involved in the better matches, it’d have been good (in general) for these matches to have had more time all round. Maybe that’s something that we’ll see in season two – scrambles that aren’t over by the time I’ve boiled the kettle for a cup of coffee…