We’ve title action again on the latest episode of the Punk Pro Secret Show, as Jon Davis defends the Fully Gimmicked title in the main event.

You can watch this week’s episode on the Punk Pro YouTube channel.

Quick Results
Ron Bass Jr. pinned Aaron Nova in 1:20 (NR)
Katalina Perez & Lexii Gomez pinned Wheezy T & Logan Cruz in 5:30 (**)
Jon Davis pinned The Kenway in 11:30 to retain the Fully Gimmicked Championship (***¼)

We’re at Gulf View Event Center in Port Richey, with Zac Romero joined again on commentary by Christian Override.

Aaron Nova vs. Ron Bass Jr.
Given Ron’s run on these shows, I expect something squashy…

Nova’s clutching his time travel cube at the bell, and screams as Bass went for him. Except Nova hits pause as Bass went for a clothesline, then whaled away on him with a barrage of shots that are “fast forwarded” through… Nova has to stop for water, so clearly messing with time does nothing for cardio, as he then unpauses as Bass does the delayed sell. Unfortunately, Nova goes for a slam… Bass falls on him, and that’s enough for the pin. Well, time travel didn’t get the job done, I guess. Why did Nova not just hit rewind and go for a second chance?

The Bad & Boujee (Katalina Perez & Lexii Gomez) vs. The G1fted (Logan Cruz & Wheezy T)
We’ve intergender tag action here, with Perez and Gomez back after last teaming up against the Rapture earlier in the season.

Wheezy has breathing problems early as he has to dive for his inhaler after some early skrimishes… but he ends up running into duelling enziguiri in the corner. Perez and Gomez stack up a pin after a double-team bulldog on Wheezy, while Cruz came in to eat some more double-teaming and a German suplex for a near-fall.

Cruz chops back before he staggered back into his corner. He suckers Lexii with a forearm from behind, as the G1fted rush back into the lead with a double-team uppercut on Perez, before Gomez ate elbows and a double-team suplex for a two-count. Things slow down with a chinlock from Cruz on Gomez, before a neckbreaker from Wheezy spun Lexii down for a one-count. Chops keep Lexii in the corner, as Cruz returns with jabs and another chinlock that turned into an armbar. Gomez tries to fight free, but gets kicked in the legs by Wheezy, before Lexii rolled free and made the tag to Perez, who hit a jawbreaker and a low dropkick. Cruz is apparently still legal, so he takes a neckbreaker and a superkick for a two-count, with Wheezy breaking it up.

Gomez spears Wheezy into the corner as this breaks down… ending with Cruz cracking his own man with a forearm. Lexii picks up Wheezy for a powerbomb, and I guess he’s legal now? He’s sandwiched with hip attacks, and that’s enough for the win. This was okay, but if you’re a purist of tag team wrestling, skip over this.. If they slowed down a little, it’d have worked better, but it felt like they tried to cram way too much into five minutes. **

Zac Romero’s outside to interview Matt Kenway. Or “The Kenway”. He’s mad at Zac for messing up his name, and he’s here to take Jon Davis’ Fully Gimmicked title later tonight.

Fully Gimmicked Championship: Jon Davis (c) vs. The Kenway
It’s another title defence for Davis, and we’re not racing into any start as Kenway rolls outside to try and stall things out.

He rolls in… then goes back outside to keep that going. Finally we get going as they go back and forth on hammerlocks before Davis snapmare’d Kenway into the corner. Kenway’s back as he looks to work the leg, but instead Davis pulls him into a side headlock. They head into the ropes, where Kenway throws a forearm…and gets a jab in response.

Chops follow, sending Kenway to the outside, where he’s met with more chops, and a back suplex onto the apron for good measure. Back inside, Kenway offered a fightback, but a kick to the arm took him down. Kenway tries for a crossbody, but gets caught with a Gunn Slinger… before Davis nonchalantly lifted a boot to avoid a slide tackle… only for Kenway to hit a tackle to the knee anyway.

Kicks to the knee soften up Davis somewhat, with Kenway wrapping Davis’ leg around the ropes, then the ring post, only for Davis to rebound with a spinebuster back inside. Kenway’s Dragon screw takes Davis right back down as it’s back to the leg, using it for a wacky version of Darby Allin’s Last Supper clutch for a near-fall.

More leg work keeps Davis down, but a big boot buys him time… as does a Saito suplex and a big lariat. Kenway just about kicks out from that, then goes back to the knee as Davis went for an Angle slam… only to get met with a pop up powerbomb in the corner. That knee remains a weakness as Kenway works his way into a suplex for a near-fall, before a knee bar ends with Davis in the ropes.

They roll onto the apron, where they trade righ thanks, before Kenway kicked out the knee to take Davis back inside ahead of a slingshot… that’s countered into a uranage. Kenway tries for some running headscissors, but Davis puts on the brakes, countering into the Force of Nature (Fire Thunder driver), and that’s enough for the win. A solid main event with Kenway having a game plan – but that one big shot from Davis was just too much for him to overcome as Kenway came away without the belt. ***¼

A good half hour show here – you  may not like the gimmick opener, but stick around for a pretty solid main event!