We’ve another hattrick of matches this week’s Punk Pro – and a little something for everyone.

You can watch this week’s episode on the Punk Pro YouTube channel.

Quick Results
Andrew Merlin & Carlos Gabriel pinned Wheezy T & Logan Cruz in 6:20 (*¾)
Jake Shadows pinned Kwame Nas in 7:30 (**)
Zachary Cooper pinned Nolan Edward in 7:30 (**½)

We’re at Gulf View Event Center in Port Richey, with Zac Romero joined again on commentary by Christian Override. We’re opened up again with a promo from Carlos Gabriel and Andrew Merlin – the not quite Bill ‘n’ Ted Gnarly Adventure. They’re plugging merch in two colours… which didn’t include the white Andrew was wearing.

Gnarly Adventure (Carlos Gabriel & Andrew Merlin) vs. The G1fted (Wheezy T & Logan Cruz)
Carlos and Wheezy start us off – with Wheezy having some new gear since he was last around – and we start with some wagers over who can run the ropes the longest. Yeah, their cardio’s not quite there!

Wheezy falls onto a fallen Gabriel and almost gets the win, but their partners drag them into the corners for tags. So we now have Merlin and Cruz trading wristlocks until Merlin’s reversal saw him use an arm whip that spiked Cruz on his head. Wheezy dives in to break up the cover and to revive his partner, before Merlin repeated the trick on Wheezy. Merlin tags out, but holds up the gifted for a leap from Gabriel that misses… before he ducked to fidget with his shoes. That meant he fortuitously missed forearms from the G1fted, who hit each other.

The G1fted get back in as Wheezy trips Carlos from the outside, but Cruz is the worse for wear. He’s still able to hit a slam and a standing moonsault, before Wheezy took way too long to do his… and gets help from Carlos, who just gets hit with a crossbody instead. A forearm and a neckbreaker from Wheezy gets a near-fall, but ends up getting distracted as a jawbreaker gave Gabriel time to get the tag. Merlin is right in with a superkick, before he scrambled for a roll-up as things got a little loose… ending with Merlin getting sandwiched with rolling elbows for a near-fall.

Some more double-teaming backfires as Wheezy sprays his own man with the inhaler, allowing the Gnarly Adventure to get the win with the New Day’s Midnight Hour. A fun TV-style match, but I’m not a fan of the Keystone Cops style of “we’re accidentally good at this” wrestling malarkey *¾

Cue the wacky adverts…

Jake Shadows vs. Kwame Nas
Christian Override likes the tall lads, eh? This one starts with a lock-up that took both men into the corner, before they shoved apart at the break.

Nas shoves Shadows away, then caught a pump kick attempt… then began to trade some roll-ups before he caught Shadows in a Yes Lock. It’s quickly escaped with a roll-up for a near-fall, before Shadows ran in with an uppercut in the corner. Nas flips out of a snapmare, then returned fire with a dropkick for a two-count, only to get caught with a series of kicks as Shadows forced his way into the match.

Something approximating a Bubba Bomb gets Shadows a two-count, while a small package gets Nas a two-count… only for Shadows to return with some forearms and elbows in the ropes. Shadows tries to dump Nas on the ropes, but it goes awry as Nas came back with a crossbody out of the corner… only for that to get rolled through with Shadows snatching another two-count. A front suplex from Shadows helps, but another kick gets caught… while Nas’ attempt on a powerbomb got turned into a Code Red-ish sunset flip. They both go for kicks at the same time, and catch them… we get a stand-off, before dualling forearms knocked them booth on their arses.

Back on their feet, we get right hands going back-and-forth, before a corkscrew enziguiri from Nas found its mark. Shadows turned it back around by lifting Nas into the corner, but he misses a running kick and found himself getting a hattrick of splashes in the corner. A corkscrew suplex off the buckles gets a two-count for Nas right by the ropes, before a pump kick from Shadows finally landed for a near-fall.

Shadows doesn’t follow up and ends up getting pulled into a Yes Lock, but he manages to get his legs to the ropes. Nas hits back first before he leapt up top for a springboard crossbody… which Shadows countered into a Flatliner on the way down for the win. This one had some issues with what I guess you could call “ring rust” and some stuff not looking as smooth as they’d perhaps like. **

Zachary Cooper vs. Nolan Edward
They start off hot here, with Cooper kicking a flying Edward out of the corner for a two-count. Commentary flipped between calling him Edward or Edwards, so I’m gonna go with the name they put on screen…

Beele throws from Cooper takes Edward out of the corner, forcing Nolan to the outside for some respite… which came in the form of a series of elbows and chops between the two. Cooper just goes “eff it” and throws Nolan across some tables at ringside, before they returned to the ring. More chops from Cooper sting Nolan, who fought back as he rolled out of a sunset flip and kicked Cooper in the knee. That quickly became a focal point as they played off of Cooper’s loss to Jon Davis a few weeks back, wrenching in on the limb for extra effect. Nolan followed that up by kicking Cooper’s leg out of his leg, before some brief work on the arm and some clotheslines seemed to wind up the Canadian.

Cooper shrugs off a clothesline and dumps Edward with a rolling elbow, shuffling across to get a two-count as Nolan grabbed the rope. Picking him back up, Cooper lays in more right hands, but Edward is back with a chop… as a quick chop battle ends with Edwards just kicking out the leg once more. Edward keeps going for covers as Cooper stayed on the floor, only to get picked up for a death valley driver in the corner, but this time it’s Cooper who grabs the rope to stay alive. From there, Nolan goes for a Trailer Hitch, but again it’s right by the ropes for a speedy break. Cooper heads up top, but he’s caught with a chop as Edward tried for something… but he’s shoved down and met with a diving European uppercut, before a corkscrew kick from Cooper drew another near-fall.

After that, Cooper picks him up for a spin-out back suplex… and that’s enough for the win. Edward’s leg work slowed down Cooper, but didn’t do enough to nullify the power advantage in a pretty decent, but short, main event. **½

All in all, another mixed bag of a show – the Gnarly Adventure comedy may not be for everyone, but it’s something different, while Punk Pro continues to throw up that “something different” every week.