We’ve got another scramble match on the Punk Pro Secret Show – and more video games too…

You can watch this week’s episode on the Punk Pro YouTube channel

Quick Results
The Kenway submits Jake Shadows in 4:50 (**½)
WNRN Midwest Internet Championship: Kai Fayden wins five games of Gang Beats to win the title over Big Perc and Chase Holliday (8:30, edited, I’m not rating video games!)
Get Your Shit In Championship Scramble: KiLynn King pinned Lexii Gomez, Sofi Castillo, Aspyn Rose, Avery Taylor and Ellie in 4:00 to win (**)

We’re at Gulf View Event Center in Port Richey, with Zac Romero flying solo on commentary this week. These look to be a newer set of tapings as the Gulf View Event Center seems to be set up in its usual fashion (with tables around ringside)…

Jake Shadows vs. The Kenway
The Kenway trips Shadows at the bell, but it’s right by the ropes as Romero tells us about Kenway’s history. A slap and a roll-up gets a two-count on Shadows, before he came back with a kick to counter a back body drop… with Kenway then scooting outside to avoid a pump kick.

They make it back inside as Kenway’s met with a big boot for a two-count, before a shoulder tackle into the corner and a half-nelson suplex gets Shadows a two-count. Kenway’s back in with a low dropkick to trip Shadows into the corner, before some work to the leg allowed Kenway to wrench back on the limb.

Kenway keeps stomping on Shadows’ leg, before he kicked Jake’s leg out of his leg, ahead of a bridging deathlock. Shadows tries to fight back, but Kenway’s low dropkick, followed up with another kick to the back of the head keeps the bigger guy down. An elbow from Shadows helps get him back into it, as did a big boot before he headed up top… only to get taken down with a Dragon screw off the top rope. Kenway quickly followed up with a Figure Four, and that’s a quick submission. This looked like weird one given how dominant Shadows was last time on this show, but commentary did a good job of telling us Kenway’s background in the promotion, so to make the whole thing not seem odd. **½

Let’s Play for the WNRN Midwest Internet Championship: Big Perc (c) vs. Chase Holliday vs. Kay Fayden
You may remember a few weeks back they played video games and traded a title over it. This time, they’re playing a game called Gang Beasts… and apparently Perc’s the only one who’s played this before.

The winner is the first to five: Fayden goes one up with the Hulk Hogan/Halloween Havoc 95 “throw them off the top of a building” spot; then heads 2-0 up after throwing Perc off a train. Perc pulls one back after a battle in a big fan room, before we got a three-way draw. No points there. Chase accidentally scored when Perc and Fayden just wandered off the map.

We have a level in a wrestling ring next, with some wacky jump cuts that takes us to Perc levelling the lead. On a blimp level, Fayden wins after Perc dragged himself Chase to their doom, before a scaffold level saw Kai win by just laying down on some wood.

On a ferris wheel, Kai Fayden falls through the boardwalk before Chase found a similar demise. Then we end up in the cutting room, where Chase gets minced up, before Fayden threw Perc off the balcony… and he regains that oh so prestigious belt that he won a few weeks back by, erm, hacking the record book.

Cue some 90s adverts… and then a recap of the Get Your Shit In scramble rules, complete with the Guts music.

Get Your Shit In Championship Scramble: Sofi Castillo vs. Aspyn Rose vs. Lexii Gomez vs. Ellie vs. Avery Taylor vs. KiLynn King
Be a part of this, or getting squashed by Nyla Rose on AEW? It was a busy night of taped footage for KiLynn King, who’s become a bit of a regular on AEW Dark lately…

We’ve an auspicious start as the timekeeper fell asleep at the wheel, and we start as all multi-person matches are want to, with a goddamn scramble as King and Taylor spill outside, with Avery almost landing head-first on her exit.

Ellie and Rose stay in the ring, but they’re thrown into each other by King and Taylor, who then turn on each other. A missed enziguiri from Taylor allowed King to fight back with a German suplex for barely a two-count. King goes for a suplex, but Taylor escapes and returned with a knee strike and a neckbreaker… but Sofi Castillo breaks it up on the count of one.

Another roll-up followed from Taylor on Sofi, but that barely gets a one-count as Castillo launched back with a superkick. A running boot takes Taylor down, as the revolving door brings in Gomez… then Ellie, who hits a back elbow as we keep going. Aspyn’s in with a headbutt and a Flatliner as this gets too quick to type up. Taylor’s forearm and big boot takes Rose back down, but she’s caught in the ropes by Gomez who hits a Codebreaker out of the corner… but doesn’t go for the cover.

Instead, King catches Gomez with an enziguiri, before Castillo went in for some elbows of her own and a wacky kick. Castillo keeps going with kicks and a stunner, but Ellie’s in to pick up the pieces with a chokeslam… only for Castillo to roll outside. A running knee cracks Gomez, before Ellie’s kick was caught and turned into a powerbomb. King’s back with clotheslines to Gomez, before a cutter dropped Lexii ahead of a sliding enziguiri that gets the win. A lot packed into four minutes, but this one could have done with some more time as this felt rushed for a scramble. **

We go off the air with a promo from King, who wants to defend her piece of Punk Rock… I mean, we’ve not seen Cyrus Satin/Mark Ross since he won it, so I guess it’s hers now?

The Punk Pro show was another mixed bag – throwing in some very short matches that serve well to let you know that people exist… but when the video game segment goes longer than the rest of the matches combined, then something’s amiss with the format, no?